Comp Laude Nominee – Richard Boggan JD –

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


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Nominee type: person
First name: Richard
Last name: Boggan
Title: JD
Phone: 3103281660
Category: Leadership Comp Laude

Years known: 1 year or less

Accomplishment 1:

Richard has a solid presence on LinkedIn, educating about Workers Compensation — liens and collections. He takes exceptionally complex ‘stuff’ and breaks it down so that those owed money in the Workers Compensation may see ways to collect without going bankrupt.

Accomplishment 2:

Richard’s efforts that most certainly help various vendors stay in business would appear to have positive consequences for Injured Workers as well, because when providers are not paid, they stop providing service, eventually. Kudo’s Richard.

Accomplishment 3:

Richard exposes, in a very politically correct form, some of the …. inconsistencies and challenges that providers face when attempting to stay in business in California. Nobody doubts that the insurance carriers are profitting in leaps and bounds as California’s working class is maimed and destroyed in the Profits Before Lives business models. Richard’s teachings and business model would seem to provide hope to not only providers, but to Injured Workers, despite legislated fraud and other legal chicanery. I have no idea how he gets his head around these complex issues, but he does so consistently, brilliantly, and for the most part non-adversarily.

Accomplishment 4:

Richard’s willingness to extend a hand of friendship and support to Injured Workers speaks volumes for his character and will to good! Bravo, Richard! Continued success to you! Help them get their money and maybe more injured workers in California will survive this lethal system. xoxoxxo

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

“Follow the Money” is a multi-faceted phrase. Richard does the deed with somewhat of a RobinHood finesse. Richard provides a service to WorkComp industry providers that will help them stay in business if they can ever collect monies due to them from the Insurance carriers ransacking California and the nation. When small businesses can stay in business, that usually translates to good employment opportunities for the working class. As Workers Disabled by the WorkComp carriers increase in numbers and employability of said workers diminishes with each year on the ‘rest and wait and wait and evaluate and wait s’more plans’… a ravaged business environment with the business and worker exodus from California serves no good outcomes. Richard makes the points of the need for providers to be paid…. it’s often referred to as integrity…. when people are paid for agreed upon fees for agreed upon services. Kudos Richard!

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