Can Legal Aid Save Social Security?


Does Congress really believe Social Security faux paxs are matters for LEGAL AID?

Will ProPublica and NPR continue the Investigative Reporting?  We can hope!  Here’s the Congressional letter prompted by the reporting in Insult to Injury, The Demolition of Workers’ Comp, in 2015.  Read it again, and let’s see if these Congressional representatives have a better view of what’s going on in Social Security, and the harm it perpetuates upon Injured Workers…..  The Representatives who have gone on record as being alarmed about what’s happening include:

Congress on WorkComp 10 2015 - WE BELIEVE   1

Congressional letter signers  10 2015  2


The Social Security Financial Report: An Insight Into the Future 

The Social Security Financial Report: An Insight Into the Future #WorkComp #SSD!

“As of January 2016, 60 million Americans, or more that one in six, receive Social Security benefits. About one American family in four receive Social Security Benefits.  Approximately 8.9 million disabled workers receive benefits.”

2016 Trustees Report Confirms That Expanding Social Security Is Fully Affordable  – another view


Comments:  Administration in Social Security is a huge problem.

As corporate media reported last year, SSA freely pays Nazi War criminals over $20 million in recent years.

Meanwhile, a simple calculation of retro pay after years of appeals for disability before Award can take years and years and involve wildly fluctuating allegations of benefits, errors, overpayments to legal reps and huge discounts to insurance carriers, cascading new free falls into the abyss with threats by carriers of litigation and threats by SSA-to terminate benefits.

Hearings can take years to schedule at SSA and “loss of records” seems to be as huge of a problem at SSA as it is in WorkComp.

Congressional and other representatives are hard pressed to get to the facts and resolutions.

Injured workers say it is standard pattern of practice with SSA/WC/EDD/LTD and simply call it “Magic Math.”

DOJ may have more accurate descriptions?

That Trustee report doesn’t seem to name the Trustees responsible.

Do you happen to have their names, Jon Gelman?

It’s time for an Open Letter to them on behalf of Injured and Disabled American Workers about matters of law-enforcement, civil rights, human rights, and the US Constitution.

Thanks for your sane reporting

With all the disinformation making the rounds on Social Security, will anything be done to fix the ‘magic math’ accounting practices such as, as a hypothetical example:

14 months to calculate benefits and retro-pay to a WorkComp survivor that includes but is not limited to: 7 wildly fluctuating calculations with an initial ‘award’ of retro pay after nearly 4 years of denials and appeals…that included charity support by the Salvation Army for utilities and food, and intervention by Adult Protective Services for protection from institutional ‘financial terrorism.”

It is suggested that Disabled person ‘pays back the overpayment’ immediately or monthly at more than $600/month, and that these are  COMMON CIRCUMSTANCES and EXPERIENCES, ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:

TRICK QUESTION: Which is the SSA benefit correct calculation?  

a. Retro-payment of $25,591

b. Overpayment of $27,078

c. Overpayment of of $25,758

d. Overpayment of $11,767

e. Overpayment of $9,964.10,

f. Overpayment of $5,555.10

g. Overpayment of $22,869.10

h. none of the above

i. all of the above

j. other

Note 1:  Do not consider medical expenses paid by disabled person of approximately $43,000, receipts requested by Judge, but SSA required to ignore in offset calculation considerations; 

Note 2:  Evidence of income derived from workers’ compensation and public disability benefits will not be disclosed; guessing encouraged, and if the numbers don’t add up, just provide a long incoherent rant with a demand for repayment of the alleged and disputed  overpayment.

Note 3:  Do not consider discounts applied to carrier pay-backs, or overpayments to law firms.  Consider such numbers as ‘income paid to disabled person’ in whatever amounts look best.

Note 4: Do not consider false evidence provided by unknown parties to LTD carrier, subjecting disabled person to litigation because carrier boasts that ‘Courts routinely find in their favor.’

Note 5: Disregard any appearances of fraud and malfeasance and complicity in same, and disregard all Civil Rights and provisions for protections by the Constitution of these United States of America.

Note 6: Do not consider unlawful interruption of benefits while hearing pending; it is easier to ‘lose’ the documentation than for SSA to comply with law.

Note 7: Do not consider any settlement agreements, subject to confidentiality agreements; pretend ‘confidentiality’  means ‘don’t read it and don’t consider it.’

SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS for further discussion ASAP


Said processes also Involve wacky SSA medical ‘reports’ and allegations that ‘brains are not required to be a salesperson’ but that nevertheless, at least  the disabled person could conceivably “work as a crossing guard’  so claim –> DENIED.  (Later corrected by a Judge.)

(Would you want someone with vision and auditory processing issues to help YOUR children cross the streets to school?  Social Security doctors seem to think it’s better than nothing. Protect your children and loved ones from SSA sonderkommando!)

Other wastes caused by SSA include ountless labor hours at, with and by SSA staff, law firms, representative’s office, social media discussions etc attempting to sort through the obfuscated mess.  One ‘expert’ advised that ‘in more than 30 years,’ she had ‘never seen such a complicated mess.’  Perhaps she meant she never saw a Disabled Person fight back against malfeasance and other harmful to citizens and taxpayers practices?

The SSA Disability processes can take year and can include:

Loss of records, give-aways to legal and insurance firms, million and millions paid, as reported by corporate media last year to “nazi war criminals”   [portion of google search, page one…]

Report: Ex-Nazis received $20 million in Social Security benefits | PBS …

PBS May 31, 2015 – A Social SecurityAdministration watchdog found the agency paid $20.2 million in benefits to more than 130 suspected Nazi war criminals, SS …You visited this page on 6/12/16.

Social Security paid $20M to Nazis – Washington Times

The Washington Times Jun 1, 2015 – Social Security paid more than $20 million in benefits to alleged Nazis over the last five decades, according to a new internal audit completed …

Former Nazis received $20.2M in Social Security benefits, watchdog …

Fox News Channel May 31, 2015 – FormerNazis received $20.2M in Social Securitybenefits, watchdog says … It criticizes theSocial Security Administration for improperlypaying …

[PDF] Payment of Social Security Benefits to Individuals Who May Have …

Social Security Administration Payment ofSocial Security Benefits to Individuals Who May. Have Participated in Nazi Persecution. A-09-15-50013. May 2015. Office of Audit Report Summary.

U.S. Paid Residents Linked to Nazi Crimes $20 Million in Benefits …

The New York Times May 30, 2015 – WASHINGTON — The American governmentpaid $20.2 million in Social Securitybenefits to more than 130 United States residents linked to …

Meet The Nazis Who Received Social Security Payments After Being …

Business Insider Oct 20, 2014 – Since 1979, at least 38 of 66 suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards forced out of the US collected millions in American Social Security …

US government paid millions in Social Security benefits to ex-Nazis …

World Socialist Web Site Jun 4, 2015 – Between 1962 and 2015, more than 130 formerNazis received at least $20 million worth ofSocial Security retirement benefits.

Nazi war criminals received over $20mn in US social security benefits …

RT  May 31, 2015 – Over 130 suspected Naziwar criminals and collaborators received $20.2 … READ MORE: Obama stops Social Security payments to Nazi war


….While Injured and Disabled law abiding American Citizen’s are subjected to moronic abuses that are probably ADA violations, denied benefits for years, then wildly fluctuating false allegations & miscalculations of “retro payments” for over a year, refusals to provide evidence of income used in calculations due to Agency apparent preferences to just ‘make things up’ vs fact based accounting, and illegal interruptions of benefits while denying right to hearing in front of a Judge??

And much much more!!



Legal Aid vs Department of Justice?


Check on the crises at EPA also… Google search Your Radiation This Week, Americans!  Can legal aid stop the war crimes in progress?






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