Comp Laude Nominee – Michelle Ranae Wild – Making Cognitive Connections – Professional Training and Coaching in the ABI Communities, Nationally

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Nominee type: person
First name: Michelle Ranae
Last name: Wild
Title: Professional Training and Coaching
Employer: Making Cognitive Connections
Phone: 9493103202
Category: Leadership Comp Laude

Years known: 1 year or less

Accomplishment 1:

Michelle Ranae Wild is a stellar advocate for the Acquired Brain Injury Communities, nationally, and locally at Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach, California, a part of the California Community College System. Many of her students are Injured Workers; some have been provided medical care, others have been provided quite little care. Michelle teaches “compensatory strategies” to facilitate return to life for many Brain Injury Survivors. Michelle has been contributing to the health and well being of ABI survivors for many years via cutting edge cognitive rehabilition, cognitive retraining, authoring books and webinars, and PDA/Smart Phone Trainings.

Accomplishment 2:

This is a summary of Michelle’s accomplishments, as stated on LinkedIn: She is a blessing to all in her ever expanding sphere of influence: “I have worked in Coastline Community College’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program for over 25 years. The ABI Program has been a leader in community-based cognitive retraining for over 30 years. In addition, I create online training materials to help individuals with cognitive challenges learn to effectively use iOS and Android devices and apps.” I’m very excited about several ongoing projects: * Books — “Organize Your Life Using iOS 8 on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch: Making Cognitive Connections at Home, School, and Work.” The book covers all aspects of iOS devices and integrates cognitive rehabilitation therapy techniques via the Making Cognitive Connection activities. ( * Online training materials: * Apps step-by-step — you’ll find a multiple-page series done on specific apps, such as Appigo Todo and Week Calendar * Apps feature close-up — short trainings typically focus on a single app feature or some basic function on your device or computer. * Monthly AppWebinar series. The App Webinars explore top-rated apps from the AppReviews section of the Web site and demonstrate how the Making Cognitive Connections approach applies to the various apps. * The launch of a web-based app in early 2015 called ManageMyFatigue to help individuals maximize their energy by having them plan their day, track how they feel, and adjust the tasks they do based on their energy levels — optimizing success and wellness. Specialties: Cognitive Rehabilitation, Use of Cognitive Prosthetics, Memory Compensation, Technology & Disabilities, Cognitive Strategy Development

Accomplishment 3:

“ManageMyFatigue” app, released at Apple App store this year. Michelle created an app for use on the iPhone, incorporating the expertise of her years and years and years of working with the Acquired Brain Injury populations. In July 2015, the Android version of the app was released. This gift from Michelle to the world, will prove beneficial to Injured Workers, Military Personnel and Football players in dealing with the harsh and often debilitating consequences of “cognitive fatigue” experienced by most all Acquired Brain Injury Survivors.

Accomplishment 4:

“ID 4 the Web bases its training materials on the Making Cognitive Connections approach – a specific approach of teaching the use of smart devices for individuals living with brain injuries.” Author, Instructional Designer, Trainer July 1999 – Present (16 years 3 months)

Accomplishment 5:

Michelle reaches and enjoys the love and respect of her students for her life-giving teachings and boundless patience, kindness, compassion and will-to-good always expressed to her students, encouraging them to stretch more and more each, in the rebuilding of life after brain injury.

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Michelle Wild, along with her colleagues at Coastline ABI Program and ID4theWeb, provide great hope to individuals living with brain injuries and to their caregivers and loved ones. Michelle’s works can pick up the pieces of a a mostly destroyed life after a failed Workers’ Comp system, providing life changing challenges and opportunities and strategies to those failed by the WorkComp insurance systems, as well as the failures of the VA toward military personnel with brain injuries. Michelle is a life giver and extender, in stark contrast to the life destroying strategies of WC and VA providers. Even individuals who were lucky enough to received immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care post acquired brain injury can benefit tremendously with Michelle’s life-extending strategies and resources. While she is not a direct “WorkComp Provider/Caregiver”….she picks up the pieces of damaged humanity that WC fails egregiously. California’s WorkComp community would be wise to become familiar with this woman and her works, knowing she speaks to small and large groups, around the nation. Invite her to one of your events, and learn what more you can do. After the movie, Concussion, is released in December, you’ll be glad you know Michelle and the wealth of information and resources she represents. Check out her apps and books and trainings, and connect on LinkedIn. Tell your friends and neighbors; the government already knows what a tremendous asset she is. Thanks Michelle! You’re Awesome!


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