Got WorldMark? Got Wyndham? Got Timeshare? Got #WorkComp Headaches?

Hello, and thank you for the add to: Worldmark The Club (aka: Worldmark by Wyndham), Owners Group

Wishing all WorldMark by Wyndham owners and guests many years of fabulous vacations. It’s a great product and Wyndham has some great employees to make your vacations as wonderful as possible!

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I was injured while working at WorldMark by Wyndham Big Bear in 2012; a witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice, causing a brain injury… I am stilll waiting for treatment, and the treatment by Wyndham’s insurance carrier and defense counsel has been horrific. Wyndham HR has simply shrugged with ‘not my job’ attitude when pleaded with for help.

Here are links to part of my story, for anybody interested……If you own your own business or if you are an employee, you need to know about #WorkersComp in America, and how it impacts you and yours, today and tomorrow.


For more on Timeshare and RTW, also see:

#WorkComp #RTW Woes?! Just a “Circle Jerk”?! D’oh
If you’re not yet following this blog and sharing with your friends,…

Take it to TUG. Take it to ARDA… and to your friends and neighbors….people deserve to know how the mega billion dollar timeshare industry kicks it’s employees to the curb… PROFITS BEFORE LIVES, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Bummer.

At the next Shareholders meetings, you might demand an audit of the Work Comp insurance and defense costs…. and hold them accountable for what seem to be escalating costs, while providing no medical treatment and thereby consequent tremendous harm to at least one injured Wyndham Worker.

Those of us who have been around the planet a while know that how people and companies do one thing, is pretty much how they do everything…..

Wyndham is a good product. Their human resources department needs a complete overhaul. Know that the next ‘owner update’ you attend, just for the gift…. is a part of the predatory capitalism in play….

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Be well, and find your voice!

Enjoy your Vacations!  #OccupyWorldMark  #OccupyWyndham #OccupyTimeShares


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