Why are there so few Wrongful Termination and FEHA Complaints in CALIFORNIA?

Why don’t so many injured workers ever return to work?

What is #WorkComp, really?!?

work comp guidelines

In the USA, it is not uncommon for rest and wait and wait “programs” to last for years and years, while attorneys churn files and industry leased/owned doctors do numerous expensive evaluations  (15-45 minute average, most performed by non medical staff) to guarantee denials of medical care, often causing permanent and total disabilities due to failure to provide care.

doctor strike

To add to the horrors,  they will often terminate disability benefits that can cause homelessness and burdens to taxpayers and further the profits to the insurance industries.


Employers wrongfully allege they can do nothing about the callous and illegal conduct of their agents and vendors.

It’s quite a human shame…..similar to an open air Auschwitz extermination program while others look the other way.  How many injured workers have had to listen to ‘bleeding heart liberals’ or paid provocateurs condescendingly say, “Oh, those doctors and lawyers and judges are just doing their jobs.  It’s awful and everybody knows.  What can be done?  Be grateful you are still alive.”  Is that the 21st Spin on “Just Following Orders”?

Just following orders?

Doctors Trial

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

Can and will the Office of the Attorney General investigate? Or are Citizens Tribunals required?   Friends and neighbors in Canada, Australia, UK and beyond have similar issues with these organized crimes against Injured and Disabled Workers…..destroying lives everywhere. #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

wc CLAIM DENIEDwc doc can you see the problemdoctors just say noy u no see lies so obvious lies

#WorkComp is indeed a #WarOnWorkers #WOW

Think locally
Act globally
Occupy Virtually

occupy virtually 99 percent


Form #CommitteesOfBloggers and Blog On!


After all…..



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