WorkComp Litigation vs Mediation for Mitigation of Losses of Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

“Why, then, does the industry push claims into litigation?” – David DePaolo,

Is that a trick question, David? Hint: It’s the business model of profits before lives, by any means necessary, without fear or caution.

Lucy Occupy Says:  “Collect a national list of Mediators with WorkComp expertise – and share with Injured Workers in every state.  That may reduce costs and save lives!  #OccupyVirtually!   #Blog4TheWorkCompCures  #RomanoSyndrome  because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!!!  Blog on!”

Nurse Sue Says:  “Everyone needs to eat, sleep, move, eliminate, and be comfortable; hence everyone who engages in a healthcare encounter should be assessed by a nurse.”

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As to your guess that “Litigation involves a minority of claims…” that sounds like DIR stats?

Perspective from the Streets of Work Comp indicate it may be because attorneys alleging to represent injured workers are not litigators, they fail to represent and protect, in some States, ‘for over 50 years’ leading to tremendous unrest and sentiments such as:

under the bus

They can be file churners playing the numbers game and by working hundreds of files, paying little no attention to any specific case, the average attorney may make some money after the squeezed injured workers — denied medical care for years, and denied TTD benefits for years, give up and settle when at death’s door.

Mayor Betsy in Fort Worth came to the aid of one of her injured police officers, very publicly! Remember how she incited some investigations to Corvel’s alleged practices of harassment and intimidation last year? Let’s hope their Unions back them.

In LA, LA Times seem to be biased and writes regular periodic stories about Cops and Firefighters caught exercising or whatever while on the rest and wait and wait and wait for medical care programs of the CA WorkComp systems. They play ‘blame the victim’ that they don’t return to work for years…. but without medical care, few injured workers do get to return to work.

I hope your panel discussion on The Demolition of Workers Compensation at the CAAA Winter 2016 Conference went well, and that y’all discussed the harsh and horrible realities of WorkComp, and the failures of CA attorneys to adequately protect injured workers. More importantly, let’s hope you and the panel incited discussion of ways that they can indeed begin to protect injured workers.

Injured Workers, in the interim, will work to #Blog4TheWorkCompCure and for the cure for  #RomanoSyndrome!


  1. Linda Ayres

    Thank you Sue Naylor Clark! You do tell it good! I will put it to good use! It could help in the world of WorkComp! “Everyone needs to eat, sleep, move, eliminate, and be comfortable; hence everyone who engages in a healthcare encounter should be assessed by a nurse.”

Sorry CAAA wouldn’t let me in to either the exhibit hall or your panel, and the contempt and disdain my request to them was met with… was unforgettable and … unforgivable. I met some very wonderful people there in 2014, when I was courteously given an Exhibit Hall pass and Guest Badge.

Anonymous for most of history was a woman

“INJURED WORKERS VERBOTEN” at CAAA Events, it’s just the rules?   How an organization does one thing, usually exemplifies how do everything. Remember when women were kept out of private “good ol’ boyz” clubs?   Are we looking at age, gender, disabilities and economic status discrimination by the private clubs of CAAA that allege to protect Injured Workers?

Time for change for the next 50 years, imho.  How many members of USA attorney associations  quietly decline to represent injured workers when 1, 2, 3, 4 or more of their fellow CAAA members “DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB” or “DIDN’T PROPERLY DEVELOP THE MEDICAL RECORDS.”   Those letters of ‘non-engagement’ countless injured workers seeking competent legal counsel  receive do sound fancy, but they are just more evidence of a pathetic CYA mentality of too many members of CAAA, from a Workers Comp Street Perspective.



I’m making my list of CompLaude 2016 Nominees, and keeping a side list of that ‘other’ group. What’s the membership count of CAAA? That’s how big the ‘other’ list is so far.  It’s time to:

Dodge Rads Now


Conduct some DOJ Investigations into reports of Domestic Torture under the banner of Workers Compensation.

Watch for a series of Injured Worker Videos…. from across the nation.

Content worthy of ProPublica Demolition Teams further investigations.

Please stand by.



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