Comp Laude 2015 Nominee – Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer, Esq. – Riverside – Temecula – Palm Springs

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


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Nominee type: person
First name: Peter M.
Last name: Schaeffer, Esq.
Title: Dr.
Employer: The Law Offices of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer – Riverside – Temecula – Palm Springs
Phone: 9512750111
Category: Legal Comp Laude

Years known: 1 year or less

Accomplishment 1:

Dr. Peter has had a successful career “Workers Compensation & Employment Lawyer helping injured workers get the treatment they need & the money they deserve !” nearly 20 years. With a compassionate private outreach to a struggling Injured Worker via social media; Dr. Peter granted permission for Injured Worker to use the private message in the Injured Worker’s internationally reaching blog – on the January 1, 2015 first blog of the year issue. “DISAPPOINTMENT AND FRUSTRATION WITH THE WORK COMP SYSTEM” — written in such a manner as to appeal not only to Injured Workers, but to other attorneys in the fields, excerpted below: “Good Morning: I truly feel your disappointment and frustration with the work comp system. When I began doing WC almost 20 years ago it was a rather fair system for injured workers but was being abused by a few scammers and unethical doctors and chiropractors who operated mill type clinics screwing the insurance companies at every turn… they knew how to play the system….” The entire blog can be read here:, Thank you, again, Dr. Peter, on behalf of Injured Workers Everywhere!

Accomplishment 2:

Dr. Peter has facilitated and encouraged discussions regarding opportunities regarding interviewing doctors who have also left the industry, and opportunities to interview and gather information for further discussions in social media, with aim and intent toward positive change. May the suggestion be followed by other industry leaders with large memberships–including but not limited to the CAAA.

Accomplishment 3:

Successfully convinced the Injured Worker that yet another person of goodwill had been discovered within the confines of the Workers Comp legal system, one willing to courageously speak up and out, with intentions to save lives and facilitate corrective changes and more positive outcomes for injured workers everywhere.

Accomplishment 4:

Successfully encouraged Injured Worker to not lose hope to fear or discouragement by periodic LinkedIn inmails and profile views, giving tangible evidence that InjuredWorkers are not alone.

Accomplishment 5:

Dr. Peter is in that small group of kind, compassionate and intelligent attorneys who did not apparently slide into the dark side for the devasating “profits before lives” business model; In fact, it’s likely that he has successfully applied the well known principles of Napoleon Hill and THINK AND GROW RICH.

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Dr. Peter is most deserving of a CompLaude Award for Legal, Individual, Leadership categories by the very act of compassion, understanding, and will to good, along with the courage to reach out and connect with a non-client Injured Worker. Dr. Peter’s long term experience in the industry enables him to clearly state the known issues, and fairly concludes that “the system Sucks !” not only clients but doctors, and co-workers. Dr. Peter indicates his clear belief that “Fair play and due process died in California with the passage of SB 863.”

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  1. Dr. Peter,

    Thank you for your continued efforts in closing the legal loop-holes in the WC system. It is truly the efforts by you and others within the legal profession to cure those who abuse it for their gain. And as we all know, it is for their own gain. During the process, the injured worker however continues to be harmed, they’re considered liars and criminals and some die at the delays caused by both the insurance carriers and their defense attorneys.

    My passion has during the continued 5-years work comp process has steered me into exposing those who are at the heart of this deceit, misrepresentation and fraud against the system; the insurance carriers and defense attorneys. In focusing on “fraud” and deceit statutes dealing with fraud, I am astonished how these entities skate through the system undetected by many and when found, noting seems to happen.

    California, in following a New York 2009 case, Amalfitano v. Rosenberg, established its deceit statute, CAL. BUS. & PROF. CODE § 6128 (West 2003), which closely mirrors NY. At that time, 11 other states followed. Although some states differ somewhat in the penalties for the offenders, they all seem to resemble the origin of Chapter 29 of the First Statute of Westminster of 1275 made “deceit or collusion in the king’s court, or consent unto it, in deceit of the court” on the part of a lawyer punishable by imprisonment for a year and a day. In addition, the guilty lawyer also lost the right “to plead in that court for any man.” King Edward III, was determined to stop fraud upon his court, as it seems our system today is attempting to do.

    I now is a mission of mine.


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