#Wyndham #WorkComp #PEN PAL PROGRAM

Well, goodness! Anybody think that the #WyndhamWorldwide lawyer’s insinuation and guess that I would rather have him as a pen pal than get medical care for TBI or a settlement hit a little nerve today?? D’oh! I told him I thought he was a bad guesser, and yep, I still do. SEE AND SHARE THIS […]

MicCheck: They hate the Disabled, BabyBoomers and TBI Survivors #WyndhamWorldwide #WorldMark by Wyndham

What kind of company would say an injured worker over the age of 35 is not entitled to medically necessary treatments for a witnessed slip and fall and head trauma more than 2 years and 6 months ago?  They won’t let the #InjuredWorker return to work so that real insurance benefits can be obtained in […]

Corporate WorkComp Crimes, WyndhamWorldwide and the Civil Rights Act

WE ARE THE MEDIA  NOW. “BEHIND THE #CivilRightsAct HOW IT WAS MADE AND WHAT IT MEANS TODAY” http://apps.npr.org/behind-the-civil-rights-act/#/annotations CIVIL RIGHTS ACT…. CLASS ACTION REQUIRED REGARDING WORK COMP? WILL THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE HELP INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA to celebrate the  50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act?? . “…The struggle leading up […]

PS “I have a confession” by a Timeshare Sales Executive (TBI Survivor!)

PERSONAL NOTE……PS I have a confession….. Approximately 1,000-Day-WorkComp ‘Headache’ (Thanks Wyndham Worldwide! I counted on you to respect the laws of the land and of common decency and provide medically necessary treatment to help me return to work!) On 1/9/12, I slipped on ice and conked my head really hard while working for ‪#‎WyndhamWorldwide‬, at the‪#‎WorldMark‬ by Wyndham Big […]

Dear 1%, We Fell Asleep for a while. REBOOTING. #WorkCompCrimes Under Investigation.

What do YOU know about #WorkCompCrimes by Americans against Americans??! Did you know…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US.   #MicCheck: Take it to the VIRTUAL STREETS! #WorkCompCrimes! $99 for the 99% WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATHS GIVE A F**K, thank you.  #StayOuttaTheStreets #MicCheck #FukushimaELEalerts#OccupyVirtually Well, the ASK ABOUT WORKERS […]