What can we tell Injured Workers and their loved ones about YOUR #WorkComp organization?

Hi Friends in the Work Comp Industry!   Greetings from #InjuredWorkersUnited: SILENT NO MORE I am so grateful to have met you, and many other wonderful people met through the CAAA Applicant’s Attorney Association Conference, Winter 2014, in Rancho Mirage!  With thanks to my FB Buddy and Honorable Judge who facilitated access to the Exhibit Hall at […]

Corporate America and Unions! Interested in Reducing your Workers’ Comp Costs by 20% to 50% and Saving Lives?

“Mastering your Workers’ Comp Costs: Reduce Costs 20% to 50% Book”   “This is an interesting situation because we usually sell our book to employers to help them set up a program to control costs. Much of the program is how to improve communication with employees, how to train supervisors, how to get quicker, better […]