More Insults to Injuries by the WorkComp communities? Pfffft readers and blogger are insulted, with plausible deniability, by industry mouthpieces as not informative or inspirational enough for WorkCompster’s reading time? Pfffft!


‘TicketMasters for the WorkComp industry galas’ charging that Injured Worker blogs fail to inform?  Yikes!  What a money trail!

Hmmmmmm….   They found the articles about The Constitutional Right to Blog and Worker’s Comp Fraud ‘improperly structured’?  LOL…..  funny guys!


Note that is suggesting that Injured Workers who blog follow this formula”
 “….As for the rest of the nominated injured worker blogs, I can best suggest that properly structured, concise and focused content that informs more than it criticizes will likely make a big difference in outcomes for future contests.”

Is it possible that a little ‘criticism’ of patterns of practice of fraud, corruption, collusion, deceptions and obstructions of justice caused the WorkComp Industry Blog judges — no injured workers involved — to overlook the few voices of Injured Workers in America in favor of an Australian who facilitates food provisions for the jobless, homeless victims of Australian WorkCompsters??   Hmmmmmmm…… that sounds SUSPICIOUS, doesn’t it?

flag distress signal

Here’s a post on the issue of why no Injured Workers were judges in the recent ‘CONtest,’ nor included in the ‘Best of” results….  “TIM” seems to be a poster-boy for the disdain, contempt, disrespect and victimization as the training-du-jour in the industry.  Read about Tim and his attitude toward injured workers and the workcomp industries….and draw your own conclusions:

Why are Injured Workers treated with such disdain and contempt by so many in the Industry? GO FIGURE, HUH?

Ditto for, despite industry views of more than 30,000 to date?

They further insult the American Workers, upon whom they prey, by suggesting that a non-American who apparently anticipates intervention by the United Nations to help save American victims of Worker’s Compensation…is the only injured worker in the world worth reading?



Bags of groceries for those who have become homeless and destitute and disabled because of Worker’s Compensation are valuable indeed. It deals with the effects of the atrocities of the global issues of the 21st-century Sonderkommando -type crimes against humanity by the insurance industries and their foot soldiers!

Si sedgwick insitute opportunity to open dialogues

In further efforts to INFORM AND INSPIRE, encourages American’s to read and subscribe to THIS BLOG—>, apparently akin to the USA’s National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers Organization — —– that also embraces injured military and law enforcement personnel.


The recent Best Blogs 2016 folks may want to be better informed and aware of international issues citing similar atrocities in America are also happening across Australia, in the UK and Canada.  Injured Workers will do a quick study of the 22 listed blogs and advise which ones ever report on fraud and corruption, and which do so truthfully, or hypocritically , appearing complicit in the patterns of practice that cause so much harm to Injured Workers, in the USA and elsewhere.  REMEMBER REMEMBER:  NO LIE LASTS FOREVER


‘Bags of Food’ to help mitigate the abuses, joblessness and homelessness caused by the WorkComp system are hardly enough—- and they do not serve to cover up“Thousands Failing to collect workers com”, as blogged abouut by the Working Life Team out of Australia, reporting on the “IWSN member-managed network.
Injured Workers Who speak out on the fraud, injustice, obstructions of justice, and the crisis of hyper corruption continue to be mocked by those who profit by sugarcoating the despicable collusion and corruption of the WorkComp Extermination programs?!
My my. What a shocking surprise! What do you think?


“An Injured Worker without a blog is unarmed and unprotected in the American #WarOnWorkers. #Wow”


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