Is Wyndham’s Work Comp Program “Untouchable” or Begging for Unionization?


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IF Lucy Occupy and Friends  CAN HELP, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT    Maybe the guys at ProPublica can help?  We can ask!  And how about all the injured workers across America …. may can be found at NAIDW, National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers where “No Injured Worker Is Left Behind”…


Is Wyndham the Walmart of timeshare?
Is Wyndham the Walmart of timeshare?

WorkCompsters, by failures to provide medically necessary treatments for years, and by their failures to pay legally required disability benefits during the ‘rest and wait programs’ and other acts of terrorism are apparently have the silent approval of the WorkComp officials and the District Attorneys and Department of Justice appear to be under orders to take no action to protect American Workers from the insurance industry crime syndicates.   What would Jimmy Hoffa do?  What would the International Brotherhood of Teamsters do?

OccupyVirtuall!  99%
OccupyVirtuall! 99%

What would SunTzu do?  What will YOU do?

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With all the hoopla about $15.00 an hour jobs to save the working class in America, Corporate America’s Gravy Train rolls along.   What happens to those $15.00 an hour workers if they are injured on the job?  What about the $35K a year employeses?   How about the hot-shot managers making perhaps $70,000?   What about the “top sales people” making in excess of $100,000 easily, doing things like “selling timeshares”?  If injured on the job, who can Injured Workers turn to?

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Watch it again, and tell your friends and neighbors. Defense Against the ‪#‎Psychopath‬(Full length) –

Defense Against the Psychopath By Stefan Verstappen Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentaryDefense Against the Psychopath (Full length)

Here’s one Injured Worker’s Response to all the praise and hoopla about Wyndham Worldwide’s insurance coverage peeps, and the “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES” strategies, and the callous disregard for life, liberty, law and order!  Hmph.

Michael!  You and Tina and Mary and Scott and Melissa and Franz and Fred and Norin et al never responded to my desperate pleas for help in getting medical since 2012, January 9, 2012… a witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice.   The admin manager and HR told me if I was going to see a doctor, “See any doctor that takes work comp insurance” and I was given an incomplete DWC-1 form…. signed by admin, but had NO INSURANCE CARRIER INFO.  The Urgent Care facility I went to helped me get the approval of my regular health insurance carrier for the urgently needed information, since they are the ones who brought it to my attention that there was ‘no carrier info’ on the form.  They were not a part of what I later learned was an alleged “MPN” list….but after evaluating me, hooray for them, they were added to the list…. I asked for your help in getting my disability benefits so I could keep my utilities on….I asked for your help in getting reimbursements for medical miles and for self-procured care, since the carrier refused for years and years to provide medical care.  

The more I learned about the industry, from the industry, I asked you to conduct a Claim Audit, and to intervene, by any means necessary.   My doctors were threatened to ‘cease and desist’ requesting medical care for me, and the outrageous attempt to settle for $100,000 in November 2012 without benefit of speciality evaluations and care…is heinous and unconscionable, and most likely, criminal.  You and everybody knows about it, and the evidence of the brain injury was documented by Defense on that Crowe Paradis piece….


Never once have you responded.  Never once has your department contacted to hear my side of the story, and to find out what the hell is going on with the diabolical WorkCompFraud insurance scam Wyndham Worldwide shareholders and workers are harmed by?   I have advised you of the bullying and terrorism of the defense firm, and again, you and yours have done nothing..

Do you honestly believe because three dirty doctor reports were facilitated by legal chicanery of the defense firm, that a traumatic brain injury magically gets cured after 15 months of ‘rest and wait and wait and wait’ without medically necessary treatments or evaluations by experts, and that alleged remission causes a


For the record, let’s be clear that the fiduciary responsibilities of Wyndham Worldwide are not fulfilled by the paying of a premium for an insurance policy that is useless at best, fraudulent and corrupt at worst.  Some say there is collusion on the Board of Directors with some of the BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES that could be harming shareholders and injured workers alike.  Let’s hope the Department of Justice will investigate and put that rumor to rest, shall we?


If Wyndham Workers are Unionized, at all levels, would I vote for you to represent Injured Workers anywhere?  “Hell No; You gotta be held accountable!”  How many Injured Workers have become permanently disabled and prematurely dead ‘on your watch’?   How many bonuses and others perks did that bring you?  

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Demolition of Workers' Comp

Below are some “recommendations” for a Wyndham Worldwides ‘risk management’ executive…. from industry professionals, singing high praises.   The name has been changed to “Michael Z”…. just for fun.   Read on, then wonder why there are no comments from Injured Workers, provided with immediate reasonable and necessary medical care by “Michael’s” efforts, with a speedy return to work?

I’ve worked with Michael for several years now and I am extremely impressed by his strong knowledge of the Risk Management Arena as well as his knowledge and understanding of the Timeshare and Hospitality Industry. Michael has done a great job in creating a comprehensive insurance program for all of our associations that is untouchable by any other insurance group worldwide.

 organize do not panic

I worked with Michael over the last four years and his knowledge in insurance and risk management has supported the broader IT function so that there were fewer impactful obstacles in delivering key IT initiatives. This includes supporting new partner contracts, co-piloting key issues with the IS Risk Management team, supporting the purchase decisions for cyber insurance and managing the organization’s own risk management information system requirements. Michael’s leadership, executon and collaboration have all regularly helped to explain the indirect and direct financial impact of potential indemnification and insurance gaps which were key to the leadership decision-making process.


I worked with Michael over the last four years and his knowledge in insurance and risk management has supported the broader IT function so that there were fewer impactful obstacles in delivering key IT initiatives. This includes supporting new partner contracts, co-piloting key issues with the IS Risk Management team, supporting the purchase decisions for cyber insurance and managing the organization’s own risk management information system requirements. Michael’s leadership, executon and collaboration have all regularly helped to explain the indirect and direct financial impact of potential indemnification and insurance gaps which were key to the leadership decision-making process


Michael is a hands on risk manager who is well connected to the business and closely aligns Risk Management goals and prioirities with the business at Wyndham. Michael is a great partner with his insurance carrier and claims service provider, responsive and focused on doing the right things. Michael has also been very open and eager to network with other risk managers in the industry

wc workers-comp-fraud  if your company lies


Michael is a true risk professional. His business acumen is exemplary as he approaches each risk opportunity with an eye towards what is best for his company and his business. He assures that all stakeholders have input before making a decision and rewards his insurance business partners for their innovation and creativity. Michael brings his A game which makes him a true risk leader


I have worked with Michael for the past 3 years and he has not only been an amazing support to me and my team but to the Association’s in which I manage. Through his guidance we have successfully reduced risk to our Resort and company, his knowldge in this area was crucial in obtaining the coverage needed to operate responsibly in our Recreation department.


Few people have had the opportunity to work with Michael as I did during my time at AIG. As an underwriter, I had the pleasure of working with Michael for four years on one of the Wyndham casualty insurance programs. I was particularly impressed with Michael’s ability to fully understand the risks and exposures he oversees. This certainly helped make the underwriting process both detailed and comprehensive, while managing expectations internally and externally during each renewal process. Michael would be an asset to any team and I hope to work with him again


Michael is an excellent Risk Management Professional, much of the success his company enjoys today in relation to risk mitigation and analytical pro-active approach is directly due to Mike’s passion and dedication. Mike leads by example with confidence and humility.


I work with Michael frequently regarding risk management and insurance issues and believe Michael is an asset to the company. Michael is very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Michael possesses a deep understanding of insurance products and coverage issues, assesses risk and potential liability in a practical and easy to understand manner and offers helpful solutions for mitigating such risks


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael at Wyndham Worldwide since before he became the risk manager. In that time, I have known him to be conscientious and focused in fulfilling his responsibilities. However, since his promotion to risk manager, he has flourished in the role.

He has developed strong partnerships with the resources he has leveraged to support the Wyndham program goals. He has actively sought out the “best of the best” by region and invited these partners to understand, support and contribute to the Wyndham mission.

He has also assembled an internal team to support the goals of Wyndham. He has created a structure for the risk management department and staffed it with equally dedicated individuals who all clearly understand their purpose and value in the organization.

 WC WorkCompFraud and Money

I have worked with Michael for quite a while now. Since the time I have worked with him, he has successfully moved his program from its prior claims administrator to its present Third Party Administrator. In addition, Wyndham has continued to expand its business which includes aquiring other companies. This requires the integration of the new businesses into his existing program. This has been accomplished in an admirable fashion.

Not many states can boast the complexity, frequency and severity of Workers Compensation like California. I think Michael’s grasp on the California system through its many iterations as well as his knowledge of Workers’ Compensation in other states has truly benefited his employer in his ability to strategize, collaborate and manage the entire program.

Michael’s ability to work with all partners in his program and draw on their skills especially in complex cases is key in management and expeditious claim resolution.


Michael’s leadership, experience, and his ability to strategize a plan towards efficient claim closure, motivates those around him to perform at a high level. Over the years, we have worked together on several workers’ compensation and liability claims. During this time, I have been impressed with his insight and approach to claims handling, most notably with his management during the transition of third-party administrators. For many people and employers, the difficulties of switching TPA’s may cause a number of issues with claims handling and the goal of claim resolution. However, with Michael’s guidance and supervision, a potentially difficult transition was seamless and took place without any interruption. Needless to say, Michael has earned the respect of everyone around him, and is well-known as a leader in our profession



As Director of Risk Management at a major Global company Michael is extremely diligent in what he does. He has a very good background knowledge in Property, Casualty and numerous Financial areas including D & O,
E & O, Cyber and Employment Practice Liability. He also has a great handle on the International Coverages in these areas as he is responsible for the placement of them as well. Michael is well liked and respected amongst his staff as well as his Brokers and Carriers.


Michael oversees a very active Department with a large volume of claims. I have found Michael to always be very professional and even handed in his approach to large and complex claims. He is a pleasure to work with


I worked with Micheal in the Wyndham Treasury group. During that time, Michael proved to be adept at managing our insurance coverage including optimizing coverage, adding unique coverage parameters and managing cost. Michael is great to work with personally and developed strong and effective relationships with our brokers and insurance carriers. On the risk management side, Michael worked well across the organization to manage areas like workers comp, coordinating internal teams and our 3rd party partners. Overall, I am happy and confident providing a strong recommendation for Michael


Michael Z  was a valued member of our Risk Management and EHS team. He worked to understand our operational processes and commensurate risk which positioned him well to provide excellent counsel/risk advice to his key internal clients, and where appropriate the external markets. He played a key partner role to the EHS team, and sat as part of the North American EHS Steering team.
Michael had great aptitude to both see and help shape our strategy and technical competence to help in the effective deployment of policy.
His willingness to learn, professionalism and affable style played significantly in shaping our Risk/EHS process.
Clearly, Michael Z would be a great addition to any Risk Management process

 373904_108997595883860_100003208595731_54447_1057147537_n   organized crime


Michael was a valued member of the Accounting and Controls Team at M&M Mars. He reported directly to me working specifically in Risk Management. He worked to understand our operational processes and ascertained potential risk in areas which were directed to him. He also pro-actively searched out areas of risk in the business and worked with those areas to strengthen the controls in an effort to reduce any potential risk. This positioned him well to provide well researched and thorough counsel/risk advice to his key internal clients in Mars.

Michael had the willingness and overall expertise to help develop and grow our risk strategy and the technical ability necessary to help roll-out that strategy.
His willingness to learn, professionalism and personal style made him a very valuable member of our Team.

Michael Z  would be a fantastic addition to any Risk Management
Organization and I would gladly recommend him for any position in this field based on his overall experience, professionalism, attitude and willingness to grow and expand his knowledge. He would be an asset to any Organization


Remember Remember:

The Pro-Nuker and Workcompster and Timeshare Playbooks appear to have the same business strategies, like sonderkommando of yesteryear:


Do your own research; draw your own conclusions.


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