Comp Laude Nominees – Michael Grabell – Investigative Reporter, ProPublica

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


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Nominee type: person
First name: Michael
Last name: Grabell
Title: Investigative Reporter
Employer: ProPublica
Phone: 2125145250
Category: Medical Comp Laude

Years known: 1 year or less

Accomplishment 1:

As the apparent Lead Investigative Reporter for the team effort of the series on THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, Michael Grabell has blasted open a Pandora’s box across the nation. His courage, fearlessness, team work and general chutzpah are unparalleled in his profession. The leadership qualities Michael has expressed will surely move his career forward, in many good way, also clearly leading by example so that other Investigative Reports can move forward with telling our friends and neighbors about the atrocities of Workers Compensation in America, so that they can in turn tell theirs. The government already know. Go Michael and Team!

Accomplishment 2:

The professional decorum and adherence to the ProPublica mission statement and Code of Ethics are evident in Michael’s communications and non-communications regarding this incendiary topic called “Workers Compensation”…. May he never need the protection of CPL — The Committee to Protect Journalists — for which Executive Chairman of ProPublica, Paul Steiger, received an award for his contributions. Could Michael be in line for some serious promotions and increased responsibilities? If he is ever in need of support, the entire Workers Compensation industry “owes him” big time, as do Injured Workers across America. To light such a spark of fire for discussions of such atrocities happening in America….IS A VERY BIG DEAL! BRAVO MICHAEL.

Accomplishment 3:

The direction of the series, THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, is comprehensive and cognitive dissonance producing. The alliance with BEACON to facilitate more journalist to get involved, and divide the labor, is nothing short of Revolutionary. Bravo Michael and Bravo to each of your brave colleagues.

Accomplishment 4:

The call to the Injured Workers’ Communities to hear our stories is an act of compassion, quite foreign in the Workers Comp war zones. Thank you, Michael, for ‘humanizing’ the reporting of domestic torture and terrorism destroying America’s working class—- and writing in such a way that only those most vile of our nation can dispute the facts as presented, and more to come. #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore — What a great mouthpiece for the hitherto VOICELESS IN AMERICA!

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

“Michael Grabell is deserving of a 2015 Comp Laude Award because he gives a damn about the lives of injured workers in America, and although he has not been asked to give up his life or liberty to investigate and report what too many in the industry already know about, but till now, have only spoken about behind closed doors, in whispers. Not only did he report on some pretty heinous activities across the nation, he didn’t stop there. The cooperative efforts with Howard Berkes of NPR, and the Beacon group for further and on-going investigative reporting may ultimately serve to create a mainstream #CommitteeOfBloggers. May his courage, and that of his colleagues, be duly recognized by the #CompLaude committees and Workers Compensation Industries for the courage, integrity, and patriotism they so eloquently display. In light of what William Casey, former CIA Director, allegedly said in 1981, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” it seems that the ProPublica/NPR teams have essentially and mightily joined together to shout and report about Workers Compensation atrocities committed against America’s working classes, with a hearty thought of solidarity along lines of “With all due respect, Sir, in your face! We still have the First Amendment.’ Semper Fi, y’all!

Demolition of Workers' Comp

Injured Workers Essays Too?!

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

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  1. Michael, First of all….Semper Fi.

    Your efforts regarding injured workers makes me feel…not alone in the fight.

    For the past 5-years I have been battling the Workers’ Comp system in New York and dealing with the FRAUD by Insurance Carriers and the defense attorneys who represent the carriers. Guard Insurance Company by and through their willful and wantoned actions committed fraud and as a result thereof, I not only continued to be constant pain, they have destroyed my credit, I have not received disability benefits since September 2012 and I have been homeless four times since the injury.

    Thank you for your continued support in this fight!

    Semper Fi,



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