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Injured Worker denied Worker’s comp


Update 7

11 hours ago

I would like to update this since not all are on Facebook. Today I accepted a full time position at my PRN hospital job. I am very happy. The best part of it : I will be able to add us all on my insurance in 90 days. I also will be able to go back to my part time job on my days off. This means a lot to us. Everyone needs insurance especially with two teens.

Randy still has not heard anything from the lawsuit against Workers Comp. I guess that could be a good thing. Hopefully in the next 2 months. The struggle here is real but all we can do is hope and pray. I told Randy that my wish has come true. Now it’s his turn. Please continue to pray because I know it helps!!! PERSONALLY!!! Thank you all!

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Congratulations! That sounds like a big blessing! Thank you for sharing your good news!

Continue to expect and rely upon all good things coming. Help Randy set up a blog.


A social media strategy is imperative in surviving workcomp. The recent ProPublica and NPR investigative reports, about the state of Workers’ Compensation in America, and the Secretary of Labor quotes seem to have the WC industry in another tizzy.


U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

INSULT TO INJURY: AMERICA’S VANISHING WORKER PROTECTIONS Labor Report Urges Study Of A Federal Role In State Workers’ Comp Laws

Remember Remember… WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! PS #DodgeTheRads

Linda Ayres
6 days ago

Don’t delete any of it…. until you have a signed and Court approved fair and reasonable settlement. Start a blog.

Do a google search, “What’s YOUR Work Comp Story” … you’ll see you are truly not alone…. and it is just one fight…. FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

Just today an industry expert wrote this to me….. read it carefully…. it will help you and yours understand exactly what you and all American Workers are up against…. .

“Linda while you are obviously well intentioned, your perspective is distorted. The vast majority of workers comp patients are treated fairly and well. A few are not. Your efforts and PP’s denigrate and insult the hard work and diligence of many very good people in the workers comp industry.”

It was in response to an invitation to the ‘expert’ to guest blog on the topics of inciting mediation and settlements. The “PP” reference is to the investigative reports of ProPublica and NPR in 2015: INSULT TO INJURY: The Demolition of Workers Compensation Here Here!

i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor watch for e course
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