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stupid you have the right to remain

After more thought about the attacks by national workers compensation spokes peeps in their blogs, and also thinking more about related attacks experienced on LinkedIn via a certain team of Injured Workers in recent weeks, I have decided to grant the request for public acknowledgement that the allegedly submitted ‘work comp/injured worker story’ in question by ‘their leader’  would not be used, nor would the stories of any associates of said provocateur be included.  
THEY ARE OUT OF THE CAR due to too many acts of Disinformation.
25 rules of disinformation
“Contempt prior to investigation” is nearly as lethal as learned helplessness when it comes to maneuvering Workers Compensation Systems in America, Canada, Uk and Canada.  This, we all know.
The attacks were made in private LINKED IN threads over recent weeks that included nationally acclaimed investigative reporters with interests in Workers Compensation. The attacks were further taken to ‘the streets of LinkedIn’ and, I understand, in emails to some of you.   The  agitator had been invited to participate,  in an act of poor judgement on my part, by me.  They were again brought to my Facebook posts, groups, events and pages.  Unacceptable.  Real Injured Workers don’t act like that, do they?
The party wanted, among other things, a public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted to MyWorkCompCoach.com would not be used because she changed her mind and didn’t like the concept that they stories would be initially be presented anonymously, for the protection of Injured Workers with more egregious stories to tell and to incite national discussions, as clearly described on the submission form and all prior blogs.  The party also seemed mad that she wouldn’t be paid for the story, and had delusions about the costs of time, money and effort involved in tackling such a project, of free will and goodwill.
cognitive dissonance TABCP
In a knee jerk reaction, after the threats of “legal action” by the agitator and supporters, Injured Workers were quickly encouraged to implement compensatory strategies to create their own blogs and use the questions as  bullet points to guide the story telling, so there might be some consistency in the sequence of facts being shared, around the globe.  That is still an excellent idea, but with this “public announcement” of who is in, and who is out, the rest of us can proceed to assemble an eBook that may prove beneficial to the Workers Compensation National Discussions and to Congress and the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice, etc.
While the attacks seem intended to squash intention and progress of the INJURED WORKER story collection and virtual publications, I am heartened by the continued submissions!
Multiple powerful thread opportunities with whining and time wasting questions and distractions, that were totally off topic in those threads that presented an opportunity to speak directly to influencers… It was unclear what the real motives were, but damaging bridges of communications with nationally respected investigative journalists people who could have really shared your stories was just one of the results.
pied piper of sheeple
She continues, apparently, to brain wash and bully her apparent devotees in hopelessness and learned helplnessness, Stockholm syndrome-like, and discourages all effort by egregiously injured Workers to seek remedies and resolutions to attain freedom from Workers Compensation in favor of fighting Quixote Windmills and delusions that “the government” is unaware of the atrocities of Workers Compensation and will “fix” them upon clear understanding of the “HISTORY” and magnitude of the WorkCompKill.
Meanwhile, industry mouthpieces call ME a ‘vociferous militant’….among other factless diatribes.
I offer a pathway to mediation and structure settlements discussions that can save lives.  Heck, it’s just business.
 Injured Workers, and their lawyers if they have them, must begin to think like business people in order to escape.  If structured settlements are good enough for NFL players, what sort of idiot would call them blanket-evil?  Just those who have been ‘stuck in the system’ for years and years and years and know nothing but oppression, and freedom is but a distant memory?  For some, there IS NO HOPE.  SAD.
social media transformations
I also lost a friend due to these people, and I cannot sit quietly watching them destroy any opportunity OTHER INJURED WORKERS may have to escape work comp.  It’s tough enough fighting with professional WorkCompsters, without having to dodge bullets coming from alleged allies.
When Injured Workers act like crabs in a bucket to keep one another down, DIVIDE AND CONQUER has succeeded. What a shame.
Don Quixote - in order to attain the impossible
 #OccupyWorkComp – AIN’T IT AWFUL fest — join in dumbing all the crappy news at this event and let’s get moving toward life saving solutions….
When my doctor pal suggested I create a WorkComp Coach virtual program, he also reminded that due to years of abuse in WorkComp, there are many Injured Workers with severe psychological challenges, and I was told to not waste my time with them, and leave them to the ‘professionals.’ (You should have heard his commentary on the DePoalo article, ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY…. you would have been rolling on the floor, laughing your bunns off! )
Here the links to two blogs regarding the activities of this senseless group. Draw your own conclusions. If this is NOT the group for you to be in, OCCUPY WORK COMP, kindly use the LEAVE GROUP button immediately.

Injured Worker Threatens Freed Injured Worker with Legal Action for Inviting Other Injured Workers to tell their story? Whaaaaat?!! Makes Sense?

Let this serve as my public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted on the Website form, WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, https://myworkcompcoach.com/whats-your-workcomp-story/ by Irene or Dina Padila, if found, will not be used in the ebook project for stories being collected for distribution to TRANSFORM WORKERS COMPENSATION, ONE STORY AT A TIME. The book is intended to be resolution oriented, and Ms. Padilla’s rhetoric does not fit that criteria anyway.

AGITATOR:  Why are you so sold on mediation or any kind of settlement/ ARE you working for them or earning a finder’s fee somehow? This is not what WC IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR. MEDIATION, SETTLEMENTS OR ARBITRATION’S. YOU ARE HELPING THE INSURERS NOW!


Linda Ayres
Linda Ayres When someone has been ‘fighting work comp’ for ‘over 30 years’ unsuccessfully, and someone with a brain injury and no attorney gets out of the system with her life and her freedom in less than 5 years, which path makes more sense? LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. GUARD YOUR LIFE FROM THOSE WHO WOULD SEE YOU JOIN THEM IN THE PATH TO NOW WHERE
Without a blog and a growing database, injured workers are unarmed, unprotected and doomed. How sad.
Irene Padilla

AGITATOR:   This mediation arbitration and structured settlement sound like a shill for those who work for the insurance industry with more parasites taking injured workers benefits at a price. Oh the hell with our rights, RIGHT? Injured workers are just in it for a little money RIGHT? WOW! Who needs to fight for injured workers when all one has to do is just take a few K & GO AWAY like the insurers want you to do?!?


All others, feel free to share your story at WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, or better yet, start your own blog and start answering the questions there.

Remember remember the words of Don Quixote: “He who’s down one day can be up the next, unless he really wants to stay in bed.” and
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If you have a WorkComp case, call a local Structured Settlement office today to discuss IF your case might qualify for a “structured settlement”


Ask, “Can you help me settle my work comp case? I was injured on (date) and my (body parts) injured are future medical is anticipated as (name what medical you know you need). I am (age) and (ethnicity, if you choose to disclose). I am am not represented by an attorney”

Or something like that. No horror stories–everyone already knows exactly what you have been thru.

Prudential is another structured settlement group. There are more. We will get a list.

Make a few calls and find out your rights and options. If they say can’t help you, call another.

Get your story line down to 1 minute then let them ask questions. Keep good call notes.


Then call your adjuster, or beg your attorney to if you are “represented” and simply ask one question:

“What will it take to settle this case?”

If there is no answer ask a second question, “Will you consider mediation?”

If they laugh at you, you know how much blogging is ahead for you to do.

If they say “not at this time’ you know you have to crank up your blog and your database.

If they say “yes” then call the structured settlement peeps (or your attorney) back and say “They said yes. Can you recommend 3-5 good smart ethical mediators”


Ps DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS….most real doctors call work company medical reports “copy and pasted garbage reports”. Do assemble your thoughts and evidence of fraud and other misdeeds. Be able to articulate your anticipated future medical needs.

DO NOT SING “AIN’T IT AWFUL” at mediation.

The goal is Resolution not blame throwing. If you blogger sufficiently prior to mediation resolution could become a reality.

#OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp


“New Measurement is Spooky – All Rad All the Time”







#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads
#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads

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