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Linda Ayres is a Disabled Injured Worker of the WorkComp System in America. Blogging is one of her passions, fully discovered while being housebound for years on the Wyndham Worldwide WorkComp insurance plan of “wait and wait and wait and wait” plan for medical care for a witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice at work on 1/9/12.  One WorkComp doctor said that “women over the age of 35 are not entitled to medical care for traumatic brain injury” and another suggested over-the-counter analgesics.  They were paid handsomely for their false reports, that changed the date of injury to apparently accommodate defense leadings to pure felony fraud with intent to deny medical care.  

More on this topic at the blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS.

Linda shares, selectively, the work of experts in the fields of nukes and workcompsters and neuroscience, with zero tolerance for psychopaths.

What do WorkCompsters and Pro-Nukers have in common?  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES, BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS NECESSARY”  Linda can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter, multiple Facebook pages and multiple blogs because, after all, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

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