Corporate and Legal Irresponsibility Support #WorkComp Corruption


#WorkCompChat. The corruption piece is left out of the equation of most #WorkComp reports and analysis.  As long as defense firms can employ legal chicanery to maliciously harm and kill injured workers, defying Labor and Civil Codes …we have a huge national security problem.  SINCE there is apparently no legal protection for injured workers, demolition of WorkComp in favor of the US Constitution may be the best bet.  The continuous harm I have endured at the unclean hands of these #workcompsters since 1/9/12 is unconscionable. I am not the only injured worker harmed by these arrogant monsters who can’t even find a competent attorney to represent an injured, worse if initial attorney selection was poorly. While represented by first attorney attorney’s unlicensed office manager for 30 days, the adjuster advised that if I was not represented he would help me get medical care. The first law firm was dismissed, evaluations authorized, brain injury diagnosed… And the terrorism began… starting with the termination of disability benefits, and denial of medical care in spril 2012. Had medical care being provided, I may not be facing permanent injuries and total disability and a shortened lifespan due to the injuries. How many thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars have been paid to evaluating doctors, how many kickbacks have been paid on my case, and how high up does that corruption go? How many billable hours has the defense firm churned up? The defense banks on the #CAAA FAILURES TO COMPETENTLY REPRESENT, WITHOUT RECOURSE.  The defense also banks on corporate responsibility and complicity  and failures to provide medically necessary treatment, and failures to intervene in breaches of fiduciary responsibility. When an injured worker is further injured by the work comp carrier, where is the corporate responsibility? Read these blogs and try to say it isn’t so. ASK ABOUT #WORKCOMP GRAVY TRAINS

Time to watch the video again, Defense Against the Psychopath!

We are the media now.

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