What’s a Brain Injured Worker to Do When Social Security Disability is an EPIC FAIL?

Ok, it’s time check in with Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin since local Congressional and State Senate representatives are unable to cut thru the SSA BS, obfuscation of facts and misrepresentations and WorkComp and State disability issues. WISH ME LUCK! MADDER THAN HELL.

One doc suggested it’s ‘the same war, different battlefield’ for Injured Workers! Thanks, #WorkCompsters. Maybe The Ten Congressional Representatives concerned about Injured and Disabled Workers & Taxpayers will demand a Civil Rights Commission effort. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Watch for Blogs!

From LinkedIn:

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

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    It appears that the #SSA is committed to communications, and to social media. https://www.ssa.gov/socialmedia/

    Let’s hope Acting Commissioner Colvin can get to the bottom of the issues. CA offices refuse to correct their errors.

    Since May 2015 failed efforts to obtain accurate calculations of ‘retroactive’ benefits show local & state offices have been unable/unwilling to deal with facts, reflective of leaving more than one injured worker to fight further litigation because ‘somebody didn’t do their job’ when ‘somebody got hurt at work.’

    How to address ongoing wildly fluctuating calculations from an SSA retro pay award of $25,591.00 to subsequent overpayment reimbursement demands of $27,078, $25,578, $11,767, $9,964.10, $5,555.10, $22,869.10, $21,066.20, $22,869.10 –WITHOUT ANY CHANGE OF FACTS–PLEASE ADVISE.

    Not even Congress can get a straight answer?  Rather than elevate the case file to someone with basic math skills, SSA wants to waste more time and cause more aggravation and litigation via their process…of which their field offices are sadly in complete confusion about, and spread nothing but misinformation, albeit compassionately.

    How many appeal levels are there?

    Generally, there are four levels of appeal.

    They are:

    Reconsideration;      – There have been 11 of ‘these’

    Hearing by an administrative law judge; – In December 2015, local SSA office advised that appeals had been exhausted and Hearing was the next option and would take place sometime after January 2017; Hearing papers filed at the office, apparently incorrectly; 6 ‘reconsideration’ events took place after December 2015… with wildly fluctuating results, interruptions of benefits, corrections of misinformation, etc.

    In 2014 and 2015, the assistance of State Senator Jean Fuller was requested regarding WorkComp, EDD and SSA matters.

    Hearing papers were filed again, with copies to Congressman Cook’s office, in June 2016, wherein his office advised the case is now closed, even though they never were able to get the repeatedly requested accurate accounting of the alleged actual income from WC and EDD being used by SSA to falsely and incorrectly miscalculate, ignoring all evidence of actual income repeatedly provided.

    The issues of the $43,000 in medical expenses incurred by the Injured Worker/Disable Party, requested by the SSA Judge, were still not considered, nor were the Compromise and Release documents—DESPITE CONGRESSIONAL INTERVENTION AND INVESTIGATION.

    I was later advised that the Honorable Congressman is not a part of the SSA Congressional Committee, and they could do nothing more for me. They exacerbated the problems, and got no closer to the truth.

    Hence, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ranking Member, Social Security, Pension and Family Policy Subcommittee – Senate Finance committee, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Social Security, House Ways and Means Committee, Sen. Al Franken, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety – Senate HELP Committee, and Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures – House Education and the Workforce Committees will also be copied on the letter to Acting Commissioner

    Review by the Appeals Council; and

    Federal Court review…

    Actual income provided by WC and State Disability is blatantly disregarded by SSA Staff, repeatedly. Congressman’s office shrugs and said, ‘get a lawyer’ and if you can’t afford one, go to ‘legal aid’ Really?!



    constitution too long didnt read

  • Statement of Carolyn W. Colvin,
    Acting Commissioner
    Social Security Administration
    Nominee for Commissioner
    Before the Senate Finance Committee
    Social Security Testimony Before Congress

    July 31, 2014

    “…As Acting Commissioner, I have focused on providing the public responsive customer service; demonstrating good stewardship by providing the American taxpayer the maximum value for the resources entrusted to us; and employing every available means to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse, and to prosecute those responsible when it does…”

    …Program Integrity

    “I am committed to protecting SSA’s programs from waste, fraud, and abuse. When I appeared before this Committee for my confirmation as Deputy Commissioner in 2010, I asked to serve as SSA’s Accountable Official for Improper Payments, and I am grateful to have held that role since I returned to SSA. In this capacity, I have provided executive oversight of our program integrity activities and pushed for the development of new and innovative ways to prevent, detect, and recover improper payments….”

    “…As I indicated earlier, I am committed to fighting waste, fraud, and abuse and have significantly expanded efforts at the agency to do so. I am equally committed to ensuring that the people who come to us in tremendous need receive the benefits for which they are eligible as quickly as possible. If confirmed, I will continue to ensure that we balance timely, high quality service with our program integrity responsibilities….”


What’s a #Brain Injured Worker to Do When Social Security Disability is an EPIC FAIL?

– PLEASE STAND BY — Time for Social Security Disability improprieties to be included in the Workers’ Compensation National Discussions, isn’t it?

If you have experience getting to accurate calculations with SSA, please share how you did it! Thanks! 😀 Where are the Investigative Journalists on this issue? It’s a common one.

Injured Workers call it SSA “Magic Math.” What do lawyers call it?


A letter to Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin, with full evidence, is being prepared now, and the Ten Congressional Representatives who signed the October 2015 WorkComp letter are being copied. Enough is Enough.

     Congress on WorkComp 10 2015 - WE BELIEVE 1

Congressional letter signers 10 2015 2

If local SSA offices are unable/unwilling to do their jobs, somebody needs to look deeper.

Anybody have competency and ethical issues with Social Security offices that cause harm and further threats of further harm and litigation because SSA staff refuses to deal with facts, feigns losses of submitted documents, and obfuscates and misrepresents matters, all to the apparent benefit of the insurance industries and loss to SSA, Injured Workers and Taxpayers?

Wow … is that how Social Security Disability is supposed to work?

Did you hear about the LTD carrier that threatened lawsuit for ‘repayment’ based on false SSA numbers, and said ‘THE COURTS ROUTINELY FIND IN OUR FAVOR’…

Really? Ewwww. Alrighty, we’ll see what America thinks!

Congressman’s office shrugged at it’s failure to get the facts via “Congressional Investigation”, and instead accepted some bogus irrelevant numbers on a page as good ’nuff, and suggested hiring an attorney or going to legal aid…’case closed’…. Be sure to vote!

Why does an injured worker have to hire legal counsel when Social Security Admin fails? Or, jump through hoops for years all the way to “Federal Court Review”??!! They can’t get the same number twice…for over a year…and it took how many years for them to believe a brain injury is a disability?!!!

How to address ongoing wildly fluctuating calculations from an SSA retro pay award of $25,591.00 to subsequent overpayment reimbursements demands of $27,078, $25,578, $11,767, $9,964.10, $5,555.10, $22,869.10, $21,066.20, $22,869.10 –WITHOUT ANY CHANGE OF FACTS–PLEASE ADVISE.

Because of these false calculations, the Long Term Disability insurance carrier is demanding approximately $22,000 in overpayment reimbursements, based on the initial $25,591.00, all based on false allegations, apparently, that somebody with my name received and continues to receive $4,177.30 monthly disability payments….  Would the Salvation Army have been called upon for utility and food assistance if that income was being received in rural America?

Such income is contrary to reality and to evidence provided regarding actual income, repeatedly, so it can only be assumed that SSA is just making it up.  This is not totally implausible, as the initial $25,591 ‘retro-pay’ award was sent by SSA to a bank account that had been closed over a year, and not to the account that early retirement monies had been direct deposited to since June 2014, which required intervention by the Treasury Department.  SSA has also falsely reported numbers to the IRS on 1099 form, that conflict with even their statements.

It does make one wonder if they ever sorted out the issues of SSA paying Nazi War Criminals milllions and millions of dollars in a big ‘ooops’ operation.

social security pays nazis

Injured Workers call these common practices “MAGIC MATH” — What would the DOJ call it?



4 out of 3 people struggle with math - and there are 1946 known lethal isotopes -- DODGE THE RADS

That doesn’t even take into account $43,000 of medical receipts the SSA Judge asked for, nor the C & R. D’oh. Those documents must still be in the ‘too hard/too complicated’ pile.

There is no competency or drug testing at SSA? The volume of letters from there are…. pathetic and incoherent… with reference also to ‘corkers compensation’ and a host of other strange words. Mis-information provided by local SSA office is the only constant.

Smacks of abuse, doesn’t it? Or would that be collusion?


Just when one thinks the fighting is over, here comes another Hydra. Yech.

If you have any ideas, or want to include some info in YOUR blog, reach out. WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

Maybe some of the real Investigative Journalists and/or  “Workers’ Compensation Top Bloggers” are concerned about what happens during and after WorkComp as it relates to Social Security Disability, AARP, and more?

Watch these blogs….see who’s telling the truth, and who’s just a mouth piece for an industry that takes and takes and takes from you, from me, from America….. Here’s a list from 2012.. LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Issues – 2012 Honorees It’s pretty much the same crowd of industry  ‘selected’  Best Blogs 2016…

Edward-Bernays-2 Edward Bernays WorkComp practices too

For Injured Workers who blog in America, there is one blogger,  with two active blogs… Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains and MyWorkCompCoach.com

math-stick-people beta or gamma - which have they convinced you are safe as bananas LUCY OCCUPY ASKS

There are a few Injured Workers, some with close links to the industry, that post a lot on LinkedIn, Google Circles, and Facebook…. DO THE MATH.

The Canadians and Australians are loud in attempts via vlogs and blogs and protests to hold their governments accountable for heinous crimes under the banner of Workers Compensation.

First they came for…

In America, not so much…YET.

AAWCGT STATS 7 25 2016 12 12 PDT

We hope to have a solution to share in MyWorkCompCoach.com — soon enough….. to spare other injured workers the same financial terrorism and torture that interferes with any hope of rehabilitation… It’s gross negligence or worse!

#DodgeTheRads, too….That’s PHYSICS!

Best, L

Linda Ayres


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If there are more than 54 million Injured and Disabled American Workers and 8.9 million receive Social Security Disability… preview image

If there are more than 54 million Injured and Disabled American Workers and 8.9 million receive Social Security Disability…

What happens to the other 45.1 million? With thanks to encouragement by the Investigative Reporting by ProPublica and NPR in the series, Insult to Injury, The Demolition of Workers Compensation…

[Republican contender to the White House says 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps Programs?]

“Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”  – WARNING, HARSH LANGUAGE

Sophie Scholl and her pals were not bloggers…they produced a series of Leaflets to fight nazi terrorism, much like Injured Workers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and everywhere must do or face consequences. While some ol’ timers would have Injured Workers ‘wait for the feds to intervene’… just remember, you can’t fix stupid. For Injured Workers who blog in America, there is one with two blogs… https://lnkd.in/bXgBAvM and MyWorkCompCoach.com

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