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Injured Workers Uniting – Silent No More

As to “ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY” ….  consider the sources.  Follow that money trail.  Just a bunch of industry paid spokes peeps.  Not friends of humanity.  Killers of joy, life, liberty, goodness and anything to do with humanity. Pfffft.

In my own case, it was a challenging road for all concerned, but without benefit of legal representation, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to a confidentiality agreement’ in less than 4 years.  How many WorkComp cases churn for 5, 10, 15, 20 – 30 life destroying years or more?

“Something is terribly wrong with workers’ compensation, isn’t it.”


I returned to the battle field to help free the hostages of workcomp.  I used to respect that blogger who wrote ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY.  I only pity him now.  Karma will be his teacher.  May he have a very interesting life.

The CompLaude program, with some outside support from even yours truly since 2014 was building momentum.

The biggest loss of the recent disparaging attacks is the loss of all credibility to that event — and it fully made the point of Injured Workers everywhere of what a sham it is.  I shared about it extensively, as most of you know.

Today, I join in the call to BOYCOTT #COMPLAUDE 2016 until such time the organization makes amends to the American Workers, including creation of a virtual platform to hear the real complaints of Injured Workers and professional doctors, lawyers and other providers who have left the system BECAUSE OF THE HYPER CORRUPTION.   EXTEND AND PRETEND NO LONGER FLIES. THE SECRETS ARE OUT… SEARCH LIGHTS SHINING ON THE REAL ISSUES.

You might think, ‘She didn’t have to return to the WorkComp battlefield.’

The problem with that line of thought is this: ‘THOSE WHO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO KNOW HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT.”

Furthermore, as a Notary Public, I have taken an Oath to protect the Constitution of California and of the United States of America from enemies – foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The terrorism of the working class by this industry sure seems quite like any other form of terrorism plaguing the planet.  I do what I can.  I hope you do, too.

WHEN Injured Workers escape the system and do not return to build bridges and expose problems and incite discussions on solutions, the dirty lethal open secrets continue.

It’s not disparaging to say they — the industry on the whole – operate like a clumsy SS system, with a few Colonel Klinks at the helm.  Before Injured Workers learned the value of the internet – few people in the public knew about WorkComp.

I worked over 45 years before I had an encounter.  My friends said, ‘Get out of the workcomp comp system by any means necessary, it will kill you.’  I pass that advice on to the people who reach out to me, and I do my best to help them strategize escape and resolutions.

work comp guidelines diagram

Over the course, I have learned some pretty awful truths of the business of work comp.  It is as vile, and more painfully evident, that the creatures of the nuclear industry. Most alll, sadly, can be lumped into one category: 21st Century Sonderkommando.

WorkComp is not a legal issue any more than it is an employee benefit.  

The majority of lawyers apparently sold out the American people years ago.  It’s not personal, neither are the disparaging attacks.  It’s business.

Someone apparently gave an order to silence me.  I’m nobody, with a a brain injury and a blog in the middle of nowhere in rural Southern California.  We’ll explore some other ‘new developments’ that may be linked to these attacks. I am waiting to hear back from some …. people ITK.

Why else would national spokes dudes target me in their blogs?  Well, maybe they just wanted to help increase the readership of my blogs by their use of several of my blog links in theirs?  Maybe, not likely, but maybe, in a Maxwell Smart sort of way.

If I end up dead, I do hope DOJ knows where to start looking for suspects…RICO style investigations.  Follow that money trail.

No, WorkComp is not a legal issue.  It’s strictly business.  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”

I support total demolition of WorkComp and immediate mediations and structured settlement teams to SETTLE UP — IF THE INJURED WORKERS DID NOT GET SUFFICIENT MEDICAL CARE AND BENEFITS — FOR WHATEVER REASONS, WITHIN THE FIRST 2 YEARS, SETTLE UP AND FREE THE WORKCOMP HOSTAGES.   Start to clear out back log of churned files…

THE OPIOID ‘NATIONAL DISCUSSIONS’ totally fit the profile of disinformations and distractions, don’t they?

Do any of their mouth pieces ever touch upon the failed surgeries that create the need for pain medications in the first place?  Is it a distraction and a turf war by drug traffickers?  Whatever, FREE THE WORK COMP HOSTAGES  and let the WorkCompsters build something less lethal.


How about an insurance company representative who arrogantly invites ligitation, saying, ‘THE COURTS ROUTINELY RULE IN OUR FAVOR.”  Is that insurance-speak for “WE OWN THE JUDGES, Too! !!! ????


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In my own struggle, I am currently being disparaged, on a national basis, as a scapegoat for some pretty formidable enemies of humanity that are mouth pieces for the insurance industries and for the hyper corruption they represent.  These are people who purport to be unbiased spokespeople for an industry that alleges to provide medical care and benefits to Injured Workers.  THEY SELDOM DO.

Good thing my short term memory etc is seriously impaired….I could stay mighty angry if I could bring to mind every vile false attack and innuendo of recent weeks.

Brain Injury Advocates

I often feel like I am living a sequel to Concussion, the non NFL version. I returned to the “Playing Field” to help free the WorkComp hostages. Oh Brother!


Due to a revealing expose series by ProPublica and NPR, on the corruption of the industry, INSULT TO INJURY – THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, the ‪#‎WorkCompsters‬ attack ME now, and a few of my vocal and also disabled friends, in attempts to distract and deceive the unsuspecting public about Worker’s Compensation in America?  Really?

Let’s get real.  Do you really think that Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains is more powerful than Insult to Injury – The Demolition of Workers Compensation?  Really?  Awww, thanks, but that means you have read neither series.  The attacks are on me, as an easy target – a disabled woman with a brain injury and a computer and a blog.

Those bad boys of WorkComp are not going to shout too loud at the powers that be behind ProPublica and NPR, and survive it, ya think.

I know it’s not personal. They are just attempting to protect their business model of “profits before lives, by any means necessary.

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I AM INJURED – NOT STUPID – FELLAS …Sticks and Stones and WorkCompsters…Oh My!


Because I am a TBI Survivor, they may have mistaken me as an easy target.As I have often said to them and their ilk, “I am injured, not stupid. “


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#DodgeTheRads — One blessing of being disabled by WorkComp is that Injured Workers are better equipped than most to #ShelterInPlace.  Ask about Your Radiation This Week, and how it is impacting your health.



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