WorkCompsters, Meanies, Bullies and Bloggers, Oh My! Devastating Outcomes! Expensive, too!

Let the real Workers Compensation National and Global  Discussions Begin! . As one industry forensic psychiatrist suggested, ‘Tell them to take it to The Hague!’ . Injured Workers are a little more practical and respectfully request that Congress immediately establish a CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION TO INVESTIGATE NATIONAL CRIMES AND DOMESTIC TORTURE AGAINST INJURED AND DISABLED […]

How are WorkCompsters and Hell’s Angels Different?

More on the WorkCompsters…. read to the bottom and give some thought to finding the Good Peeps by 8/31/15  for the #CompLaude Nominations #WorkComp Alerts! Did you read David DePaolo’s post today about Hell’s Angels? Disheartened on a Friday Here’s the LinkedIn  link: “…But the lead paragraph says it all: “The U.S. Attorney’s Office […]

COMPEL THIS! WorkComp Defense to provide medically necessary treatments as part of Exclusive Remedy

NOW, 2015 Honorable Judge Robert B. Hill Workers’ Compensation Administrative Law Judge WORKERS COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARD  – State of California 3737 N. Main Street, 3rd floor Riverside, CA 92501 RE:          ADDENDUM TO DOR AND OBJECTION TO PETITION TO COMPEL ATTENDANCE  (sent yesterday) Dear Judge Hill: I pray the Court will finally intervene on my […]