WorkComp Levels of Litigation?

#WorkComp Levels of litigation also seem impacted by education and ethics of diminishing crews of disgruntled “applicant attorneys”  who seem to opt out to move to the defense side, or opt in for the work comp mill legal plan… Providing no legal support for Injured Workers.  

Some applicant attorneys cause as much harm or more to the Injured Workers by Ignorance, caseload and desire for a faster buck without doing the necessary legal representation.  

Preying on the uneducated Injured workers is rampant in the legal community. Part of the #GrandWorkCompFraud!

If #CAAA polled Injured Workers on representation satisfaction, they might be unpleasantly surprised. 

If they would open their fancy conferences and exhibit halls to Injured Workers, real dialogue could result in real solutions.  I have met some wonderful people, who care about Injured Workers, by “crashing” such Industry events in the past.  

Yes, pray for the dead and dying and fight like hell for the living… By any and every means necessary and available.

The California program of compensating incompetent attorneys via liens for the life of the case is simply silly. Rather than liens –sanctions or disbarment may be a better plan. Any attorney who thinks a brain injury requires the same level of expertise as a broken finger, seems to be a complete idiot. In California, there seem to be very few work comp attorneys with any expertise in brains. They won’t take a case botched up by their peers. Too bad how sad… 

If only the district attorney’s would do their job, with a little help from the FBI and the DOJ… America could be a kinder gentler safer place to be and work.


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  1. “In describing this class of traumatic brain injury”, says Asvar, “the term ‘mild’ is an absolute misnomer given the severity of possible complications and repercussions.” He adds, “Dismissing someone’s brain injury as ‘mild’ is akin to saying someone is ‘mildly’ paraplegic.” Chris Asvar, Esq.

    Note: Chris Asvar did his job for his young client: “LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2012. Los Angeles-based attorney Christopher Asvar has just secured the highest known workers’ compensation insurance settlements in California history, totaling $8.9 million on behalf of his young client who suffered a work-place traumatic brain injury.”


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