Ayres Castle

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The Big Walk

Ayres Castle is the final house on John R. Kielbasa’s ‘Historic San Pedro Homes’ page that I had yet to discover. I don’t know who you are Mr. Kielbasa, but thank you for posting the information, it was like he left easter eggs for me all over town. It’s been a blast finding them and learning their wonderful histories. Here is the story on the Ayres Castle in Mr. Kielbasa’s own words.

“Ayres Castle was built in 1925 by Vern Ayres. It was inspired by the classic Scottish castle. Vern Ayres was a World War I veteran who flew biplanes during the war as a member of the Canadian Royal Flying Corps. He was an early stunt aviator and one the first Alaskan bush pilots. In the early 1920s he was a barn stormer and flew stunts with famous female wing walker, Miss Elfleda. Ayres married Miss Elfleda and they…

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