PS “I have a confession” by a Timeshare Sales Executive (TBI Survivor!)

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

PERSONAL NOTE……PS I have a confession…..

Approximately 1,000-Day-WorkComp ‘Headache’

(Thanks Wyndham Worldwide! I counted on you to respect the laws of the land and of common decency and provide medically necessary treatment to help me return to work!)

On 1/9/12, I slipped on ice and conked my head really hard while working for ‪#‎WyndhamWorldwide‬, at the‪#‎WorldMark‬ by Wyndham Big Bear California resort. I did tell a few of you, and even asked you to keep an eye on my posts to see if I moved too far off-center…..No complaints, so that’s a good thing!


Funny Timeshare Recruitment Video….kids say the darndest things:

(38 seconds)

Here’s a 12:25 minute video for those unfamiliar with a….

‘Good Old Timeshare Presentation’

(caution: contains some profanity)


einstein concussion

A friend, a retired nurse,  helped me organize the sequence of events into a “just the facts” summary, without the…

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