CompLaude 2015 Gala Meet Up? We met last year and …..


Remember We Met at CompLaude Awards Gala 2014?  Have YOU made your 2015 Nominations?

Here’s the WorCompCentral link, for your convenience:

Will you be there on Saturday, December 5, 2015?  Did you see David’s videos asking about YOUR nominations?

Nomination Deadline Extended to NOMINATE A PERSON
Individual * Leadership * Medical * Legal * Injured Worker

Nominate A Company
Employer * Service

You Haven’t Nominated Yet?  (See what David DePaolo has to say about THAT in THIS video!)

I’m working on my nominations today!  We have a few more days….Deadline pressures!  C’mon, David and his team can’t find all the good peeps by themselves. Submit at least one—perhaps in every category.

As an Injured Worker (one of last year’s 4 finalists!), I am very grateful for the energy and work David and his team have put into the CompLaude Awards, and the open discussion about the challenges facing Americans everywhere.   I am very grateful to have attended a few industry events, and thereby discover there are some good people in this life-destroying system.

In my case, TBI injury was 1/9/12 and in May 2015, I was finally Awarded Social Security Disability benefits [cost shifting complete, huh?]

WorkComp carrier did provide a few more chiropractic sessions since we last met, and now, with Medicare, now I get to see legitimate doctors, with legitimate evaluations and LEGITIMATE TREATMENTS. I have some hope now.  The movie, CONCUSSION, may serve to shake up the WorkComp industry soon.

Would you believe I have been evaluated by 39 doctors, most all recommendations for treatment denied or severely modified since date of injury, and the CorVel denials include reams of paperwork since 2013, and a team of 20…. their names are all listed in the blog AAIWN blog:



David DePaolo is collecting the Nice list, the teams at ProPublica are collecting the ‘naughty’ list… and I’m contributing to BOTH! ;p

Every movement needs a Flower, and every movement needs it’s ‘screamers and whistlers’….  The Work of ProPublica, in particular, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and their teams seems to be of extreme importance as the national investigations commence.  Here’s David’s take on the effort…GET INVOLVED; SAVE SOME LIVES.

“I urge you, as a workers’ compensation professional, to be part of this reporting. We have a story to tell just as much as any injured worker.” – David DePaolo

 Beacon on Disparity – DePaolo’s World  – Thoughts and impressions on workers’ compensation and life

Here are stats for my blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, “since Summer 2013″….

#InjuredWorkersUniting   #SilentNoMore


A new website is under construction that will also enhance the Resources page… particularly if you have services available to unrepresented Injured Workers, send me an email so we can tell the others.  As you may know, of the approximately “15%” of unrepresented workers, it’s a last resort, not a first, and a good many have had unsuccessful representation by 3-5 CAAA attorneys.  Follow the blog, if you will.

We’re looking to find a Team of Paralegals and related services that can fill that gap and perhaps save some lives that are ‘economically irrelevant’ to the legal communities due to multiple attorneys being ‘lien holders’ for failures to perform and worse
“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”

Remember Remember…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. CompLaude 2015 Gala coming up….get YOUR nominations in by next Tuesday.

See you there?

PS… Below is the email I sent last year….. and have been meaning to stay in touch, but my case has been…. what it is!

Sent on Tue, Dec 30, 2014 11:00 pm

Great to Meet You at the WorkCompCentral #CompLaude event

One of my favorite sayings is: WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!  This is a touch base note to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

As an #InjuredWorker, it was great to meet you at the 3rd Annual #WorkCompCentral WorkCompLaude Awards!

As 2014 wraps up, I know we are all very busy, so let’s be in touch again in the new year. We may have mutually beneficial opportunities ahead.  Did you see all the tweets at #WCCgala and #complaude? What a great educational day it was!

At first glance of all the marketing materials collected, I didn’t see too many social media resources?  Are you LinkedIn?  Do you Tweet?  Blog? Facebook? Pin? Email?  Injured Workers are Uniting and it may be mutually beneficial to share about YOUR services, observations, and expertise.   (I am seizing this opportunity to try MAIL CHIMP…an expert recommended it!)

As I told David DePaolo before leaving, “It was great to meet so many wonderful people and to see that not EVERYBODY in work comp wants to kill us injured workers for profits!”  He smiled and had a charming reply!
As one of the CompLaude four #InjuredWorker finalists, a fresh perspective may be useful to your communities as well.  Future blogs will include more information on several of the people and groups discovered at the event, along withe some “Expert Opinions” with an aim toward saving lives of injured workers while keeping things profitable for y’all.
All the best to you and yours!  Let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2015!
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
#TBI & #WorkCompSurvivor
Some industry experts suggested reading this blog ‘at your own risk’ as it can create incidents of Cognitive Dissonance…

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

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