1. MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK! Count your blessings that you can work, and that you have a job you can go to! Not everybody is so lucky, particularly anybody injured at work. It’s a brutal system….’the shower on the left or the shower on the right’ are the choices seriously injured, disabled and older workers face!
    REMEMBER REMEMBER TO PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS….. It’s how the world is meant to be…..because….WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW PS #DodgeTheRads —> It’s dangerous out there!
  2. #WorkComp! #WorkCompsters? Hmph. ASK ABOUT SURVIVING WORK COMP IN YOUR STATE AND NATION, TOO. IMAGINE #CommitteesOfBloggers — Injured Workers Telling What’s Really Going on…. Here are some thoughts and resources…– and a list of posts since Summer 2013 because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
  3. #WorkCompStinks and is verrrry slow. What if there was a statute of limitations for #WorkComp claims? If the insurance carrier does not provide enough medical care within, for example, 104 weeks, settlement becomes mandatory & return to work possible? Gov Brown…are you & Christine Baker & Ronnie Caplane and pals listening? I’ve been off work HOW LONG on the rest & wait & wait & wait programs?!!! How much money does the State lose to the insurance peeps on this one? Nevermind what it costs me, huh? Hmph. ADJ8181903. FYI. Thanks. ‘No need to thank me; it’s what I do’ Linda & Friends


    1. THAT’S 3 YEARS, 9 MONTHS, 9 DAYS…… approximately 40 face to face evaluations, a swath of denials from CorVel, Maximus and in 2012, via the adjuster and defense….AND WE STILL HAVE A PENDING HEARING REGARDING AN ORDER TO COMPEL AN ENT EVALUATION ….FOR A BRAIN INJURY?!! THE ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON REPORTS ARE INSUFFICIENT, HUH?

    2. HOW ABOUT THE THE REPORTS FROM THE INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM AT SCRIPPS, OR THE NEUROPSYCHOLOGISTS AND CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGISTS… My goodness. If WorkComp was a legitimate business with these stats, people would lose their jobs!!!!! AMERICA AMERICA!!! HEADS UP! YOU COULD BE NEXT! NOBODY INCLUDES ‘WORKCOMP” IN A RETIREMENT PLAN!!!! The only apparent choices for an injured worker in America are ‘the shower on the left or the shower on the right’…. #WorkCompStinks! Clean it up! Thanks!

      make htings happen

    3. This video could be included in all “New Employee” Orientation packages… Defense Against the Psychopath Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length) It’s an important documentary


    4. Here’s another video for the WorkingClass… “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?” “The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History”

      Lucy and Doctors

      doctor strike


      flag distress signal

      constitution  too long didnt read


    5. WHITE ROSES AND LINKED IN  5 16 2015

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  1. The company Doctor for B.F Goodrich Tire plant in Tuscaloosa Al , Dr Philip Bobo breached his hippocratic oath and caused me much further harm. When reported to the Alabama Medical examiners board larry Dixon investigated my claim and then told me in one breath, ” Dr Bobo is a personal friend of mine and we are not going to discipline him ” I then sent him a picture ( in my book) of me standing in front of his office with an incriminating sign , asking if he did nothing wrong then how can I stand in front of his office with this sign? B.F Goodrich is also liable and they refused workers comp. I have had people tell me my story is so bizarre people do not believe me. ” Domestic torture and gross human rights violations are being committed against our wounded veterans by the U.S Govt with no due process.” Sofamor Danek also is a liable party as well as 2 crooked federal judges. The corruption is destroying the lives of wounded veterans. True Americans should be outraged!! This is a high crime. see Please pass this along .


  2. IN RESPONSE TO DAVID DEPAOLO’S article, “Opt Out and ProPublica” Read the entire article here:

    LucyOccupyOctober 19, 2015 at 9:37 AM
    Bravo David. Your ‘left brain’ is fully functioning! I’m so jealous!

    “If you don’t know the result on a personal basis, you aren’t learning and the perception is a callous disregard for the welfare of others.”

    “In sort of a paternalistic way, opt-out plans heavy-handedly encourage return to work. The penalties to an employee for not getting back to work as early as possible can be significant.”

    Here are some ‘right brain’ thoughts from a WorkComp Survivor…

    Perhaps, with some sort of Statute of Limitations for resolving a work-comp case, for example, 104 weeks, could help. Then, if the carrier has not provided sufficient medical care to return employee to work, stiff penalties and mandatory settlement could be beneficial to all parties, facilitating real insurance and real possibilities for RTW.

    My TBI case, for example, is more than 3 years 9 months on the rest and wait and wait and churn the file program, costly to all concerned, and apparently highly profitable to certain ‘team members’ of the licensed crowds. I blog about it while on the rest and wait and wait and wait and wait program, Every effort at return to work has been met with blockade after blockade… waiting for medical care necessary for return to work to the point of permanent and irreparable disabilities. What a racket! Thomas Motamed, CEO of CNA has a base salary of $1 milllion, and 2014 income was… $11,435,847…. Follow the money…

    Last year, or maybe the year before, The Salvation Army helped me keep the lights on! I learned about “Social Services” aka Welfare Offices and Food Banks. Harsh realities! Penalties for being a team player and top producer at my job after a slip and fall on ice? That surely sucks!

    This year, I am learning about the #MagicMath calculations and a new shell-game involving retro-SSA pay after more than 3 years of approval process, and the ‘money grab’ of LTD providers… the only risk of work comp is —> TO THE WORKING CLASS. Where oh where is the DOJ and the FBI in these matters!

    For further example, had there been no WorkComp, I had excellent health insurance at the time of injury. I could have seen legit doctors, received fast and legit care, perhaps benefited by the 52 weeks or less of State Disability, and possibly been back at work in 2012. As a CONSEQUENCE OF WORKERS COMPENSATION… my life, like the lives of millions of others, has been pretty much destroyed by this system of …. how can I say it… extermination of the injured, disabled and aging population….shifting burdens to government agencies when all the profit and life has been squeezed out of the injured worker.

    One journalist, upon reviewing many of my documents had a bottom line comment that blamed me…yes, blamed me for the atrocities committed against me by the parties involved, and suggested the best I could hope for was SSDI and an early death. Of course, I am paraphrasing that writer, but I knew going in his audience was “the industry”…. He taught me valuable lessons…

    I still hope to organize #CommitteesOfBloggers of Injured Workers and Others…. Boomers are getting the short-end of the Social Security/Medicare deal in increasing numbers and may see the similarities in those insurance strugggles… Till then, BlogOn!



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