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Sent: Tue, Oct 14, 2014 7:13 am
Subject: Tina, it’s a mess that happened on YOUR watch. Can Wyndham Workers COUNT ON YOU?
WWID 415287 AYRES VS WYNDHAM et al ADJ8181903 CNA E3269102
Hi Tina and All,

I hope to hear from Fred Sachs, CNA Adjuster on my situations, by today or tomorrow regarding reconsideration of the Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation program.  It’s unfortunate that the first adjuster, Daniel Elliott, did not pursue Coastline when I first asked him about it.  Maybe Fred can do something now.
I added a PS to the initial email:
PS  If you would kindly reimburse the more than $27,000 I had to pay for medical expenses on my own,  and if you would return the $20,000+ bonus the State of California gave you for refusing to pay temporary total disability payments in 2012/2013, I would haven’t to ask for help to get there, even though you have started the financial terrorism thing again.  Bummer. No income since July 2014, and LTD is skewed up because of your  chicanery and they cannot confirm they will resume and for how long.   BTW, AGGRAVATION IS NOT GOOD FOR A HEALING BRAIN.
Then we will know if looking at a position at the Wyndham Irvine Hotel or possibly Oceanside for sales is the next step.  The Interactive Process will help sort that out, but a preliminary decision must be made shortly.  Otherwise, I guess the next best option is the Quality Assurance position in Indio.  Worst case scenario will be an outreach for fund-raising to help me with accommodations and lodging for the Coastline treatment opportunity, since the bad faith efforts of all concerned seem to have escalated.
[PS! Listen, Tina!   It looks like a Specialist Presenter position is open in Long Beach….that’s VERY CLOSE TO NEWPORT BEACH….Steve and Sharon Wilcox might be willing to help me train for that position, huh?   As you can see, I’m not shy anymore since the brain injuries….some might even call me a little assertive and overly enthusiastic!]
 image (1)
All Stewart can seem to work on is trying to get the medical records index straight so they can send me to another Orthopedic Surgeon in November for another evaluation so they can cross their fingers that he may collude with the Grancell opinion (not medical opinion) that the right shoulder rotator cuff tear was “non-industrial” as they directed current PTP to change records to reflect, in stark contrast to early medical reports, and in contrast to the premature settlement offer they attempted to coerce me to take, which also required I forfeit my future medical care benefits
(which, in TBI case, CNA providers indicate range from $600,000 to $1.3 million, when TBI is treated! As you know, the only treatment I got authorized started in August 2014 at Scripps and 3-6 months were requested, 16 days were initially authorized, follow up with 8 more, and we did not get the Interactive Process started, even though it was paid for; date of injury, January 9, 2012)
[BTW, if Stewart’s allegations are right, in stark contrast with findings of real brain injury experts,  and my injuries are ‘minimal’ then by looking at my resume and my past experience with Wyndham since 2005, it’s easy to see that I could do the Quality Assurance Representative job practically with my ‘eyes closed’….]
Please don’t keep me guessing, I will have to make plans in any event, and unfamiliar circumstances causes cognitive challenges, so I must move methodically and do my best to keep notes and keep them organized.  
I added a PS to the initial email and it’s on the blog too….   So to summarize, it looks like the best options seem to be:
1.  Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation in Newport Beach with accommodations to include but not be limited to RTW discussions and re-entry in Orange County, to be fine tuned in Interactive Process asap.  (temporary relocation required)
2.  WorldMarkByWyndham – new position, start immediately – Indio – Quality Assurance Position, salaried, $50K + immediate benefits  (relocation not required)
3.  Wyndham Worldwide – any position available, start immediately since injured worker’s benefits —INCOME– were terminated in July, with CNA profitting by refusal to pay…. Long Beach Specialist Presenter position just posted…. That could be wyn/wyn/wyndham!  
4.  In the event there is no movement toward Coastline or RTW, final option is national fund raising effort amongst Wyndham’s WOMEN ON THE WAY, COUNT ON ME PROGRAM, with perhaps some hep from ARDA and other hospitality organizations.  Wyndham now has a huge opportunity to lead the way to right treatment of injured workers in the mega-billion dollar industry.  What has happened to me because of the system fail is unconscionable.   
Tina, it’s a mess that happened on your watch.  Can Wyndham Workers COUNT ON YOU?
Let’s plan on Monday, October 20, 2014 as the day Wyndham Worldwide took a hard look at their WorkComp system fails, and began to right the wrongs that egregiously harmed an injured worker and shareholder, and former owner/member.
Talk soon!
Thanks again.
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
David DePaolo blog spot  10 2 2014
See more on the above: WORK COMP AND BASEBALL  – David DePaolo  also find at
PS  Note to Fraud Unit at…. thank you again for your call.  I did follow your recommendations and I have reiterated my unhappiness complaints to the various agencies you suggested, and it was recommended that I continue to copy your department as I am a protected insured against fraud under the Wyndham Workers Comp insurance policy.  We’re all in this together.  Fingers pointing at Grancell at the moment, or so it seems.   Further investigations and audits seem in order.



—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: fred.sachs <>
Cc: hchalgujia <>; sreubens <>; cna_help <>; mary.favey <>; tina.jordan <>; melisa.paramo <>; wvoleavesupportcenter <>; fraud <>
Sent: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 2:30 pm
Subject: Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation Program $184/semester, Starts October 20, 2014, Orientation this Saturday at 8 am AYRES VS WYNDHAM ADJ8181903
Dear Fred Sachs, CNA Adjuster et al

I just spoke with the admissions office at Coastline Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Program and I have been accepted into their program.  The fees are due by Friday and the cost is $184.00 per semester. 
This requires a one year commitment, possibly two years, depending on my cognitive improvements.
The failures of Wyndham, CNA and Grancell can be righted, to some extent, if there is cooperation to help me get cognitive care now for the injuries that were not treated at the time of injury, not during the first nearly 3 years……
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