#WorkCompsters say, ‘Let’s Rumble’….. Injured Worker says, ‘Well, ok Dude, if that’s what you want…’

“It’s easier to Sell something when you Show it?” – From Wyndham Hotels LinkedIn group…

From Wyndham’s WorkComp defense firm:

I am not carbon copying anybody other than Mr. Zachs.

I will object to any request for postponement or additional delays on your part.

Please remember to copy me on any document or correspondences you send to the court

wc workers-comp-fraud  if your company lies

I still don’t have the signed releases I requested from you. which is causing further delays

I will be requesting an order for you to sign them

Thank you


Afterthought response…… you didn’t send them electronically, as repeatedly requested as an ADA accommodation?  Yikes.  I wonder where they are? I got all sorts of other legal mumbo jumbo Thursday…. and I still have to submit another appeal to those CorVel WorkCompsters on yet another set of ‘non-recommendations’ based on omitted medical records and their fake reports from earlier fake reports…. Geeeeze, how do they do it?  I also have  more requests for medical miles from last year, and must get copies of the recent fall ambulance and ER room bills to Fred, and I’m supposed to be learning cognitive ‘compensatory strategies’ and I ASKED YOU NICELY TO LEAVE ME ALONE TILL AT LEAST JUNE, SINCE YOU HAVE PAID ANY TEMPORARY TOTAL DISABILITY BENEFITS SINCE MAY OF LAST YEAR…..and the local crisis center Social Worker isn’t coming back till the end of the week.  Where oh where can that new pile of your file churning stuff be?

Maybe in this pile?

Office pictures 1

No, that’s medical records for Social Security, due last December.  Maybe here?

Office pic 2

Naw, that’s time sensitive stuff that needs to get done….I just got those folders so I can see things; with the visual impairments, if I can’t see it, I forget about it.  At Coastline, they say I need visual cues, but that I prefer auditory input for best processing, however, the auditory evaluation indicated that with frontal lobe deficits, cognitive processing is impaired by what I hear, so I must have visual cues….that also makes phone conversations hard…  Maybe whatever you’re talking about is in this pile?

office pic 4

Nawww, the cabinets have mostly research stuff about omitted medical records, fraud complaints, legal compliants, legal self-help, doctor reports, and the white boards are not working as they should…. low tech, high tech….. what difference does it make when there’s a brain injury, huh?

19006204-occipital-lobe--female-brain-anatomy-lateral-viewBrain  viral mashable more

Maybe it’s in the car?  Why don’t you send it again, electronically, then at least I can know what I’m looking for in hard copy.  Thanks.

rock paper scissors

Hi Stewart. ..

Your copy.  Do you want to ask for a postponement till after June for Court petition for file churning hearing or shall I?

Let me and Fred and Shane know.


Linda Ayres, InProPer


Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length) – YouTube

Defense Against the Psychopath By Stefan Verstappen Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary

mon politics is

Subject: LINDA AYRES VS. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE LTD 121329 2012-11-13-0149-LTD-01 / WWID 415287 / CNA E3269102


Dear Steve,


Happy New Year to you, too.  I’m so grateful I can write and say nice things about Matrix/Reliance, and particularly you and Stephen Buchs.  Thank you, from me, and on behalf of other Wyndham employees.  At least one of the insurance providers honors fiduciary responsiblities.


This is a little long to bring some of the recipients also up to speed.  The bottom line for you is, can you put my disability payments on auto-payment.  I think you know the rest of the content.



I understand you are handling my claim again, so here is an updated progress report from Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, now the primary treating doctor, a neuro-psychologist, since the Orthopedic Surgeon now says he can’t do anything about getting brain treatment, as evidenced in 2 years of asking, so he has deferred to Dr. Hilda and apparently washed his hands of my case, as evidenced by cancelled December appointment.


I just received Dr. Hilda’s report, dated 2/6/15; it is attached.


Please make it a part of my medical records.  I am copying Steve Buchs, in case he is still handling medical records related things.  (Also copying CNA and defense counsel.)


I have also requested an extension of the leave of absence from Wyndham until December 1, 2015.  If I can get back to work before then, I’m doing all I can to make it happen, despite the terrorism of the defense firm. Remember, the first neuro-psychologist, Dr. Kang, in February 2012, referred by Dr. DeGoede, Clinical Psychologist, referred by CIGNA EAP program, who intially referred to Dr. Esmael Septi, Neurologist, who was on the alleged MPN list, but refused to see me when I appeared for appointment in February 2012, then his office perjured when it said I failed to appear.  Anyway, Dr. Kang said that with Speech Therapy with Cognitive Remediation, I would likely have been back to work in months…in 2012.   Then the attorney moved me to Dr. Marcel Ponton, also a clinical psychologist, in April 2012.  Dr. Kang thought it was just for a second opinion and that she was continuing to treat me.  She was surprised to learn last year when I contacted her that I still had not received Speech Therapy, or any of the medically necessary treatment Dr. Ponton had requested, such as vision therapy, neuro-evaluations, EEG neuro-feedback and more.  What a fiasco.


Here is an excellent article about TBI, and the first year.  It’s going viral.  My comments may already be buried since they were of the first ones.

Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury @HuffPostBlog http://huff.to/175d53a via @HealthyLiving


llife with a brain injury and work comp


Help it go viral? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amy-zellmer/life-with-a-traumatic-brain-injury_b_6580812.html

Send it to your Human Resources and Risk Management Corporate Peeps!

linked in 5   2 15 15

Amy is just at the one year marker, and therefore has a shot at some recovery, and restorative treatments. If I didn’t have to fight workers comp, I might be better too.  Dr. Hilda’s comments in her report on what fighting does to me/for me are …. alarming.


Read the article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amy-zellmer/life-with-a-traumatic-brain-injury_b_6580812.html


CNA’s failures to treat denied me any recovery there, so now all I can hope for is “compensatory strategies’ to deal with the devasting injuries.  Hmph.  All they had to do was give me some of the requested medical care, but they couldn’t do that.   They couldn’t follow the ACOEM/MTUS/NIH guidelines.  My loss.


Can you set up automatic deposit for my disability payments?  I am staying in a hotel (a Wyndham property, kindly at a discounted rate by Wyndham Human Resources) so that I can attend the Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program 3-4 nites a week.  As you know, I have to pay for it, as I have had to pay for most all the medically necessary treatment I have received to date.   I can’t rent a place yet, since it looks like the insurance carrier’s defense firm is up to more no good.  I have been advised by others to not sign a lease, even a six months lease, to make it cognitively easier to be at the Coastline program.


I have a social security hearing scheduled  (I will have to miss program time one or two days to facilitate that) but assuming they finally approve my claim, I will then have the money to continue the Coastline program through December.  I am also seeking financial aid to make it possible, and also scholarship money.  It seems to be my only hope left.  I’m really struggling with organizing the medical records to submit, and the Crisis Center Social Worker may come and help me again Friday; I hope so.  She couldn’t make it last week.


The WorkComp defense carrier is continuing with legal chicanery and what I call ‘terrorism and bullying’, and are pulling me into Court on 4/8/15 (my birthday, also causing missing Coastline program time to see if a Judge will support their chicanery; I had asked them to postpone till at least June to let me be at Coastline without their terrorism, but no, they can’t do that.  I willl ask the Judge for a postponement, even if it requires a note from the District Attorney.


It seems to me that CNA could simply have someone competent review the reports of prior neuro-pscyhologists and see what remains to be done before requesting a Judge to compel.


I am fighting still their denials to provide medically necessary treatment.  Nobody will say CNA has done right by first/second year treatment of chiropractic and clinical psychology, and 6 physical therapy treatments, and in 2014, some speech, occupational and more pt for clearly diagnosed brain injuries.  ACOEM/MTUS/NIH have a far different criteria for treating brain injury than does CNA, hence, I have been off work more than 3 years. Monsters.


I believe CNA or their Defense Carrier is requesting records from you.   I am requesting also that this current narrative report from Dr. Chalgujian be included.


I am overwhelmed by all the legal stuff I received Thursday, with more chicanery from that CorVel company, under investigations in Texas for their abuse of injured workers.  I hope California will follow suit.  They simply follow the directions of the adjuster, as I have been told directly, even though I represent myself in pro per.  They do nothing without adjuster approval, according to one of their supervisors.  They have also violated my HIPPA and ADA rights.  Not your problem, but if they are requesting anything from you, you need to know who/what they are.


Many thanks.  Please let me know about the auto-deposit and any forms you need me to sign.


Thanks Steve.  I promise to do my best not to be a bother.  I have even called my favorite prayer line and asked them to help pray me out from under these monsters to get to settlement so I can get on with my life, what’s left of it.  When two or three are gathered together in prayer, mountains move!


LinkedIn is also helpful.  ;D  I’m learning lots about surviving #WorkComp.  CNA’s training department has viewed my profile repeatedly, several other insurance executives, including Sedgwick.  That makes me wonder if the industry realizes that CNA’s contract for Wyndham might be up for grabs after this case, and if more like it are exposed.  It’s quite awful what they have done.  There are even Judges and law enforcment peeps viewing my profile, regularly.  I try to keep the information fresh, although I do perseverate a bit, and appear to be tangential at times…. part of the TBI.


Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, warm new year.  Dodge those snowflakes; consider them armed and dangerous.  Ask a Physicist.



Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

760 368 5243





PO BOX 835




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