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Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters - Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF

Linda Ayres

Wyndham Worldwide – Disabled by WorkCompsters

Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters – Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF


Ladies and Gentlemen and Others of the WorkCompster Industries:

“Perseveration” is apparently a consequence of Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury.  This post got longer than anticipated, but if you’re in the industry, or know someone who is, or if you are an InjuredWorker, take 5 minutes and peruse it, then share it with someone, even with a subject line of “SMFH – WorkCompsters Exposed”

It may come in handy down the road.  Thanks.


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Years ago, I volunteered in a goodwill effort with and for Convicts in America’s Maximum Security Penitentiaries. It was called “PRISONERS UNANIMOUS — EMBRACING ALL PLANETARY PRISONERS”  Maybe you heard of it?

Check FOIA, they probably have several CDs including my visits to penitentiaries across America, and my communications with a handful of government officials, goodwill organizers, friends and families of prisoners, and approximately 1,000 Convicts across America.

I think I was the second woman “in history” to “walk the ranges” at USP Marion Federal Penitentiary, back in the days when it was deemed ‘the worst of the worst” prisons, surpassed today by, so I hear, the likes of Pelican Bay.  It was after allegations of a “full scale Nazi-type of retaliation attack” on the entire Convict population.  I was corresponding with several of the Convicts listed in that dreadful “Public Report.”  I sent copies everywhere, including Amnesty International in Vienna, where they allegedly WATCH for human violations in the Americas.  Hmph.

The Guys and I established an “8 o’clock, local time” prayer network when they educated me about how deplorable America’s “Corrections” system is.  Now, privatized prisons are a bigger part of the “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES” industries.  Some of us still link up, no doubt.

The guys told me how bad things were, and said I was very brave.  They said the prison systems in America are very dangerous, and that I had better think long and hard about touching it.

They told me, “Lady, you better know what you’re willing to die for, because you might well be asked to do so if you get involved in attempting to facilitate change.”

They further advised, “Lady, we Convicts are not the problems in your country. We are the end result of the problems in your country.  If you want change, you have to go Washington.  That’s where the problems are.”   (There is something far more polite and respectful from a Convict calling a correspondent “Lady” than the pretentious “Ms. Ayres” used by defense and psychopaths, wouldn’t you agree?)

Those words reverberate in my head as if they were yesterday. I have never forgotten those haunting words.  As a Survivor of WorkersCompensation today, I know ever more how true they are.



#WorkCompsters have made that choice easier today.  They have already taken my life. 

Too often, Injured Workers make poor choices in efforts to retain competent legal counsel, much to the detriment of the Injured Worker.

This is often not discovered by injured workers until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt to retain competent counsel.

Including THIS warning in every employee new hire packet, and every Human Resources orientation in California could save lives.

Till then, tell your friends and neighbors, and tell them to tell theirs. WorkComp Kills, without consequences to anybody but the Injured Workers and their loved ones.

Many Injured Workers have even sought the help of ACLU and NLG, to no avail.

We are, however, grateful for the organization, NAIDW.org, National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers, for the encouragement, resources and support they provide, and having been providing for many years. “No Injured Worker Left Behind” Semper Fi, Y’all!

We like a few of the industry bloggers who do their best to do their best for the highest good of all concerned.   Cognitive Dissonance seems to be kicking some butt in that arena, wouldn’t you agree?

Bravo to ProPublica for being a catalyst for discussion and possible change. Bravo to WorkCompCentral for relentless efforts at education and inciting legitimate discussions about the need for national discussion and change.

Let’s get beyond “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”…. let’s incarcerate a few psychopaths for maiming and  killing injured workers, too, shall we?

It matters not if the killers are making $250K a year, or $10.7 million or more a year.  With proper trials first, of course.  FBI and DA and DOJ  need to better orchestrate their efforts, ya think?


For personal assistance in my own, but common,  horrific case on non-stop abuse of a permanently disabled-by-untreated-brain-injury-and-various-acts-of-legal-chicanery-and-file-churning, older female worker, a local crisis center sent a Marine to help me last year.  The Marine Social Worker, kind, fierce and very helpful.

MMI neuro-psychologist report recently received (and posted!)  says my future medical needs include similar support, with probability of needs for assisted living and ‘memory care’ for my shortened life span, shortened due to WorkCompsters and corruption, involving many unclean hands. Hmph, Some “Grand Bargain, California!”

Legitimate doctors in 2012 made legitimate and conservative recommendations for medical care, denied. Had treatment not been denied by the defense counsel (not doctors, just defense lawyer and adjuster for 2012, till 2013 came along for the extreme profits of CorVel to obfuscate facts with intent to deny medical care.)  return to work might have happened in 2012.

After threats from defense counsel, then PTP released me to work with accommodations, which were denied in October 2012.  Things got worse from there, without medical care.  I have been fighting to return to work for years, to no avail.

I have endured being penny-less, relying on The Salvation Army for utilities,  filing for social welfare due to carrier arrogant practice of denials of payment of TTD, “because they could” (and they were rewarded handsomely by EDD for refusing to pay in 2012/2013 and for refusing to provided medical care.  Now, SSA is involved in the charades and chicanery, and trying to sort it all out.

Is it a felony for carriers to provide SSA and EDD with false evidence of benefits paid with intent to deny SSA benefits?  Seems to be part of a set of RICO violations, wouldn’t you think?

Yet evaluations upon evaluations upon evaluations have been performed by approximately 38 doctors (ca-ching, no care, just primarily report regurgitations written  by non-medical staff, signed by doctors, paid the big bucks).

TeamCorvel includes approximately 20 more, and ol’ Maximus comes in with just one.   (There’s a full blog, with names; see the index athttps://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts)

While we are at it, omission of medical records and obfuscation of facts seems facilitated by the silly “chronological” ordering of medical evidence, rather than by specialty, then by chronological order.   Carrier in my case gets charged by most doctors 4-8 hours for “organizing the records”…. and maybe it’s not all the signing leased doctor’s fault their non-medical staff do things like change the date of injury to a year forward, then use first year medical evidence to falsely opine “pre-existing” symptoms.  D’oh.  Number of hours spent during an evaluation are often “inflated” and far worse, totally fabricated!

The majority of Lawyers don’t seem to care.  They  shrug say ‘their hands are tied” (and “their lips are sealed?!!!”)  Others have told me “Too much fraud in your case, it’s over my head” and “Too many people didn’t do their jobs, there’s no money in it for me”….

One interviewed actually had the audacity to ask, after pages of questions had been answered, “One more question, tell me, why did you wait over 2.5 years for medical care for a brain injury?”  D’OH!   That didn’t even merit a final response, and that attorney came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here’s my story, again.  Date of witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice, resulting in Concussion/Traumatic Brain injury 1/9/12 while working for Wyndham Worldwide.

The blogs. ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, began in the Summer of 2013, and continue as the only means available to fight for my life against the widely known corruption of the national WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEMS.

This quote is meaningless in California’s WorkComp corruption rackets, is it not?

“Every worker in California is protected by state laws governing the right to be paid correctly, be safe at work and receive benefits if they are injured on the job,” – Christine Baker

And there is no means of enforcement for the Fraud Warnings, now is there? http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/FraudWarningNotices/FraudWarningNotices2013.pdf

What kind of system do YOU profit by that requires someone with a brain injury to represent herself because your colleagues (4 of them) could be found guilty of ABA Ethics Violations and Incompetent Representation?

Due to your accepted CA  legislated fraud regulations, and your “2 attorney” superstitions, Injured Workers bear the brunt of the lack of expertise of your crowd/CAAA memberhips.  This also allows Defense Firms to claim the title ENEMIES OF INJURED AMERICAN WORKERS.

How many injured workers retain and dismiss multiple attorneys, as the corruption is tolerated by those retained to protect injured workers? How many injured workers in California, and in America, must represent themselves due to the failure of the ABA crowds?  Some have said that more than 15% of Injured Workers are InProPer…. probably as a last resort, not a first.

Why do your various profit centers/industries refuse to work with InProPer Injured Workers, and why do your industry leased/owned doctors seem so puzzled, baffled and perplexed by the legality of an Injured Worker self-representing? Why do the medical office staffs believe they can ONLY TAKE ORDERS from the Adjuster or Defense Firm?


When incompetent and worse attorneys can be allowed to be rewarded for causing harm to an injured worker, how can that be good for anybody?

If WorkComp Mill attorneys  have a “case load of 300 clients”…with wishing and hoping that somebody drops dead for some ultimate pay-off for the attorney, how does that help an injured worker get medical care, benefits, return to work and settlement?

Why do employers condone such malicious unconscionable behavior of denials of medical care, benefits, and bullying and all sort of acts of terrorism, experiments, surgeries, poisoning and worse by insurance companies? What good can a WorkComp attorney do?

I even asked a WCAB Judge for permission, as stated is possible on the WCAB recommended reading, to retain an attorney to consult with, on an hourly basis.

Alas, not only did the Judge tell me he would not hear the F-words in his court room, (Felony Fraud with intent to deny medically necessary treatment), he sentenced me to fighting for my life with every ounce of courage and strength and stamina I can muster, fighting organized crimes that EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE FULLY AND COMPLICITY AWARE OF.

But wait, the Team of Four don’t have all the blame.  Defense counsel says it’s all my fault.  Hmph.  He even suggested I consider a Court Appointed Conservator since I am having such difficulty maneuvering the WorkComp system, with denials of medical care, fraudulent reports, unresponsive law enforcement and more.  The Carrier’s Fraud Department called, as most of you know, last Fall and made it very clear he did not care one iota that I had not received medically necessary and recommended care, and the conversation concluded when he said, “So, tell me Linda, when ARE you going to die?”

Some things I read on LinkedIn indicated the Employers are responsible for the bullying and terrorism of their vendors. Wyndham Worldwide was immediately apprised of the horrific bad faith and breach of fiduciary responsibility, and outright disgustingly mean thing to say. ( Intent of the caller? A “medicated worker” might have been compelled to irreversible action by such ‘poor customer service’, wouldn’t you agree? )

How many members of your CAAA organizations have been approached, recommended, took time to evaluate the merit and financial possibilities of helping THIS injured worker?  You know my name now.  I have spoken with many of you.  Your declines to help have most always been cordial, except when they weren’t.  Just so y’all know, A BRAIN INJURY IS NOT THE SAME AS A BROKEN FINGER, NOR IS THE TREATMENT THE SAME.

Watch the upcoming movie “Concussion” and then ask yourself and your partners how legitimate could it be for an insurance carrier to refuse to pay TTD, provide medical care, and embark on a mission of terrorism and destruction to an injured worker, coincidentally, UPON DIAGNOSIS OF BRAIN INJURY.

The Defense Firm treats me like they pretend to have  I & A Officers and  Judges in their pockets, as my ADA rights are consistently violated at WCAB-Riverside, and my Civil Rights.

Think about how many of YOUR clients have been sent to merely Orthopedic Surgeons or Chiropractors for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY?  See the current list of names all the 40 doctors I had been sent to, and all the CorVel and Maximus “physician advisors” and team members.  In the olden days, they might have all been called, “Sonderkommando”….   Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good doctors in that list of 40, and they will be nominated in the upcoming CompLaude Awards.  The others will be nominated to the naughty list for possible inclusion in the ProPublica national efforts.


I have many of your polite Non-Engagement Letters and I am weary of bothering with your ilk.  You are as much a part of the WorkComp problems as are the criminal doctors and lawyers.  Perhaps Sophie Scholl is kinder in her description of your ilk:

So, if you are willing to discuss courageous representation of THIS INJURED WORKER, Case ADJ818190, Linda Ayres Vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

I can be reached at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com or phone 760 368 7236.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message. “I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!”  I do have auditory and visual processing impairments (untreated, of course).  I prefer electronic mail as an ADA accommodation (that defense continuously disregards, while apparently perjuring with proofs of service to cause significant delays and further harm).

The forensic psych AME suggested that if I have Human Rights Violations Complaints that I “take it to The Hague”…..  Well, maybe that was only reasonable thing he had to say.

That’s a “Fukushima Rose”…. (3.11.11)

Read “The First Leaflet” then commence Blogging!  America needs a fresh #CommitteeOfBloggers, wouldn’t you agree?

“Do Not Walk Quietly In This OPEN AIR AUSCHWITZ!”

“….Highest Recorded #Radioactive City in #America this week”

“A new and unfamiliar Leader this week in the race for the Most Radioactive Weather in America is Ft Wayne, Indiana with 1,326 CPM. Congratulations to Ft Wayne, IN as the Most Radioactive City in America this week.Other competing cities for the title were not even close…..”    Your Radiation This Week No 20

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

#WATMN  #WorkCompsters #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore #JustWhistle


Get Involved with ProPublica–because they have the artillery to help InjuredWorkers Survive?

  #OccupyVirtually – There’s Something In The Air!

#CommitteeOfBloggers Needed Now by/for InjuredWorkers Globally!!!

Through the process of investigation, more of the good peeps may be found to nominate for the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards.  GET INVOLVED.   INTERRUPT THE #WarOnWorkers!

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Anybody know what time it is? Submit nominees for the #CompLaud awards. #WorkCompNaughty list, send to ProPublica, by any means necessary.



YouTube David DePaolo describes why it is important to nominate for the 2015 Comp Laude Awards! Click here to nominate now!…

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  1. Just submitted an update to the good peeps at ProPublica. FYI: I love what you folks are doing! Amp it up! People are dying in the WorkComp Ghettos and Gulags in the USA and elsewhere. Here’s an update: Do YOU want outcomes like this for your WorkPlace Injuries? Guaranteed by CNA? Works for Wyndham–You Too? https://lnkd.in/b9Ubefq Full story here: ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS https://lnkd.in/btH3gtS

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An Excerpt of their work:

What Happens When Americans Are Hurt on the Job? Help ProPublica Investigate

by Terry Parris Jr.
ProPublica, Mar. 4, 2015, 5:00 am

Flickr photo via billjacobus1.

……As part of our ongoing investigation, we invite you—whether you are an injured worker, claims adjuster, an employer or lawyer—to tell us about your experience navigating the workers’ comp system. Have something we should look into? Fill out the form below and we may be in touch. If you have an idea to fix workers’ comp, lower costs or help injured workers return to work, we’d love to hear that, too.


Who are you? * Employee Claims Adjuster/Insurance Employer Lawyer State Regulator Doctor/Medical Staff


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Check all that apply.

Approximate date of injury

In what industry did the injury take place? *
Natural resources and mining
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Were you (or was the employee) disabled? * Not disabled Temporarily Permanently


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What is the status of the claim?


Name of employer


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please stand by
  1. Linda Ayres

    My Dear Fellow Americans — aka “The Unsuspecting Public” — yes, we were warned about all of it. How few listened? Well, what is, is. In the meantime, ASK ABOUT YOUR #RADIATION THIS WEEK. Start with CNN’s version of the number of nuke reactors near you – https://lnkd.in/b97tkSv Then, ask about #Radiation and #WorkComp and #Timeshares, just for a well rounded opinion… https://lnkd.in/bMvk4n8 Then, if you’re still ok with doing nothing/saying nothing about things, and silencing those who do, well

  2. Linda Ayres

    Just submitted a little update to ProPublica… I hope it helps… “I love what you folks are doing! Amp it up! People are dying in the WorkComp Ghettos and Gulags in the USA and elsewhere. Here’s an update: Do YOU want outcomes like this for your WorkPlace Injuries? Guaranteed by CNA? Works for Wyndham–You Too? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-you-want-outcomes-like-your-workplace-injuries-guaranteed-ayres Full story here: ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts/ WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW


    Ask about “Your Radiation This Week” and “…remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!



Subject: FWD Update to Kim Mall and Daniel Elliott, original deceivers in LINDA AYRES VS. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE (sorry for any duplicates, don’t quite grasps email ‘groups’ anymore… tsk. 😕

Original email and blog:


—-Original Message—–
From: lindaayres <lindaayres@aol.com>
To: kmartinez <kmartinez@grancell-law.com>
Cc: fred.sachs <fred.sachs@cna.com>; wynlinda <wynlinda@gmail.com>; reolinda <reolinda@aol.com>; workcomplinda <workcomplinda@gmail.com>; michael.grabell <michael.grabell@propublica.org>; sreubens <sreubens@grancell-law.com>; kmall <kmall@grancell-law.com>; mary.falvey <mary.falvey@wyn.com>; tina.jordan <tina.jordan@wyn.com>; michael.dougherty <michael.dougherty@wyn.com>; christopher.petrosini <christopher.petrosini@wyn.com>; fred.sachs <fred.sachs@cna.com>; tara.chmiel <tara.chmiel@wyn.com>; marybeth.stolworthy <marybeth.stolworthy@wyn.com>; patricia.lee <patricia.lee@wyndhamvacation.com>; lindaayres <lindaayres@aol.com>; tina.jordan <tina.jordan@wyn.com>; LINDAAYRES <LINDAAYRES@AOL.COM>; Scott.mixon <Scott.mixon@wyn.com>; Megan.Gormley <Megan.Gormley@wyn.com>; Carol.Bullock <Carol.Bullock@wyn.com>; doug.parks <doug.parks@wyn.com>; amy.labroo <amy.labroo@wyn.com>; PATRICIA.LEE <PATRICIA.LEE@WYNDHAMWORLDWIDE.COM>; Sara.Salvatore <Sara.Salvatore@wyn.com>; Amanda.Settee <Amanda.Settee@cna.com>; Jonathan.Isernhagen <Jonathan.Isernhagen@wyn.com>; sreubens <sreubens@grancell-law.com>; tina.jordan <tina.jordan@wyn.com>; christopher.petrosini <christopher.petrosini@wyn.com>; michael.dougherty <michael.dougherty@wyn.com>; fred.sachs <fred.sachs@cna.com>; mary.falvey <mary.falvey@wyn.com>; kmall <kmall@grancell-law.com>; Steven.Anderson <Steven.Anderson@cna.com>; Brent.Wisniewski <Brent.Wisniewski@cna.com>; Bill.Boyd <Bill.Boyd@cna.com>; Shauna.Chiappella <Shauna.Chiappella@cna.com>; marybeth.stolworthy <marybeth.stolworthy@wyn.com>; tara.chmiel <tara.chmiel@wyn.com>; michael.grabell <michael.grabell@propublica.org>; daniel.elliott <daniel.elliott@cna.com>; Blair.Shropshire <Blair.Shropshire@cna.com>; Roy.Alexander <Roy.Alexander@cna.com>; Ryan.Carbah <Ryan.Carbah@cna.com>; Alissa.Mitchell <Alissa.Mitchell@cna.com>; Amy.Dreibelbis <Amy.Dreibelbis@cna.com>; Julie.Western <Julie.Western@cna.com>; Robert.Strozak <Robert.Strozak@cna.com>; Jonathan.Hueschen <Jonathan.Hueschen@cna.com>; Samir.Arora <Samir.Arora@wyn.com>; Josh.Lesnick <Josh.Lesnick@wyn.com>; Walter.Yosafat <Walter.Yosafat@wyn.com>; Nelson.Leiser <Nelson.Leiser@WYN.COM>; mike.reilly <mike.reilly@wyn.com>; sara.rojas <sara.rojas@wyn.com>; Christopher.Lucas <Christopher.Lucas@cna.com>; Joshua.Ramos <Joshua.Ramos@cna.com>; bbarkley <bbarkley@grancell-law.com>; kroberts <kroberts@grancell-law.com>; Favio.Corral <Favio.Corral@cna.com>; Demetria.Winkler <Demetria.Winkler@cna.com>; trichards <trichards@grancell-law.com>; jstander <jstander@grancell-law.com>; jthomas <jthomas@grancell-law.com>; dchun <dchun@grancell-law.com>; Eden.Mauro <Eden.Mauro@cna.com>; Kirtan.Dave <Kirtan.Dave@cna.com>; info <info@naidw.org>; Faith.Taylor <Faith.Taylor@WYN.COM>; Reese.Walker <Reese.Walker@cna.com>; James.Graves <James.Graves@cna.com>; ngrancell <ngrancell@grancell-law.com>; cna_help <cna_help@cna.com>; shane.riedman <shane.riedman@cna.com>


Sent: Wed, Aug 26, 2015 7:21 pm
Subject: FWD Update to Kim Mall and Daniel Elliott, original deceivers in LINDA AYRES VS. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE (sorry for any duplicates, don’t quite grasps email ‘groups’ anymore… tsk. 😕

Hi Kathy Martinez, since Kim is out of the office and her out of office reply suggested that you be contacted, I don’t know if you’d consider this email needing ‘immediate assistance’ or what, but since she was so instrumental in setting up failures to provide medical care and benefits since 2012, you can make that call.

We were hoping I could either return to work or return to Coastline Acquired Brain Injury program for completion through December 2015, but I guess everybody has been too busy to address my file till the last minute, when deadlines are already gone.  Tina, HR Director at Wyndham, must be under severe stress.  You know that the Wyndham sales floors are highly stressful places — and they don’t even have Bagel Fridays!  Goodness, one manager had a big stroke, another manager’s wife hung herself, and another manager was arrested for killing his wife.   I’m actually sort of frightened about return to work to that sort of environment, but I don’t know if that can even happen now.  I haven’t had a treating doctor since December 2014, and Stewart says he can’t help find a doctor (he doesn’t realize Kim Mall and the I & A officer, Valerie James, are the ones who found Dr. Bergey, the Orthopedic Surgeon….no, that’s not correct, Kim and Valerie found Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, another Orthopedic Surgeon who did an evaluation, then Kim was … well, you know how Kim is, so I had to find another attorney and they found Dr. Bergey—another Orthopedic Surgeon.  What a mess.

One time when Kim and I were in Court with Judge Jimenez about the more than 300 pages of medical records omitted from the AME doctors transmission… oh, girlfriend…. maybe it wasn’t Kim’s doings with the messed up medical index, did you mess it up?  Yikes.  I don’t think Stewart even has a secretary, and he’s so funny, he tells me things like, ‘Ms. Ayres, I don’t have the neurology IMR report from Dr. Jurokowitz, would you kindly send me a copy” — and then I look at his incomplete medical index, and mercy, it’s listed there.  He doesn’t read, or I dunno…. Anyway, this case is way out of control and many of us are hoping that it will be features on an upcoming ProPublica articles series…. Did you ever read their stuff?  It’s great.  THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION!!  THE DEMISE OF WORKERS COMPENSATION……………    


Here’s more on ProPublica

ProPublica Partners With Beacon to Promote Workers’ Comp Reporting

Anyway, I hope you’re not working late…. you can deal with this in the morning…..  Check out my blogs, too… https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts.  I used to be a secretary and can type about 100 wpms… but…. I can’t remember much of what I’ve typed, and shuffling through excel sheets…omg, what a challenge.  And collating? OMG! Kim saw me break down in tears when when had to make some extra copies of stuff in Court and she thought I could put them in 4 little piles.  Yikes!  I just cried.  That poor Judge found me at the parking lot sobbing hysterically cuz I had droppped all my papers…it was either than Court hearing or another….. Did you not send Stewart all the files?  Or does he just not read?  Anyway…. I’m being tangential…. I’ll sign off here.

Oh…. there’s already more words under this.. well, it’s almost signed off…. TTFN

We’re trying to be more transparent in our communications, and Stewart and I are really struggling with being on the same page  I hope this helps us all better communicate about the needs of Wyndham Injured Workers, Working Employees and of course, Shareholders such as myself.

You have a nice day, and be sure to watch your dates on Proofs of Service…. that pattern of mis-stating dates can cause problems to more than the injured workers adversely impacted by the little lies.

Take care,

Linda Ayres, In Pro Per


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  1. Kimberly Mall 2nd

    Attorney at Grancell, Stander, Reubens, Thomas, and Kinsey A Professional Corporation
    Greater Los Angeles Area
    Law Practice

    Attorney at Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander, Reubens and Thomas, A Professional Corporation

  2. Kimberly Mall, Esq.3rd

    Attorney at Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander, Reubens and Thomas
    Greater Los Angeles Area
    Law Practice

    Attorney at Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander, Reubens and Thomas

Hi! I will out of the office August 26 with limited access to email and/or voicemail.  I willl be out of the office August 27 and 28 on vacation with no access to email and/or voicemail.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact my secretary Kathy Martinez at 951-778-2514 or kmartinez@grancell-law.com.

Thank you so much.


Kimberly Mall


lisa and bart the whole damn system is wrong


Dr Jaudy Testimonial
December 2012 – http://www.drjaudy.com/patient-testimonials/linda-a-testimonial/

Where’s the Money? CNA was awarded nearly $20k FOR REFUSING TO PAY TTD IN 2012 AND 2013 AND NOW….

[Last edited on October 3, 2014 at 10:34 am]

August 24, 2015 – CNA, with the help of Grancell’s law team chicanery, has successfully shifted cost burdens to the State of California, Social Security Administration, and Medicare?  Wyndham paid how much for that useless WorkersCompensation policy?  Appears to be more like a money-laundering racket.

In May 2015, after multiple appeals, Social Security Disability was awarded, and Medicare established.   SSA calculations are apparently like a rat maze based on false and incorrect information repeatedly provided by CNA, along with the Courts “negotiating” rewards to CNA for breaking the law and refusal to pay TTD, even when a Judge told them too.   A more indepth blog will be forthcoming….. this will give you a clue of how they set the ‘SHELL GAME’ for your taxpayer dollars up…

Other paperwork falsely alleges CNA paid me and still pays me approximately $4,000/month.  Holy Moly!  Call the District Attorney.  Sounds like grand theft because such funds don’t make it to my bank account.  I wonder where they go?  Actually, I wonder if the State Controller has a clue on the money that EDD and SSA seem to ‘kick back’ to big companies like CNA aka AMERICAN CASUALTY


FOLLOW THE MONEY….  Vote the Poll, “Dodge the Rads — It’s Dangerous Out There”

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Subject: Fwd: Linda Ayres — CNA 3269102 TTD Termination of Benefits, Authorization for Medically Necessary Treatments, and Reimbursements, QMEs and “Practice Effect” violations

Hi Stewart, Courtesy Copy to you and others.  Have a nice day.

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From: Linda Ayres <reolinda@aol.com>
To: fred.sachs <fred.sachs@cna.com>
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Subject: Linda Ayres — CNA 3269102 TTD Termination of Benefits, Authorization for Medically Necessary Treatments, and Reimbursements, QMEs and “Practice Effect” violations

Dear Fred:

Thank you for your email of September 23, 2014 with your thoughts on monies paid and terminated TTD.  Matrix advised that they did contact you, but have not yet received a response to their request for a copy of the actual termination notice.  Can you help now?  I have bills due NOW.   TOP PRIORITY…..CASH FLOW issues since you have sent any money since July 2014, and you believe there is none due because of the deep discount provided to CNA by the State of California, relinquishing my rights and benefits.

Prioritized points below, 1-7.  Thanks.  Stress messes with my brain and too many things are coming at me right now.  Sorry for the length of this.  I also remembered I migh be able to do the housekeeping thing… I have supervised Estate housekeeping staff.  More on that below.

Stewart is being mean again, says he is not going to email me anymore, just snail mail.  That’s another ADA violation, but he doesn’t care.  I have had to keep switching email accounts because Grancell blocked me on this account, so I’ll send him a copy in a bit….not jumping through any more hoops for him.  He is tooo mean and he scares me.

Let’s not again burden the State because Wyndham doesn’t like to help injured workers return to work, and wants them kicked to the curb and or dumped into the SSDI and welfare roles.  One friend said if Tina wants me to be a Housekeeper as the only way to return to work, then the panel QME with Dr. Holmes will be imperative.  Even he might have to call for “light duty” for Orthopedic reasons.  Social Security also does not think brain rehabilitation or brain injury is an imediment to selling timeshare.  Hard to figure.  Here’s more on what a doctor told me in January 2012 regarding possiblities of return to work, if’s and thens:

Wyndham‬ Worldwide, Is there a WIDGET ASSEMBLY department??!  http://t.co/HWRyyRPis0  https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/2013/07/03/wyndham-worldwide-is-there-a-widget-assembly-department/

One of the big take-aways from SCRIPPS was further clarification on how messed up my brain is, and how desperately I need more Speech and Occupational and Vision Therapy to be able to rejoin the work foce.  Let’s work together to get me to Coastline….. It seems the cheapest way for you to go…unless you like paying Grancell to torture and terrorism disabled workers, then, I surrender.

Here is a link to some blogs with facts on my case, including denied medical care, failure to reimburse medical miles, and the whole ugly mess.   If Steward refuses to send you the file, this may be a quick update, it’s accessible on mobile phones too.  https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/

Hello Linda,


I’ve received your request and forwarded to our recalculation department for review.  Please note that we would need an actual award notice / termination notice from your workers’ compensation carrier indicating you are no longer receiving the $649.41 / wk.  As it stands it appears that you continue to receive the $649.41 / wk (2,814.11 per month) and that offset would still apply.  Once the overpayment is recovered, you would only be entitled to the $100 per month minimum benefit unless a termination of benefit notice is received on the workers’ compensation carriers’ letterhead.  – Matrix

  1.   Please send me and Matrix a copy of the TTD Termination of Benefits document today, please and thank you.

As you can see by the email from Steven Acevedo below, I’m not the only one confused by the complications caused by the CNA refusal to pay TTD the first year, and by the severe discount of my benefits negotiated with the State of California, to my loss of $20,000, and putting me in the position again to rely on public charities and State Funds, that were given to CNA rather than to this injured worker.

Before I get busy with emails on this matter today, will you kindly forward a copy to me today of the actual “termination notice” indicating that you are no longer paying me, effective when and why.  As you can see, it appears to even Matrix that yep, you’re still supposed to be and are paying me, so therefore, they are unable to reinstate my LTD benefits.

The people at Matrix and Reliance are always very helpful and responsive.   I appreciate your efforts to communicate with me, and I understand that Stewart Reubens has decided to ignore more ADA requests for electronic communications and will just mail things to me when he feels like it.  Whatever.  It’s noted.

The entire thread is again attached.

  1.   Please request from Stewart Reubens a copy of the summary of unreimbursed medical miles and expenses dating back to January 2012, submitted repeatedly, on paper and electronically.
  1.   Appeal to Scripps obfuscated by again failure to provide evaluating doctor with medical records as submitted on appeal, when it was obvious the first request was submitted with numerous omitted medical records.
  1.   Dr. Hilda Chalgujian agrees with pursuit of continued treatment at SCRIPPS and or at Coastline Cognitive Rehab, which starts October 20, 2014, if I am accepted to the program.   More evaluations required.   Her RFA is anticipated shortly.   COASTLINE MAY BE THE WAY TO GO.  DOESN’T LOOK LIKE WE CAN SETTLE UP AND I WILL NOT BE COMFORTABLE WITH ALLOWING MORE HARM TO COME TO ME BECAUSE STEWART DOES LIKE ME OR BECAUSE HE HAS HIS EGO INVOLVED IN HARMING A DISABLED WOMAN.
  1.   Stewart doesn’t want you to authorize any medical treatment, but he wants further evaluations at:
  1. a) Orthopedic Surgeon – Dr. Holmes  –  PLEASE ENSURE I HAVE A COPY OF MEDICAL INDEX AND HARD COPY OF RECORDS SENT BEYOND WHAT I ALREADY PROVIDED; PLEASE CONFIRM THAT DR. HOLMES HAS RETAINED ALL THE RECORDS PREVIOUSLY PROVIDED.  As it is a pattern of practice for Grancell to send me to appointments without providing the doctors with complete medical evidence, I will be unable to attend the QME unless I have received proper notice of the records submitted, and copies thereof.  Otherwise, I am happy to comply with helping another doctor make holiday money with another evaluation.


  1.   Stewart does not want you to authorize any brain injury treatment, following the footsteps of Kim Mall of Grancell-Corona, 24 days at SCRIPPS when 3-6 months were requested is hardly compliance with the responsibility of my employer and it’s agents to provide medically necessary treatment. Yet, Stewart wants another neuro-psych evaluation….. to add to the facts provided in 2012 by Dr. Eileen Kang and Dr. Marcel Ponton, and reiterated by Dr. Hilda Chalgujian.   Their requests for medical treatment were all ignored, so, here I am.    Coastline may be the way to go.
  1. a) Please ensure that any such neuro-psych eval complies with the law and any such evaluator currently treats TBI in his/her practice.  Please know that Matrix is sending me yet another neuro-psych for eval for my long term disability later in month, and practice effect in such exams is common knowledge within that realm of experts.  Please ensure CNA is in compliance whatever laws may pertain to repeated testing in hopes of getting better results and being able to further deny medical treatment.  I get the question about “What season is it?” right this time of year, and I am doing better at listing the presidents, and identifying what day, month, year it is, and what City and County I am in.  I still have challenges with counting from 100 backwards by 7s, and spelling world backwards is hit and miss.

Wow, to think some work comp comp doctors are paid several thousand dollars to adminster those tests, or to supervise a non-licensed person to do so…. Wow, that’s America, huh?

  1.  Steward said he was going to contact Dr. Hilda and Dr. Bergey directly regarding ‘MEDICAL LIMITATIONS’… May I also suggest you re-review the records and statement of Dr. Marcel Ponton, psychologist and QME, and Pasadena treating doctors from April 2012 to December-ish 2012…. It’s in the blog, but here’s a quote, and since none of the recommended treatments happened, there’s little reason to believe anything has changed much on the limitations, huh?


Report to Employer:

Disability or Medical Limitations:  (Physician must review employee’s job description and describe disability and/or restrictions from performing this job). 

HAS PROBLEMS WITH ATTENTION AND CONCENTRATION WHICH WILL IMPACT ABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY PROCESS COMPLEX CLIENT INFORMATION AND OTHER DATA.  Additionally, injured worker has a reactive depression to the conditions and neurobehaviorial symptoms.    Medications Taken and Side Effects:  N/A

Mitigating Measures or Assistance Devices Utilized and Degree of Effectiveness in Reducing Functional Limitation and Effect of Medical Condition on Major Life Activities, Description of Impact and Duration:

Injured worker needs ongoing psychotherpay and cognitive remediation.  Ongoing Rx for neurobehaviorial symptoms as per Physiatrist. Patient has problems with money management at this time, however, is independent with all other ADL’s…..  [Physiatrist recommended treatments and further evaluations were never authorized after initial consult.  Initial consult did result in non-revocation of driver’s license after unfounded report by neurologist with a specialty in epilepsy and fibromyalgia (neither of which IW suffers from), not TBI, saga for another blog]

State Whether Employee Can Perform the Tasks in the Job Description in light of Medical Condition and identify any applicable restrictions and duration:

#Responsibility – will have difficulties with training and development and remembering information to convey to others…

Knowledge and Skills – patient will have problems tracking with company policies and procedures.  Patient may also have problems with organization.

Identify Any Accommodations that Would Enable the Employee to Perform the Tasks that the Employee’s Medical Conditions Precludes from Performing 

Modified duty – performing rote and repetitive tasks that do not require major decision making or constant interaction with the public.

See more:

As to the $27,000+, Stewart again reiterated that nothing I say will encourage him to look at the documents I provided in summary to the multiple requests for medical expenses as far back as 2012, medical miles to PTP, co-pay for the EAP directed doctor, treatment requested by physicians and utterly ignored by Grancell attorney Kim Mall which I then self-procured, and she interrupted with threats to the doctors.  Is there no law against bullying injured workers??     When I look for the TTD TERMINATION,  I will look for the summary again, and send it to you.  The Audit Unit has copies, and while Stewart likes to say it’s all about ‘self-procured medical care for disputed body parts’…. the evidence, had he been willing and able to read it, will clearly show that’s not the case.  For a fast fact check, see when the last time you paid me for medical miles to Dr. Darren Bergey and Dr. Hilda Chalgujian.   Start there, and you’ll see a pattern.

You also mentioned that if SCRIPPS was not authorized for further treatment (which is was not, and again, they refused to review all the medical records I provided, and did not even have the SCRIPPS discharge records… omission of medical records with intent to deny medical care, or just another oooops??)  Anyway…you mentioned, local providers you would recommend are at Eisenhower, Loma Linda or Casa Colina, for speech therapy for high level executive functions, vision, occupational and vocational therapies, but you did not provide the names of any such providers.  Further, clearly you are unfamiliar with my file, or you would see that I have treated at Casa Colina, their Medical Director, Dave Patterson, organized by Daniel Elliott and Attorney Michael Durich (#2) sent me there for an evaluation and to debunk the request by Dr. Waldman to revoke my driver’s license in April 2012. I went to that appointment expecting a complete evaluation for their Brain Rehabilitation Program, and I got a 15 minute evaluation and Dr. Patterson filled out the DMV papers and said I was cleared to drive.  He also referred me to Dr. Eric Ikeda, their Neuro-Optomestrist.  I never saw a report on that meeting, I never was sent to Dr. Ikeda by PTP Marcel Ponton, QME, and in fact, only saw Ponton’s side-kick, Dr. Chung, for 4 session of psychotherpay  (those may be some of the unreimbursed medical miles, too from 2012, we’ll have to look, it was a 2+ hour drive.)   When I requested medical records, I saw there is a notice that I saw Dr. Patterson of Casa Colina in October 2012, which is false. It is a fake part of the medical records index of Ms. Mall.   I did, however, self-procured medical evaluation and treatment with Dr. Patterson in April 2013, but alas, he lost my file, never wrote a report, and refused to see me again.  However, he did refer me to Dr. Ikeda, wherein I received a prescription for the first treating theraputic lenses, and some Vision Therapy, that Ms. Mall also interrupted.   Experts that I have spoken to find it very curious that there is a false notice of a patient meeting with Dr. Patterson, his abrupt loss of my files, failure to provide the promised, and oh yeah, he had recommended me for 3 months at their Brain Injury Rehab place in 2013, and they take work comp.   WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT??

I will look for and try to finish the schedule of physician request but attorney denied medical treatments since 2012.  While Stewart thinks it’s not his job to help me get medical care, and he insists that he and his firm have nothing to do with whether or not I get medically necessary treatments for accepted body parts, including my brain, that just makes me wonder if he is suffering from a brain injury, too, or if it’s genetic.

Anyway, oh oh….. Do you read WorkComp Centeral blog?   Guess who they wrote about recently?  Yep!  Let me know if you want the link….. it’s the one about Work Comp and Baseball…..  ahhh, 30 seconds and fame on social media…..  I hope that guy, Jack from the LA Times calls you and Stewart for some of his investigative reporting…

He looks like he is unfraid of deep digging….goodness, he even suggested that some LA Police and Firefighters fake work comp injuries.  I had to comment that as a Citizen, I suspect they are made to wait and wait and wait for medical care just like the rest of us, while the profits are squeezed as the life is squeezed out of us.

Ok, that’s it for me for now.  I think the summarized points brings us up to date.  Still on my action list for you is:

  1. Send you the summarized spreadsheets for the way past due $27,000+
  2. Keep working on the PROPOSAL FOR SETTLEMENT (dropped to the bottom of the pile with Stewart’s continued bad faith and breach of fiduciary responsiblites)
  3. Keep trying to make any ally out of you, since your Fraud guys told me that’s the way to go.  But golly, I’m insured by you guys, why do I have to try to make an ally out of you. I’m not the enemy.  Grancell is.


Linda Ayres, IN PRO PER

760 368 5243

PO Box 835

Yucca Valley CA 92286



cc:  Mary Falvey, Wyndham Worldwide Human Resources Executive VP

Tina Jordan,  Wyndham Worldwide Human Resources – Regional Director

Melisa.Paramo Wyndham Worldwide – Manager, Indio, Palm Springs and Big Bear

Wyndham Leave Support

PS Note to Wyndham:  PLEASE ADVISE THE DATE OF THE INDIO SALES EXECUTIVE TRAINING IN NOVEMBER.  The accommodation request form was      submitted by me, and delivered to Dr. Chalgujian and Dr. Bergey, anticipating further discussion and commencement of the Interactive Process, thank you.

cc:  Jack Dolan….  PS  You and your article were mentioned in the Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains blog: https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/2014/10/01/hello-america-can-we-talk-tbi-workcomp-wyndham-cna-grancell-edd-ca-dol-usa-etc-and-complete-systems-fail/   😀  You’re welcome.   BTW, Do you know Larry Kosmont?  I used to work for him.  He’ll probably say nice things about me, and how smart I was and how I was a great “right hand” to him and his.   Peter and Stephen Lowy might remember me, but I did, at the end of my assignment as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, I help his Dad and Mum run their households in Beverly Hills and NYC, and I coordinated logistics when they flew in on their 747 or were off in the Mediterranean on their yacht.  It was at the time they were buying up shopping centers in the USA.

cc:  Wyndham Worldwide Media Contacts     –  http://www.wyndhamworldwide.com/news-media/media-contacts

Alyson.Johnson@wyn.com, Christine.Dasilva@wyn.com, Margo.Happer@wyn.com, merav.benedetti@wyn.com, steven.alessandrini@rci.com, lori.ford@wyn.com,

cc:  John Araby  – National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers



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Sent: Fri, Oct 3, 2014 7:57 am
Subject: RE: Linda Ayres REINSTATEMENT OF LTD Status of Money?? Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N

Hello Linda,


I’ve received your request and forwarded to our recalculation department for review.  Please note that we would need an actual award notice / termination notice from your workers’ compensation carrier indicating you are no longer receiving the $649.41 / wk.  As it stands it appears that you continue to receive the $649.41 / wk (2,814.11 per month) and that offset would still apply.  Once the overpayment is recovered, you would only be entitled to the $100 per month minimum benefit unless a termination of benefit notice is received on the workers’ compensation carriers’ letterhead.



Steven Acevedo

Integrated Claims Examiner



Phone: 877-315-9838 ext. 40235

Fax:      914-784-0025

Email:  Steven.Acevedo@matrixcos.com

Web:    www.matrixcos.com


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From: Linda Ayres [mailto:reolinda@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2014 10:06 AM
To: Steven Acevedo
Subject: Fwd: Linda Ayres REINSTATEMENT OF LTD Status of Money?? Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N


Hi Steve and Steve….


Any chance you can update me on the status of the reinstatement of my LTD $1800/month today. Panic is not a good mode for my brain functions.


FROM CNA/FRED SACHS:  9/23/14:    Linda,   Per your request below are the periods we have paid temporary disability.  In response to your question regarding reserves, we do not discuss the reserves placed on a file with the injured worker or their legal representation if represented.   1-9-2012 to 4-15-2012 temporary disability at rate of $652.15 per week 2-15-2013 to 5-8-2014 temporary disability at rate of $649.41 per week   Reimbursed EDD for period of 1-28-2012 to 3-4-2013 for a total of $31,400    Fred Sachs, CRIS MCU WC Claim Specialist 714-674-5886 FAX: 714-256-7630



Till then, I have bills due now.


Thanks much.  I need to know so I can plan.  (I’m looking for Steve A’s phone number and will follow up with phone call when I find it.  Plllllllease advise. Thanks.



Linda Ayres, IN Pro Per

760 368 5243




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From: Linda Ayres <reolinda@aol.com>
To: steven.acevedo <steven.acevedo@matrixcos.com>
Cc: Stephen.Buch <Stephen.Buch@rsli.com>; reolinda <reolinda@aol.com>; wynlinda <wynlinda@gmail.com>; lindaayres <lindaayres@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 7:22 am
Subject: Linda Ayres REINSTATEMENT OF LTD Status of Money?? Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N

Hi Steve and Steve…


Do we have any word on the status of my $1800 a month, based on the info below?  Bills are do again and I’ve been “holding on” with a hard-core “extend and pretend” strategy since July.  I am reaching the panic point again, or went over the edge upon early termination of SCRIPPS care.



Could you kindly let me know when my LTD benefits will resume, and if there is any retroactive money coming to me, and when.  If it’s NOT cominig, or there’s an issue, please just let me know.  I will be in touch with Advocator to get additional records to them.  If they do their job and help me get Social Security approval, I can rest a bit and get treatment subsidized by the State or the Military, whoever is behind the program I just found.  Link below.




Bills are due tomorrow.  If I know funds are  coming, I can enroll in the Coastline Brain Injury program that starts October 20, 2014 (for 1-2 years) and could live frugally and get cognitive rehabilitation if I can count on that $1,800, and they I will fight like hell with CNA after sufficient rehabilitation, in a year or two.   They apparently have no intentions of reimbursing my $27K spent for medical care they refused to provide, and they figure the State of California negotiated away my rights and gave them a fat $20K profit, so too bad how sad for me…. Call the Department of Insurance and register another complaint.   D’oh.


I need to know what the status of my money is,amounts and when.


I see Dr. Hilda this morning, it would be great if I had a clue about the Matrix/Reliance before my 10:30 appointment with her.  She knows I am seeing one of your doctors October 27 for further evaluations. It’s marked on my calendar.



Also, I need to know because I am trying to get accepted into a one-to-two year brain injury treatment program, with or without CNA.  There’s no reason for me to believe they will do right now, as they have done such wrong all along, and they interrupted the SCRIPPS Brain Rehabilitation Program.  It’s on appeal, and word is expected by the end of the week, on an expedited basis.


(I got a call “from Chicago”   :/   that suggested I had mis-directed my recent complaints of FRAUD, and suggesting that I make nice with the adjuster and be a little more patient….   0.0


So I tried it again….with a short sweet polite plea for help to get into the Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program, a 1-2 year plan, that starts October 20, 2014, and would require that I relocate, or at least having lodging for 5 days a week till I get relocated. Fred said he couldn’t authorize it, but he can submit it if one of my doctors requests it…. My goal is to have two of my doctor request it, and at Coastline, they encouraged me to get “as much of SCRIPPS that I can” before coming to them.


Here’s the link: http://www.coastline.edu/students/students-with-disabilities/acquired-brain-injury/



Thanks Steve and Steve…….

Linda Ayres


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From: Linda Ayres <reolinda@aol.com>
To: Stephen Buch <Stephen.Buch@rsli.com>
Cc: steven.acevedo <steven.acevedo@matrixcos.com>
Sent: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 1:07 pm
Subject: Re: Fw: Linda Ayres vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N

Thanks Steve and Steve!!!!

Please let me know bottom line Asap.

I am working on not only Return to Work (against doctor opinions) but only a Proposal for Settlement.

Failing that, it will be full on fighting…

Wish me luck!!!!!

Worst case scenario seems to be I try to return to work and fail, and keeep moving forward. I assured them I am NOT going to Foodbanks so they can collect big checks over my injured body.

I hope its nearly over.

Many thanks to you both for all kindness nd patience.

Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

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From: “Stephen Buch” <Stephen.Buch@rsli.com>

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 15:34:47 -0400

To: <reolinda@aol.com>

Cc: <steven.acevedo@matrixcos.com>

Subject: Re: Fw: Linda Ayres vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N


Hi Linda,


Steven Acevedo would be the examiner handling this. I’ll forward this email as well as the other to him.

Kind Regards,


Steve Buch

WOP/AO Claims Examiner

2001 Market Street
Suite 1500
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7090

Work: (800) 351-7500 ext. 3908

Fax: (267) 256-3535

>>> “Linda Ayres” <reolinda@aol.com> 9/23/2014 3:18 PM >>>
Hi Steve,

Based on CNA statement of what they paid, can you now reinstate my LTD benefits and if so, how sooon??

Please let me know as soon as you can.

I may get to do a trial Return to Work soon…and I need to do the math.

Thanks a bunch.

Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

PS Just had a pretty good meeting with Wyndham HOUR regional Manager and Director.

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From: Sachs,Fred
To: Linda Ayres
Cc: Stewart Reubens
Cc: Stephen Buch
Cc: Sachs,Fred
Subject: RE: Linda Ayres vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N
Sent: Sep 23, 2014 11:11 AM

Linda,   Per your request below are the periods we have paid temporary disability.  In response to your question regarding reserves, we do not discuss the reserves placed on a file with the injured worker or their legal representation if represented.   1-9-2012 to 4-15-2012 temporary disability at rate of $652.15 per week 2-15-2013 to 5-8-2014 temporary disability at rate of $649.41 per week   Reimbursed EDD for period of 1-28-2012 to 3-4-2013 for a total of $31,400    Fred Sachs, CRIS MCU WC Claim Specialist 714-674-5886 FAX: 714-256-7630
From: Linda Ayres [mailto:reolinda@aol.com] Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 2:32 PM

To: Sachs,Fred Cc: Tina R Jordan; Stewart Reubens; Stephen Buch; Linda Ayres; Linda Ayres; MBX – WVO Center Subject: Fw: Linda Ayres vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al Policy LTD 121329 Claim 2012 11 13 0149 LTD 01 N

Hi Fred, Below is an e-thread with LTD provider regarding income. They need to know if you will be resuming TTD retroactive or the actual dates paid and stopped. I will let Steve Buch know thaat Scripps was terminated but not completed, and is on apppeal and that discharge records are anticipated next week. By the way, what is the reserve on my claim? I don’t have the marbles to sort out the TTD money stuff on top of all else. I am in full survival mode and will be working on that “Proposal for ReSolution” for you and Stewart plus accommodations and interactive process. As you check on the TTD money and calculations, this reference to the letter from Daniel Elliott may shed some light. “And I found a letter from CNA dated 4/21/2014 indicating “Payment for temporary disability is resuming and sent separately for the period starting 02/14/2014 through 4/24/2014 and will continue until you are able to return to work or your medical condition becomes permanent and stationary.  Your weekly compensation rate is $649.41 based on your earnings of $1 per week…..”    (His calculations are aopparently purposely off and were off-set by EDD for the period they did pay.  )….” If you could put

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Hey, is there anybody in this group who knows how to file a #WorkersComp class action suit ???

LUCY OCCUPY answered a question 30 minutes ago Wha - 439249702753572

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Hey, is there anybody in this group who knows how to file a WorkersComp class action suit (or knows people who know people to file a class action suit) on behalf of injured workers in America, subjected to medical and financial terrorism, unabated fraud by doctors and lawyers owned/leased by the insurance companies?The case would start with Defendants WyndhamWorldwide and affiliates, CNA Insurance/ American Casualty, Grancell Stander et al law firm, WCAB, EDD, State of California office of the Controller, Offices of the District Attorney, and certain applicant attorneys and certain insurance company QME/AME doctors for complicity in frauds and others defendants, as necessary.

The initial focus would be BRAIN INJURED WORKERS, AND ADA VIOLATION by fraudulent patterns and practices of defendants, but would include all injured workers harmed and ultimately killed by this …. insurance company killing machine.

Lucy has spoken with Super Lawyers and New Lawyers since January 2012, and all levels of expertise and incompetence between. Lucy has spoken with many many many injured workers, and doctors and lawyers who have been injured by this system, and doctors who are afraid to participate in workers comp patient treatment for fear of being unpaid and for the financial and administrative chicanery of dealing with the organized crime groups that everybody seems to know about, but few talk about.

Hats off to ‪#‎DavidDePaolo‬ for his ‘politically correct’ touching upon the criminality that permeates the WorkComp system in California, and beyond.

So, Lucy will organize class action participants. Scott Bloch, Esq. of CA and DC may be willing to handle the class action suit, and Lucy needs help to prepare to ‘take this to the streets’ and create an initial California team of attorneys and injured workers and real doctors to participate.

So, until an injured worker is exposed to this vile system, there is no frame of reference for the depths of criminality an injured worker is exposed to, without, apparently, recourse of assistance. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE NOW. LET IT BEGIN WITH ME. I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

Like Eienstein says, “Those who have the privilege to know HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT”….. So. LucyOccupy@gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon.


#WyndhamWorldwide WAGES WAR OF ATTACKS OF MEDICAL AND FINANCIAL TERRORISM ON INJURED WORKER, IN ABSOLUTE VIOLATION OF LAW AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY??? </p> <p>It's time for an Injured Workers in America--> CLASS ACTION SUIT. If you're one, or know one, let's connect, on and off fb. LucyOccupy@gmail.com 'Freedom's just another word for nuthing left to lose....'</p> <p>Lucy Occupy Says... #OccupyWyndham! THOSE 'FREE-GIFTS FOR ATTENDING A TIME SHARE PRESENTATION CONTRIBUTE TO MAIMING AND DEATH OF INJURED WORKERS, AT LEAST ONE, AND PROBABLY THOUSANDS ACROSS THE NATION. </p> <p>MAYBE THE #CAAA -- California Applicant's Attorney's Association--- can set up a third-world type micro-loan program for disposed of workers from Wyndham and other Big Companies----while the fraud of the doctors and lawyers involved in the maimings and killings is investigated?? AMERICA. #WorkComp is Fraud. STOP IT NOW. </p> <p> ""As one of the largest hospitality companies with more than 100,000 locations in nearly 100 countries, we have an ever increasing opportunity, and responsibility as a corporate citizen, to be a leader in reducing our impact on the environment," said Faith Taylor, senior vice president of sustainability for Wyndham Worldwide. " http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/36866-It-s-Lights-Out-at-Wyndham-Worldwide-for-Annual-Earth-Hour-Event</p> <p>YEAH, THAT' S NICE, BUT WHAT ABOUT WORKERS INJURED ON THE JOB AT #WYNDHAM? </p> <p>Where's the "Corporate" responsibility or human compassion from any bottom-to-top level management??? </p> <p>Rather than corporate responsibility, a Wyndham Employee is subjected to #MedicalTerrorism and #FinancialTerrorism by the Wyndham Corporate Goon Squads, with the support and collusion of the State of California? Ought to be some law enforcement, huh? #OccupyWyndham.


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  • Lucy Occupy #TBI OPPORTUNITY…. Stop by Susan’s fb wall:https://www.facebook.com/SusanCHultberg“Here is an opportunity that you do not want to miss. My book, Brain Injury Advocates, is free for download from the Kindle bookstore this weekend.”

    (Although it is in the Kindle book format, it may also be possible to download the book to a computer.)

    “The book is about the brain injury human and civil rights survivor movement. It is about the Brain Injury Network all-brain-injury-survivor-advocacy nonprofit organization. BIN is the first organization dedicated to advocacy by and for our brain injury community.”

    “The book covers our survivor community’s rights, issues, problems, and priorities. This book contains many citations and an extensive index. Please share this information. Thank you. Sincerely, Susan C. Hultberg, tbi survivor (1985) ”


  • FB Poster:   Welcome to America land of opportunity for a few
  • Lucy Occupy There ought to be some law enforcement, huh? Makes the days of Al Capone look like kid-stuff….  Before they ‘get away with murder’ Lucy intends to do some serious screaming and hollering, with or without the help of thelegal community…  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… DOJ has assigned an investigator to help “Lucy’s friend”…. we’ll see how that works out….
  • Lucy Occupy PS… If only the DA’s office could be interested in dealing with some allegations of pretty hard-core, common fraud…. might save a few injured workers lives, imho. More here…https://www.facebook.com/AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains

    Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains is a page for, by, and of the Workers of theSee More
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    #MicCheck #LucyOccupy Kicked to the curb by a fb group alleging to exist for the purpose of what?? Oh, I see I was removed from the group Injured Workers Law & Advocacy Group?It says it is “maintained for academic purposes to facilitate national policy discussions”? Discussion of the billion dollar fraud industry in order to protect injured workers is verboten?

    I know three people in the group, who know my case ‘intimately’……. Shocking to be removed from the group.

    The shame of the WorkCompFraud system falls greatly on the shoulders of those who know, and refuse to act.

    So, if your group has any interest in ‘acadedemic study’ of one injured worker’s case, here a blog.



    Photo: #MicCheck #LucyOccupy Kicked to the curb by a fb group alleging to exist for the purpose of what?? Oh, I see I was removed from the group Injured Workers Law & Advocacy Group? </p> <p>It says it is "maintained for academic purposes to facilitate national policy discussions"? Discussion of the billion dollar fraud industry in order to protect injured workers is verboten? </p> <p>I know three people in the group, who know my case 'intimately'....... Shocking to be removed from the group. </p> <p>The shame of the WorkCompFraud system falls greatly on the shoulders of those who know, and refuse to act. </p> <p>So, if your group has any interest in 'acadedemic study' of one injured worker's case, here a blog. </p> <p>MORE TO FOLLOW. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, COME HECK OR HIGH WATER. </p> <p>https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/
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