Can the Brain be Upgraded after Injury?

Hi Sandra Brookhart,

Hi, I just found your site while doing some homework.



I am a TBI survivor since 1/9/12, and I am enrolled in the Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach, learning some great compensatory strategies.

I want to know about the neurosciences and how to get my brain power back. I am a high-IQ TBI survivor, and now I feel like a 286 processor using dial up, most of the time. Three plus years of ‘evaluations’ and Coastline has been the best find yet for strategies, since care was denied all along. Prism lenses and acupuncture have been best medical treatments discovered to date.

I want info on your program, costs, and credentials, and if you have any experience with workers compensation insurance, and if not, if you have an interest. I am an avid blogger, fighting for my life, along with others. I am in Newport Beach Monday through Thursday, and I am following my intuition in writing this outreach email.

I took the survey, and yep, I’m still in big trouble, but I can type like there’s no tomorrow.

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I would welcome an opportunity for a brief meeting, to see your facility and learn more about all you offer. While I anticipate a settlement one of these days, the insurance company seems to hope I will die first, not unusual in brain injury cases, so I have learned.

Thank you.

Linda Ayres

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