Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a CRIME…. CORPORATE WORK COMP FRAUD IS A CRIME….

“Well, I ain’t no criminal, so, the Judge says I gotta go, so off I went….”


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… Yesterday I had to attend another WorkComp Orthopedic Evaluation, for the Traumatic Brain Injury #TBI of 1/9/12….. still waiting for medical care for 2 years, 6 months, several days. I was hoping that doctor knew that the ‘brain’ is a body part in the ‘head’….so few #workcomp peeps know that. Shameful. But, I didn’t get to see the doctor. Here’s why.

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Oh My! I gotta watch Defense Against the Psychopaths again:
I may need to enroll in a Victim/Witness Protection Program.

psychopaths in power know  do you

Mr. Reubens (new hot shot defense counsel) is verrrrrrrrrrry polite, you know the kind? I asked him if he wanted to enter mediation, and his chilling response was, imho, equivalent to:

“Lady, F**ck off and die, you can’t make us provide medical care, even when it is authorized by UR. You can’t make us reimburse you for the more than $25,300.00 in medical care and miles you have spent trying to save your life, to doctors we have sent you to, or to those other doctors have referred you to. Maximum allowable expense for an injured worker’s life is $100,000, and we’ve already paid that out for all the medical reports we have repeatedly ignored.. Mr. Grancell blocked your emails from our server; I may have to do the same.”



Mr. Reubens is probably gonna be mighty mad at me, and it’s not my fault! It’s not my fault he doesn’t read. He did the same thing when I submitted new requests for medical reimbursements. I sent him past due requests going back to 2012, and new ones through June 2014. He says they don’t have to pay of them. He’s wrong, but, he is one of those guys who seems to think he’s right, even when he is wrong. Tsk. You know the kind. I think he must have buddies at the #LivermoreLab up in North California.

Grancell subjects Wyndham repeatedly to some pretty hefty fines for failure to reimburse miles to see a doctor every 45 days for a ‘meet and greet’.. and refusals for co-pays from 2012 for CIGNA insurance when I was forced to use my employee insurance because Wyndham’s people told me to “go to any doctor that takes Workers Compensation insurance” and gave me a piece of paper with no insurance information on it, and expected me to … I dunno what. D’oh. Then they said I had no right to do as I was instructed to do. D’oh!

Several weeks ago, Defense firm (Grancell) sent a letter reminding about it and if I wasn’t going, advise 11 days before so nobody gets charged. So, per their instructions, I cancelled it and told Defense. I sent it with a proof of service, since if they don’t get a signed proof of service, they lie and say they didn’t get things. They do so…even with proof of service. NO WIN/NO WIN

A few weeks later, Mr. Reubens sends me an email, “Ms. Ayres, may I ask, are you planning to attend the Orthopedic QME on 7/18/14 at 3:30 pm….”….


I sent him a polite 4+ page response reminding that I cancelled it, and why. (Fraud, Omisssion of Records, ADA violations at WCAB-Riverside, failure to reimburse medical miles and expenses amounting to more than $25, 300)… and that as I told the Judge, till I find a government agency willing and able to address the fraud (WCAB does not hear fraud complaints)…that I was unwilling to attend another orthopedic evaluation with the only intent being to support a fraudulent denial of medical care.

Ms. Mall stated to the doctor, among other falsehoods, that nobody ever said my right shoulder was messed up, ignoring the fact that she and Daniel Elliott, CNA Adjuster, simply ignored all requests for further evaluations, physical therapy, MRI’s etc, until mid-2013, and when the reports came back ‘torn rotator cuff; surgery required’ then Ms. Mall told the doctors to stop calling it an industrial injury, or else.

On her behalf, it must be said that she is a very creative writer and skewer of truth, with plausible deniability. She told the Judge they could not provide any Brain Injury Care till I had another orthopedic evaluation. Apparently, more than one Judge has believed such lies, without medical evidence etc. D’oh.

Ms. Mall has a terrible memory an even worse organization skills, her cut and paste skills need honing, and she appears to be truth-challenged, and must have forgotten that I had a copy of the “MSA” from Crowe Paradis, requested by Grancell, of November 2012, wherein she and claimant attorney #2 attempted to coerce a premature settlement without full medical knowledge of the extent of the injuries. It was just before XMAS, and counsel then representing the injured worker seemed to be drooling for Xmas money. D’oh!


……….Oh….. Ooops…. a little tangent….back to the aborted #WorkComp SS Eval:

So, then Mr. Reubens has his underling sonderkommando write a request for an Order to Compel Attendance at SS Doctor’s office for the PQME/Orthopedic, attaches my complaints, and the WC Judge Orders me to attend. The Judge didn’t find a problem with the illegal termination of TTD benefits, the necessity to file for SOCIAL SERVICES AND GENERAL RELIEF AND FOOD STAMPS, nor did the Judge find a problem that even for that event, Defense failed to provide advanced payment for medical miles. WHAT WAS THAT JUDGE SMOKING THAT DAY?? D’oh!

Well, I ain’t no criminal, so, the Judge says I gotta go, so off I went. A Marine was going to go with me, for safety, but that didn’t work out. So I went alone. The Court had ordered me to appear at an address that did not exist. That was dilemma regarding the letter of the law. :}

change the earth

I found the place. A Chiropractor’s office, I had to park in dirt lot, and the hot shot Orthopedic Surgeon was late…and just uses the offices, apparently sort of a SS temp holding center, it seemed. They were polite. When the doctor’s assistant arrived around 4 (my appointment was 3:30, I arrived at 3:17, even though I got lost)….

There was a Latino guy with a left shoulder injury (like my right shoulder injury) with a 4 pm appointment waiting for the same doctor. They asked if I was “the interpreter”…. D’oh!

Yeah, I told the doctor’s assistant I have a head injury, untreated for 2.5 years, and the Judge Ordered me to show up at this appointment. He was very nice and said it had been cancelled. I said, “yeah, I know, but I figured they reinstated it by Court Order….guess not.

As to being the ‘Interpreter’…. the Latino guy and I did talk, and I told him they are out to kill us, anybody over 35 is not entitled to medical treatment, but the doctors make the big bucks. He said he is 39, now on food stamps, and in the financial terrorism stage… He has a lawyer. I told him I dismissed 4 lawyers who did more harm than good…. yep…

I emailed the Defense lawyer the details while I was sitting in the office, waiting for who knows what, and asked him how long he wanted me to wait there. He didn’t write back. I wonder why.

Oh….maybe he is reading the 300 pages of omitted medical records and fraud complaints I sent Wednesday, to bring him up to date. His little underling sonderkommando has exposed his firm, and my employer, to some serious fraud complaints…It’s a felony, but, as we know, there’s no law enforcement…..

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Oh oh…. there I go again, being ”verbose and tangental’… I gotta go do a blog…. watch for it…. you’ll like it… and more coming up…..


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