Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor exclaims, ‘I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!’


“Research shows over 300,000 veterans are suffering with TBI.  When are we as a nation going to “Wake up” and demand better treatment for these Americans?….”   VT  10-23-2011

…we should mention the 26,000 veterans who have been discharged after service, dishonorable and undesirable discharges, many related to TBIs that are undiagnosed and the 500,000, TBI patients, awaiting disability compensation….”    VT 10-4-2011

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Meanwhile, back to Corporate America…

  • FB FRIEND:  Wow this is a horror story on the job injury should be covered 100%! And a TBI especially! Over the counter Analgesics?? As in take Tylenol & don’t call me in the morning? TBI is serious stuff.. ! Wow.. blown away again dear Lucy.  Seems the faces & the names change but the game is the same. xox
  • Lucy Occupy Thanks …..will convey your kind thoughts to the Friend fighting the good fight….. She says it’s like fighting NAZI SONDERKOMMANDOS… in suits and white jackets….. committing atrocities against US Workers…. and getting away with murder…. politely…. not unlike the killings and maimings by Fukushima ….. and there are an increasing number of soldiers with TBI……
    There are parallels to be drawn/dots to connect …. RADIATION POISONING causes Loss Of Executive Function….. so does a head trauma….. So, even like Scott Olsen……TBI fighters are at the front lines…… and it’s another reason to STAY OUTTA THE STREETS….. THINKING LOCALLY, ACTING GLOBALLY, OCCUPYING VIRTUALLY….. Lucy’s & Lisa’s friends MUTTERS regularly…. OCCUPY WYNDHAM!!! Hanz Franning KNOWS!!! XOXOXOX
  • Lucy Occupy Lucy’s friend, on the story below, also muttered, ‘YO. DOC, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. and YO, DOC…. we do not forget…..EXPECT US.’

corporations still  in charge
Workers’ Comp’ Insurance Company Doctor, and Secondary Treating Physician who has refused to see the Injured Worker since 3/18/13, after a one-time evaluation, sent the following correspondence,  via certified mail, return receipt requested…

“I am in receipt of the numerous letters that you have been sending to my office. It has gotten to the point that I am putting you on notice that if you continue with the harassment, slander and incorrect statements, I am going to retain an attorney and brain a lawsuit against you. I recommend that you stop your malicious acts immediately.”  Neurologist, Appointed Secondary Treating Physician, QME – no apparent TBI expertise, does not honor DO NO HARM philosophy toward injured worker.

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Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor Screams: I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!!!!

California Neurologist and QME, Qualified Medical Examiner, recommends “over the counter analgesics” as the only necessary treatment for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and consequent cognitive impairments…..INSURANCE COMPANY ADJUSTER AND DEFENSE ATTORNEY APPLAUD THE REPORT AND LOOK FOR THE ‘CASE CLOSED’ STAMP. LOOKS LIKE FRAUD, DOESN’T IT??!!

What’s the difference between a northern fairy tale and a southern fairy tale?? How does it relate to workers comp medical and legal questions?? Just suppose….

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MARCH 2013 regarding an untreated TBI injury of a snowy mountain morning in JANUARY 2012….. QME Neurologist recommends “over the counter analgesics” as the only necessary treatment for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and consequent cognitive impairments…..

Insurance Company Adjuster uses the apparently false and incomplete information and expensive industry doctor report as a weapon to continue to deny reasonable and appropriate medical care, knowing full well that TBI reduces life span on an ‘AVERAGE’ of 7-8 years, per the Brain Injury Association of America blog sites.

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

Defense attorney and WCAB Information Officer insist that another doctor cannot be designated as treating physician for Injured Worker/Brain Injury Survivor…..and several previously recommended authorization to see non-insurance company neurologists were denied denied denied till the spin came back to this one. What a coincidence,huh?

A Court order was recently obtained to compel defense to use alll medical records, immediately providing missing records (approximately 300 pages) to all recent medical evaluators for supplemental reports!

wc  wyndham workers not alone

“‘Over the counter analgesics’ is your only recommendation to treat TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY???? What about my vision, memory, balance, did I say memory, auditory processing of info, processing of info, did I say Memory, immediate and short term, long term is fine…. 1969 was a great year….

Omg!! Let the Veteran’s Administration know, too….. how many Soldiers are returning with consequences of TBI, and all they need too is just a little over the counter analgesic?!! Are you sure?? Based on what scientific evidence do you make this claim??

Is that what the Tehran medical schools teach, or was that supplemental education in the USA?? Shocking discovery. Someone should let NIH know….they have just been allocated gazillions of dollars for brain injury research…. perhaps the funds can now be reallocated to evacuate Japan??? IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER  ALL.

Do an internet search:  tbi shortens life span? (177,000);   workers comp racketeering?  (109,000 google results)


Here’s more:

“….Most Americans are somewhat distant from the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.  We know, by watching NFL football, that some of our favorite quarterbacks are not playing a game this week, due to the “concussion” that the player received the week before, but we as a nation are ignorant of the brain injuries our veterans have endured….”

brain concussions football

“…This is part of the “Great Lie” that the DOD and the VA are perpetrating on our veterans with TBI…..”

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ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW; they have severe injured (radiation poisoned!) Workers Comp issues too. It’s a small world after all.

What is LOEF…. Loss of Executive Function?

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Remarkable! Thanks for your insights and letter, Doc….. but there are a few other questions about your report…. the attorney suggested I ask the questions directly, and your office demanded that the questions be put in writing, after we clarified that you had indeed been APPOINTED as SECONDARY TREATING PHYSICIAN, as a Neurologist allegedly with current expertise and practice in TBI evaluation and treatment…….

I sent the questions mid-April. Are you still working on the responses??? Tough questions requiring more research? Or was my medical file tossed in the ‘too hard’ pile???

It’s late July, and I’ve done my best to keep you ‘in the loop’ as I seek medical care and implementation of LABOR CODE that required my employer to provide IMMEDIATE, REASONABLE AND APPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE when I was injured on the job……

I have self procured enough medical diagnostic evaluations from non-insurance company doctors who DO NO HARM, even recently. Not one of those doctors from Casa Colina or elsewhere used your vision exam that starts out with “LOOK AT MY UGLY NOSE”……


Other doctors have provided some tests tracking my eyes, and STRIPES really send my brain into a spin…..but those doctors had tools and medical equipment….. When they checked my ability to ‘smell’ not one gave me the ‘3 choices’ exam you gave when you pronounced my sense of smell good……

BTW, shortly after your ‘eye exam’ I self-procured a follow up exam with a Neuro-Optometrist…DID YOU KNOW THAT THE EYES CAN BE PERFECTLY HEALTHY AND VISION SERIOUSLY IMPAIRED BECAUSE THE BRAIN DOES THE SEEING, NOT THE EYES? It sounds like some bizarre scientific conspiracy theory, huh??


As more and more studies demonstrating the corrosive effect of psychopathy on government, finance, and business emerge, researchers have begun to explore how our society itself has been molded in the psychopaths’ image ……  [Ask about Gaslighting….. do an internet search; draw your own conclusions…]  

On the video, see at 13:13 about waking up…… 13:36….”Psychopaths derive their power from the complicity of the general population….”   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….’SOCIALLY DISTANCE FROM THE PSYCHOPATHS NOW…..’

The Judge made a Court order that you and the others are immediately provided with the omitted missing medical records (about 300 pages of the nearly 1,000 it seemed you had on your desk when you evaluated me….what DID they send you the first time???)

y u no see lies so obvious lies

The Judge further requires a supplemental report from you and a few other doctors, so that I might finally be provided with some brain injury medical care….

The attorney for the defense is late in getting them to you, she claims ‘computer problems’…’s a huge law firm, and I guess she couldn’t borrow her assistant’s computer to finalize the work that was to have gone out last week…. but it’s still omitting records, so she has to finalize edits to the MEDICAL RECORDS INDEX before sending to y’all…. The parts of my brain that still work, still work good. As I have told every doctor, I’M INJURED NOT STUPID.


INJURED WORKER: Whaaaaat??? You refused to accept the omitted records from me, you refused to see me again, you have provided no further or supplemental reports on my health status, the Courts and Insurance Company have refused to allow me to designate a doctor with brain injury expertise as the Primary Treating Physician, your report is full of gross inaccuracies and I simply quote your bizarre “analgesic” final recommendation that has been used as a weapon toward my death by the Insurance Company Adjuster as ‘evidence’ that I need no ‘further’ medical care….beyond the hard fought for psychology visits to deal with the confusion and misinformation and will, malicious and ILLEGAL DENIALS OF MEDICAL CARE …. and you write such a bizarre letter to me, and send it certified mail, return receipt requested????

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#loveyourbrain on twitter

By the way, your office asked me to MAIL all communications, which I have done….fax has continued only on extremely time sensitive matters, as these are LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS.

roll my eyes out loud

Remember when doctors honored the law,

Remember…. we do not…forget.



IF YOU SUSPECT FRAUD, tell your friends and neighbors first, then FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE DA AND THE WCAB BOARDS.

On the claim form, you will see a message telling you that it is against the law for anyone to commit fraud in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits or payments or deny an injured worker those benefits. FRAUD is a felony.

This law applies to everyone in the workers’ compensation system, including injured workers, employers, claims administrators, doctors and attorneys. To report fraud, [tell your friends and neighbors first, then] contact a local district attorney’s office or the California Department of Insurance.”


“down the rabbit hole”, a metaphor for adventure into the unknown, from its use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….. Ask About…..Workers Comp Gravy Trains….

Psychopath Alert! Workers Comp is just another DePopOp?!! Son•der•kom•man•dos???!!! 0.0


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