California!  Here, read it yourself and draw your own conclusions.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another with that crowd, isn’t it?  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”


“Teach your children well, Workers Comp is truly hell!”



the weinmann report –

Then we’ll need to know whence the misguided direction arose that convinced Director Christine Baker to file a letter in support of eliminating neurospyche as a specialty and to combine it with the more general classification of psychology absent recognition of specialized TBI education and training. One will also need to ask if there is a need for re-education and restructuring within DWC. “

The Weinmann Report – …

9 hours ago – Workers Compensation has ordered that as of 1 September 2015 “clinical neuropsychology will no longer be a recognized medical specialty.

According to workcompcentral’s newsletter, 2015-08-27, California’s Division of Workers Compensation has ordered that as of 1 September 2015 “clinical neuropsychology will no longer be a recognized medical specialty.” This decision by DWC was approved by the Office of Administrative Law on 8/12/15. The ruling means that “the elimination of the specialty designation for clinical neuropsychology” goes into effect on September 1st.” 

MORE LEGISLATED FRAUD WITH INTENT TO MAIM AND KILL INJURED WORKERS FOR THE PROFIT OF THE INSURANCE INDUSTRIES? I can tell your that I have seen a couple of WorkComp Neurologists while being denied medically necessary treatment for TBI for over 3 years, 7 months, and those “doctors” don’t have a clue about brain injury, and are a threat to injured workers in this State.  Problems the same elsewhere. PROFITS BEFORE LIVES; PERJURY AND FRAUD UNPROSECUTED, AND GENERAL BAD ACTORS.  ENT Next?

Nope, good for nothing WorkCompsters, leased/owned by the insurance industries.   One WorkComp neurologist said that “women over the age of 35 are not entitled to medical care for a brain injury” (and he teaches peeps how to be a neurologist at UCLA).  Another suggested over the counter analgesics.  One suggested 3 or 4 years of epilepsy medication, as a precaution, with mood elevators.

These “neurologists” don’t even know as much as a 7th grade kid about things like that vision processing and auditory processing are via the brain.  They think (and report!) that if vision can be corrected and Injured Workers can hear, and can talk, regardless of how dysfluently, if they can stand without falling over, there are no vestibular issues; there are no issues other than a properly prepared and submitted invoice for payment of thousands of dollars for a report guaranteed to deny medical care, ‘by any means necessary.”  (Meets the DIR definition of fraud, but there is no prosecution mechanism? DOI and DOJ and DOD probably need to intervene and put California WorkComp in some sort of receivership program and clean house; top down.)  (See Fraud Warnings getting watered down by DIR as time goes by: 2014 2013  2012 2011

A self-procured legitimate neurologist who “does not take workers compensation insurance” did a real evaluation with legitimate recommendations in 2014.  (Workers comp could not help for the first 2.5 years and still can’t!) This good doctor is nationally renown at SCRIPPS BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION CENTER, DR. MICHAEL LOBATZ.  Helping people brain injury is his passion.  He does an annual conference on brain injury — with and for international doctors, scientists and the military, along with other care providers.  Perhaps someone should obtain his opinion on this new “administrative legislation” while someone else from some fancy law firm might want to contact the Department of Justice or the National Guard to Protect California Injured and Disabled Workers?

Let’s not get started on the irresponsibility of WorkComp “Forensic Psychiatrists” who perjury and fabricate and generally make stuff up, and when called out on it, WCAB apparently has some sort of “secret records” process where dirty reports can continue to be circulated, despite objections,  and “considered” and subsequent evaluating doctors are asked to refrain from “summarizing” and therefore are being invited to participate in felony fraud. (Violation of… Article 14 of the California Constitution, and the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.)

Well, it is certainly worth some of that DA fraud investigation millions of dollars to look into my case, and cases like mine, wouldn’t you agree?

I have seen a YouTube investigative report on ‘sponsored holiday parties’ Ms. Baker throws, and I heard her speak last year at the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Gala.  I tweeted through the entire talk, shaking my head, trying not to swear at all the…. truth stretching.  So far, my experience of anything since 1/9/12 WorkComp related to Sacramento seems quite…unAmerican.

Read this again, The Demolition of Workers Compensation – ProPublica

In my case, current year file churning by defense is all about a Petition for Order to Compel an ENT evaluations for a TBI, along with ADA accommodation denials, refusal to allow due process to injured worker, Court decisions favoring defense, bla bla bla.   Doesn’t get much more stupid than that, does it?

WorkComp Orthopedic surgeons I have been sent to for brain injuries have been mostly clueless about brains, and one sent a very expensive ‘home ultra sound’ machine without any instructions… I never did figure out which brain lobe he expected that to be used on.  The smarter Orthopedic Surgeons deferred to specialists in brain injuries, shot down by the defense, upheld by the Courts in an obfuscated contorted way.

Here, if you’re in the industry, and even if you’re not, you might read this book:BRAIN INJURY ADVOCATES.  Learn something.

Most CAAA attorneys seems to think a brain injury is like a broken finger. Defense attorneys dispute the location of the body part called the “head.”

If you dig a little into the ABA Code of Ethics, you’ll see some major breaches resulting in egregious harm to injured workers by the lawyer crowds, at all levels.  Mr. Holder is in the news again, too?  You saw the CNN recent report on disability fraud going all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue and Presidential appointees?  One of the WorkComp groups is getting ready for their annual conference at the lovely St. Regis Resort in Dana Point…..  Follow the Money, Always Follow The Money.

Here, read what Amy Zellmer, contributor to The Huffington Post, writes about Traumatic Brain Injury.  Most Brain Injury Survivors know much more about TBI than most any WorkComp doctor.  You should see what the CorVel and Maximus reports are like?  Mercy, do a google search on their backgrounds, YELP will have you laughing hysterically and the credentials of some of them.

What else?  Well, read my blog and the journey through surviving Workers Compensation with a brain injury— and then you may also wonder about Ms. Baker and the California Work Comp Commissions and that whole crowd.  Wait till I post some of their responses to me over the years.

You may stand there with jaw dropped, muttering, “SMFH” ….




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