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Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


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Nominee type: person
First name: Rebecca
Last name: Shafer
Title: Training Consultant & Editor
Employer: COMPClub
Phone: 8607868286
Category: Leadership Comp Laude

Years known: 1-3 years

Accomplishment 1:

Made it possible for at least one injured worker to realize that not all member of the Workers Compensation industries are hell bent on maiming and killing Injured Workers for profit.

Accomplishment 2:

Made it possible for several industry panelists and bloggers to realize that Injured Workers are human beings, and the system that pays everybody so well is actually malfunctioning when it comes to injured workers and costs to employers.

Accomplishment 3:

Successfully built a bridge over the chasm between Injured Workers and the Industry, and found an Injured Worker Advocate for the book, Advisen and Amaxx produce “Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers’ Comp Costs: Reduce Costs 20-50%” at, as it is included in at least one injured worker’s blog of resources as well as the further establishment of COMPClub – “a dynamic training organization.”

Accomplishment 4:

Very diplomatically and expertly increased awarenesses of some of the flaws in the existing workers compensation systems across America, and has incited dramatic private and conference level discussions and facilitated extreme cognitive dissonance in otherwise staid circles.

Accomplishment 5:

May well have been quite instrumental in extending the life of at least one Brain Injured WorkComp Survivor in California, by believing and having compassion and kindness, and the will to good.

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Becki Shafer is a very powerful and quite politically correct advocate for human rights, civil rights, dignity and a better Workers Compensation outcome for Injured Workers and Employers and Industry members. When I first saw her book, and ordered a copy, as the consummate professional that Becki is, her outreach to the Injured Worker purchasing a copy of her book was most welcome. That was perhaps two years ago? Not much has changed in my WorkComp case, but greater understanding all the way around seems to be still taking place. Becki graciously reviewed some of my records, kindly encouraged hope, with some gentle directions. As many of the ‘files’ shared are fine examples for companies on “HOW NOT TO HANDLE A WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIM’….. it has been a privilege and pleasure to share information that can and is being put to good use, for the greater good. One of Becki’s simple recommendations to employers with Injured Workers is worth diamonds…. SEND A GET WELL CARD, AND EXTEND GET WELL WISHES, for starters. Becki’s training manual and new company effort, COMPClub, should be on everybody’s “must have” New Year’s Resolution lists—- and starting early would be a good thing. BRAVA, BECKI SHAFER! THANK YOU FOR BEING A POSTER-GAL FOR THE GOOD THAT CAN BE FOUND IN WORKCOMP, if one is persistent and never gives up! I hope a future chapter of your book will include caveats to WorkCompsters who wrongfully deny medical care and benefits to Injured Workers — reminding them that they may hold the stacked deck of cards now, but the internet levels the playing field, and We, The People, are simply fed up. #InjuredWorkers are uniting, and CommitteesOfBloggers are on the Horizon… It’s a privilege to call you Friend. Let’s get some of those men you panel with a little more up to date on what changes REALLY MUST HAPPEN ACROSS THE NATION IN THE WORK COMP BATTLE FIELDS!

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Injured Workers Essays Too?!

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

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One reply on “CompLaude 2015 – Nominee – Rebecca Shafer, JD – COMPClub”

  1. Rebecca,
    Great work! As an injured worker myself, I have seen the BS in the system. My focus on fighting for myself and others, is on the fraud created by the insurance carriers and the defense attorneys representing the carriers. By example, I am going to use my case against Guard Insurance Company, a Berkshire Hathaway Group company and Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLC the carrier’s defense attorneys to shed light on the fraud, misrepresentation and willful deceit against the injured workers in the Workers Compensation System……. What a long winded sentence! However, sometimes the truth is not easily stated 🙂

    I hope my work help you and others in their quest and I know I can gain valuable knowledge from your work as well as others.

    Thank you again for your work.




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