Who is Lucy Occupy and What’s Up With WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW #OccupyVirtually #WorkComp #Nuclear and ?

Recently, someone said, “someone told me that linda died. who are you?”

L: That sounds like some serious troll work. If your source is the same one that says I don’t have a brain injury, there you have it. That’s actually pretty damn funny…. Thanks…. I’m fighting the good fight, and I will expose those fake injured workers, in due time…. They harm too many of us… they prey on the weak and the needy…. and probably have a nice retirement account at Langley? Tell me more, if you feel like it. In any event, thanks for the alert.

x: “Well I was wondering about this too cuz I thought you were for real but they’re telling me that you died and your son has taken your place doing your writing. Since I’ve never spoken to you or seeing you I’m hoping you’re alive because that would be awful if you weren’t. I figure out who it was that said that you clue you in.”

AAWCGT  Trolls or Opiate Wars

to be continued

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    • #InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore  —->  LOOK FOR SOME ESSAYS ABOUT WORKCOMP IN THE COMING MONTHS…..
        •  along lines of “IF ONLY _________________ had taken place, there would have been a positive outcome including restored health and return to work….”
        • #CommitteesOfBloggers Now Forming; Think Locally * Act Globally #OccupyVirtually–it’s dangerous out there!
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    • SEE HERE FOR HINTS ON WHAT TO WRITE …. ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP ….https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/
    • keep posting status changes
    • We’re also working on some ideas for “How to Whistleblow About WorkersComp corruption and Survive”…. Got some domestic AND international experts interested in helping us!  Might even create a Webinar for the freelance “Investigative Journalists” working on the national ‘Demolition of Workers Compensation’ stories!
    • If they dig too deep, they may end up in deep trouble.  We don’t want that.  Law enforcement gets trained and paid to do that sort of work.  Let’s keep Journalists and Whistleblowers safe, alive, investigating and reporting!
  • Do you know “Barrie” ? Sounds like a fictitious name, huh? There’s a spooky story that goes with this, to be told later. Let’s just say that upon extending an ‘invitation to connect’ to that profile, it closed up as fast as a sea urchin. What other “tools” must Injured Workers be on the lookout about?

    HAVE YOU SEEN OTHER ‘SPOOKY’ PROFILES AROUND SOCIAL MEDIA?   The “Maykill” family?  Is that a real name?  Of what origin?  Yikes…. Leave YOUR comments below.

    I have recently learned the term “Magic Math” — an apparent insurance industry practice of obfuscation of facts in order to facilitate a ‘money grab’ from IWs… Yikes! By the time an Injured Worker learns the term and need for “forensic accountants’ … 😕 show less


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