Is there a limit to the number of felony counts per #WorkComp case in California? Is there a limit to the number of indictments for Unclean Hands?

 “…You know, I would not be in this mess if it was not for Wyndham’s  Workers Compensation schtick.  Without it…”

Opinings by Injured Worker on how different the Outcome of the workplace injury may have been without WorkCompster interference.  Legitimate medical care, swift and expert, could have made the difference between return to work in 2012, and permanent disabilities and looking at Assisted Living and Memory Care for the near future.  WTF Wyndham, what’s wrong with you people?!

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How many evaluations are required for how many years before an Injured Worker gets medical care for a Brain Injury and release for return to work? 4? 5? 10? 20? That sure is starting to sound like “never, we hope you die” plan, doesn’t it?   47 face to face evaluations, and approximately 20 CorVel employees and “Physician Advisors” on reams of regurgitation reports, written by what seems to be rapid-fire-copy-and-paste and make stuff up if not known, due to lost or omitted medical records.


Most all the doctors who have touched this case to date are listed, with the SSA exceptions.  Their “clinical psychologist” suggest that although neuro-optometrists reported severe vision processing issues, that I could consider a new career as a “crossing guard” (Goodness, would you want your kids helped across busy streets by a disabled person with auditory and vision processing issues, untreated issues?! Kid hater, huh?)   It’s shocking.  The list will be sorted soon by CompLaude nominees and ProPublic investigations nominees, for what it’s worth.


How important is an ENT evaluation when neurologists, neuro-optometrists, physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors and neuropsychologists have have all made very extensive reports with very comprehensive treatment recommendations for nearly 4 years?  File c-h-u-r-n-i-n-g…..?  It is a felony?


How about when it includes deceptions and false statements and omission of medical records with intent to deny medical care?  Golly, it’s too much, and recent correspondence from defense seems to suggest they have “Judges in their Pockets”…. Bummer.

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Hi Tina,  [Wyndham Worldwide representative] Thanks.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you early next week.

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My patience is real thin these days, as so much more harm has been caused to me in the continuous pattern and practice of delay/deny/deceive in hopes that I die.  3D is what NFL families call such treatment.  I’m not sure what CNA calls it, “Business as Usual” or just  “Profits Before Lives By Any Means Necessary”?

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Stewart and Fred don’t respond either.

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I was recapping my story to someone today and said out loud, “You know, I would not be in this mess if it was not for Wyndham’s  Workers Compensation schtick.  Without it, I would have been able to see legitimate doctors, get legitimate evaluations, legitimate AND IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE, and the probability that I could have returned to work in 2012 was high.  One doctor, Ponton, as you may recall, tried to release me to work in October 2012, despite his failure to secure medical care and expert evaluations.

I remember the first neuro-pscyhologist said that with speech therapy with cognitive remediation, I’d probably return to work in a few months.   That was February 2012.

Instead of legitimate care, I have had to fight for my life, spend a small fortune on getting basic medical care for survival, and find the most vile legal chicanery I’ve never seen before in my life.

Now I get to think about “assisted living” and “future medical” and “dementia” and “epilepsy”  since I didn’t get anything close to what legal guidelines for medical care for a clearly diagnosed head injury merits, and I’ve been bullied and badgered and threatened and abused by the “defense” and their leased/owned doctors who seem to lie on demand for the big bucks,  and zero help from the insurance carrier.  Even the CNA mis-statements of benefits to multiple agencies continues to cause me harm.

I spoke to Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program  today, as today was the “drop out deadline”…. I cried a lot because I told them how excited I was that Sunday, 8/23/15, to be returning, then I got your email pretending like you never got the message that since I hadn’t heard from anyone, August RTW was out, and we were back on 12/14/15 schedule.  Then, because of more chicanery, and now the ENT evaluation court gig is pushed to October….. and ….. well, as you can see, if I had legitimate insurance coverage, I would have even had legitimate EEGs, MRIs, speech and occupational therapy, vision therapy and more… all in 2012, and back at work.  Wyndham employees –as you well know, have terrific benefits.


Coastline assured me I am welcome back any time, and we set a tentative goal of October 19th, so that I will have only missed a few weeks.  By then, the CNA/SSA/EDD skewed mess of who paid what may be sorted and I can resume what little hopeful strategies are next.  Since another two weeks have gone by that you couldn’t repond, and it looks like anther week or more for anything tangible to be addressed….I’ll aim again for return to Coastline 10/19 and return to work 12/14/15.   I am not sure if your communication response times meets guidelines of reasonable, but I see there is nothing I can do about that either.

My life has been destroyed because I tried to help my co-workers get in to the office when we were locked out during a snow storm?   Nearly 4 years of my life gone…. and the future looking quite grim.

I hope, Tina, you have learned something from the harm that has been caused to me.  The FBI agent asked, out loud, how can they sleep at night. as I told some of the horrors I have experienced at the hands of the Wyndham Worldwide mockery of a work comp program.  I just told the agent, “Well, psychopaths have no trouble sleeping.  No compassion, no empathy, and they simply pretend to be human.”

Another holiday weekend coming up for all complicit in harming me….. and I have yet another empty weekend in limbo, wondering what’s next.

I am doing all I can to encourage other Injured Workers in America to share their stories with the good peeps at ProPublica… you might have seen that new blog….. maybe you’ll find time to read it this holiday weekend:


Thanks for your response.  Talk soon.  I don’t know why you can’t just tell me when the next sales training classes are, so at least I could have a bit of hope about something.


Linda Ayres, In Pro Per



Will someone from some Law Enforcement Agencies kindly review this complaint, and send it to the DIR et al for further investigation?  DOJ probably needs a copy for ongoing RICO violations?  Don’t be scared of the insurance industry thugs…. they seem to be mostly cowards and psychopaths, who take delight in harming injured workers.  They would never last in a penitentiary.

 What kind of Department would demand that someone with a Brain Injury represent self after failures to retain competent legal counsel that understand that there IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BROKEN FINGER AND A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY?  What kind of society would allow such of abuse, for the profits of the few.   

Here is a quote we thought you might find interesting.  “Every worker in California is protected by state laws governing the right to be paid correctly, be safe at work and receive benefits if they are injured on the job,” – Christine Baker

4 out of 5 voice say GO FOR IT

Super Lawyers in California say this case is not unusual, AT ALL.  MY MY MY.  Hardly seems legitimate, does it?  Be sure to read the letter to Human Resources below, that explains how if there was WORKERS COMPENSATION maze and hoops to jump through, legitimate medical care may have resulted in return to work within months, not the ongoing charade of file churing that has been continuous for nearly 4 years.  With legitimate health insurance, the process would have been simplied to:  1) see a doctor 2) see specialists as recommended 3) get treatment 4) return to work.

Current status is yet another delay, with ADA violations and Civil rights violations for a Court Hearing on a Petition for an Order to Compel yet another evaluation, this time by an ENT doctor.  Note, Injured Worker objects to yet another evaluation, with more than 200 pages of medical records omitted with apparent intent to continue to deny medical care, inaccurate placement of medical records create a false impression of an EEG with clearly diagnosed brain injury as of “2010” and…..misleading statements by defense firm to continue the misleading statements and false allegations perpetrated by the Defense and supported by certain AME/QME doctors and the Information and Assistance Officer.

I found this on Facebook...seems true. Is there Civil Code to go with it?
I found this on Facebook…seems true. Is there Civil Code to go with it?

False/incorrect statements of disability benefits have apparently provided by the carrier to agencies such as EDD and SSA. EDD rewarded the carrier with a bonus of nearly $20,000 for cost shifting and for refusing to pay TTD and for refusing repeatedly to provide medical care.  Penalties for failures to pay in accordance with the law have not been received, and the WCAB – Audit unit has a swath of complaints against all parties, as Injured Worker has had to pay more than $43,000 for medical miles, medical evaluation (including MRI and EEG) and medical TREATMENT.

Take a look at the list of doctors.  Can you tell which have been naughty, and which have been nice, and which will likely rely heavily on the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of these United States of America.  The “officials list” of possibly complicit parties is also available to ‘proper authorities’.

tbi and ice

ADJ8181903 – Witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice in Big Bear California, January 9, 2012 – Brain Injury

WorkComp Authorized Treatments, with Primary Treating Physician with a Specialty in Orthopedic Surgery: 

By 3/2015, the good doctor’s office said, ‘Obviously, it has to be very clear to you that they are not going provide you with any medical care whatsoever.  You have seen how they have refused to authorize any specialists, specialty care or evaluations.  We had to change the right shoulder injury, well documented in 2012 and MRI confirmed in 2013, to non-industrial or they have threatened to remove our offices from their referral lists.  It’s not personal, it’s just business, and we have to release you now…. go find a brain doctor, we can’t help you. That’s work comp.’

Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?
Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?

2012 – chiropractic, some clinical psychology sessions

2013 – physical therapy, acupuncture

2014 – neuro-psychology support,  and 24 x speech therapy, occupational therapy, more physical therapy, more chiropractic

2015 – still waiting


See more details here:  MEDICAL INDEX OF DOCTORS SEEN IN PERSON….using how many ICD-9 Codes?  Use the blog search key for more.


  1. Dr. Jaime Whitlock – DC
  2. Dr. Jay SanVictores – MD, GP – Urgent Care
  3. Dr. Daniel DeGoede – Clinical Psychologist
  4. Dr. Esmail Sebti – Neurologist
  5. Dr. Gurvinder Sunny Uppal – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  6. Dr. John Lambros – MD, ER
  7. Dr. Christopher Hancock – MD, Radiology
  8. Dr. Eileen Kang – NeuroPsychologist
  9. Dr. Stephen Waldman, MD, Neurologist
  10. Dr. Lynda Wells – PhD, EEG NeuroFeedback Practitioner
  11. Diana Wallace, Acupuncturist
  12. Dr. Marcel Ponton – Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
  13. Dr. Gunn, Neuropsychologist
  14. Dr. Khalid Ahmed – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  15. Dr. Hoang – Optometrist
  16. Dr. Nguyen – Optometrist
  17. Dr. David Patterson – MD, Physiatrist
  18. Dr. Tyson Chung – Clinical Psychologist
  19. Dr. Gilbert Jaudy, DC – FACFN, FABVR, CCST, Functional Neurology
  20. Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
  21. Dr. Bijan Zardouz, MD – Neurologist – QME
  22. Dr. James O’Brien, MD – Forensic Psychiatrist, AME
  23. Julie Simmons- MA, PSY.D
  24. Dr. Darren Bergey – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  25. James Lanier, PA
  26. Crystal Crites, PT, MPT
  27. Jennifer Diemart, MA, CCC-LSLP
  28. Dr. Eric Ikeda – Neuro Optometrist
  29. Debra Outlette, MS, OTR/L
  30. Don Risser, Acupuncturist
  31. Dr. Ronald Kent – MD, Neurologist, QME
  32. Dr. Lynn Lowell, OD, FAAO, FCOVD
  33. Dr. Seymour M. Young, MD – Neurologist
  34. Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuropsychologist
  35. Dr. Michael Lobatz – MD, Neurologist
  36. Jessica Martinez, OTR/L, HTC, PAM
  37. Kelly Owen, MA, CCC-SLP
  38. Margaret Fuller, MA, OTR/L
  39. Rebecca Askew, MPT
  40. Suzanne Carr, DPT
  41. Catherine Fabian, AuD
  42. Julie O. Johns, AuD, CCC-A
  43. Dr. Jeffrey Holmes – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  44. Dr. James Pasino – Neuropsychologist
  45. Dr. Jay Jurkowitz – MD, Neurologist
  46. Hoag Memorial – ER
  47. Dr. Christian Reichart, DC

doctor strike

CORVEL TEAM SINCE 2013, 3D Practices — They even harm Cops, right Mayor Betsy?  Did the Unions get to the bottom of the bad behavior by Corvel out in Ft. Worth yet?  You should see how Injured Cops and Firefighters are treated in California. Shameful, indeed!  Reams of Denials via CorVel for ADJ8181903! (Chronoloical Order, 2013 to present….notice a pattern of expertise of denying parties?)  CorVel reports tend to be convoluted regurgitations of disorganized and incomplete medical records, violations of HIPPA rights, and inappropriate reviewers for types of injuries.  Readers may opine that the submitting RNs wrote the reports, poorly and incoherently, for the most part.   (Regurgitated and Obfuscated Reports are an apparent pattern and practice of CorVel teams)

  1. Grace Napoles, RN – Utilization Management Department
  2. Keith Louwenaar, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, CorVel “Physician Advisor”
  3. Kevin Patterson
  4. Cathy Arnett
  5. Joanne Palladino, RN, MSN, CNS – Utilization Management Department
  6. Lailannie B. Matthews, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  7. H. Leon Brooks, MD, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  8. Angie Garber
  9. Sloane R. Blair, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  10. Linda Grant
  11. Melinda Rubel, RN – Utilization Management Department
  12. Maureen E. Mackey, MD – American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  13. Lexi-Welanetz-Bursin, Psy.D., CA – Clinical Psychologist
  14. Jean Caldwell, RN BS CCSM JC
  15. Kenneth L. Nudleman, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  16. Harish Porecha, MD
  17. Jennifer Tayag-Castillo, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  18. Elena Vega, Supervisor, Utilization Management Department
  19. Jeannie Romero, RN – Utilization Management Department
  20. Lorne S. Label, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology



Dr. Paul Manchester, MD, MPH – Medical Director, Specialty, Neurological Surgery




Who will be added to the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards nominations list?

Who will be added to the ProPublica/NPR/Beacon investigations list?


Sent: Fri, Sep 4, 2015 3:20 pm     Subject: Recent communication

Hi Linda,


I am in receipt of your emails and am reviewing the information.  I will get back to you as soon as I can next week. Thank you for your patience, we will talk soon.



Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Regional HR Director – Southern California




In the observed slip and fall backwards on ice by Wyndham Worldwide Vacation Ownership Sales Executive Linda Ayres on 1/9/12, the following people have been involved in the case, evaluations and determinations of care for a well diagnosed concussion/traumatic brain injury/closed head injury/ptsd and more.  Summary statements in this blog:  Surviving Work Comp — Just Do It!

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!” – Bob Nichols, VT



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