Can a Judge Compel a 2012 Injured Worker to Participate in Felony WorkComp Fraud Scam?

“… I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

“Domestic enemies”….that seems to include the #WorkCompsters and their #WarOnWorkers, wouldn’t you think?

flag distress signal


Dear “Supplemental People” —-

US Constitutional 5th and 14th Amendments immediately come to mind, and the secret police type reports Grancell encourages to protect fraudulent medical reports of their payees seems to violate Article 14 of the California Constitution, for starters.


[Ear, nose and throat; general vicinity of the brain, but still not a brain doctor, but closer than an orthopedic surgeon, huh?]

…. AND YET ANOTHER NEURO-PSYCH EVALUATION, without causing the Defense to provide complete and accurate records, and allowing the Defense to write false cover letters to the doctors, and without allowing due process to injured worker to appear and plead for medical care and cessation of bullying, file churning and fraud, and with denials of requested ADA accommodations for appearance?

I found this on Facebook...seems true.  Is there Civil Code to go with it?
I found this on Facebook…seems true. Is there Civil OR Federal Code to go with it?

As defense is attempting to falsely claim this accident did not occur at work, is Wyndham Worldwide committing fraud, or is it just the Defense Firm personnel and the doctors they have involved in their chicanery via omission of medical records and misleading cover letters?  Now, if they say I did fall backwards on ice and hit my head real hard, as the DWC-1 statement on date of injury so indicates, and is signed by the Admin Manager, and they know I haven’t worked or been right since, then Wyndham appears to be only guilty of collusion to keep the dirty secrets, and human rights failures to come to the aid of an injured worker, and failures to hold their vendors accountable for bullying and egregious harm to an Injured Wyndham Worker.

Duration since Jan 9 2012
How can failures to provide medical care this long in WorkComp “Exclusive Remedy” BE LEGAL?  How many doctors have evaluated and made recommendations for denied medical care over this course? 35? 40? What’s next?   ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW

Back in 2013, I asked a Judge to authorize me to pay an hourly consult to a WorkComp lawyer, as indicated in the Christopher A. Ball book for Injured Workers, recommended on the WCAB site.  It is called California Workers’ Comp HOW TO TAKE CHARGE WHEN YOU’RE INJURED ON THE JOB.  The Judge declined; said it was against the law.

why mediate

I have dismissed 4 law firms that seemed very confused about the difference between a broken finger and a brain injury, so not a good fit for attempting to get medical care. I have accomplished more than all 4 of them on my own., and I have accomplished quite little.  So, that leaves me without legal counsel, with a brain injury, fighting organized crime, armed with the will to survive and the ability to type and blog.  Ain’t that nothing, America!



My response, this weekend, with a “DOR” will probably be called:


tbi and ice

As you know, on January 9, 2012, in efforts to help my co-workers get inside the office, during a snow storm, in which we were locked out, I told my manager I thought the window at my table might be unlocked, and we walked over to check the window.  It was locked.  My manager made it back to the side walk safely;  I slipped on ice and fell backwards, and hit my head very very hard.  I laid on the ground for I don’t know how long, my keys went flying and when my manager asked, “Are you ok?” I said, “No, I’m not.  I hit my head reallly reallly reallly hard.” Somebody took my briefcase inside the office but I had to go outside later to find my keys, that I do remember, because they were not in my handbag.

brain concussion tbi

After a little while, he helped me up.  I’m in sales.  We are ‘trained’ to leave our troubles at the door.  I dusted all the snow off of me, and went inside to attend the Sales Huddle.  My colleagues had a good laugh.  I forget who said it, but someone said, “Ewwwwwww, Linda has Fukushima Rads all over her now!”  (I had shared with them how radioactive snow is, as the snowflakes latch on to the radioactive isotopes like scavengers, and encouraged dodging the snow flakes, by any means necessary.)  I got “in trouble” for sharing this picture in the break room in 2011… I was told it was not very positive; it illustrates the impact of radiation poisoning.

Whats next Mom
Hello World! Ask About Fukushima Now


Later, the Administrative Manager asked if I was going to see a doctor, and I said yes, and I asked, “Do I have to see any special doctor?”  He said, “Just see any doctor that accepts workers comp insurance” and he gave me an incomplete “DWC-1” form — he signed it, but it had no insurance company information on it, and no doctor could accept it, and the office did not return the doctor’s calls.

Remember, Wyndham staff did not offer to call 911 or even bother to take me or offer a ride to Urgent Care or an Emergency Room. Previously, I dropped everything and took a co-worker to Urgent Care as she was complaining of chest pains to everybody.  HR had no plan in place for dealing with such issues, either.  Perhaps staff is “too young or too stupid” to make life affirming decisions.

My guests, at the first wave tour, knew I was clearly dazed and confused, and they got their “gift” without any hard-sell….just gratitude that they were understanding about my confusion, as I told them I had slipped on ice and hit my head real hard that morning.

I went to the doctor after work, God only knows how I drove down that icy mountain road.  For some reason, I don’t know why, an hour trip took over two hours.  When I saw the chiropractor (I thought I just needed a little adjustment for my neck and back) but the doctor said I had a concussion.  I didn’t know what that meant.  He suggested I would feel like I’d been hit by a truck in a few days, but in a few weeks I’d probably be fine  He was right about feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.  I vaguely remember having to use both hands to lift my head up from bed, and I slept a lot –


I went to the Urgent care a few days later, since someone told me people can die from head injuries; they could not take the DWC-1 form, but they kindly accepted the CIGNA employee health insurance (which CIGNA had to fax to them, since I couldn’t find the card).  I got lost going to that doctor’s office, then lost again going home waiting for CIGNA to fax them the card, and disoriented on return.  Defense likes to say that doctor said I wasn’t dizzy, disoriented or confused.  D’oh!  The office is less than 5 miles from home, in rural Yucca Valley.

I had already called the EAP – Employee Assistance Program — because I was so confused, couldn’t think, and was having trouble talking, and my words were slurring.  I haven’t had a drink or drug in over 28 years.  People said I sounded drunk.  Not a good sign.  EAP connected me with a clinical psychologist who referred me to a local neurologist (who refused to see me since it was work comp, at a scheduled appointment; his office perjured and said I failed to appear for appointment; I begged for help or at least a referral when they turned me away.

Webinar Ninja  Draft one  SURVIVING WORK COMP

Turns out, they were actually on what I later learned to be an MPN list…)  The rest of the blogs ( has the rest of the details; perhaps a law school may find it of interest; real lawyers don’t give a hoot, nor, apparently, do WorkComp Judges, complicit in the terrors I have experienced as a member of America’s Working Class, injured being a team player, kicked to the curb by the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES CROWD.

As many of you know, I am currently enrolled in the Coastline Community College State run ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY PROGRAM.  It is a one to two year program, and it helping me tremendously, in learning compensatory skills, and in ‘resocialization’ — being in a community with other brain injury survivors is remarkable, and yes, we compare notes on the chicanery of the legal and insurance psychopaths—the stories are all quite similar.  We do need Nuremberg type trials, and this time, include the lawyers and their ilk.

I am learning a new software to compensate for cognitive impairments…. including loss of working memory…. I haven’t quite figured out how to get the images out of the software into the blog, so I have resorted to copy and paste.  I think you can see the big picture of what I am currently dealing with.  Future blogs may have better presentation, as I am currently studying how this software can make up for my loss of working memory.  It really helps me to see the ‘big picture’ again.


We are also learning about learning styles, and how our brain injuries impact our need to focus on strategies to be more “concrete sequential” in our new approach to life.  This software, with several other apps and devices, serves as cognitive aids.

My progress seems measurable, substantiated by the increase in blog views since June 2013…

Capture STATS  AS OF 7 24 2015  911 AM PDT

Bottom line, it’s just more dreadful fraud and legal chicanery.  I could just spit at the vileness of it all.  Anyway, If you have any suggestions on how to best approach the Judge.  I don’t really believe I can be compelled to participate in felony fraud in an ongoing workers compensation scam by  the defense firm and insurance carrier representing my employer, Wyndham Worldwide.

As many of you know, the medical care I have received, I have had to pay for myself, now exceeding over $43,000.  CNA refused to pay TTD benefits in 2012, shifted the cost burden to the State, then finally paid the State back in 2014, at a dramatic discount.  They said it’s legal because EDD “negotiated” a $49k payback to $31,000 payback.  I don’t think the State Controller knows, but lawyers and EDD tell me it “happens all the time.”  As a consequence, instead of “104 weeks of TTD” payable by Work Comp Carrier, followed by ” up to 52 weeks of State Disability” I got cheated out not only medical care that would have possibly facilitated return to work, but I had no income for months and months and months (translation; had to rely on Salvation Army for help!) but I got cheated out of the EDD “up to 52 weeks” and those funds went back to CNA for bottom line profits.



.  .Capture ORDER TO COMPEL 2

It’s a brain storming tool, and helps compensate for impaired loss of working memory.

It’s a little embarrassing that I cannot figure out how to ‘export’ or ‘transfer’ this info as the software is designed to, but it does serve as an example of my creative work-arounds and compensatory strategies.   The outline text is below.


Remember, in my pre-brain-injury life, I was a Database Queen, I served years ago as an Executive Assistant to some serious Captains of Global Industries, and it took smarts and serious speed and cognitive functions to keep them organized, and my work included intense logistics, keeping them on meeting schedules, to private planes, yachts and limos, political events and more.  

So, when I read some of the fraudulent statements of some well paid insurance industry doctors, you might imagine how I could just spit at the audacity of these little thugs.  One government agent, as I told some of the tales of the corrupution and horrors I have been exposed to, asked, “How can they sleep at night?”  I said, “Psychopaths have no sleep problems.”



As many of you also know, I lost professional credentials due to the untreated brain injury.  I lost my Hawaii Real Estate Sales License, California Real Estate Broker’s license, and California Notary Commission.  While I have not hope to be able to restore my Hawaii license, I was able this year to reinstate my California Real Estate Broker’s license, and just yesterday, I took my Oath for my California Notary Commission.   Yes, I take my Oaths seriously, always have, always will:

“I, Linda Ayres, do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.



Remember remember also….  All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and don’t forget to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


Where do we go from here WorkComp, Wyndham, CNA, Grancell, Corvel and My Fellow Americans



[If YOU have ideas on how to resolve this, and matters like it, without a WorkComp death penalty for getting injured on the job, please advise!]

Dear Tina:

Thank you for your kind letter.

“I will share your request with the Leave Support Center and ask them to review your request and provide you a written response with the outcome.”

Please do also send the information on how to redeem the $54.73 “Three year Service Award”….  It will help with the costs of food and lodging while attending the Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program.  I will ask my accountant to revise my 2014 return.

How nice.  That’s the first I am hearing of a monetary award for years of service!  Did I miss one for 2013? I got a card from Tommy with a Pin for the first year back.  I still have it.  Timeshare did change my life…for the best when I bought my first one, then for the better when I became a salesperson, then….. for my near total destruction upon being injured at work.

Please consider THIS  letter a further addendum to request for continued leave of absence, through December 1, 2015, such leave being part of the accommodation request.  If I can get back sooner, I will.  Dr. Hilda will reevaluate periodically, as will staff at Coastline.  

Please see the attached letter from Matrix Absence Management, a member of the Tokio Marine Group, as administrators for Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, and the Long Term Disability Provider of the self-purchased Wyndham LTD policy.  I can tell you that Matrix/Reliance has been consistently kind, professional, and helpful, even through the financial chicanery of CNA that complicated payment of the LTD policy, more than once.  The experience between the two insurance companies is as different as night and day, good and evil, honorable and unlawful, kind and vicious…..


Attached is the IME, Independent Medical Exam by one of the Reliance ‘independent’ neurologists. Stewart Reubens, of Grancell, also requested a copy of this report and it is therefore being sent to all stakeholders. I am under no legal obligation to share this information; it is relevant to the possibly criminal matters at hand, that absolutely require Wyndham Intervention at the highest levels now. Let’s avoid a #FEHA lawsuit, although it seems Grancell has other aims. I have not been authorized to return to work because medically necessary treatments have not been authorized for over three years.



Ain’t that a crime?!!  If it wasn’t WorkComp, it would likely be attempted murder!   ” First- degree murder  is any intentional  murder  that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought.”  Complicity in such acts likely has serious consequences as well.

Please note the Reliance letter clearly states:

“Based on the medical information contained in your file, you are considered totally disabled from performing any occupation for which you are qualified, by reason of training, education, or experience.  As a result, benefits will continue to April 8, 2017, or until you no longer meet the provision of your policy, whichever occurs first.”

How is it, do you think, that both of Wyndham’s insurance companies can have such diverse opinions on my ability to return to work?  Grancell has done everything possible to ensure I am not able to return to work, while they churn the files.  Yesterday, I received another big set of papers from CorVel corporation, pure chicanery and deceptions, but it is their standard of practice.  I have about 3 reams of their bogus expensive reports.

Please see the attached links on how one Mayor has requested a complete audit of CorVel.

See more comments at Bob’s Cluttered Desk

Confusion Reigns Supreme – CorVel Hospital Experience is a Lesson for All of Workers’ Comp

Forth Worth Mayor and CorVel

If the Mayor can call for an Audit of CorVel’s WorkComp practices, Wyndham Worldwide can certainly call for an audit of at least my case, and ideally, an audit of all claims over the past 5 years that resulted in absences of longer than 90 days, or forced resignations as a requirement to facilitate medically necessary care. Certainly such an audit will identify a pattern of practice clearly showing the Wyndham is paying premium for insurance coverage that does not provide medical care to injured workers, and in fact, failures to provide medical care by said provider, cause egregious harm to both injured worker and employing corporation, with callous disregard for life and corporate profits and shareholder interests.  (Good for defense law firm shareholders apparently, good for nobody else.)


I know how that cop’s family must feel. My dad was a firefighter. I know how that ‘Brotherhood’ can mobilize and organize to help it’s own when under attack by the likes of CorVel, and what is to come for the family, also, during recovery.  I have seen the industry attacks on Cops in LA, alleging they are off work for long periods of time, blaming the cops, not the deniers of medically necessary treatments.   Yeah, industry propaganda.   Anybody with a job anywhere in the USA could be next.

LI  Self Procured Medical Care

I have stories about those first weeks when a “Case Manager, Nurse Lorraine” terrorized me, and   my doctor’s!!!    Did she work for Corvel?  I don’t know.  I think she worked for CNA.  I do know that for more than 2 years, since 2/21013,  CorVel has been complicit in denials of medical care based on some pretty fictitious and outrageous misrepresentations of medical records, and omitted/ignored medical records, in full disregard of ACOEM, MTUS and NIH guidelines for treatment of closed head injury/concussion, tbi, traumatic brain injury and related consequences. CorVel staff make it very clear that they work for the insurance company, and that would seem to be a severe conflict of interest.

See YOUR letter below for more insights to what I have experienced at the hands of these premium sucking/injured worker harming vendors!

The consequences and validity of the course of treatment that have contributed to my leave of absence being more than 3 years, and great bodily to me because of the breach of fiduciary responsiblity by CNA and it’s defense counsel, Grancell-Corona and Grancell-Novato,  is simply stated as follows:

CNA INSURANCE has authorized this medical care since date of injury:

2012 – Chiropractic, Clinical Psychologist (less than 20 sessions each)

2013- Physical Therapy-6 sessions

2014 – Chiropractic, Acupuncture, 24 sessions of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and

Physical Therapy  (Obtaining a Court order was required for Grancell to authorize scheduling of authorized chiro and acupuncture)…..

2015 – NO MEDICAL CARE, NO RETURN TO WORK, NO DISABILITY BENEFITS paid by CNA SINCE MAY 2014, after refusing to pay, despite Court agreement, in 2012/2013.  Funky accounting let them off the hook with a $16K profit for ‘negotiated’ reimbursement to the State of California for monies the State paid out of my account in 2012/2013.  (Small Permanent Disability advance received yesterday, that will serve to facilitate Coastline ABI program attendance. According to the law, PD estimated payments were due 14 days after last TTD payment… which was May 8, 2014.  See another problem here? Let’s work together for a solution; CNA has a fiduciary responsiblity to Wyndham, and TO ME, as an insured injured worker; that has been breached repeatedly; let’s change that for me, and for all injured workers who follow this path.)

Clearly, the above meets no thinking person’s idea of legitimate, reasonable nor appropriate medical care for a well documented traumatic brain injury.  It does not comply with WorkComp guidelines, ACOEM, MTUS, NIH or any thinking person’s notion of how to deal with brain injury. 

brain concussions football

Self procured (I PAID FOR IT MYSELF VS. QUIETLY LOSING MY LIFE) medical care has included physician requested but adjuster/attorney denied treatment:

2012- Functional Neurology with TBI Expertise, MRI Brain, chiropractic

2013 – Vision Therapy & Prism Lenses, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Speech therapy

2014 – Vision Therapy & Prism Lenses, Chiropractic, MRI – TBI Protocol, Acupuncture, Neuro-Psychology sessions

How many thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent on reports that requested medical care since 2012, that were simply ignored until February 2013, then they were denied in UR evaluations that would not pass a legitimacy test? More than $50,000 was spent at SCRIPPS in 2014, for merely 24 days out of the recommended 3-6 months.   What a waste of money was that!  Whose money was it? Furthermore, such a program is more beneficial for NEW Injuries, not 2.5 year old untreated head injuries.  Helpful, yes, but if CNA had only agreed to Coastline ABI program when it was first presented in May 2014, I could be almost back to work now for a fraction of the cost, and more compensatory skills.


CNA was required by law to be proactive in finding and securing help for me.  The only brain injury treatments received were all based on my own diligence and research, at the guidance of various reporting doctors, who’s recommendations were consistently ignored.  Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick rulings apparently gives companies like CNA the right to kill injured workers.  Is that the type of company that represents Wyndham Corporate Culture and Values?  WILL WYNDHAM STEP UP NOW?

Out of all the evaluating doctors seen, only 3 supported denial of medical care….. known industry leased/owned doctors….Zardouz, Kent and O’Brien.    Any district attorney investigation should likely start there, then move through the list of complicit CorVel doctors, and, of course, to the handling of the mis-information by Ms. Mall of Grancell, and supported by Mr. Reubens of Grancell, while the CNA adjusters seemed to be ‘just following orders’.   Most likely, WE, THE PEOPLE, NEED THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE TO INTERVENE IN WORK COMP CRIMES, NATIONALLY, WITH A SPECIAL COMMISSION.  In seeking Class Action potential, it seems too many attorneys are too afraid of the big corporations, or have no working knowledge of fighting for civil rights.  Others simply seem to be in cahoots with the dubious doctors, law firms, scams and other providers.

Brain  viral mashable more

As an injured Wyndham Worker, and as a Wyndham shareholder, I am hereby formally requesting that an immediate claim audit of my case be conducted…. top include th CNA handling, the Grancell obfuscation of all facts and file churning, and the CorVel deceptions.  As I see from the article, an Employer does indeed have the authority to question the handling of claims, and a responsiblity to do so when the harm caused by the employer’s vendors has been so egregious.   PLEASE WORK WITH MIKE DOUGHERTY TO GET THIS CLAIM INVESTIGATED, WHILE I GET AS MUCH COMPENSATORY STRATEGIES AS POSSIBLE WHILE AT COASTLINE ABI PROGRAM.   Here is that link as well.    

I will never be whole, but without treatment, I will forever be 100% disabled.   That’s not ok.

Thank you also for the vouchers for discounts at the Wyndham property in Newport Beach, near Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program. The staff at Ramada Inn – Newport Beach is always so kind, patient and gracious. When I first arrived there, in October 2014, I didn’t know it was a Wyndham property (I forgot how big Wyndham is!)  I told my “WorkComp Story” at check in, as I tell anybody who will listen, and the Front Desk Manager listened patiently and said, ‘Well, let’s get your experience with Wyndham back on a positive track.  Allow me to upgrade your visit.”   Kindness goes a long way.

With the tiny advance on Permanent Disability funds just received (thanks, Fred!), I hope to be able to complete the one year ABI program, which is officially concluded December 10, 2015, and I will jump through all the hoops to get there, stay there,and excel there, getting the compensatory strategies that are offered when people with brain injuries have exhausted all restorative treatments, or didn’t get any, like I didn’t.   Maybe I can organize a Student Union activity on behalf of InjuredWorkers in California, or an educational launch to reach ignorant doctors, lawyers and adjusters, and work with DA’s to deal with the rest of them.  That would be a big goal, but as a Salesperson, I know the value of goals, written goals, and Vision Boards.  More than one of my doctor’s has indicated that I’m so smart, that’s the only reason I have survived this atrocity to the degree that I have.  I want to help Wyndham get a better insurance company and a better, more-pro-active work comp program to avoid fiascos like this in the future.

NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THESE HORRORS.   Plus side, I’ve learned to blog, and from the comfort of my War Room, I can type like there’s no tomorrow.  That part of my brain stayed in tact…… I wrote you, Tina, a letter, that morning of the 2nd impact on 2/4/12, when I told you if I die because of failures to provide medical care, that I hoped my family would sue Wyndham to kingdom come.  Well, I didn’t die yet, no thanks to Wyndham or it’s vendor.  My quality of life has severely diminished, and my life span has been dramatically shortened, and future health risks from untreated TBI are numerous.

Let’s make a positive impact now, while I can still fight the good fight!

cognitive dissonance turbulence

The first year was the most important for care. CNA knew that. So did Grancell.  It’s in the reports they chose to ignore. Remember, they attempted to coerce me to accept $100,000 in November 2012 in lieu of a deposition, treatment, and it required that I forfeit all civil rights, including my right to return to work.  I’m stuck with permanent brain damage because of all of this, and of course, I am not happy about it all.   Remember also, that the first neuro-pscyhologist, Dr. Eileen Kang, recommended “speech therapy with cognitive remediation” and indicated after that I would return to work.  Speech therapy was never authorized till I got to Scripps – Encinitas, in the Summer of 2014.  The damage was already done.

I will plan to return to work on or before December 1, 2015, hopefully, with few other accommodations to be requested/required.   Dr. Hilda Chalgujian is following my case, and Dr James Pasino at Coastline Acquired Brain Injury program is the neuro-psychologist in charge of the program, which is nationally renknowned and a model for other State program, and is supported by the Department of Rehabilitation.  I have requested and been authorized to participate early in the ‘career planning strategies’ for ABI survivors, which starts next week, in addition to the regular curriculum.  It is normally recommended that the program be 50% completed, but since I don’t know if I will be able to afford to stay through June 2015, I want to get as much good from the program as possible, and perhaps I can be one of the first virtual participants in the suMmer/fall program.  That’s just a hope of mine.  The drive is very hard on me, but I have to do it if I ever expect to have a life again.  LINK FOR MORE INFO:

So, I await confirmation of the continued leave of absence, the Award redemption information, and confirmation that a full audit will be conducted, with perhaps a call to the Attorney General’s office in California to expedite further investigations of these horrific crimes.   While Grancell attempts to fraudulently state that I was this way before…. I have to laugh at their arrogance.   There is no such evidence, nor is there any way that Wyndham would have repeatedly hired  me in different locations, and even send me to Big Bear in January 2011 to help out during a time of severe management upheaval.  As you may recall, I was #1 Sales Rep of the Month more than once.

Perhaps CNA and Grancell current players are unaware of the timeshare world, and how it just doesn’t “MAKE SENSE” to attempt to kill an injured Timeshare Sales Person…. without expecting consequences.  More details are available at the blog site,  God bless America, and the First Amendment., the 14th Amendments,  the Civil Rights Act and the US Constitution.

constitution  too long didnt read

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal   protection of the laws.”  

14th amendment violated by Workers Compensation Corporations?

It is my hope and prayer that Wyndham will make a difference, starting with it’s injured workers, and taking it global.  There are good people at Wyndham, and I have been blessed to know many of them.   I recoil, as if from a hot flame, at the very thought of the people at Grancel and CNA, but I’m just sensitive to evil that way.

end evil  step out of line

So, as I told Stewart Reubens and Fred Sachs, I don’t want to fuss about things while I am at Coastline.  I have also learned that 3 years in complete Survival Mode (or 2 years, since the first year I was hardly present cognitively)…. such stress is similar to what prisoners of war experience, and it is very dangerous for a brain injured person. Obviously, treatment will never happen via CNA, as many doctors have told me, in their own sheer utter discouragement and despair.  Nor is there any interest in good faith mediation.  So I hope they will just stay out of my way and let me recover and get back to work.

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length) – YouTube

Jan 10, 2013 – Uploaded by Soull Purple

Defense Against the Psychopath By Stefan Verstappen Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary ..

My plan is to continue at Coastline uninterrupted through December, then return to work at Palm Springs, in time to get trained and ready for high season.

Brain Injury Advocates

Thank you, Tina, also for the kinder tone of your letter.  Another peer at Coastline indicated her horror that nobody from her job of over 20 years so much as called to see if she was ok.  Another teacher, in Boston an a Nurse in North CA  is having the same sort of “work comp” troubles as I am, and it’s a self-insured school district, but with the same unclean hands and legal chicanery.. It’s epidemic.  Across the Nation.  #InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore


Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

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[Sent to distribution list of all stakeholders; available to any interested parties via email request; could not figure out how to attach PDFs to blog.]

Wyndham Letter Re LOA  dated 2/6/15

Matrix/Reliance LTD letter dated 2/5/15 confirming continuation of benefits thru 4/8/17…

IME – Neurology Report of Dr. Jay Jurkowitz  November 2014, with supplement Jan 2015 report

Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuropsychologist and now PTP, progress report of 1/19/12

With Helpful Links

—–Original Message—–

To: Linda Ayres <>; Linda Ayres <>
Sent: Fri, Feb 6, 2015 3:17 pm
Subject: Interactive process

Dear Linda,


On January 16, 2015, you indicated you had reactivated your Real Estate License and wanted to commence the interactive process regarding your return to work.  Please note that we have been engaged (and will continue to engage) in the interactive process, and we have attempted to work with you regarding your desire to return to work.  Our communications to you regarding your medical status and your desire to return to work constitute engagement in the interactive process.  Despite your desire to return, you still are unable to return to work€“ by your own admission.

  • January 23, 2015 – I am still TTD, temporarily totally disabled. Also, No brain experts have indicated that I am recovered sufficiently to return to work
  • January 13, 2015 I seem to pretty much permanently 100 disabled.
  • December 4, 2014 €œI am still temporarily totally disabled and now my conditions are exacerbated. I am unable to participate in the December 8 training class, much to my great disappointment and anguish.
  • November 26, 2014 €œI ’m tired and have brain fatigue and a little preservation . . . other cognitive deficits exist . . .
  • November 26, 2014  My California Real Estate Broker license expired because I was unable to cognitively perform the continuing education courses in time.
  • November 4, 2014 Because of my cognitive impairments, I am much slower to figure things out .


When you expressed your desire to return to work, we requested a medical release, but you have not provided one.  We need that release and its accompanying description of your limitations so that we can work with you to see if there is a position for which you are qualified, the essential functions of which you could perform with or without accommodation.  We cannot place you back in the workplace without that information and subsequent discussions with you.


In an email you sent on February 1, 2015, you stated €œI . . . .am hereby requesting extension of leave of absence to complete one year at Coastline Community College – Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach, which, ideally, will be completed on or before December 1, 2015, at which time I hope to be able to return to work.”


Regarding your request of an extended leave of absence until December 1, 2015, from your email on February 1st, I will share your request with the Leave Support Center and ask them to review your request and provide you a written response with the outcome.   Additionally, per your request, I signed discount vouchers for Wyndham hotels and provided them to you so you could secure accommodations at your expense.  Let me know if you need more in the future and I would be happy to assist.


Finally, you inquired about reported compensation in the amount of $54.73 for 2014.  We researched and found that the amount is associated with your three year service award with WVO.  To address this outstanding issue, you may either redeem the award (we will provide you the information to redeem online) or you may elect to forgo the award and we can reissue a W-2 to you for 2014.  Please note that reissuing the W-2 may take approximately 45 days to complete.


Please let me know if you have any questions and advise how you would like to proceed on the service award issue.


Thanks so much,

 —-Wyndham Human Resources

 work comp guidelines
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
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 ele cognitive dissonance

WorkComp Got You Down?


Approximately 8 million of the 54 million injured workers?  

What would SunTzu do?  What would Makana sing?

organize do not panic

“#WorkComp is to InjuredWorkers as #PrivatizedPrisons are to________?”

That question has been posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  One response already came back:

“as PrivatizedPrisons are to _________?” … the legal human storage biz and all it’s “helpers.”


Not A Shot Was Fired by the #WorkCompsters


Medical treatments and experiments for prison injuries vs. work injuries are different how?   Does anybody recall the details of 20th Century Doctor Trials?  

The only known ‘defense’ strategies… DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH:

For those who cannot or will not read and think, here is a short video that may help with comprehension:

Independent Medical Examination Agenda – YouTube

► 3:55 Hulett learns the real purpose of so called “Independent Medical Examinations.”

Not saying all doctors in WorkComp are horrible creatures; many have left the industry for private practice.  It is said that some have ‘retired into’ WorkComp evaluations.  


Better guidelines for QME/AME designations, along with ethics requirements and recordings of evaluations of all injured workers for at least the next ten years must be considered in order to save lives and indict criminals.  Let’s have fresh trials, and stop history from repeating itself in America.  

373904_108997595883860_100003208595731_54447_1057147537_n   organized crime.

When doctors are not held accountable for false reports that cause harm and death,  written for profit and with intention to deny medical care and worse, something’s rotten in the system. When doctors can willfully change dates of injuries in order to use earlier medical reports to falsely substantiate ‘pre-existing’ conditions, something’s rotten in the system.  When the System itself allows for ‘secret reports’ and hefty payments to doctors who can’t even get a date of injury straight, something is rotten in the system.

Doctors Trial

Does anybody have hard stats on WorkComp in America?  At the recent #WorkCompCentral #CompLaude Gala, it was mentioned, if memory serves sufficiently, that approximately 15% of injured workers in America are unrepresented..

  • If that math is correct, that’s about 8 million — UNREPRESENTED INJURED WORKERS.  
  • It does not count the ‘poorly represented’ injured workers!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THAT MARKET SEGMENT?  

SunTzu images.

SunTzu He will winTell us; we’ll tell the InjuredWorker populations, too; afterall, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.


Could ‘On-Time Records’ help America’s Injured Workers?  What can YOU do?

. recently article indicated that the UK offers Corporations tax breaks for providing medically necessary treatments to injured/disabled workers in order to facilitate return to work?

Wow, that’s the direct opposite of USA treatment of disabled and injured workers, huh?


Insurance companies here are paid big bonuses for refusing to pay disability benefits, provide medically necessary treatments, and they seem to use any means necessary to shift cost burdens to State and Federal Agencies, before people enter the ranks of homelessness and incarceration.  Same insurance companies are on a 3-D plan, DELAY, DENY, DECEIVE, approved by volumes of useless laws?  Employers can willfully refuse to engage in interactive process for return to work discussions…FOR YEARS!!!  d’OH!  Without consequences? Hmph.


Apparently, there are ‘Tea Parties’ and ‘Tea Parties’ and “Tempests in Teapots?”

Often, #InjuredWorkers make poor choices in retaining legal counsel, and many have retained 2 or more, leaving them defenseless, since incompetence in the legal fields allows dismissed counsel to place a lien on the WorkComp claim, rendering it useless (i.e. unprofitable) to further counsel.


If 15% of the InjuredWorkers in America are currently unrepresented, 15% of 54 million is 8,100,000 at any given time.  Many of those InjuredWorkers are too sick or medicated to fight the good fight, and many will simply join the ranks of the homeless and prison population and cemetaries.

work comp guidelines


Occupy media coverage

Does YOUR STAFF understand the rights of flag-waving InjuredWorkers, In Pro Per, or is your staff increasing risk of malpractice complaints against your teams?

This case has several instances of WorkComp provider staff telling this injured worker that they can only take directions, requests, medical records, complaints and correction directly from the Defense Counsel, or adjuster, if unrepresented. The perjured Proof of Services and responses to proofs of services are another issue that causes egregious harm.

Really?  How interesting.  Does the ACLU agree with that interpretation of Civil Rights and Labor Codes?  Does the DOJ agree?


CA Workers’ Compensation — Treatment Denial / Independent Medical Review (IMR)





What’s your story?  Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Ignorant.  Let us tell it, afterall, ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS.




thank you  wynlinda's med legal activism



InjuredWorkersUnited SILENT NO MORE




Where O Where are the Brave and Smart WorkComp Injured Worker Attorneys?

“If you have an interest, I’m way open to your direction on how to move forward with RTW and accommodations requests.  They have cut my benefits off, so I’m back between a rock and hard place, and it snows a bit where I live, and I’m not willing to look for food banks or welfare offices again.  Once was more than enough….”  – September 2014

A FEHA/Employment Law and Civil Rights Law Firm, and a Class Action Law firm are also desired.  Wassup America?

“Intent” is important in WorkComp.  “Intent to Kill” is a matter for the Department of Justice, imho.

WC  WorkComp Kills

The info you provide is helpful, but here’s the bottom line data I’d like to see if I can help you, informally or by representation:

(1)     Who are your work comp doctors?

(a)     Who is your PTP?

(b)    Who are your secondary treating doctors (i.e, in other specialties)?

(c)     Do you have any AMEs or QMEs, and if so, who are they?

(2)     Have any of the above doctors found you to be MMI yet?  As of what date?

(3)     If you are MMI per any doctor, what’s your WPI and the apportionment analysis?

(4)     Any trials or findings by a work comp judge yet?  If so, who and at which WCAB office?

(5)     What treatment is authorized?  Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?

(6)     Are you getting SSDI, or have you applied for it?  If so, do you have an MSA?  What’s the amount?

If you email me answers to these questions….

Life with TBI is so

(1)     Who are your work comp doctors?

I have a list of approximately 35 doctors, by specialty, diagnosis, recommended treatments (not provided) and ICD -9  codes, referred by whom and whether on alleged MPN, authorized exception or self-procured..  I have to look for it and it will follow when I get home (Thursday nite)

(a)     Who is your PTP?

Current:  Dr. Darren Bergey, Orthopedic Surgeon, since 2/14/2013.  Knows nothing about brains, and all efforts to get me to experts failed, organized by  attorney #3.

Prior PTP, Dr. Marcel Ponton, QME, Clinical Psychologist (not sure if he is a neuro-psych); Organized by attorney #2, located in Pasadena, 3 hours from my home.  I met with him twice…once in April 2012, once in October 2012.  He did not perform the neuro-psych tests, his colleague, Dr. Gunn, did.  His other colleague, Dr. Chung provided approximately 4 clinical psychology sesssions, focussed primary on stress and pretending there are no cognitive impairments.  Dr. Ponton requested neuro-feedback, neurology, neuro-optometry…. to no avail.  In October 2012, after threating letter from Defense, he said I could return to work with accommodations as clerk.  No medical treatment with him, but somehow after defense threat, I magically got well.  Several of his reports have been repeatedly omitted by defense in order to continue to deny medical.  Some of his reports read like I got the requested evaluations and treatment, but I didn’t and he only requested; complete failure to obtain medical care.  (April 2012 – December 2012; authorized exception to alleged MPN, by Court Order, June 2012.)

After dismissing attorney #2 and requesting hearing for right to medical care and treatment by a specialist, I & A officer and then-defense counsel told me to come prepared with 3 doctors names, which I did, but they were not on the alleged MPN List (I was never properly noticed, that’s another can of worms).  So, the two women made me chose another Orthopedic Surgeon who would then “coordinate specialty doctors”.  I chose Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, Orthopedic Surgeon and had an eval and he wrote a report.  As there was an increasing demand for a QME/AME, I retained counsel #3, and they didn’t like Rabinovich, so they sent me to Dr. Bergey, who is stil the PTP, but wants out as they have been threatened by defense to stop requesting brain injury treatment or they would lose their MPN status.   On my right shoulder rotator cuff injury, clearly evidenced as a impacted body part by several reporting doctors, discovered by Dr. Bergey after physical therapy authorized Spring 2013, authorized MRI of shoulder, recommended shoulder surgery (no thanks, I’m familliar with Romano Trust vs Segdwick)….defense then told Dr. Bergey stop reporting it as “industrial injury” so mid-summer 2013 he changed it to “non-industrial”…. a Crowe-Paradis report obtained by defense in Nov 2012 with intent to coerce premature settlement also included the right shoulder….so it’s just silly that once the severity is discovered they want to say “oops, not related”… D’oh.

Attorney #1’s “office manager” was the case manager and was the first to send me to an Orthopedic Surgeon.  I told her I needed a brain doctor, she said Work Comp required I start with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  His name is Dr. Sunny Gurvindo (?) UPPAL.  The office manager also said, “there’s no psych component to a work comp injury”… I said, “It’s not a psych component, it’s my BRAIN.”….

The first doctor I saw, on the date of injury, was local chiropractor, Dr. Jamie Whitlock.  I thought I just needed an adjustment.  He said I had a concussion.  By Wednesday of that awful week, I was getting all sorts of confusing info and directions from employer, so I called EAP for help for confusion.  They sent me to a clinical psychologist, Dr. David DeGoede, who administered several tests, referred me to a local neurologist, and told me to get anMRI by any means necessary.  (I knew nothing of any MPN, was just following directions of EAP.)  Dr. DeGoede became my first PTP.


  1. Dr. Daniel DeGoede, Clinical Psychologist, referred by Wyndham EAP program, paid for by CIGNA (Jan-Apr 2012)
  2. Dr. Marcel Ponton, Psychologist, referred by attorney #2; also a QME dude. (Apr – Dec 2012)
  3. Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, Orthopedic Surgeon, one time evaluations; replaced by attorney #3’s doctor: (1 visit)
  4. Dr. Darren Bergey, Orthopedic Surgeon….. (Feb 2013 to present; wants out)

(b)    Who are your secondary treating doctors (i.e, in other specialties)?

  1.  PAST:  Bijan Zardouz, insurance company doctor- neurologist, no expertise in TBI, no brain knowledge, designated as 2nd TP by attorney #3,  Zardouz thought it was a one time consult and wrote a egregiously incorrect report for top dollar.  Defense had omitted more than 300 pages of medical records; took court order to get the missing records to the doctor and requesting a supplemental report.  He threatened to sue me for “harassment” for properly serving the omitted records; so I had to convince the Judge to get involved.  Rather than just send the omitted records, defense just sent a box of all records again and told them to figure out what they missed. 😕
  2.  CURRENT:  Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuro-Psychologist (authorized exception to MPN)….. Dr. Bergey’s office threw up their hands at the last denied medical care or eval or specialist for brain trauma, and told me, “As you can see, they will not authorize any medical treatment we request.  You will have to find your own brain doctor.”  Through a series of phone calls and emails, I found Dr. Hilda who was willing to help me/treat me. Defense jumped in and asked her to do a comprehensive evaluation (she did a 40 pages report, incuding review of prior doctor evaluations) and Defense agreed in Court to have Dr. Hilda as Secondary Treating Doctor.  She is not a work comp doctor and works primarily with head injuries.  I see her mostly weekly.  Her report was May 2014, progress report over due and expected next week.   Dr. Hilda and her report were extremely instrumental in finally getting me some help at an interdisciplinary treatment center like SCRIPPS.    She is also disappointed the amount of time was cut so short.  I don’t think she thinks I’m employable, but she knows I have to return to work to keep a roof over my head in light of the monsterous behavior I have been subjected to.  On Monday I will ask her again about RTW and accommodations and timing.

Dr. Michael Lobatz, Neurology-Psychiatry, nationally acclaimed,  Chief of Staff at SCRIPPS, organizes SCRIPPS BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION CONFERENCE ANNUALLY FOR PAST TEN YEARS for and with scientists, military, doctors and other rehab providers.  I attended, at his invitation, the May 2014 event, and learned a great deal more about TBI, and thanks to Dr. Lobatz, the way was made easier to get into SCRIPPS, and his recommendation was for interdisciplinary treatment for 3 months, 3 x a week.  It was reduced further from Dr. Hilda’s request, by the insurance company, to 4 x a week for 4 weeks, extended by 8 more days.  No current appointment scheduled with Dr. Lobatz, although he has been kept apprised of Day Injury Program results and progress.  He didn’t care if I went to SCRIPPS, Learning Center or that other one in Encino…. just care that I got some help.   [There is a program in Newport Beach, a one year program, for cognitive remediation that I am currently applying for…it’s a 3 step interview process, and it’s inexpensive but I would have to relocate, if accepted. and if either Social Security or LTD kicks in for income, or settlement happens.)

(c)     Do you have any AMEs or QMEs, and if so, who are they?

A big mess created by Attorney #3

AME/ Forensic Psychiatrist – James O’Brien  APRIL 2013 with supplemental reports of Aug 2013 and I think October and October 2013, covering his fraudulent tracks poorly — initial report created on incomplete medical evidence (omission of more than 300 pages of medical records; same as above, Court ordered supplemental report upon delivery of omitted documents by defense.  First report indicated that ‘if the finder of facts found evidence of a slip and fall concussion, of course medical treatment would be in order’ and went on to opine, by changing dates of injury to 2013, and used 2012 records to suggest “prior head injury and cognitive failures” etc….. to a full scale “pissing contest” where I suggested he and defense invoke 5th amendment and they moved to secrecy attempting to conceal the records from me and to continue to use them, asking evauating doctors to review but not summarize because of my ‘fragile emotional state’…. by the time his work of fiction (about $10k in fees) was done…. I never had a slip and fall (which was witnessed, and my manager helped me up from the ground)… he further opined that I just had epilepsy and never even fell….. Felony Fraud, imho.  I have evidence; DA found my complaints of interest, so did DOJ.

QME/ Neurology – Dr. Ronald Kent – December 2013 – again, issue of omitted records of more than 300 pages by defense, followed by supplemental report (without court order).  This doctor spent 35 miinutes with me, his staff regurgitated poorly prior medical evidence, and he said that essentially, women over 35 are not entitled to medical treatment for a brain injury and that since I didn’t get any in the first two years, tooo bad, deal with it.  This guy teaches new doctors at UCLA.  Those med students would be wise to be afraid, very afraid.

QME/Orthopedic – Dr. Jefrey Holmes – PENDING     …. Attorney #4 agreed at an expedited hearing for medical treatment that I had organized….for my right to medical care and to dispute the O’Brien fiction, simply agreed to an Orthopedic eval.  It was arranged, postponed, arranged, cancelled, order to compel invoked, was off calendar so didn’t happen, Defense and IW agreed then to postpone till further notice; today Defense asked if it’s time to reschedule; I asked him to wait till I get the accommodations request and interactive process and PROPOSAL FOR RESOLUTION done, or to just plan it for late September or October, late in the afternoon…. He said to let him know when I’m ready…. I told him we’lll tie it to the Proposal for Resolution.

(2)     Have any of the above doctors found you to be MMI yet?  As of what date?

Nobody has found me MMI yet, although in October 2012 Dr. Ponton suggested I could return to work as a clerk.

(3)     If you are MMI per any doctor, what’s your WPI and the apportionment analysis?   N/A

On further thought, the AME Forensic Psychiatrist and QME Neurologist did write something about WPI and MMI….some ridiculously tiny number.. I can look for it.  In my head, their reports are such works of Fraud, I discount everything in them.   
Their reports are debunked by Dr. Hilda Chalgujian (professionally and nicely)…. and the authorized SCRIPPS time and treatment and recommendations for more treatment clearly debunks their allegations that I have no head injuries or that they are minimal.  
Defense counsel (Kim Mall- Grancell, Corona) attempted to lead them to say that a car crash of 2008 and a prior car crash in 2003 were the cause of problems, even though there was never a previous complaint or treatment for any of the symptoms.   However, Dr. Kent, Neurologist, also moved the date of injury to 2013 in his reports and indicated I sought help for confusion, inability to speak, etc, PRIOR to Industrial Injury, citing 2012 initial evals organized by Dr. David DeGoede (EAP referral) as polite obfuscated evidence and the neuro-psych he sent me to, another authorized exception.  
If settlement is not reached in the foreseeable future, it seems to me the O’Brien, Kent, Zardouz fraud will have to be debunked in trial.  I don’t think any of them would care; they clearly have insurance company ‘protection’ ……..  At one point, O’Brien asked to be removed from the case and his report withdrawn……… since WC seems like the internet, once it is written, it never goes away………..they attempted alternative tactics…. via character assassination.  His findings contradict findings of all other doctors….. a jury might find it of interest, and defense knows it.
When current PTP, Dr. Bergey, was threatend re MPN status for trying to get me help, his office called me, advised me of same, and moved my scheduled appointment up a week so I could come in for my final appointment.  I think they insinuated that for business purposes they had no choice but to call me P & S, and release me.  You might imagine the content of my written response.  My next progress meeting was with Dr. Bergey directly, rather than PA, and his report was stronger  He seems to frown on being threatened by insurance carriers.   Smart guy who does not seem to be  easily intimidated.  He knew when I arrived at his office on 2/14/13 that I needed a brain doctor and it wasn’t him.  They have tried and failed valiantly trying to get me help.   The acupuncture and chiropractic I got this year was not their doings…it took a Court order.  :/   Yeah, unbelievable.  
If you decide to consider my case further, I have all the medical records and I am expecting SCRIPPS discharge report early next week…. I can email you anything I can find.
I don’t want to fool with this for years and years and  years like some of my FB buddies……….they count on that, don’t they?   Count me out….I’ll fight from the side, we do not…forget.

(4)     Any trials or findings by a work comp judge yet?  If so, who and at which WCAB office?

Judge Victor Jimenez has been the primary judge I have dealt with. I have had other Judges assigned to the case, but it always gets back to Jimenez.   Presiding Judge Sanford-Wachtel gave me his card and encouraged me to contact him if there are issues, after the first failure to provide requested ADA accommodations.   The Information & Assistance Officer, Valerie James, has been instrumental in ensuring failure to get medical care and has denied ADA accommodations and even confiscated my cell phone at one hearing; I filed an ADA complaint with DOJ.  EEOC called me and said the issues involved were more than two years ago, too bad


(5)     What treatment is authorized?  Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?  

Year one,2012:  they authorized, as mentioned on my blog, a little chiropractic and a couple clinical psychology sessions.

Year two, 2013 physical therapy and…. a couple MRI’s….

Year three….2014… by court order, a couple chiropractic and some acupuncture (helps a lot with brain and right shoulder…..the first set EXCLUDED BRAIN and authorized right limbs only ….knuckleheads….

[Scripps Brain Injury Day Treatment Center is generally a 154 day program; 16 days were authorized in August 2014 on appeals, and then 8 more days on more appeals….hardly a start to cognitive rehabilitation.  The cost was $50K + lodging.

My doctors had requested 3-6 months treatment…. 24 days is not reasonable and the interactive FEHA process for return to work was to begin during that course, but Wyndham refused to participate despite repeated requests that had already been paid for …. just wasted.]

More than $27,000 has been spent, properly submitted for reimbursements for medical miles and expenses for medically necessary treatments and evaluations such as MRI, Vision therapy, prism therapeutic lenses, chiropractic, acupuncture…. I have a summary sheet ……….have requested reimbursements many times, and have filed complaints with Audit Unit.

I have also filed complaints up and down the Coast.  They know my name in Sacramento and i have received some pretty nasty letters from the Assistant Medical Director suggesting I will never get medical treatment, so come to grips with that harsh reality.

Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?    I don’t know what that is, and I don’t know anything about how to close this up.  I think this has to do with PD ratings and things?   This is, I believe, where your expertise to set things up to make this finally right??

(6)     Are you getting SSDI, or have you applied for it?  If so, do you have an MSA?  What’s the amount?

I applied for Social Security Disability was denied a couple times, awaiting hearing now….I’m told it will be December January is…..  I’m told it will be retroactive and the SocSec office  broken the numbers down for me last year (I think it was last year) and said it would be retroactive from 6 months after injury and would put (last year) about $50K in my pocket, and about…. $1800/month.   A group called, “The Advocator”, somehow affiliated with my LTD carrier, is pushing the paper there.  On my task list is to get them medical records since last we talked.  Social security basically said they know I have a brain injury but it’s not bad enough to keep me from being a sales executive.  I think they mean no brains are required, or cognitive abilities.  Tsk.

Do you do Social Security??  Allegedly the Advocator will provide me with an attorney at the hearing, which causes me fear……I’m also told I can terminate contract with them and retain and attorney without liens.  My LTD income is a mess due to the financial chicanery of CNA/EDD and the ‘now we pay, now we don’t, now we do, change the amount’…. so I owe Matrix some paperwork to confirm when my benefits stopped so they can sort out if I owe them or they owe me.  That sort of paperwork boggles my brain….. I can type like there’s no tomorrow, but retrieval and recollection and visual scanning to edit are severe challenges.  I have a list somewhere of the various challenges and impairments, cuz I can never remember them all…… Muddling through life as best I can seems to be my “new normal”


I have long term disability insurance with Matrix/Reliance.   I have a neurology/psychiatry evaluation with one of their doctors on October 27…. a Dr. Jay Jurkowitz in…. I think Riverside or San Bernardino.

My next PTP Orthopedic Surgeon for my Brain Injury 45 day appointment is October 17 at 1 pm in Indio.

My next neuropsych appointment is next Monday.

David DePaolo is familiar with my….challenges, and I have explored possibilities of representation with multiple attorneys in CA… some bothered to consider and others abruptly put it in the “too hard” pile……  See WORK COMP AND BASEBALL OCT 2 2014…. IT MENTIONS MY SITUATION, AND THE SITUATIONS OF OTHER INJURED WORKERS:


It is my hope to eventually (maybe now?) retain someone who can wrap it up, and to also ensure that the 4 attorneys who harmed me get little to nothing out of the “15% pot”…. and who ideally will, with encouragement, withdraw their liens.

If any of this may be of interest, and if you agree that submission of a “PROPOSAL FOR RESOLUTION” may be in order before I attempt for force my way back into a job I doubt I can do anymore, I willl find and send the spreadsheet of doctors and their specialities….

I live in Yucca Valley, near Joshua Tree National Park.  The WC case is in Riverside.   While I understand there has to be cause to move a case, I would be they would be glad to be rid  of me and let you move it to LA to get me gone.  They know that I know whose side they are  on.

If you are interested, and if you could be like the “general contractor” and organize with Nick and any other team players, I am sure that adequate funds could be created to make it financially attractive enough to deal with the mess.  I just want out…………  I would like $1.3 million and I would like to see these crooks tried, locked up and executed, in accordance with the laws.  I’m realistic enough to realize….. those who have the cash kills as they can, without consequences.  Fighting back one case at a time is an honorable fight, till last gasps.

If we jointly decide to work together, you might want to know a bit more about me…. I can take my hands off my WorkComp blog for a while, or I can amp it up…… I am open to suggestions and I get it that if I retain counsel, my right to speak out is limited, temporarily.

I also blog about Fukushima, an in progress extinction level event.  ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW   LUCY OCCUPY SAYS

I think it could be an “easy enough” deal with the work I have accomplished this past year…..getting to SCRIPPS, letting them know my number was $700K before SCRIPPS and that it’s $1.3 million now, based on what I have learned of long term medical needs and consequences of untreated brain injury and untreated rotator cuff tears.

Do you know [xxxx] the structure settlement guy?  I have been in touch with him several times.  We connected after the CAAA Winter Conference.  He thinks I’m a little hot headed…..  he may not like me, but he has observed me getting a few things done in spite of the odds.

I hear tales that you work around the clock…..  I learned at SCRIPPS about brain fatigue and reserves….   breaks are good for rebooting.

I will head home tomorrow…. coffee with some fellow activists in the  morning, so…. onward.

If you have an interest, I’m way open to your direction on how to move forward with RTW and accommodations requests.  They have cut my benefits off, so I’m back between a rock and hard place, and it snows a bit where I live, and I’m not willing to look for food banks or welfare offices again.  Once was more than enough.

image (1)

I also lost my “professional credentials”… my Hawaii real estate license, my California real estate borkers license, and my California Notary license, due to cognitive inability to take the continuing ed after paying nearly $1000 for special theraputic glasses and vision therapy, I was able to knock out the CA continuing ed for the broker’s license….that did expire.  I have to send them $450 to renew during the grace period; it’s a return to work license required, but I don’t have the $450 to spare with no income from these clowns.

I did have to file for early retirement (DOB 4/8/52)…. so I have pocket money and a will to survive.


Thanks kindly for you consideration  Awaiting word from you.  I really want out  I intend to continue the good fight from the other side….. JAIL BREAK TIME……. HELP ME OUT OF HERE…………….These psychopaths are armed and extremely dangerous.  Yeah, I know.



Linda and Friends

flag distress signal

Timeshare Presentations? Dream Vacations; Employment Nightmares

“Don’t let ANYONE dull your SPARKLE!”

Blog drafted at 888 days…. still on the

rest and wait and wait and wait and wait program; 

Nothing changes when nothing changes.

dont let anyone dull your sparkle

#Wyndham: Dream Vacations/Employment Nightmares.

Next time you go for a ‘free time share’ presentation,

remember remember the hidden costs to injured workers…..


“Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle!” Just saying, and wondering out loud !#WorkCompFraud question.
As far as treatment is concerned, that is governed by Utilization Review and MTUS. The determinations are not arbitrary.”

Work Comp Corporate Fraud? How do we get DOJ to Investigate?

#WorkCompFraudWarnings (warnings but no enforcement? D’oh!!)



“Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle!”

#888DAYS of denied medical care to an injured #WyndhamWorldwide ‘dream vacations salesperson’ and real estate broker….and #Fukushima Alerter…… Alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS, WOULD YOU??? #ADJ8181903 tic tac tic tac tic tac toe! ;D
‘dream vacations; employment nightmares’

Hey, if you have a brain or a job or used to have either, this could be YOUR story too. Le’ts BrainStorm or TwitterStorm or figure out something. This #WorkComp deal in #America is pretty awful…..worse than you may suspect!!! HOW DO WE GET A CONGRESSIONAL TASK FORCE TO INVESTIGATE?

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There used to be a “Anonymous Legal” group? Is that still around? Ya think they might have any suggestions?? Linda is a close friend of Lucy’s! xoxooxoxox
Hmmmmmmmm, theoretically, that sounds legitimate and reasonable, doesn’t it?”As far as treatment is concerned, that is governed by Utilization ReviewandMTUS. The determinations are not arbitrary.”It sounds very educated and legal like. In everyday talk, it looks like they ‘get away with maiming and murder, end of subject, next victim, step forward.’Does Oprah know about thiskrap? How about Dr. Phil? How about that lady attorney who investigates gruesome crimes? Frontline? PBS? Any of the Alphabet Agency Outlets… oh, word finding…. yeah, CORPORATE MEDIA NETWORKS?People know about this krap and can loook the other way?

Hey, if you have a brain or a job or used to have either, this could be YOUR story too.

Is it therefore, then, merely a matter of plausible deniability when Defense firms, in their attempts to defend and defy against the legal requirements to provide medically necessary treatment to a CA (or any state, for that matter) Injured Worker, particularly when said Defense Firms have exhibited a pattern and practice of omitting medical records from esteemed experts, within their alleged MPN network?

The extreme negligence of the #WyndhamWorldwide management included not even bothering to advise the brain injured worker to see a doctor immediately, nor offer a ride to the doctor. No, an incomplete DWC-1 insurance form was provided with a statement to “see any doctor that takes workers compensation insurance.” That, was, for seeing a doctor after working the full shift.

The management knew the injured worker had a 20 mile drive down a steep mountain back road, then another 40 miles down a desert road. The final neurology reports from the insurance company owned doctor, provided in December 2013, and supplemented in April 2014 due to hundreds of pages of omitted medical records, as is the pattern and practice of the defense firm, included comments that the injured worker should not be in areas of unprotected heights (more than 2 years after the injury). Does that also suggest that the drive after the head injury could have caused imminent death to the injured worker or others on the snowy mountain road or desert roads? Sounds like it, huh? But for the Grace of God and LEGIONS OF ANGELS…. , huh?

When the UR evaluating team is primarily an out-of-state RN, unable to read hand-written script (vs. typed) and cannot discern issues of “medical necessity” unless those actual words are used in BOLD FONT AFTER EACH SENTENCE OF A DOCTOR RECOMMENDATION, is there an educational component adding to the arbitrary nature of denied medically necessary treatments in California??

Is it a #HIPPA violation when the UR company, the insurance company, and the defense firm continously provide medical reports to former legal counsel, compromising the injured worker’s #LegalMalPracticeComplaints?

Another (former) attorney sent the neuro-psychological evaluation done by “his” doctor to EVERYBODY ON HIS MAILING LIST, INCLUDING THE ACUPUNCTURIST, THE CHIROPRACTOR, THE EEG TECHNICIAN and just about anybody who had said hello to the injured worker. He said, “I’m required to do this by #WorkersComp Law” When the CA Information and Assistance was approached with this query, she told the brain injured worker, “No, the law does not require that he sent it everywhere. You better keep better control of your attorney.”

Oh, golly, the brain injured worker should have known better,huh? D’oh! Just like she should have argued with that attorney when he insisted she repeated neuro-psych tests with HIS doctor, more than 3 hours away, each way…… to be driven alone in a dazed and confused brain injured state of mind, to a town she was unfamiliar with.

The next attorney accused the Hi-IQ TBI survivor of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for suggesting that there was a pattern and practice of omission of hundreds of pages of medical records by the defense firm and insurance firm, with clear intent to deny medical care, evidenced since at least October 2012. He wrote, “There is no conspiracy to omit your medical records. You have serious psychological issues and I suggest you get help immediately.”

Politely, the injured worker responded with, ‘Well, if you knew the file, if your non-attorney case manager could read, you would realize that psychological support has also been denied. Are you suggesting that be ‘self-procured’ also and added it to the list of thousands of dollars already spent, unreimbursed, and HOPE it gets paid back? Isn’t true insanity a matter of doing the same thing over again, EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT?!’ Then, that law firm was dismissed (and Defense tried to get the Court to Compel keeping that firm on, since they were true defense firm advocates!) but that Order to Compel was denied.

wc  wyndham workers not alone
The fight was on and it took nearly 8 hours in #WCAB Court to cause the Judge to order the Defense to include the omitted nearly 300 pages of medical records, and request supplemental reports from two of the insurance company doctors. The defense did not just send the omitted records, just like on TV, she sent a big box of about 3 reams of papers and said, ‘there’s more in here, find them and see if it makes a difference in your conclusions’…..
The Defense counsel also suggested/insinuated that somehow she was the hero who had uncovered new medical evidence. LOL…. Anybody go to school with creeps like that? A female Eddie-Haskell type, huh?Have all the omitted medical records found and included, by Court Order, was to also ensure that the next insurance company evaluating doctor was provided with all medical records, and the chicanery of the omission of medical records.
Alas, apparently the wording of the Court Order was ….. not so good. The defense omitted about 300 pages of medical records to the next evaluating doctor (and those doctors are paid thousands of dollars to deny medical care, regularly and not arbitrarily, it seems to be a standard unwritten rules of unenforced Labor Codes.Self-procured second opinions from esteemed medical facilities, for example, in the case of traumatic brain injury, #TBI, Casa Colina Rehabilitation Centers or, even better yet, SCRIPPS and the judgement of one of their internationally acclaimed leading Neurologists in the field of Traumatic Brain Energy….. Esteemed in the Medical, Scientific and Military realms are ignored, and the injured worker clings to the hope that #ANONYMOUS PRECEDES #UNANIMOUS, WE SHALL OVERCOME,; WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.##############
Oh, Goodness! They say I ramble sincetheconk on the head, ‘tangentally’ too…..WORK WITH ME.Help me understand this, would you? Thanks!I gotta go watch the video again, DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH……

Eddie Haskell types?
Eddie Haskell types?


Here’s the blog on some of the colorful details….If you have resources and a story to share about YOUR experience with this crowd, let’s roll.  We can try to be brief and concise, but, golly, if we can’t, we can’t. Doesn’t mean we give up.



PS Piano lesson this morning. Talk about inability to connect the dots. Last year I read that ‘playing the piano can be beneficial to TBI recovery’ so I bought a piano. It didn’t dawn on me that learning to play it might be a good next step, in home-TBI-therapy. D’oh! The birds and the bunnies and road runners seem to appreciate the sounds, but today is the first day of a real lesson. The instructor teaches people from 8 to 84…, I guess I qualify. First song might be CHOPSTIX, huh? On topic!!! xooxoxox

Brain MusicChat later! Working on a new #Fukushima blog! #ShelterInPlace.
#StayOuttaTheStreets…. #RadiationEverywhere…..
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#WorkCompFraud? 888 Days….. #TBI Injured Worker Still on the ‘Rest and Wait’ Program…. #ADJ8181903

Hello California!   Got a Job?  Got Injured on the Job?  Look Out…… the issues are rampant in the USA!

What’s happening at the VA is happening in the Civilian Camps also….. follow the money trails to see where they lead??!!!

Liberty face palm

WorkComp seems to be another  billion dollar hoax of the insurance industry — you know the folks who stole the homes of so many Americans?  It’s been quiet, but those heists are still in progress, too.    It’s said that ‘Mortgage servicers are currently holding in excess of $57 billion in seriously delinquent FHA loans…..

real estate collapse 2

Do a simple Google search for:  ADJ8181903 for starters…..

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Meanwhile, back to work-place injuries, and specifically, TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY…… Here’s are some links about one Sales Executive’s experience with seeking basic reasonable and appropriate medical care for a conk on the head of  888 days ago……. To date, the only ‘authorized’ medical care has been:


2012 – a few chiropractic and a few clinical psychology sessions

2013 – 8 physical therapy sessions (that revealed a torn rotator cuff, and was then deemed ‘not an industrial injury’ after surgery was recommended by the primary treating orthopedic surgeon) Orthopedic Surgeon is the specialty doctor required by WCAB-Riverside to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and treatments, and the URs are also handled by Orthopedic Surgeons — for BRAIN INJURIES….. with full disregard for ACOEM guidelines, NIH guidelines, and even specialist recommendations.

2014 – 6 Acupuncture and 6 Chiropractic sessions, requested by PTP in August 2013 were authorized, by Court Order, in February 2014.

 doctor strike

Self-Procured Medical Care, in line with the California law that allows an injured worker to obtain medical care when the insurance provider fails to authorize over a reasonable period of time.  Anybody else think 888 days is long enough to wait for medical care and medical miles and treatment reimbursements?

At one point in Court, the Injured Worker, totally dismayed, looked at the Judge and said, “So, Your Honor, what you are saying is that there is NO LAW IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA THAT REQUIRES AN EMPLOYER TO PROVIDE IMMEDIATE REASONABLE AND APPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE???”   The Judge’s comments are ‘off the record’.

In a current bad-faith action, another Orthopedic “Evaluation” is being requested by the DEFENSE


WCGT  GOOGLE 1  6 12 2014

Here are some links….. more follow.  The INJURED WORKER has been unsuccessful in retaining COMPETENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION, so is on her own, in pro-per, with a brain injury.  The course has involved several attempts to be heard by the Courts, to no avail… yet.


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wc stop work comp fraud

Taking it to the Virtual Streets…….


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July 29, 2013 at 1:45pm

OPEN LETTER TO LUCY’S Virtual and NON-VIRTUAL FRIENDS…I hope all is happy, healthy and well with you all.
As most of you know, on January 9, 2012, I slipped on ice at work and fell and conked my head pretty hard, and I ain’t been ‘right’ since.  😕  I got a ‘second impact’ conk on February 4, 2012, which does not seem uncommon as a consequence of an untreated head trauma.
Conks on Conks are not a good thing for the brain.  I have been denied reasonable and appropriate medical care by my employer, WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE (the world’s largest vacation ownership company) the whole time.  The denials of medical care are criminal, and I have been unable to find COMPETENT legal representation, and the merry-go-round of fraud and deceptions is spinning fast.
I’m a little better, but my cognitive impairments suck….
My requests for ADA accommodations have been ignored, denied and used as weapons against me.  It took over a year and half for the shoulder pain to be addressed and diagnosed as a major tear, denied with other denials, no surprise from the defense crowd.
Note of encouragement from a retired Judge, in her 80’s:

“Keep it going Lucy. Don’t let up. You know your case better than anyone.  Since we have an evil government and corruption everywhere, you must realize you are witnessing a small part of it.”

Crooked, drunk, under-the-influence and/or psychopath lawyers, adjuster and doctors and others!  Yech!


The law states an employer is REQUIRED to provide immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care for an industrial injury.  I didn’t even get to leave work early let alone see a doctor…. and they had a good laugh at my fall with snow all over me in the sales huddle.


The boss laughed and said, “ewwwww, you have #Fukushima Rads all over you now.”  [Timeshare humor 😕 Comment because I had advised earlier that snowflakes cling like scavengers to the radioactive isotopes, strongly hitting the West Coast of the USA (and the rest of the world!) since March 2011, and are to be dodged by any means necessary. ] pied piper of sheeple I attempted to do a sales presentation after the conk on the head, and all I remember is being embarrassed and saying repeatedly to the people in front of me, “I’m sorry I’m so confused.  I slipped this morning and hit my head real hard.”  (Was I ever glad they didn’t buy anything…. no way could I have handled the contract paperwork!)   Yo, Boss Guys and Co-Workers….. next time an employee hits their head on the job, call 911 or race ’em to the hospital…… you might save a life.


Physician requested authorizations for medical care have been denied repeatedly by non-physicians, other than a few scattered chiropractic treatments, 8 physical therapy treatments for neck only, and 17 psychological support sessions, all but 4 focused on maneuvering thru the extremely confusing maze of deceptions, mis-information and denials of medical care and and taking action on poor legal representation.  The last 4 sessions (July/August 2012) focused on ways to fake-people out so they will not suspect I struggle with brain injury now, and he also said, NEVER TELL ANYBODY YOU HAVE A BRAIN INJURY, IT COMES WITH A STIGMA, so buy some electronic gadgets to help you make it through life and keep the secret.  [Violation of ACOEM TREATMENT guidelines for head trauma, TBI, concussion, PTSD etc.)


12 sessions of brain-based and scientifically measurable functional-neurology treatments were self-procured in Palm Desert after the first 10 months of denied medical care, to the tune of $10,000+ in November/December 2012.


That was about 40 hours hands-on doctor time.  Dr. Jaudy adheres to the the principles of DO NO HARM, and HUMAN SUFFERING MUST END, and does all things possible to facilitate proper diagnosis and healing.  Sincere thanks and appreciation for the medical help at JAUDY TREATMENT CENTER; I’ll be back!!  :D]


The defense attorney terminated that medical help.  Attorney #2 attempted to coerce me to accept a $100,000 settlement offer (less his 15%) in November 2012, forfeiting any future medical care, any other benefits and ps I had to agree to quit my job in order to secure money to obtain medical care on the plan he and the defense counsel organized when I was allegedly appearing for a ‘deposition’.  I ain’t no quitter!

The blogs have more details on the denials of medical care along with the diagnosis.


The medical expenses (MRI, EEG, additional chiropractic, acupuncture, vision therapy, speech therapy etc.) have been UNreimbursed, along with UNreimbursed medical miles since April 2012 (over 9,000 miles driven in square circles to see non-brain-injury specialist doctors) but the insurance company doctors apparently get approximately $4,000 per bogus fraudulent report.  [Sorry, Dr. Kent, you’ll have to get your $4,000 for a report from another unsuspecting injured worker being sacrificed by Corporate America….this Injured Worker has got the provider’s numbers now… and a good list of names for the DA, if interested….]


My IQ is probably down 15-20 points, but it was pretty high to begin with, so that brings a whole new set of challenges after the traumatic brain injury. I used to think and process like a quad-core i5 computer, now it’s more like a 286.  Bummer.   I can still type like a maniac!! YAAAY.  😀


I never found a competent attorney to help me after making the mistake of not hiring a work comp specialist with brain injury expertise, and even did a mass-appeal to some CALIFORNIA SUPER LAWYERS with brain-injury expertise.  The guys I hired clearly acted like a brain injury is like a broken arm or a little ‘carpel tunnel syndrome.’ They must have missed the class that discussed how the brain is the operating system for the whole body. D’oh. Insurance company neurologists don’t even seem to know that the brain does the seeing, not the eyes.  D’oh.


There is apparently a “two-lawyer superstition” in their field that says if an Injured Worker is stupid enough to hire the wrong attorney in the first place, too bad how sad, good luck.  I  found two more non-competent attorneys to abuse me who attempted to make a quick buck for themselves without any medical help, reading or work or brain injury expertise.  Malpractice and negligence…. but whose gonna prosecute?!


The defense attorney is now moving in for the final kill now…..and she is PE….Pure Evil.

I am relying on a LEGION OF ANGELS to help me, somehow.  RELYING ON MORE MIRACLES. It’s been a very ugly fight, and I dismissed attorney #2 and #3….. and I am now fumbling along on my own…. I’m now just TAKING IT TO THE STREETS…..It may serve to help another Injured Worker.

DIAGNOSES reported by multiple Physicians;

Requests for authorizations for treatment and further evaluations

denied repeatedly by Adjuster and Defense Counsel, non-physicians

854 Closed head injury, 784 Headaches, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 850.1 Concussion with brief loss of consciousness, 850.9 Head Concussion, 309.81 PTSD, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 780.93 Closed Head Injury with amnesia, 921.00 Contusion (left orbit), 750.90 Concussion, 959.01 Head Trauma, 959.01 Cognitive Changes following head trauma, 850.0 Concussion, 959.00 Head Trauma (Contusion x 2) with Impaired Memory, Speech, Balance and Vision, 850-854, 959.01 Somatic/cognitive dysfunction and emotional dysfunction, 310, 310.8, 438 Mild cognitive dysfunction, memory processing,, 850 Mild TBI positive lapse of consciousness, 310.20 Post Concussive Sydrome, 309.28 Mood Disorder secondary to Post Concussive Syndrome, 959.01 Head injury,  Lobe Disorders: frontal, parietal, cerebellar dysfunction, motor dysfunction, segmental dysfunctions, Closed Head Injury with Ongoing Sequelae, Psychological sequelae, possibly secondary to industrial injury, 959.01 Closed head injury with cognitive dysfunction and speech dysfunction, 784.00 post traumatic headaches, brain based vision impairments, brain-based vestibular and balance disorders + secondary to head trauma, NECK, BACK, Shoulder PAIN and related ICD-9 codes

Many doctors have made bunches of money writing reports about my brain injury, requesting treatments, which have been denied, and then I am sent to new doctors who request treatments and further evaluations that are denied, and now the defense attorney is going in for the final killer blow, with a situation that ‘there is no medical evidence of my injuries’ based on denied medical evaluations and treatments by their own hands, and their neurologist [Thanks a bunch, Dr. Bijan Zardouz]  saying I’m fine, just need an over the counter analgesic for the headaches.


Their forensic psychiatrist [Thanks a bunch, Dr. James O’Brien] alleges if there was any evidence of industrial concussion I would be entitled to medical care, but as best he sees it, I’m old, maladjusted with poor anger management skills.

An EEG I self-procured in April 2012  from a phD doctor in Rancho Mirage has also been evidently used as a weapon to deny medical care….it’s dated April 3, 2010…. and the actual eeg print outs have the correct date of March 26, 2012….  No MD’s have seen the EEG print outs…..except one I recently gave a copy to, but he is “too busy” to write a report of his evaluations of me and my medical reports and too busy to request further evaluations, although I did mention my life may depend on it.


I recently obtained a Court Order to compel the Defense to include approximately 300 pages of willfully and maliciously omitted medical records.  At the hearing she whined that there were a few others she didn’t have, which I told the Judge I had provided, but would be happy to provide again.  She then twisted that story to suggest I have been doctor shopping and withholding medical records that the Judge ordered me to provide immediately….. oMG.  A true psychopath??!


The defense has regularly, maliciously with apparent intent to fraudulently omitted approximately 300 pages of medical reports and has denied 99% of all medical evaluations and treatments requested by evaluating doctors, thereby creating a fraudulent scenario of INSUFFICIENT MEDICAL EVIDENCE.


Same defense and insurance company adjusters only provided doctors the April “2010” narrative of the EEG, alleging evidence of prior substantial head injury.  Legal counsel repeatedly failed to ensure all medical records were included for review by all medical evaluators, and failed to notice the “2010” date on the EEG narrative, and failed to ensure the EEG print outs were included, and failed to facilitate evaluation with neurologist with TBI expertise and failed to provide further EEG and other evaluations and treatments.

ENEMIES OF AMERICAN WORKERS AND ENEMIES OF HUMANITY??  Judge them by their actions, huh??  If it looks like a psychopath, acts like a psychopath, and lies like a psychopath, it’s probably a PSYCHOPATH.


The typo by the EEG provider just recently made it to my awareness, and I asked the phD doc for a letter of correction, and she could only manage a electronic-post-it comment on her letter, that won’t even print.  The defense attorney puts it at the bottom of the index, making sure there is no reference to evaluating doctors that it actually took place in 2012.


I called the doctor this weekend, in follow up to a further request for a supplemental professional report with a fresh date and advised that her typo had caused me tremendous harm and has contributed to denial of medical care and weapons against me. eeg lynda wells date correction electronic note When Dr. Wells answered her phone (I thought I would get voice mail in my follow up to email) and she went on a rant about how she didn’t believe her mis-dated report has caused any harm and she was on vacation, having drinks with friendss, and that I had to “RESPECT THAT SHE IS ON VACATION” (and has been since about the 19th of July or sooner) and she can’t and won’t write a new letter.   [Thanks a bunch, Dr. Lynda Wells! ]Capture eeg normal adult eeg   Capture eeg 3

Selfish psychopaths everywhere, huh?

the silence of our friends

As a Wyndham/WorldMark owner/employee/manager/other, you may (or may not) appreciate my creativity…..I’m fighting for my life…… Here’s a blog… I’ve done a few so far…..:) Thanks for your friendship.  I sincerely appreciate your kindness when the injury first happened……..

Love, Lucy

760 368 7236 (message line; gmail is best) FACE THE NATION...


ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW LIST OF POSTS – ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS HAVE YOU READ THEM ALL YET? Did you FOLLOW?Did you SHARE?Do you have a Workers Comp / TBI story to share?Do you have a Guest Blogger to Recommend??Yaaaay, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…  Ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous.Think locally. Act GLOBALLY.  OCCUPY virtually.what if you realized how powerful you really are Sure loooooks like FRAUD, doesn’t it?? Where’s the DA Task Force??!! WCAB ADJ8181903 One Ant Says: “FACE THE NATION” Workers Comp Gravy Trains and Racketeers. SOS from Lucy Occupy….. Allegations of #WyndhamWorldwide #WorkersComp Fraud and Racketeering?? D’oh! SOSOOSOSOSOS#WORKERS COMP FRAUD, denied medical care to #WyndhamWorldwide brain injured worker: “You create your own opportunities”Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor exclaims, ‘I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!’Psychopath Alert! Workers Comp is just another DePopOp?!! Son•der•kom•man•dos???!!! 0.0#WYN Lawyer Doctor-Shopping Jokes aka “Authorization Denied, Denied, Denied, LOL, DE-NIED.”Workers Comp Doctors, Lawyers and Gravy Train Riders – $4,000+ per bogus medical report?? D’oh!Injured #Wyndham Worker – Driven to Madness …. 8,696 dangerous miles desperately seeking immediate reasonable and appropriate #TBI medical careWyndham Worldwide, Is there a WIDGET ASSEMBLY department??!Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains. Start with #Wyndham Worldwide and Keep Going… THE POWER OF ONE:  inspirational video of less than 8 minutes ONE ANT WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE…. till last gasps.