WorkCompsters, Meanies, Bullies and Bloggers, Oh My! Devastating Outcomes! Expensive, too!

Let the real Workers Compensation National and Global  Discussions Begin!
As one industry forensic psychiatrist suggested, ‘Tell them to take it to The Hague!’
Injured Workers are a little more practical and respectfully request that Congress immediately establish a CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION TO INVESTIGATE NATIONAL CRIMES AND DOMESTIC TORTURE AGAINST INJURED AND DISABLED MEMBERS OF AMERICA’S WORKING CLASS.
WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEMS failures and abuses in all states, as hinted at by the Secretary of the Department of Labor, must be ‘fixed’ now, considering also the cost shifting and further burdens on all American taxpayers and State and Federal Systems.
Sometimes WorkComp Industry people will start or close conversations with intended  perceptions of empathy along lines of,  ‘it sounds like you’ve had a very tough time’ or ‘gee, sounds like you had a bad experience in our industry; most injured workers have happy and positive experiences and outcomes.’
Others will often suggest and argue that any discussions of misdeeds, fraud, misbehavior, failed surgeries, dirty doctor reports etc. are ‘simply hyperbole’ and use other abusive dodging tactics — anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
#MicCheck! Thinking about #WorkCompsters, Meanies, Bullies and Bloggers- spending a little time reviewing past blogs and are some on #WorkComp #Frauds
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“U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers”

[Read this article again, read the original series, INSULT TO INJURY: THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, and review all the blue [purple]  links below….  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!]
Last year, ProPublica profiled workers who had their home health aides taken away
….next time a #WorkCompster calls industry failures hyperbole or an unusual unfortunate situation, you’ll be ‘armed’ to have an intelligent conversation to debunk their propaganda and fake empathy…
In face, you can see for yourself what the “Best [WorkComp Industry] Blogs – 2016” are sharing in the way of industry propaganda, in order to protect their interests and the highly profitable PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business model they represent, “All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work‘ –
Injured Workers Mediation for negotiations and structured settlements

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Note:  File churning and obfuscation of facts are a pattern of practice.  Attorneys who allege to represent injured workers don’t get paid  [allegedly] until a case is settled.
Why will so few attorneys use third-party-neutral mediation and structured settlements to save the lives of their clients? Why should any case be allowed to churn more than two years, or even churn at all?
NOTE:  The patterns of practice for handling of all catastrophic injuries across America seem to meet the Romano Trust vs Sedgwick guidelines for maximum profits. Adjusters across America seem to use the same “playbook” to the most minute detail.


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Injured Worker denied Worker’s comp – GoFundMe and Happier News

Injured Worker denied Worker’s comp


Update 7

11 hours ago

I would like to update this since not all are on Facebook. Today I accepted a full time position at my PRN hospital job. I am very happy. The best part of it : I will be able to add us all on my insurance in 90 days. I also will be able to go back to my part time job on my days off. This means a lot to us. Everyone needs insurance especially with two teens.

Randy still has not heard anything from the lawsuit against Workers Comp. I guess that could be a good thing. Hopefully in the next 2 months. The struggle here is real but all we can do is hope and pray. I told Randy that my wish has come true. Now it’s his turn. Please continue to pray because I know it helps!!! PERSONALLY!!! Thank you all!

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Congratulations! That sounds like a big blessing! Thank you for sharing your good news!

Continue to expect and rely upon all good things coming. Help Randy set up a blog.


A social media strategy is imperative in surviving workcomp. The recent ProPublica and NPR investigative reports, about the state of Workers’ Compensation in America, and the Secretary of Labor quotes seem to have the WC industry in another tizzy.


U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

INSULT TO INJURY: AMERICA’S VANISHING WORKER PROTECTIONS Labor Report Urges Study Of A Federal Role In State Workers’ Comp Laws

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Linda Ayres
6 days ago

Don’t delete any of it…. until you have a signed and Court approved fair and reasonable settlement. Start a blog.

Do a google search, “What’s YOUR Work Comp Story” … you’ll see you are truly not alone…. and it is just one fight…. FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

Just today an industry expert wrote this to me….. read it carefully…. it will help you and yours understand exactly what you and all American Workers are up against…. .

“Linda while you are obviously well intentioned, your perspective is distorted. The vast majority of workers comp patients are treated fairly and well. A few are not. Your efforts and PP’s denigrate and insult the hard work and diligence of many very good people in the workers comp industry.”

It was in response to an invitation to the ‘expert’ to guest blog on the topics of inciting mediation and settlements. The “PP” reference is to the investigative reports of ProPublica and NPR in 2015: INSULT TO INJURY: The Demolition of Workers Compensation Here Here!

i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor watch for e course
WATCH FOR eCourse – COMING SOON     preview?


See more at

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“Something is terribly wrong with workers compensation, isn’t it?” Google it.

“Something is terribly wrong with workers compensation, isn’t it?” Google it.


Draw your own conclusions. Be sure read the most recent ProPublica and NPR pieces of investigative reporting adding to the Workers Compensation National Discussion, pretty please and thank you.

U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers Just sayin…again.

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW – Think locally * Act Globally * Occupy Virtually and for goodness’ sake, continue to #DodgeTheRads




Here’s one comment on an industry blogger’s post about the issues.  Be sure to see the additional links in that blog,

  1. FutureComp Consulting

  2. Deaf, Dumb and Blind, part Deux

  3. Deaf, Dumb and Blind

My WorkComp Coaches’ Comments on the FutureComp Consulting blog:

Joe doesn’t believe there is anything wrong or terribly wrong with Worker’s Compensation, so how credible are his comments?

I do agree with his conclusion, “What does this mean for you? If you don’t tell your story, others will make up stories about you.”

That looks like another way of saying “Without a blog and a growing database Injured Workers are unarmed and unprotected in the global war on workers.”

I think you and DePaolo summed it up best! David also said, “Why is it that nobody gives a damn in this industry about big money fraud?”

I believe all Americans should extend another standing ovation to @ProPublica and @NPR journalists, and to Paul Steiger for running such a stellar operation!

Injured Workers were starting to wonder if NPR/ProPublica thought their work was done on the necessary investigative journalism on these issues! Hooray! They’re back!!

Let’s encourage those 10 congressional representatives to do their follow up.

While Secretary Perez HOPES they will act, hope is not a strategy. DOL and DOJ Work must together to protect the American people from the criminal elements in your industry… A civil rights commission is probably the best next step, wouldn’t you agree?… shows only 127 Workers Comp Mediators in the USA (yikes, for 54 million injured workers… we have a problem, Houston!)  26 Workers Comp Mediators “serving” California and 59 “serving” Florida. It’s not a full list, as several I know are not listed.

Maybe the Structured Settlement peeps know more mediators? Let’s investigate.

Congress may have to send in the National Guard after all — while the legal professionals get up to speed on mediation and negotiations.  Yes, American’s don’t ‘negotiate with terrorists’ but an exception must be made for dealing with the ‘work comp terrorists in suits’  – maybe an executive order could help?


Some of us are working on finding and organizing more professional mediators in order to help WorkComp Hostages ESCAPE THE SYSTEM.

Edward-Bernays-2 Edward Bernays WorkComp practices too

An Awareness Campaign to educate attorneys who purport to represent injured workers must be launched in order to save lives now. Watch for my next articles in Huffington Post, too…. you might appreciate them! – xoxoxo

Yep. Thanks Richard. #DodgeTheRads and blog on! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW


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U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers by Michael Grabell ProPublica, SHARE SHARE SHARE

U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

by Michael Grabell ProPublica, Oct. 5, 2016, 6:01 a.m.

A U.S. Department of Labor report released today details the bleak fate facing the nation’s injured workers, noting that those hurt on the job are at “great risk of falling into poverty” because state workers’ compensation systems are failing to provide them with adequate benefits.

The report lays the groundwork for renewed federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, providing a detailed history of the government’s past efforts to step in when states fell short. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said in a statement Tuesday night that he was drafting legislation “to address many of the troubling findings laid out in this report” and hoped to advance it in the next Congress.

The 43-page report was prompted by a letter last fall from 10 prominent lawmakers, including Brown, urging more action to protect injured workers following a ProPublica and NPR series on workers’ comp. The stories found that since 2003, more than 30 states had changed their laws, causing some workers to lose their homes, or be denied surgeries or prosthetic devices their doctors recommended.

The Labor Department’s conclusions echo ProPublica and NPR’s findings that states have decreased benefits, created hurdles to medical care, raised the burden of proof to qualify for help and shifted costs to public programs, such as Social Security Disability Insurance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the Labor Department, made similar findings last year. But Wednesday’s report underscores the prominence of the issue, as departmental investigations are typically reserved for White House priorities, such as increasing the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid family leave.

The report provides a roadmap of potential actions, but stops short of new policy recommendations in what appears to be a tacit nod to the fact that President Obama’s term is waning and substantial changes must wait for another administration. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who was shortlisted as a potential vice presidential candidate, is expected to hold a top job if Hillary Clinton wins the election next month.

“With this report, we’re sounding an alarm bell,” Perez said in an interview Tuesday. “A critical part of the safety net is being both attacked and eroded in no small measure because there are no federal minimum standards for workers’ compensation.”

“I hope that Congress will step up,” he added. “We have to fix this system.”

Workers’ comp dates back more than century, with each state having its own system of benefits, insurance rules and courts. Typically, when a worker is injured, employers pay their medical bills, a portion of their lost wages and compensation for any permanent disabilities. In exchange for prompt and certain benefits, workers are barred from suing their employers.

But as ProPublica and NPR found, the benefits can vary drastically, with compensation for an amputated arm ranging from $45,000 to $740,000, even in neighboring states.

The Labor Department report details how states have changed their laws largely in an effort to reduce business costs as they compete for new corporate headquarters, factories and warehouses 2014 a trend the report calls a “race to the bottom.”

It calls for policymakers to explore how to prevent the costs of workplace injuries and illnesses from being transferred to public programs, how to increase the sharing of injury data between insurers and public health researchers, and how to develop programs that help disabled workers return to the job.

Most significantly, it floats the idea of increasing federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, which could include the appointment of a national commission, federal tracking of state laws and the establishment of minimum standards and penalties if states fail to meet them.

A presidential commission in 1972 came up with 19 guidelines for states to improve their workers’ comp systems and recommended that Congress mandate them if states didn’t act. Many states did, but as political winds shifted in the early 1980s, the threat of federal intervention passed.

The suggestion of increased federal involvement has set off alarm bells in the insurance and employer communities.

“Federal requirements imposed on a national basis would be inconsistent with the state workers’ compensation system, which has been in place for more than 100 years without federal oversight,” wrote Douglas Holmes in a recent blog post. Holmes is president of UWC, a business lobby group focused on unemployment and workers’ comp.

But in its report, the Labor Department notes that as far back as 1939, the agency considered setting guiding principles for workers’ comp as part of its mission. President Harry Truman spoke of promoting standards for state programs while President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s labor secretary sponsored the drafting of model workers’ comp laws.

Such involvement continued through the Ford and Carter administrations but was curtailed during the Reagan era. The Labor Department continued to track states’ compliance with the 1972 commission guidelines until 2004, when budget cuts ended the program.

Courts and lawmakers in several states have moved to restore workers’ comp protections since the ProPublica and NPR series published in 2015. Top courts in Florida and Oklahoma have overturned a number of business-friendly reforms highlighted in the series, including a two-year cap on wage benefits and a provision that allowed Oklahoma businesses to opt out of workers’ comp and write their own plans to care for injured employees. This summer, New Mexico’s Supreme Court granted farmworkers the right to workers’ comp for the first time in 100 years.

In California, the governor last week signed a bill that will reduce the roadblocks for workers to get medical care. And the state’s workers’ comp bureau is in the final stages of writing a new regulation that would allow more severely injured workers to qualify for home health care.

Last year, ProPublica profiled workers who had their home health aides taken away after a new law allowed insurance companies to reevaluate cases based on a more restrictive regulation.

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their newsletter.


REBLOG IT!   Remember remember:  “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotect in the War On Workers.”  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!

Read the October 20, 2015 letter from federal lawmakers to dol here.

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What’s really going on in America’s Workers’ Compensation? It’s A Crises! PREPARE! SURVIVE!

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Read it here:  Dear WorkComp Coach – Is GoFundMe the best Hope for American Injured Workers?

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