SOS from Lucy Occupy….. Allegations of #WyndhamWorldwide #WorkersComp Fraud and Racketeering?? D’oh! SOSOOSOSOSOS

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Yo!  #SOS!!  Anybody know a fearless CALIFORNIA #WorkersComp attorney or law firm with #TBI brain injury expertise, unafraid to take on an international racketeering crowd??

“The Truth is like a Lion.  You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose. TRUTH WILL DEFEND ITSELF.”


The WC case in question has been mis-handled by 3 idiot attorneys looking to make a quick buck rather than do the right thing (as in facilitate reasonable and appropriate medical care…. sending a brain-injured worker to a series of Orthopedic Surgeons just somehow doesn’t sound right, huh?  D’oh  Their neurologist, a guy from Tehran, suggested ‘over the counter analgesics’, and don’t come back).


The injured worker is currently representing herself….. with dramatic loss of executive function and other cognitive impairments….. but she can type like a maniac!!  ;D

If you know someone with legal expertise, please let Lucy know at or leave a message at 1 760 368 7236.
It’s California Workers Comp Case ADJ8181903.  🙂

If you know anybody at the National Enquirer, 60 minutes, 20/20 etc AND YOUR FAVORITE FB GROUP WALLS…..  Lucy’s got names and facts and will not be hushed.  EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY MAIMED AND KILLED BY THE WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAIN providers.  FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.

Denied medical care is lethal in a brain injury….. so…. nothing more to fear.  Bring ’em on.  Between psychopaths, gangsters, white collar criminals and Fukushima’s 1,946 known lethal isotopes, it’s been a tough day.

If you don’t know someone who can help, see Lucy AND ALL surrounded by Light, and a LEGION of Angels, and keep the faith.  Let the TRUTH do its work.   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, till last gasps.

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Also, review the early blogs and wall posts in ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW and LUCY OCCUPY SAID and ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME and get yourself up to speed on the ELE triggered by #Fukushima.  It ain’t over people.   Wake up.  THINK LOCALLY. ACT GLOBALLY.  OCCUPY VIRTUALLY….. TILL LAST GASPS.  TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER.

Maybe Scott Olsen’s group has some good legal teams??  Lucy has found a couple good brain doctors and would love to share resources.  If you know Scott, have him or his people get in touch with Lucy, would you??

There used to be an Anon-Legal Group….. I wonder if they might have any good lawyers familiar with such matters?? The maiming and killing of American workers seems to be part of the ol’ depopulation events happening everywhere, huh?  Please pass along Lucy’s SOS, if appropriate.  It’s sort of an immediate life-‘n-‘death beyond #Fukushima issue.

A civil rights group, or class-action group might be helpful too.  Lucy’s friend with the Work-Comp issue needs some legal help NOW.

The evil is horrendous.  The untreated conk-on-the-head, followed by a second-impact blow when the first conk was untreated and medical care has been denied and self-procured care interrupted since 1/9/12…. apparently shortens a life-span by 7-8 years.


The A2 lady lawyer is moving in for a kill now.  She can sure write fiction, and seems to fit the profile of a true psychopath.  Fiction in a Courtroom is called other things.

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

A ‘seer’ suggested there may be orange jumpsuits in the future for a ring of doctors and lawyers and insurance providers…..for fraud and collusion to commit fraud to deny medical care to an injured worker in California.   EEGs will be on the blog soon….. people need to have more info on TBI.  Arm yourself with facts.  Ask a Soldier.

Here’s more info  ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS … and yeah … it’s Lucy’s head…. the first conk was 1/9/12 and second impact was 2/4/12, and before racing to the emergency room, she made sure all the #Fukushima posts were out so you would have the most current info available, in case she didn’t come back from the ER.

She also sent her employer, #WyndhamWorldwide, a little note that ….. denial of medical care to an injured worker is…. not very nice and against the #WorkersComp law.


Use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.


#Fukushima triple #nuclear meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11. STAY OUTTA THE STREETS……. YOU KNOW WHY.

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