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There are several Facebook groups, pages and members desperately fighting for their lives in the workcomp systems of the USA and elsewhere.

I tell them that LinkedIn is where the decision makers are, and that with the haphazard thought police and censorship in play at Facebook, a blog is their best weapon of self-defense.

Many of them think the law may protect them, despite years of waiting and waiting and waiting for medical care and benefits.  I think psychologists call that “learned helplessness.”

What sort of questions would you need answered in order to help Injured Workers in your town, State or Nation?  Let’s get some of these questions on the table.

The Sedgwick injured worker crowd seems to be the most vocal, but they are by no means the only ones raising holy hell!

This is a request for your opinion if you’re an injured worker trying to reach resolution on your case, whether it’s Sedgwick or any carrier.  If you’re in the industry or a person of goodwill, your opinion is also to be valued.  What do you think?


Draft link to a set of questions for a blog post: http://myworkcompcoach.com?p=256&shareadraft=56d3d55dd3c43&post_type=page
Our hope is to assemble a set of stories that can be shared widely in light of the fact that the WorkCompsters in the USA are apparently organizing a dubious secret tribunal posing as a “national discussion” on work comp. It is supposed to be taking place in May?  That’s around the corner.   Feels more like ‘tanks rolling and boots on the ground’ from an Injured Worker perspective, doesn’t it?


Many injured workers have already submitted their stories to ProPublica’s people, without response yet.  They must have received quite a few, and we are all looking forward to further articles in their brilliant series and many of us look forward to The Demolition of Workers Compensation and full restitution to the American people by the mega billion dollar insurance industries, and an immediate cease and desist of further harm to the working classes.

If a way can found for the insurance industries to be profitable without maiming and killing injured workers, so be it.  Do it now.  If not, demolish it without fear or caution, freeze assets and start the trials.
Sedgwick has apparently created a “Sedgwick Institute” to study the ‘problems’ of workers’ compensation.  Jury still out on that effort. Apparently they are putting a lot of money into it, and into public relations efforts to preserve and protect [profits.] (??)

Injured Workers respectfully and optimistically hope that the Sedgwick Institute and any national and global discussions on WorkComp and Injured Workers will cover all the issues also brought forth in “Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. 


The best remedy to all that seems to be to aim higher to a GLOBAL SUMMIT FOR WORK COMP RESOLUTIONS, including a strong united voice of injured workers around the globe.


A solid set of consistent questions could help, particularly if focused on WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO RESTORE THE HEALTH OF INJURED WORKERS SO THEY CAN GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM TO MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES.


As mentioned in the thread on the Sedgwick-Injured-Workers page on FB, I said I would ‘try to set up a contact form with these questions to make it easy for all of us to move forward in a united wave of action.’


Here’s draft one. Any input? http://myworkcompcoach.com?p=256&shareadraft=56d3d55dd3c43&post_type=page

Let me know. If I can help, I will help.

If you have a better idea, let’s do it!


You can see my blogs at: Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

New blog in the works:  myworkcompcoach.com
PS If you have a BLOG,  we reallly want assemble a comprehensive Directory of Resources, including Injured Worker blogs….. if you don’t have a blog, you’re unarmed in this War On Workers!


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