Work Comp: The Game is Rigged! CEO Makes $10.6 Million!

Back Injury at Work?  What should David DePaolo Do Now?

Hey David, don’t worry about it.  You’re not alone!

There’s very little risk of prosecution for fraud, work comp defense attorneys get away with it all the time. The District Attorneys look the other way, and Employers believe their insurance carriers have full impunity, and thereby protecting the Employers too.    
Here in California, the WorkComp judges won’t even have the word spoken in the Courtrooms or Waiting rooms without stern warnings.  ‘No worries’ ….
Every now and then corporate media seems to tell a story about Joe or Jane Worker, just to keep the unsuspecting public off balance, and confused by the ol’ stories that ‘work comp is broken’… See The 25 Rules of Disinformation and The 8 Traits of Disinformationists.  Good work comp defense firms are masters at these tactics. 
Rest and wait is a standard work-comp line, so take the afternoon off!  🙂
Just get better.  You don’t really want to risk further injury by denials of medically necessary treatment, or worse yet, seeing a ‘system’ doctor.  
You are over “35”….so the risk increases exponentially as an injured worker.  
Few dare utter the word, “extermination” as the result of 3-D medical practices by insurance companies…. DELAY, DECEIVE, DENY….. Take care of yourself!  

WorkComp is a dangerous place.



As to WorkComp being broken, did you know that the CEO mOTAMED of CNA makes $10,600,000 a year, A 27 % INCREASE FROM 2011 according to Crane?  Ha!  There’s a dude who KNOWS WORK COMP AIN’T BROKEN, HUH?

CEO Thomas Motamed took home a base salary of $1 million, the same as the year before. His performance-based cash bonus rose slightly to $3.8 million from $3.3 million in 2011. His perks also increased to about $919,000 from almost $783,000 the year before. Those perks included parking, medical exams, use of company aircraft and onboard catering, dividend payments and other investment contributions.   
See More Here:

I wonder how much Stephen Holmes, CEO of WyndhamWorldwide makes?  

(Wyndham’s customer base is primarily working class, blue collar middle aged people, with a smattering of white collars!)  

Or Norin Grancell, CEO of Grancell, Stander, Reubens, Thomas and Kinsey?

(Grancell’s team seems to be primarily Enemies of InjuredWorkers in California (with sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies, polite as hell though…) 

 the game is rigged

These are the Boyz responsible for more than 2.5 years of failure to provide medically necessary treatment to me, as their people apparently don’t grasp that the brain is a body part located in the head.  Nice guys, huh?  Yeah.  It appears that they ‘don’t give a damn’ about the lives the destroy, huh? 

THINGS MONEY CANNOT BUY chief  warriors last fish


Heck, they don’t think they have to even reimburse medical miles to the 45 day visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon handling the brain injury case, let alone reimburse more than $25,300 for said medical miles and additional self-procured medically necessary treatments that they refused to authorize. The Information and Assistance Officer repeatedly cheerfully supports their positions.

dominoes and constitution

You might consider joining NAIDW… National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers.  Their slogan is “No Worker Left Behind”…. You’re not alone!   

So, I’ve been on the rest and and wait and wait and wait and wait program since 1/9/12…… The game is rigged.  
Swearing WTF
See your local chiropractor and acupuncturist and avoid Workers Compensation by any means necessary.  


InjuredWorkersUnited SILENT NO MORE

#InjuredWorkersUnited…SILENT NO MORE.  ;D

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