Can the YouEconomy disrupt the atrocities of WorkComp, LTD and SSA Disability Buffoonery Muddled with Flummery?

When one thing doesn’t work, we do other stuff.

Injured Workers are so heavily infiltrated by industry peeps, and drug-crazed long-term victims of the industry spewing helpless and hopeless nonsense, Jonestown style, so the hope for the millions of Americans being destroyed by WorkCompsters and the related agencies and industries seems grim indeed.  Most are unable/unwilling to learn to blog and fight the known corruption to save their own lives.  Their ‘peers’ batter them into submission to remain quiet and hope for change.  It’s vicious, indeed.

Some of the ‘other stuff’ I am still looking into, on your behalf, is how to best create eCourses and get eBooks done.  As mentioned recently on LinkedIn, I found a compassionate editor to help take both the eCourses and eBooks forward, to the next steps.  I continue to study social media, to the best of my abilities, in my own efforts at ‘vocational rehabilitation.’


The recent SUCCESS Magazine on the YouEconomy presents the most hope I’ve seen in the world of business in a while. I think the YouEconomy has the full potential to obliterate the entire WorkComp industries… Well, we can hope on that count!




Colleen Arneil is another gifted disrupter, “E-Course Creation & Business Growth Strategist”  and “Passive Income Queen”…

This Week I am participating in her free 7-day course – Passive Income Prep School, and I purchased her eCourse program months ago.

She is using the new FB video real time chat, a downloadable workbook, and a private FB group…. real “Today” stuff.


I thought some of you might enjoy/appreciate the STEPS from Day One….  If possible, I’ll post all SevenDays Steps…

You can probably still join in, if it’s of interest.  We’re supposed to post in the group by the end of the day, and repeat process for all 7 days.

If not, return to Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains list of posts, and read some of the ones you may have missed.

Here we go!

The Passive Income Lounge may be for you if you want more… and if:

>> You’re intrigued at the idea of creating passive income, and you want to know how it works

>> You recognize that being an entrepreneur is as much about MINDSET as it is strategy—one can’t be successful without the other.

>> You have or you’re thinking of starting an online business

 “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are unarmed and unprotected in the global war on workers.  Wow!”
Workers Compensation National Discussion ala Abbott and Costello - Comedic duoBATMAN AND WORKCOMP D'OHGUMBY AND POGO
What’s up with the Workers’ Comp National Discussion circus this week?  
What a propaganda machine!  
Linda Ayres looking for The Magic!


Thanks, Colleen Arneil!!! Day 1 steps were simple and powerful!


Step 1 — 10 points – I showed up live at 11 to the Passive Income Lounge; calendar marked to be there tomorrow, too.

Step 2 – 10 points – My eCourse topic is WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills


The Select Your Topic action was clarifying and confirming/personally validating.


The “Validate My Idea” exercise was real powerful, and had me smiling.

On UDEMY WorkComp had NO matches, but I did discover two courses:

1) Introduction to Workers Compensation Surveillance by a private investigator [ a horrible and harsh reality of the practices of WorkComp in America, Canada, UK and Australia….]

2) VA Fully Developed Disability Claims – ‘incapacitation’ is the military equivalent of WorkComp… and it looks like a soldier developed that 6 section curriculum, with a very left-brain military organizational structure. I may have to study that! 😀

2) Amazon had 2,654 books on WorkComp; it had 6,330 books for Injured Workers mostly written by attorneys, but a few that touched on Survival, written by other Injured Workers — most were written a few years ago, and some were had introductions by attorneys… none of those were sugar-coated. Most of the books seemed to be ‘industry propaganda’ but I even found one by a former WorkComp commissioner … spilling the beans on the atrocities…and offering some solutions.

That was a totally cool exercise. I also found my log in to your eCourse that I purchased how long ago?

I even posted a couple related thoughts on LinkedIn (they know me in the WorkComp community there; I am one of just a couple of Injured Worker BLOGGERS in the USA… I also want to do an eCourse on BEGINNING TO BLOG….so that Human Rights and Civil Rights activists can better harness the power of social media.

“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” is a little slogan/meme I have used for years… it fits. 😀

And below are images of how far I got so far in creating a course… I would welcome feedback on which is more inviting, considering that most Injured Workers in America are being seriously abused by a system that intends only harm, and many feel (and are!) quite dis-empowered.. and hope is a long forgotten emotion for too many.

See you tomorrow! Thank you! xoxoxox

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Linda Ayres
PS You can’t “ENROLL NOW” …. that’s as far as I got in eCourse creation since March. It’s a beginning! xoxoxo



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