#WorkComp, Strip Searches, Facist Gulags; Totalitarianism! Oh My!

#WorkComp legal chicanery comparable to ‘a strip search in a fascist gulag?’ Hint: Totalitarianism #GrandWorkCompFraud!  No Exclusive Remedies! No Remedies at All.  Pure Chicanery. MARCH IS #BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS MONTH…. What did YOU learn this month, so far? If it’s a work injury, prepare for the fight for your life, and hope somebody will help you.  Upon […]

Corporate and Legal Irresponsibility Support #WorkComp Corruption

  #WorkCompChat. The corruption piece is left out of the equation of most #WorkComp reports and analysis.  As long as defense firms can employ legal chicanery to maliciously harm and kill injured workers, defying Labor and Civil Codes …we have a huge national security problem.  SINCE there is apparently no legal protection for injured workers, […]