‘Remote Healing’ and ‘over-the-counter analgesics’ as new TBI recommended treatment guidelines by CA Workers Comp QME Doctors; Insurance Company Agrees!


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Will the Offices of the District Attorney intervene??

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Please see the following links for more details on the horrific and tragic drama a brain injured worker has been subjected to by the globally known employer, Wyndham Worldwide, and the complicit  insurance company, third party providers and legal representatives!


We pray for Justice via The Court System, and for  immediate corrections to the dangerous insurance company 3D practices of DELAY, DECEIVE, DENY when it comes to reasonable and appropriate medical care to injured workers, in accordance with Labor Codes and decent medical practices, based on scientific evidence, not who writes the best fabricated report for top dollars.

Multiple failures: a ) to provide immediate or on-going (for over 2 years, 6 months)  medical care for head trauma  b) to provide proper notice on the alleged MPN network c) in demand that worker finish shift before leaving for self-procured medical care and d) by continued willful and malicious denials of physician-requested-treatments and brain specialty evaluations in order.  These malicious acts and suspected fraud have been and continue to be systematic and strategic with the apparent intent to use fabricated, perjurous medical reports, by well-paid industry network doctors, as weapons of destruction to continue to deny medical care to a brain injured worker, causing life-shortening harm with each continued day of non-treatment.

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In California’s workers comp system, a fight for life is not uncommon.

What they have done to this worker, including the insults, threats and further injuries and terrors, the offending parties must be held accountable and prevented from perpetrating these crimes on others.  If RICO violations are suspected by other than the injured worker community, the District Attorney’s offices must take swift action to investigate and indict those involved in WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS.  ASK AND TELL.

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