#WorkCompsterism – Expose It In Your Town Too

Same sort of criminal activities in the USA.  #WorkCompsterism.



I work for Wyndham Worldwide, the world’s largest hospitality company, I’ve been denied medical care for a brain injury as a result of a slip and fall at work. the date of injury was January 9th 2012. the first year I didn’t have much fight in me… I could hardly talk or think and slept unless I was driving myself to all their evaluations, all of the recommendations for treatment which were denied.

Last fall October 2014, I received a call from the fraud unit at the insurance carrier CNA. the guy told me to stop emailing him and insisted he did not care that I was not getting medical care and in fact that conversation ended when he asked, “so tell me Linda, when are you going to die?” my employer is fully aware of the bullying terrorism Financial and medical abuse violations of my civil rights in a case riddled with fraud. at this stage I assume their silence is complicity.

It’s cheaper, more cost effective for the insurance carriers and the corporations to kill us, or insight a questionable suicide, risking merely a maximum $100,000 fine in the USA for killing an injured worker. cheaper than medical care. approved unfortunately, by politicians clearly on the dole, and law enforcement looks the other way…

As some people survived Nazi Germany by telling their friends and telling their neighbors and helping one another, so most injured workers around the world help one another to survive this war on workers.

We are the media now…

Take it to the virtual streets…

Here’s my blog… For what it’s worth.  ASK ABOUT #WORKCOMP GRAVY TRAINS

http:// askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com


Let’s find the way to take ’em all to The Hague….as suggested by an insurance industry leased/owned forensic psychiatrist, who profits by writing fraudulent reports on Injured California Workers…. at the beck and call of the Defense Counsel — they seem to believe they are above law, and immune from prosecution of felony fraud.  Perhaps they are; in a fascist state they certainly would be, wouldn’t they?

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