#WorkersComp and Plausible Deniability? D’oh!

If Work Comp is an “exclusive remedy” stripping injured workers of all civil and human rights, how on earth and under the Constitution can it be “adversarial” in blatant failures to provide medically necessary treatment causing  impossibilities for return to work? Seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it 


#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore
We May Need Citizens Tribunals to help injured workers in USA, CANADA, UK and Australia and elsewhere?

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

workers of the world unite

It’s awesome to see/hear/read about the issues outside of the USA. It is indeed a global war on workers!

U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights


Here’s an unflattering video from 2012, the year of injury…politely illustrating what an InjuredWorker in the USA is subjected to. The doctor being discussed practices functional neurology, his practice is scientifically based with measurable results. http://www.drjaudy.com/patient-testimonials/linda-a-testimonial/


It was self-procured and his office received threatening cease and desist treating demand, as have all self-procured providers, even though WorkComp has continuously and maliciously and callously refused to provide reasonable and appropriate medical care since date of injury, and has interfered with every attempt by Injured Worker to survive, and has made sure that return to work was an impossibility….

It is hoped that this case will be used to expose major corruption in some very dark places in America…..Take a look, it’s less than ten minutes….


There more at https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts/

While there is plausible deniability in many expert conclusions about why injured workers do not get medical care and do not get to return to work, the biggest deal is that without Injured Workers to use and dispose of like cash cows, Workers Comp Grand Fraud would not exist. The CEO of the carrier for the woman in the video earns more than $10.7 million a year….. maiming and killing disabled workers? Ought to be some law enforcement.

If you don’t have these problems in Australia, good for you. However, if you dig deeper, you may find that like the USA, like Canada, and like the UK and elsewhere, you have same crime gangs operating there. Carl Icahn, an American icon, is known to be a Shareholder Activist. His approach to abuse may be the only viable solution left.

Here’s a recently union global survey on the plight of workers. US is one of the Worst places in the world… Ask any injured worker here.

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore



In the USA even our law enforcement and fire fighters are denied immediate reasonable and appropriate medical care, then they are blamed as being malingerers.


While there is plenty of plausible deniability and efforts to ‘blame the victim’ in work comp matters, the bottom line is that when Injured Workers are denied medical care for years (as happens in the USA as a pattern of practice, in order to keep the WorkCompGravy Train rolling (those evaluations are very expensive, and appeals are also cash flow event) often injuries are made worse, and even result in death.

Romano Trust vs Sedgwick, a horrific case in California where an injured worker was denied medical care for years, then given poor medical care that resulted in complications, complications not treated, Injured Worker died, attorneys attempted to indict adjuster for murder, Courts kicked it out, carrier paid a little fine and THE WORK COMP GRAVY TRAIN ROLLS ON…..

twitter  defense against psychopaths

U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights


dominoes and constitution

Sticking It To SS




One brain injured worker from the hospitality industry has tried valiantly to return to work for over three years, but the employer says without a doctors release there can be no return to work, and the doctors say without medical care there can be no return to work, with or without accommodations.   Employer has repeatedly refused to engage in mandated interactive process since October 2012.

One California Injured worker has tried valiant ly and repeatedly to return to work, and even attended her employer’s PUBLIC JOB FAIR, only to be turned away. 

Human resources said nobody could talk to her, and she could not return to work without a medical release, and no doctor would provide a medical release without medical treatment over the past 3 years, and the self-procured care was not enough for recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury. 
The employer also refuses to have a claim audit, or lift a finger to investigate how tens of thousands of dollars have been spent that have not resulted in medically necessary treatment.

This particular injured worker has tried every means necessary to attempt return to work including spending more than $30,000 for medically necessary treatments… Recommended but denied by the insurance carrier, and clear corruption and fraud.
The injured worker even attended a public career fair hosted by her employer, and was told nobody could speak to her, nor could they help her get medical care, return to work, or even charitable funding to keep the lights on. It is a multinational company… With no heart, no soul, and no good faith treatment of injured workers.

In America, injured workers are the cash cows that keep the work comp system going. Our lawmakers have sent a clear message to the industry in a case called Romano Trust vs Sedgwick (see below)  that it is okay to deny medical care for years, and if death results, there is merely a $100,000 fine to the offending insurance Corporation. 
Without the cash cows, The injured workers, the Worker’s Compensation Gravy Train would come to a screeching halt.  The corruption in America is the core of the war on workers. The business model is similar to the nuclear business model… Profits before lives.

Plausible deniability…..and the War on Workers rages on….

Currently, the Injured Worker is subjected to more defense chicanery and grasping at straws attempts by defense to obtain yet another evaluation, this time from an EAR NOSE AND THROAT DOCTOR for the Brain Injury.



An ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON had been the primary treating doctor for a while, who recently withdrew from the case after a series of threats made by defense on issues of requested specialty evals and treatment for a brain injury. 

Bone doctors are not brain doctors, nor are ENT doctors. That’s not ‘ignorance’….that’s clear cut fraud with intent to deny medical care, combined with omission of medical records with further intent to harm as a pattern of practice.

Is the American dilemma becoming clearer?

Some attorneys say that very event (ROMANO TRUST) gave the Insurance Community a LICENSE TO KILL INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA, and they seem to take their licence very seriously. It’s comforting to know that in Australia you don’t have the same levels of corruption that we have here in the USA, and that they have in the UK and Canada.



Here’s a blow by blow story about one American Injured Worker….denied immediate medical care and denied all levels of expert evaluations and medical care for over 3 years. 
Injured worker self-procured the recommended treatments that the carrier REFUSED TO PROVIDE, and has spent more than $30,000 on care to survive WorkComp, while doctors and lawyers and other providers ride comfortably in the dining cars of the WorkCompGravy Train.   
ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/



Here’s a video from 2012 that simplifies the Journey through the WorkComp War Zones…  http://www.drjaudy.com/patient-testimonials/linda-a-testimonial/



If you dig deeper in your own country, you may find the problems are the same. Nobody in America likes to talk about the corruption either, it’s politically ‘incorrect’….. but as Einstein reminded us, “Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.”

Unionize Wyndham  OCCUPY VIRTUALLYNAIDW TBI AWARENESSwork comp guidelines

Thank you for having open conversations about WorkComp in Australia. We may need Citizens Tribunals to help injured workers in USA, CANADA, UK and Australia. 
#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore



Here’s a headline: Workers comp fails injured workers, Labor Dept. says
By L.M. Sixel    April 29, 2015 Updated: April 29, 2015 6:32pm

Employees and taxpayers foot most of the bill when workers get injured on the job, a new report from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration finds.



U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights


Ralphs Market and Romano

 #InjuredWorkersUniting. #SilentNoMore


Those Who have the privilege to know have the duty to act… Tell your friends and neighbors about the work comp crimes… And tell them to tell their friends and neighbors… America has a new attorney general… Maybe she can make a difference!

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Till then.. Remember remember… We are the media now

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  1. Unless the criminals profiting from the egregious harm to injured workers are indicted, there is little hope for any injured worker, anywhere. It is a mega billion dollar industry that preys on profits before lives.

    In America there are said to be more than 50 million disabled workers….I suspect those permanent disabilities are due not so much to initial work place injuries but more to the atrocities, abuses, experimentations, testing, drugging, bullying and terrorism by the corrupt WorkComp racketeers.

    I look forward to hearing about your successes. We have agencies here with things like ticket to work and some job rehab, but without medical care….such models are relatively useless. The legal crowd, on the whole, is impotent.

    The egregious and malicious and willful harm caused by the dirty doctors, lawyers, executives and politicians demands Nuremburg type trials…. Now. We have a new attorney general….maybe she will start the investigations.

    Attorneys and doctors tell me my story is not unusual, at all. How heinous is that?!


  2. If YOU are an injured worker, get #LinkedIn….Start here and keep moving… WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. Blog on! VlogOn! IMAGINE AN INJURED WORKER CHANNEL EXPOSING THE #WorkCompsters!


    Check out, follow, and comment on these blogs, and create your own! #InjuredWorkersUniting! #SilentNoMore! https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/2015/05/10/ask-about-surviving-workerscompensation/

    Think Locally * Act Globally * OccupyVirtually!

    Interrupt the #WarOnWorkers! #WOW


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