How to Repair a WorkComp Damaged Resume, Career, Brain and Life? Ask Liz?

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“How To Repair A Damaged Resume”

February 27, 2015


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to Repair a WorkComp Damaged Resume, Career, Brain and LIFE?! Brain cognitive interruption What do you recommend for injured workers, who may have lost jobs, or been on leave of absence without pay for 2, 3, 4+ years after a work place injury, wherein the employer’s vendors refuse to provide medically necessary treatments, causing also losses of homes, health, and creating permanent disabilities, with refusals to allow return to work, with or without accommodations? Just a quick comment, such as:

“1/9/12 to present WorkComp casualty; Unpaid LOA; Disabled; Mastering social media as self-procured vocational rehabilitation for #TBI while seeking national class action and employer Human Resources Policy transformation for handling work place injuries to minimize maiming and greater injuries to workers globally, and to reduce escalated costs to shareholders. Valiant efforts for Networking, Team Building, Self Help and Peer-to-Peer help; Resilient and tenacious attempts to return to work and to find medically necessary treatment despite denials by employer and insurance carrier; Optimistic expectations.”

It’s a market ‘niche’ of more than 50 million people in the USA alone, if they survive WorkComp. Many are forced to become ‘Freedom Fighters’ and ‘InjuredWorker Advocates’ while fighting for survival against some very sneaky and formidable foes. It hardly fits a ‘consultant’ or ‘volunteer’ capacity, and such legal atrocities often leave workers with permanent disabilities, unable to perform a fraction of prior abilities. A Work Injury can destroy more than a Resume. NAIDW  54 million plus Many are forced to “reinvent” with a much smaller arsenal of business strategies and weaponry and basic skills. One of my slogans is, “If you can’t work, then blog”… Afterall, We are the Media Now. Your take on the plights of Injured Workers might be welcomed by an entire industry…. I would certainly share it in my networks… My employer is headquartered in Parissipany, New Jersey… An outreach by your firm could create an avalanche of good?! Carry on! You’re a much needed bright light in the Human Workplace. xooxox smiley eyes December 2012: Orthopedic Surgeons designated by WorkComp for Traumatic Brain Injury? D’oh! ele cognitive dissonance My Posts….not so much in the heart-warming category…maybe better put in the cognitive dissonance inciting category…. LINKED IN RANKING 2 27 2015   807 PM PST LinkedIn Posts: ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW ARE YOU REAL


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