Open Letter to #WorkComp Investigative Journalists—both sides of the Law

What are THREE QUESTIONS you would ask of injured workers to help you help save their lives?  
1.  ___________________________________________
2.  ___________________________________________
3.  ___________________________________________
Are there any resources YOU would encourage to be included in a directory for the WorkComp Communities…InjuredWorkers, Doctors, Lawyers, Chiefs etc.
1.  ___________________________________________
2.  ___________________________________________
3.  ___________________________________________
TriageNow, a WorkComp phone nurse group was recently stumbled upon and we suggested they contact Wyndham since Wyndham’s staff are clueless on how to handle a worker injury.  They are following on Twitter now.
LinkedIn is proving to be a great place for outreach, and I keep making it to the top of the Wyndham stats.  Maybe for YOUR level of investigative reporting, you can work in an interview with some Wyndham key executives?
Their top peeps are in New Jersey  You or one of your colleagues could approach them with an angle that perhaps you can help solve their future work comp dilemmas and the bad will that will no doubt build.
Linda Ayres  Wyndham LinkedIn   11 8 2014  NUMERO UNO.JPG
Could I pretty please ask your opinion on some questions to ask of other injured workers?  What is it that YOU believe is needed to reach professionals in the work comp community, who are not party to the atrocities that are happening everyday, everywhere? Do you have a list of standard questions?
If you can’t, no worries, We’ll take another route, and thank you again for your consideration.
social networking
We will ask some of my friends and injured worker pals for their stories, and we will render them anonymous, so that they can be shared and explored without emotions. (see email thread below)

We (me and a few Injured Friends and Warriors) hope to have a new website up and running before the WorkComp Laude Awards Gala, and we would like to have a questionnaire Survey available to facilitate further communications.


Will YOU participate?

WorkCompCentral Comp Loud Awards

WorkCompCentral Selects Judges for Comp Laude™ Awards | Business Wire… ( 

Comp Laude Awards  2014
One particular e-group of ‘radical’ and “outspoken” and “knowledgeable” injured workers deals with the unconstitutionality of WorkComp in California, and a variety of other whinings about the government collusion with the insurance company bad guys.  Kaiser, State, Sedgwick, CNA…a bunch of big names involved.  All have had poor experiences with InjuredWorker legal representation, much like my challenge with incompetent counsels.
As we know, that saves no lives, and merely adds to profit margins for the few.  Many have been fighting in the system for 10-20 years.  Yikes, that’s unfathomable to me.  The moment I saw the real deal and got more of marbles back, the faster I wanted out.  Looks like that won’t be happening, so I will kick and scream and expose to expunge, till death do us part.
When I told that particular e-group about the Comp Laude nomination as an Injured Worker, omg, the dirt started flinging, calling me an ‘industry hack’ and worse… Sadly, many have been in the “system” for 10-20+ years, and some seem to be casualties of the opiate drug wars conducted by work comp as well.
.go save yourself from the zombies
I had tried to have coffee with one (having had a lengthy phone conversation in the summer listening to the work comp sad tale, unable to get in a word edgewise).  I was going to see about extending an invitation to the 12/6/14 Gala, and omg, all hell broke lose….I won’t be in touch with them anymore, jeeeze! It was like dealing with defense counsels or I & A agents. Learned Helplessness, Institutionalization and being a “Victim” is apparently a real consequence of ‘doing time’ in WorkComp in America.
There are many injured workers groups on social media, quietly fighting for their lives.  Some not even telling their friends and neighbors of the horrors of fighting for basic medical care and basic temporary disability benefits or “incapacitation” benefits.  There is no reason to put up with suspected agents of disinformation; we injured workers have our hands full dealing with defense counsels, insurance companies, their owned doctors etc. and work comp judiciaries etc.
Remember Remember Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Workers
Remember Remember Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Workers
[They even accused me of not having a brain injury at all…. and made me wonder who THEY worked for…..I didn’t even read half of their emails…D’oh…. Talk about mean-spiritedness!   If I didn’t have a brain injury, there is no way I would be in this mess, imho.]
 .bill casey quote
DePaolo’s blogs are excellent, but the ‘fraud factors’ seem real hard to grasp, from an insider perspective.  It’s crystal clear as a “victim of WorkComp”…. I haven’t counted how many doctors have applauded my big mouth and said, “Somebody’s got to do it” as they eliminate injured workers from their portfolios.
I changed my Orthopedic regular 45 day visit from December 5 so that I can be rested for the December 6th experience.  The doctor’s office was THRILLED to hear that I was nominated as a finalist for the CompLaude Awards.  She said, “Tell how how bad things are.  They need to hear someone.  Your case should have been gone a long time ago!”…. and she knows how hard they have fought to try to get me to a brain injury specialist.  They couldn’t even get me to a neurologist.  D’oh.
I thanked her and giggled and said, “I’m a finalist, but politically speaking, I don’t think they can dare to let me win.”….. But it is still an honor and opportunity, which I take seriously.
Here’s the response I sent to that private injured worker e-group, in response to their hope that Ralph Nader will save them.  D’oh.   [They called it self-serving, so, it’s sort of a no-win situation dealing with hammered, drugged and chemically poisoned Prisoners of WorkComp….whew ]  Anyhow,
If any of it strikes a chord and you want to share your thoughts informally to give it more structure, and more reach to your peeps, please send me an email or leave me a voice mail.  (and no, I won’t plaster your email all over the internet as I was morally required to do with the CNA question, “….Tell me, Linda, when ARE you going to die?”  
I think CNA bought Wyndham some more legal challenges with that one…. seems to violate some EEOC Civil Rights laws that the Courts seem to be holding employers liable for bad deeds of their vendors.  I”m investigating further.)  ;D
Work Comp  TBI Wyndham and YOU.JPG
Subject: Re: Nader

“We ARE the media now” …..working like Antz, telling our friends and neighbors about #WorkComp atrocities.

(If you forward my comments to your friends, please be respectful of others in the thread and copy and paste to a new email for their privacy)

Did any of you have a chance to see my piece in this blog and listen to the 3 minute audio of the dude from CNA insurance asking, among other things, “So, tell me Linda, when ARE you going to die?”. Yes, its recorded and all over social media.

See more here:

That conversation might be a civil suit for which my employer, WyndhamWorldwide, may be held culpable as well.

My whole story is in the blog, Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains. see the blogs and then see the Resource page and the list of posts page.

Each of you are welcomed and encouraged to follow these blogs for updates.

I reached out to one of you recently to meet for coffee and I got a polite “can’t”… It wasn’t a social call.

Are you kidding me??! If y’all can’t bother to explore new opportunities, you’ll die whining.

Somebody else in this group said my posts may be pretty but they are useless. Fine. Block me.

WE are the Media Now. Ain’t nobody gonna help us, so we need to find new strategies.

WorkComp activism can be quite like “anti-nuke” activism……heavily infiltrated and hell bent on keeping people running in square circles, diefying paid mouth-pieces.

Re-read the common wisdom of “the 25 rules of disinformation” and the 8 traits of disinformationists”

Let me know if you get any insights or can share them with your friends and lawyers.

Stay tuned. More coming up, including but not limited to a new website.

If you are interested, send me a 500-700 words general summary of your story….date of injury, extent of injuries, all diagnosis, treatment, complications, pay, ever return to work, on social security, represented now? How many attorneys, prospects for the future. Your age at injury, and age now?
Gender? Overall health today? Better or worse?

Working? What needs to happen for return to work, if an option.

We want at least ten stories to start with. Include employer name and insurer, if you care to. First rounds may be more general and nation and ANONYMOUS.

Write a conclusion to finish this statement:

“The worst thing is ________________________.””What helped me most was:____________________________________””What I want now is:_____________________________________.””The non-psychopaths of the WorkComp industry can best help me, and other injured workers like me, if they will _____________________________.”If I had an open mic and 2 minutes I would say _____________________________________ to (whom/what) ___________________”

Any groups you would recommend? Include their social media links: ________________________________________________

I usually use this hashtag in my posts:


If you are on social media, include those links too, if you choose to. If we are all following one another, any trolls will flloat to the top.

Google Circles

Favorite/most responsive sympathetic Journalist!? Provide email address and website:

Favorite industry blog(s): ______________________________________________________ (provide links)

If you want to participate, pleases send me your “story” so I can copy and paste by next Sunday.

Forward this to any of your pals, friends or enemies of injured worker, or direct them to the blog for a polished version soon, Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

We are all in this together.

Have a Power-filled Day!

Best wishes,
Linda Ayres and Friends

 “Do Not Walk Quietly in this Open Air Auschwitz”
“Ask About Fukushima Now”
“Tell Your Friends and Neighbors; Your Governments Already Know”


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