Fireworks in #WorkComp Yet?

Can you imagine the impact if every #TBI SURVIVOR and every  #INJUREDWORKER keeps and posts a blog of the consequent events…….  Good bad and ugly… from date of injury till settlement and return to work or return to duty?

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For our purposes, Injured Military Personnel are embraced in the #InjuredWorker category; they are denied medical care and incapacitation pay as readily as civilian workers are denied medical care and disability benefits.  We’re all in this together.  In the Brain Injury populations, Military People may have to lead the way out.  Civilians, on the whole, do not understand The Art Of War, Sun Tzu style.


Can you imagine more Injured Workers and groups all over LinkedIn?  If you have videos to share, take them here, and we’ll take it from there; thanks:

Videos and Blogs of Advocates also welcome.

Here is information and links to and about of some of the leading “Industry Blogs”…. follow them….comment on them….share the good stuff; expose the rest.

More in the Works for Fireworks!

There seems to be an escalating industry effort to silence injured workers and other disabled people by somehow using social media information as a weapon to deny disability benefits via acts of legal chicanery.

One might think that the ACLU, upon investigation, might find 1st amendment violations in such “SS” type practices, and attempts at solitary confinement, further violating the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution?!?

The war on workers and disabled populations is certainly escalating, and yes, we have been warned.

Nürnberg was not enough.  More trials for more perpetrators are required now, wouldn’t you agree?  Let’s wish the Attorney General good luck and good agents, who believe in and act on “oath before orders.”

Blogs & Vlogs….with International Injured Worker Groups and Channels! And #TBI SURVIVOR CHANNELS!  Imagine!  THINK LOCALLY * ACT GLOBALLY * OCCUPY VIRTUALLY

I haven’t heard anything back from the journalists at ProPublica and NPR….yet.

Maybe they can also write a series on the worker’s challenges in finding legal representation?  Or omission of medical records with intent to deny medical care? Or how about investigations of doctors involved in dubious IMRs…independent medical reviews… and the cozy AME/QME crowds?

Stories on the fees paid to doctors who write clearly on behalf of the insurance industry could be a whopper!  Allegations of extortion for failure to comply could be interesting?

Any stories that follow the money would have to be of significant interest to all sides?  There is a swath of stories there, for sure.

! I’m hoping the WORKCOMP DEMOLITION teams will keep digging and digging deeper… and reporting…..and maybe they can be invited to the 2015 CompLaudeAwards ??? 😀

ATTACHED is a fun recap of 2014 results for my blog, ask about workers comp gravy trains now.

2015 year to date views are almost as many as all of 2014. I was pretty quiet in 2013, until I realized there was no oops in denied medical care… It’s just part of the corruption drills, so it seems.

Anyway… Let’s encourage our friends and peers to follow the EXPERT blogs and create #CommitteesOfBloggers of other experts AND injured workers  to blog on and blog on…..after all….  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore #WriteOn #WORKCOMPCHAT




find the others light up the grid ask about fukushima now  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW


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  1. “In describing this class of traumatic brain injury”, says Asvar, “the term ‘mild’ is an absolute misnomer given the severity of possible complications and repercussions.” He adds, “Dismissing someone’s brain injury as ‘mild’ is akin to saying someone is ‘mildly’ paraplegic.” Chris Asvar, Esq.

    Note: Chris Asvar did his job for his young client: “LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2012. Los Angeles-based attorney Christopher Asvar has just secured the highest known workers’ compensation insurance settlements in California history, totaling $8.9 million on behalf of his young client who suffered a work-place traumatic brain injury.”


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