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Linda AyresThank you for opening such a great discussion!

“I want to be sure I comprehend your point. Are you saying the people who view your profile anonymously are those who perceive you as a whistleblowing threat? Thank you for joining the discussion.”  – Mark O’Brien

Bottom line to the question of LinkedIn and Anonymity? ‘Anonymous Precedes Unanimous.’ When in doubt, ask another question, WHAT WOULD SUN TZU do?

My posts and blogs are definitely perceived, by some, as a ‘whistleblowing threat’, and by others, as hope and encouragement, and validation of the 1st amendment and a reminder that ‘We do not have the right to remain silent in the face of domestic atrocities either.’

LinkedIn Premium, as you no doubt know, provides a wealth of information about profile viewers and potential connections. I have been blessed to connect with some pretty wonderful people over the months.

It also provides a microphone to reach those who might never hear the truth about Workers Compensation (or Fukushima, for that matter). People with much to ‘lose’ by publicly acknowledging the truth of some of our 21st Century horrors can sometimes best work behind the scenes, hence their use of Anonymity. Maybe we’ll hear from some of them? I’ll ask, too.

Side note: I used a ‘pen name’ on Facebook for years, until the FB Thought Police demanded ‘papers’ for identification, and I was locked out of my account until I resumed using my legal name.

The Anonymous views on my profile are relatively few, and often come in groups of views by insurance, law practice, marketing and advertising, hospital and health care, and hospitality industries, by people with job titles such as lawyer/judge, founder/partner, journalist, consultant, salesperson, non-profit board member, business/corporate strategist… primarily from locations in LA, NYC, Chicago and Orlando, and secondarily from San Francisco, Boston, Orange County and Atlanta.

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Where are the doctors? Maybe they are in the Anonymous Groups? One industry leased/owned doctor said that ‘if she has human rights complaints, tell her to take it to The Hague’ and suggested I not [just] threaten to file complaints with District Attorney, and provided a direct line to the DA in his jurisdiction.

I am an Injured Worker, callously and egregiously harmed by my employer’s WorkComp insurance carrier and related vendors.

Super Lawyers have advised me that as sad as my tale is, it is quite common. Several lawyers have declined to represent me, stating that ‘there is entirely too much fraud’ involved; others have said, they ‘have not had to deal with issues of fraud since law school and wouldn’t know where to begin’. Doctors have told me they see such failures to treat all the time, and encourage me to scream as loud as I can.

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Although I have had a LinkedIn account for several years, I have only in recent months began to use it. Premium allows maximum velocity. Workers Compensation is a mega billion dollar industry, which has a business model of Profits Before Lives, and they are killing Americans everywhere. Thanks to LinkedIn opportunities, I have been able to find more good people in the industry; there are a few. Most are unwilling to risk to expose the truth, but they also encourage learning to whistle.

My activism reaches the nuclear world also, as I have been posting about the global disaster of Fukushima Daiichi since March 2011.

Some legal news last months included ‘threats’ that Social Security will be using Facebook posts in determining benefit awards to disabled people. LOL…. I tell my friends and neighbors that the audience is widening, blog on! #OccupyVirtually!

On Facebook, “Anonymous” has a different ‘spin’ than on LinkedIn. When industry trolls and other paid provocateurs attack those who share the harsh realities about nuclear disaster and other domestic and international threats, said provocateur ‘profiles’ are often found to be totally secured, with few ‘Friends’ and no real background.

Over the years, there have been ‘urban myths’ on Facebook that there is an “app” that allows one to see who has viewed their file. I have gone back to Facebook with delight and reported that: ‘Hey, that app that lets us see who has been viewing our profiles is over there at LinkedIn. It’s tooo coool! C’mon, Are you LinkedIn yet?’



The internet levels the playing field in the fight for survival. Since my head injury of 1/9/12, and the carrier’s failures and refusals to provide medically necessary treatment, I had been house bound for nearly 2.5 years, only going out to doctor evaluations, used as weapons to deny recommended treatments. I am injured; not stupid. I am now enrolled in a 1-2 year program for Brain Injury compensatory strategies and transition back to the work world, hopefully. If not work, then a volunteer position is in my probable future. I’m hopeful for return to work.

I like to ‘repurpose’ writings, so I will include this in a LinkedIn blog, directing people back to your wonderful post! It’s how we encourage more critical thinking, isn’t it?

Social media has allowed me to stay connected; LinkedIn is making it possible for me, and others like me, to reach decision makers and peers who can… make a difference in the lives of workers everywhere.

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Exercise Your Critical Thinking Skills….

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Remember remember… March is Brain Injury Awareness Month; it is also Fukushima Awareness Month.