First they came for…


First they came for the Injured Workers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Injured Worker.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the ‘Boomers,’ and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a ‘Boomer.’

Then they came for the Insurance Brokers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Insurance Broker.

Then they came for the Attorneys for the Injured Workers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Attorney.

Then they came for the Judges, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a Judge.

Then they came for the Politicians, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a Politician.

Then they came for the Bloggers, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Blogger.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

it didnt start with gas chambers


If you have been watching the ‘Abbott and Costello’ version of the

Workers Compensation National Discussion ala Abbott and Costello - Comedic duo

Workers’ Compensation National Discussions, you will better understand.  

Spin Doctors!


The “National Discussions” launched in May with diatribes against America’s Injured Workers, selecting a few to disparage viciously and incessantly on and off social media.

Yes, we were warned.   Let’s see what they collectively come up with in … August…. to spin for ‘improved perceptions’ of the industry and it’s killing machines and bots?


Broker Schmoker Rebuttal

The Ignorant Aging

Are The Calderons Enough?

This Could Be Huge

Polarization to Hypocrisy

Work Comp and Baseball

Remember the industry rants disparaging America’s Injured Workers in favor of a (potential?) business associates from down under? Follow the money.  Follow their blogs.

“This morning finds me firmly ensconced in a top secret “undisclosed location”, preparing to attend the 2016 Workers’ Compensation Summit – the result of an earlier call for a national conversation on workers’ comp. When I first published the article…..”

Who Will Lead The National Conversation on Workers’ Compensation Best Blog Designees for 2016!

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Blogs Experience

Best Blogs to Be Announced on Monday

And The Conversation Begins in Dick Cheney’s Basement


Injured Workers Mediation for negotiations and structured settlements

Some Injured Worker/WorkComp Survivor Opinings…




CAN YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF AS A PUBLISHER? With an e-magazine or three? Sort of like an electronic newspaper, and you build your own audience (database!) and you share things that you find important, share you opinion, and invite others to share further. It’s an empowering thought, isn’t it?
Do you think it could help LIFT INJURED WORKERS OUT OF VICTIM-HOOD? What could YOU do with a BLOG?
i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor - sharing google page one with berkshire hathaway - how interesting
Not convinced yet?
Check out what Wikipedia says:
create a word press blog
Ha! Have you ever heard about MABs? THAT may be what this group needs.
I know the concept…. if anybody is an expert on MABs, let’s chat! [Multi-author blogs]
It might be easier for newbie Injured Worker bloggers… and we could have a sub-group for writers… #OccupyWorkComp – Writers Community.. 😀

So what and why????

My work injury was January 2012 and I did not begin to blog about it until Summer 2013. Believe it or not, I was pretty timid and I sure as heck didn’t want people to know I was fighting with a brain injury. D’oh. “I’M INJURED, NOT STUPID!” Nor did I want my nuclear ‘whistle-blowing’ compromised.
The more I learned about WorkComp, the more I saw the similarities in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES, CALCULATED KILLS of both industries. So, here we are. Connecting more dots.
Being in those ‘creeepy’ doctor mills that were more like morgues for doped zombie was nearly more than I could handle. I talked to people. I gave them my contact info. One office told me I could not talk about WorkComp in the lobby, and they even posted a warning sign. Not too many people spoke English. The sign was posted in Spanish, too.
The parties ‘reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement’ Fall 2015. Do you think blogging helped? In efforts to rebrand, I started a second WorkComp blog this year, but due to attacks by WorkCompsters, the original blog stands on it’s own. There we can deal with more volatile issues.
What I want to do in this group is help those of you who want to ESCAPE work comp apply some of the principles of action and response that I found valuable. Doctors and lawyers have encouraged me to do what I can to help injured workers. The only way I know how to help you is to teach you about blogging.
There is a business solution that you can employ, with or without an attorney.   That involves MEDIATION and STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT TEAMS.  THE POINT IS TO GET YOUR FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS BACK, ‘BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.’
If you are represented and your attorney won’t help you, consider the value in ditching the attorney and representing yourself. Can you really do worse than what the attorneys have already done to you and for you?
If you’re interested, SET UP YOUR BLOG, AND LET’S GET MOVING. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW and it’s very late.
If your attorney says you better not blog, remind that it’s your constitutional right protected by the 1st amendment. You might use a pen name… I did until Facebook thought police locked me out of my account because “Lucy Occupy” had no papers to present to the Thought Police, so…. Lucy and I share a profile, but she has a page, I have a page, and we have some other pages and groups.
there is no box clouds
Energy follows thought and thoughts are things. JUST DO IT. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.
It was brought to my attention that not everybody knows what a BLOG is, and therefore, the power of the blog as a ‘weapon of self-defense’ is not clearly understood. OK! That makes sense.
Quick story, then some links. In 2011, facing extreme periods of Facebook censorship (weeks at a time in the ol’ days, and total lockout!) I had to find alternatives to the censorship being faced by most people screaming about Fukushima Global disaster and the triple nuclear meltdowns.
I asked a buddy at work, a former SEAL, how do I create a blog?? He said he normally charged several hundred dollars, but for me I think he said it would be a couple hundred, or he may have offered to do it for free, but I would have to wait. There was no time to waste, so I figured it out.
I went to, picked a theme and added a title, and I think the first one was AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN (on
WordPress.COM is easier, imho, than wordpress.ORG and it’s one-stop-shopping, and it’s free. You can spend a little to ensure your readers are not bothered with ads, but it can be 100% free.
You can type a post on FB, copy and paste to a new BLOG post, and voila…. you begin to collect your story so it’s documented and people can get up to speed as time goes by. I have received many calls and emails from people who just wanted to talk, because they thought they were ALONE in fighting for the life, or the life of their loved ones being tortured and abused in the American Workers Comp Systems.
Check it out and if one of the videos speaks to you, please share the link here and share your progress on creating a blog.
START WITH A SHORT TITLE (I learned that by experience! ) and you can even just build up a collection of posts, you can share with friends privately for feedback and proof-reading, and you can blast it all over FB, Twitter, Google + LinkedIn and beyond.
“Without a blog and a database, Injured Workers are UNARMED and UNPROTECTED in the Global #WarOnWorkers!  #WoW”
#DodgeTheRads  Be ITK about “Your Radiation This Week”  —
#OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp because
social media transformations


Workers Compensation NATIONAL DISCUSSION that includes Voices of Injured Workers

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Assume Responsibility

I know I’m going to get flamed for this blog post, but I have always committed to telling the story the way I see it.
I have taken on insurance companies and their executives, doctors and other medical vendors, attorneys and the legal profession.
Politicians of course haven’t escaped my vitriol, and employers also haven’t escaped criticism.
The only workers’ compensation population that hasn’t been met with cynicism has been injured workers.
There’s two sides to every story, as they say. 
Most in the work injury protection schema do good deeds most of the time for most people. There are some times when things go awry, either intentionally or negligently. I get that. There are also laws and regulations that don’t work effectively, or have contraindications which contaminate too large a population. I get that too.
Workers’ compensation, or any form of work injury protection system, requires a lot of people to synchronize. Synchronicity is not easy. Sometimes the harmony goes awry. That’s how life is.
Recipients of system failures get a raw deal. Sometimes it’s corrected. Sometimes not. Sometimes the correction doesn’t meet the expectations of the recipient and other times it exceeds expectations.
Most move on, find their new paths in life and return some positive energy back to the world. They aren’t in the same place they were before injury, and certainly it’s a struggle to shift directions, particularly later in life and particularly if unprepared financially and emotionally for an alteration to the expected path.
The vast majority do move on, find positivity in life, strive to make the most out of it, and refuse to let life get in the way of living.
However, there’s a vociferous militant minority of the injured worker population who have made it their mission to inform the world of the injustices imparted on them by “the system” and all its nefarious participants.
They have ridiculed most all work comp sectors named above, but have spared me for the most part. 
I’m sure that will change now.
Here’s my gripe: these unmodulated venters are all about negativity, and offer nothing to resolve either their own issues, or the issues facing the workers’ compensation institution.
These folks have taken to the immediacy and vast reach of the Internet to let the world know about the work injury commercial complex; how all of workers’ compensation is out to get them, and you too. They rail about injustice, and about conspiracy, profits, and ill will towards all.
They hijack award systems to claim, incorrectly and falsely, victory andacknowledgment.
Even after being adjudged fraudulent themselves…
If your opinion opposes their’s, then crucifixion and burning at the stakes begins and doesn’t stop until the witches are excoriated.
But never, ever, is there a solution suggested, or any attempt to make a positive change. 
Just victimization.

You may not choose to BECOME a victim, but you do choose to REMAIN a victim…
You all know who I’m talking about. I know you’re upset at bloggers, at TPAs, and a whole host of other people connected to the work comp environment, and this is fueled by your personal experiences. I completely understand your emotions and what you believe in.
You have drawn ire from people in the industry, but it’s not because you are being vilified, or because they have a disdain for the injured worker with a voice, or any other malicious reason.
It is very simple – you offer nothing positive relative to change.
Anyone can complain. Few do anything to effectuate change.
Drawing attention to the negative does nothing to further the conversation, offers no solutions, provides no road map.
It’s easy to foment revolution, but revolution without offering a solution (and not nationalization of work comp or calling in the National Guard) simply ends with anarchy.
Some have gone as far as criticizing their own – people who are working hard at making changes in their own way. There is a visible injured worker population who are doing something POSITIVE. They have taken their rage, disgust, observations, and done something that helps others. It is long, it is tough, it is out of the ordinary – but it is effective, demonstrates a solution and one that will likely result in positive change as organizations review and study what is being done and then implementing it it their own systems.
It simply is not enough to complain. Everyone has a complaint. A complaint without a solution is bullshit. You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention.
Everyone knows that bad things happens in work comp and that there are profiteers off of the injured. That’s no secret.
So what are YOU going to do about it? 
Working outside of the system, criticizing others, denigrating the institution, doesn’t help anyone, anywhere, and in fact makes one simply a militant.
The answer is to work WITH the system. Everyone does it in their own way. They work, and work hard, with other people that WANT to make a difference understanding that this is not a one person job; hell, it’s not even a job for a community, but a job for an industry of people.
Maybe I call them as I see them, but I also work with the top leaders to help with change.
It doesn’t happen quickly. Heck, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.
But other than publish vicious attacks, why not study the system, study the law, the regulations, and PROPOSE solutions that a politician or regulator or chief executive, or any other leader can endorse and work with?
What has happened, through this militant virulence is that your credibility as an activist is suspect because you attack everyone (and I’m sure to end up on that attack list because of this post).
Here’s the deal: Too many people don’t want to assume the same level of responsibility that they presume for their rights.
If you want change then make change happen with action. Actually DO something POSITIVE. Blogging, calling others names, denigrating the institution – none of that matters. 
What’s YOUR solution? How are YOU going to step up and BE change?


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  • Darren Fonzseau has left a new comment on your post “Assume Responsibility”:

    Possibly the one’s who need to “accept the responsibility”are the profiteers conspiring and stacking the legislative, economical, and judicial deck, against the injured workers grand bargain, for profits to start with?
    And the Nationalization of workers comp is not offering a solution? And lets go down militant road. I would say the man in Neveda who shot the work comp adjuster, was the one being militant. I would say Dr.s & insurance co’s who maim and deny for profit are being physically and economically militant. I would say industry mouth pieces, who arm themselves with guns and bullets, and feel the need to blog about that fact, are being militant. Out of fear of the injured they like to ridicule for voicing their valid solutions. Injured workers who blog and call out the bad players, for who they are, are not militant, but exposing those who conspire to harm for profit. Injured workers (are) offering solutions, just NOT OPT OUT!, but Single Payer as a solution. A Solution that folks who profit off the industry do not want to hear. And if the solution does not align with the conservative cost containing capitalist, then the injured workers trying to have their voices heard are shunned and labeled as militant. Just because the majority of sheep bow down and accept the abuse of their oppressors, does not mean we all have to. You yourself have reported on the injustice in workers comp, yet your answer for the abused are to learn to just accept an endure the abuse of their oppressors.
    Its not just the injured workers offering single payer or Nationlized care as a solution, but many other labor activists as well.The injured are offering solutions, just folks in the profiteering industry do not want to hear, nor agree with a solution that folks can not profiteer off. Brain Labor Report 2-24-2016 – State of workers compensation

    The injured, especially the non catastrophic ones, are being bullied and cost contained out of their grand bargain, you know this, and yet your suggestion is to just find a way to accept it, and learn to endure what the profiteering capitalist “GODS” have dealt us. So would you tell the spouse of domestic abuse to just learn to accept what their abusers is doing to them as well? Just because their spouse is more profitable, and powerful than those they are abusing? Is it the folks in the industry labeling the abused who are crying out about the abuse, as radical, crazy, or militant, just what the abusers in domestic relationships do to those they victimize? The injured workers are getting organized, and are doing more than just blogging to have our voices heard, and to expose the abuse of an industry that has ran amok, all for profits.
    How Workers Compensation Bully’s Injured Workers.

    [Read More by Darren Fonzseau on LinkedIn…  “Fighting for the Grand Bargain and the rights of injured workers” ]

    Posted by Darren Fonzseau to DePaolo’s World at May 10, 2016 at 3:55 PM

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  • Thanks for making my point Darren.

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  • Thank you for the censorship of the injured workers points of view, as well. I don’t know why you fear what injured workers have to say on the matter. What is it about our solution of SINGLE Payer, that scars you so much? All’s you did is make the injured workers point as well, that those in the industry that blog about it, are part of the problem, and do not want to hear the real solutions the injured have to offer.

  • Record straight – I (David DePaolo) did not remove or censure any reply to this post. Darren removed those himself (“This comment has been removed by the author” references the author of the comment, not the author of the blog).

  • David…you are so right, as I too have been attacked by the very person whose comments you removed. Derangement is in the air not only in politics, but elsewhere. Attacking a research organization out of New England that has nothing to do with injuring workers is a sign of derangement. Conversely, so too is attacking annual meetings of another organization that collects data for the industry to use. My writing has always been about speaking up for all workers injured on the job, including the ones who have been most harmed by bad actors. But the flammers are not the only ones who do harm. Those with big titles in the industry who ridicule new ideas, no matter how far fetched and outside the box, or border it is have also done harm by insisting that real change is not possible, so we just have to be content to keep doing the same things over and over again, and expect different results. Given what many of our fellow bloggers have written about the transition work comp is going through, it is clear that in the future, it won’t really matter what either side says, there won’t be work comp anymore, just one silo — health care.


  • Deranged or not? I have been invited by one of my State Senators to share my passion’s and views on the plight of the inured workers, before our humans rights commission. Possibly if our system is making folks “deranged?”, it is broken and harming the very folks its there to supposedly help to start with. And the only injured workers you have blogged about, are a couple of the very same injured workers, David is also chastising here today. And just for the record, David only censored one of my comments, it was I who removed all the rest. Have you been invited by any of our nations leaders,to speak at any of the human rights commissions on the injured workers plight? I didn’t think so. Possibly your not “Deranged” or out raged enough about the harm being done to the injured workers, all for profits of a few, for our leaders to care about what you have to say on the issue. Just saying. Possibly it was a derange workers rage, that got Sen. Sanders and the other nine Senators to speak up about the harm happening to injured workers to start with. U.S. Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Workers’ Comp
    Of course I wouldn’t expect any of the industry bloggers to report on these facts, that our Senators are worried about the same issues, that the so called militant injured workers are trying to get exposed. Are these US Senators “Deranged, and militant as well? For suggesting Single payer that would get rid of the profiteering insurance cartels? Hmm? I wonder.

  • 1 of 3 comments: Hi David, We have turned to you in the past because you seemed to be one of the few people in workers compensation who are willing to acknowledge “the bad actors”, the fraud perpetrated by employers and others.
    Don’t take this wrong, David, but I wasn’t surprised. Not because I believe in what you have written about injured workers but because I thought that the industry “actors” would pressure you or that you would feel pressured to lash out in writing against some of the injured workers who are blogging, expressing themselves in what seems to be the only avenue we have. I believed that you would take this path for self-preservation within the industry or to help an industry that, as you wrote in the past, one of the industry vendors said to you, “David, you know that this {industry is dirty}”.
    I think that you already know this. We, injured workers, have taken other steps, many other steps. Those steps include contacting law enforcement who refuses to take any complaints against those in the WC industry who are committing crimes against injured workers including heinous crimes of maiming, essentially assault and battery of injured workers during WC medical procedures. Not only myself, but other injured workers have contacted Governor’s, including Jerry Brown’s office, Senators, Congressmen, Assemblymen, district attorney’s offices, news media, ProPublica, etc. We seem to have exhausted all ideas, thus, are left to write about our experiences if nothing else, but to warn the public.
    Some of us are in chronic pain not only because we were injured at work but, as in my case, I was systematically maimed by workers compensation “network medical providers”. My phone has been tapped since shortly after I filed a workers comp claim and still is tapped. My e-mails and computer hacked. I have been OVERTLY aggressively stalked, intrusions into my home several times, tainting of food and refreshments including ice-tea in my refrigerator, WC documents stolen out of my home INCLUDING a receipt from the DIR for the 84 pages of Exhibit’s that I turned in for trial, medical history stolen out of my home, camera lens finder gone from my home, my dog has been poisoned, my car vandalized several times, electronics in my home stop working, I was systematically and brutally maimed during workers comp medical procedures in particular the last lumbar ESI wherein I was brutally forced under anesthesia against my advance directives and maimed from my skull down to my tailbone no doubt out of some depraved strategy on the part of the defense, documents including my anesthesia paperwork have been falsified, I have been refused copies of documents at medical providers, I have been refused items that I have requested since January 2014 including a taped phone interview that I was recently informed is maybe missing, medical tests both inside and outside of workers comp falsified and much more. A workers comp investigator showed up at a medical visit outside of workers compensation and they cooperated with her!


  • 2nd of 3 comments:
    I have repeatedly tried to get law enforcement, DIR, DWC, WCAB, and many others to help but to no avail. I have spoken to “applicant attorneys” who have informed me that what I have experienced “happens” to injured workers. One medical provider who used to work in the workers comp system said to me, “You have to be corrupt to survive in this business.”
    According to the “National Center for Victims of Crimes”, the campaign of crimes and harassment that I endure actually has a name – It is called “group stalking” aka “organized stalking”. I have since found out that these campaigns of crime are perpetrated against injured workers (as well as non-injured workers) by law firms, employers and insurance carriers, etc. The strategy is meant to destroy the person who is the target in several ways that include financially, physically, professionally, personally and mentally. The next step is to then lure the injured worker into a psych evaluation wherein yet another falsified medical report will be issued that indicates that the injured worker is delusional or mentally ill. A “well oiled machine” that I understand has been utilized for a long time to destroy the credibility of the injured worker.
    Injured workers are left to advocate for each other. I write about what I am going through to warn other injured workers. I approached a well known applicant attorney here in CA, shared with him what I was enduring. I asked him to join with me and other injured workers to mandate a “Disclosure Warning to Injured Workers” that would warn injured workers and hopefully, subsequently, the nation, of the pervasive fraud, corruption, crimes and strategies that are commonplace in the WC industry. He said, and I quote, “We have enough trouble trying to get medical treatment for our clients.” Well, medical treatment is not what some of us received or are receiving when we were sent to physical therapy and surgery centers.
    Take responsibility, your title says. Well, the fact is, we are. We seemed to have exhausted what should be agencies that should avail themselves to help us. We’ve learned that insurance corporations, law firms and employers have extraordinary powers.. that they can commit crimes with impunity with others who are either colluding with them against injured workers or who are just as concerned about becoming the victim of “organized stalking”. I am assured, it’s about the money!!! Therefore, we are, like WC industry “actors” do, writing down our experiences, our points of view / observations and our warnings to other innocent injured workers / human beings.


3rd of 3 comments: Can you lend a pro-active hand and tell us, how do we get help from an industry that is driven by money that only the employer and insurance carrier has? Even the Judicial system in the WC industry is corrupt which, to my surprise, is no big secret within the industry! I’m told that the money that goes to district attorney offices throughout the State of CA is actually funded by the insurance industry! No wonder insurance carriers and their operatives aren’t the focus of crime within the WC system. District Attorney’s offices are focused on who is committing crimes to the disadvantage of the insurance carrier only, or so it seems. Going so far, I read, as participating in “malicious prosecution” of injured workers.
I have seen even the WCAB employees protect the defense in my WC claim. The Judge herself removed a two page document from my 84 pages of exhibits that I rendered before the trial and replaced it with a document that the defense attorney handed her at the meeting we had JUST BEFORE THE TRIAL. She asked me questions before the trial, about my documents as the defense attorney sat there and listened. It is my opinion that he realized that he shouldn’t put the HR Mgr. of the company where I once worked (was fired from less than 3 months after filing a workers comp claim) on the stand because he was then aware of where my line of questioning her was going. Then, Judge Gordon called me to the stand first. I learned after I was denied the right to present my side of the case, to speak on the exhibits that I submitted, tht the defense attorney decided not to call her. I had no money to pay the $40.00 plus mileage to call her as the witness so I intended to “cross examine” her. I can thank Judge Gordon of the Anaheim WCAB.
“Conspiracy” you say? I’ve heard that word several times from people within the workers comp system including during a phone call that I made into the WCAB I&A dept. as I was looking for help. It was also used by Judge Gordon as she questioned during the trial. It seems to be utilized to diminish the injured workers observations as they express their experiences and talk about fraud, corruption and perhaps crimes related to their workers comp claim – topics that you and other industry bloggers write too. I find that “interesting”. Perhaps, we as injured workers, should consider a tactic such as using the word “conspiracy” when the insurance carrier or employer whines about fraud that is minuscule in comparison.
If there are only a few “bad actors” then I and many other injured workers keep meeting them. How do injured workers “take responsibility” for the corrupt actions of others? I doubt that there are only a few. I would add that their powers have proven effective as we seek medical help even outside of the WC realm.
Regarding the blogging that a few injured workers (not myself) wanted recognition for… what was the harm in politely recognizing their efforts that are meant to help protect other injured workers?
I wish you the very best Mr. DePaolo, I truly do.


Google Search Workers Compensation National Discussion 5 11 2016 1245 pm pdt
THINK LOCALLY.  ACT GLOBALLY.  #OccupyVirtually and #DodgeTheRads!  
It’s DANGEROUS OUT THERE!  #StayOuttaTheStreets!!!
Google Search OCCUPY VIRTUALLY 5 11 2016 1103 am
UPDATE:  5/27/16

Let’s Add these Videos, Vlogs and Blogs to the American National Discusssion on Workers Compensation.  Let’s join forces with our allies in Canada, UK and Australia.

“So who’s committing all this fraud?” and causing such harm to Injured and Disabled Workers around the world?  If you know them, NAME THEM.



work comp guidelines diagram

WorkComp – Updates on America’s Dirty OPEN SECRETs

Injured Workers’ Stories Are The Same

–the minor differences are names, body parts and case numbers – Ask a Doctor or Lawyer for confirmation

Ask Your Injured Friends and Neighbors, too!

identify definition

“The reason you draw the reactions from these folks is not because you are being vilified, or because they have a disdain for the injured worker with a voice or any other malicious reason.”

“It is very simple – you offer nothing positive relative to change.”

“Anyone can complain. Few do anything to effectuate change.”

“Drawing attention to the negative, which you have done for the past several years, does nothing to further the conversation, offers no solutions, provides no road map.”


…It simply is not enough to complain. Everyone has a complaint. A complaint without a solution is bulls**t. You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention.

Everyone knows that bad sh*t happens in work comp and that there are profiteers off of the injured. That’s no secret.

So what are YOU going to do about it? …. Anonymous Industry Mouthpiece

The contempt and disdain that masks the dangers to Injured Workers by the industry profiteers is undeniable and sounds pretty darn dangerous, doesn’t it?

They ‘might be right.’

I wonder what if the 30,000 + viewers of have any opinions on the foregoing statements?  If so, please tell me more at

Watch for future issues of for strategies on how to deal with such interactions.  Remember remember Ghandi…

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then…YOUR BLOG POSTS GO VIRAL!’  – or something like that, huh?   xooxoxo

I want to find a way to propose solutions to help Injured Workers escape the WC System with their lives.  The laws are unenforced and meaningless.

I have a collection of Injured Worker stories, most of whom prefer to be Anonymous.  Watch for them.  They include, but are not limited to, in progress tragedies apparently caused by Sedgwick and others.  Most have poor-to-no legal representation, advocacy, medical care or benefits.  Yes, in America! An AMERICAN DIRTY OPEN SECRET.

Too many lawyers just make stuff up to protect profits by any means necessary. The US Constitution is mocked by the WorkCompsters, and far worse, they get away with it.  You don’t look.  You don’t care. Till you’re stuck in the box car, heading for the death camps of WorkComp.  Enough is enough.

It will require teams of mediators and structured settlement people. Would you find that of any interest? Start with a plan to release all POW’s who have been in the WorkComp System 4 or more years…..within 12 months, with the help and supervision of the National Guard.

It requires “arming ” Injured Workers with the ability to blog and share their stories, heinous as most of them are.

I am also in the process creating a course for Injured Workers to empower them with Work Comp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills!  Watch for it!

I am wondering about the possibilities of a collaborative effort and ezine and possible Tele summit to unite voice of any good people in Workers Compensation with victims of WorkComp to lead legitimate national discussions “Of the People, By the People and For the People.”

I am one voice speaking on behalf of Injured Workers. There are a few of us.

Canadians and Australians seem more vocal about the same class atrocities. Perhaps they don’t fear their governments like so many American’s do?  Has our Constitution become so meaningless that an entire industry can profit by destroying a segment of the Working Class?   ‘When they come for you, there will be no one left to speak for you…’

Most injured workers are too terrified of the WorkCompsters and their legislated fraud and surveillance and threats, compounding denied medical care and benefits.  Doesn’t that truth make you shake your head and want to shout, “NOT IN THIS COUNTRY!!!”

The Injured Worker stories are the same — minor differences are names, body parts, and case numbers.  The outcomes are much the same too…with degrees of further maligned health,  income and job losses, botched surgeries, risk/cost shifts to taxpayers via Social Security and prison systems, ETC.

Some experts insist that the best injured workers can hope for in America is social security disability and an early death.   Really, some industry investigative reporting from the dark side, huh?

Others suggest that the best American’s can hope for is a program to provide ‘food for the poor injured workers’ rather than LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR MEDICAL CARE AND BENEFITS, indictments from criminal conduct of the WorkCompsters, and the protection by the National Guard for extreme CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN EVERY STATE IN THE UNION.


Congress didn’t offer assistance with food banks for poor tortured and abused Injured Workers.   Here’s the October 2015 letter where the ten signers clearly offer assistance, that could indeed come in the deployment of the National Guard, since State agencies also fail injured workers, nationally.

“….and whether added authorities are needed to better ensure that the interests of injured workers and taxpayers are protected.”


If the laws are unenforceable, then there is no choice but to immediately demolish the workers compensation systems and commence trials for the crimes being committed against every Injured Worker in America, and taxpayers, and employers and legitimate service providers.  You could be their next victim.

are we going to see YOUR shoes here

I am a work comp survivor, who was extremely unsuccessful in finding competent legal counsel.  Nevertheless, in pro per, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.”  #BloggersSurviveWorkComp

Doctor and Lawyer pals advised to “get out of the workers comp system by any means necessary; it will kill you.”   Some later said that in their entire careers, they never saw anybody fight so hard to survive WorkComp.

One such ‘fan’ suggested that I create a ‘coaching program.’  From that simple encouragement, I began working on a new blog, and an eCourse, Surviving Work Comp and Virtual Combat Skills on Teachable.

Personal ‘rebranding’  post-WorkComp is difficult when hearing fresh horror stories, while being continuously assaulted by industry trolls and their ilk.  It can, however, be accomplished, with a little help from our friends.

I have been a strong advocate for the CompLaude Awards 2014-2015 and I used my resources to also share in the social media communities about the recent 2016 best blogs contest.

A search of the website, results in pages of and pages of posts about the Comp Laude event.  Ditto for the ‘Best Blogs’ event.  Call it ‘drivel’ if they will.  Sticks and Stones…..

We also shared news of the Sedgwick Institute Linked in group, for what it’s worth, after reading weeks before of the mega-funded SEDGWICK INSTITUTE, allegedly established to investigate the ‘issues’ of WorkComp.  Search my blogs for further info.  Google it.

I blog extensively, to the best of my abilities, as I recover from Worker’s Compensation and brain injury.  My anti-nuclear efforts have suffered tremendously due to WorkComp battles, but it has helped to see the parallels between the ‘PROFITS BEFORE LIVES’ nuclear and insurance industries, and the ‘swaths’ of 21st Century Sonderkommando.

I live near Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA. I am much nicer than I may appear in my blogs, and while my ability to speak is still impaired and challenging, I can speak but written communications are much easier for me, post-injury. If you have a story to share, send it to me.  We Are The Media Now.

Please let me know if you think there might be mutual benefit in a discussion. I have several projects on the table and it seems that the industry has amped up their propaganda blitz in a feeble effort to neutralize or mitigate the truths exposed in the 2015 Insult to Injury / Demolition of Worker’s Compensation series.

“Injured Workers without a blog are Unarmed and Unprotected In The WarOnWorkers!  #WoW”

Here are the industry’s picks of the Best Blogs of 2016.  Note the absence of Injured Worker Representation.

They all seem tasked with a propaganda launch to attempt to mitigate the truths exposed in 2015 by ProPublica and NPR efforts that just exposed the tip of the iceberg.  They are apparently having a ‘secret’ national discussion in May…. we’ll see what comes of that, won’t we.  So far, not so good in the open-ness and transparency arenas.  Attacks on Injured Workers seem to be escalating, and tales of WC Nurses posing as employees at doctors offices have been reported to be threatening, intimidating and terrorizing injured workers at doctor’s appointments.  SMH…. thinking, ‘NOT IN THIS COUNTRY!!’

InjuredWorkersUniting!  SilentNoMore!

Share the link.  We’ll create another directory with Injured Worker reviews of the accuracy of their content, in due course.

Follow them all, and search their sites to see which ones actually bother to report on WorkComp Fraud legitimately…. the carriers seem to have the most indictments, and employees weigh in at less than 1%.  Follow that money trail.

JOIN IN THE DISCUSSIONS ON LINKEDIN.…  and tell your friends and neighbors; your governments already know.

You might also peruse these blogs for some potentially inspiring thoughts for actions….  “It takes a village.”


What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

–It’s a simple questionnaire; remember, once we know you’re in WorkComp, WE KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR STORY.  IT’S AN OPEN SECRET.


Politics – Health Care – Radiation – Nukes and Cesspools ???


“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”



Smudge Virtually —- #DodgeTheRads


Yep, “Just Ask Bob Nichols”

Linda: I’m blocked from group posting again till 12/6 —- if you have groups that this may be of interest to, please share freely, without fear or caution
FB Comment: Have you been blocked before? Do you know why you are being blocked? Is is fukishima or workers comp that is getting you blocked?
Linda: In 2011, 2012 I was blocked regularly due to nuclear activism. Lucy Occupy could not provide “papers” to the FB thought police so we have to share walls! Lucy doesn’t like to share stuff.
It’s hard to say since the ‘same crowds’ run things from the top down… Each time, I learned skills…. that’s when I learned to blog, recently, to make videos, and I am studying like a maniac, even with the “Brain Limp,” to learn more compensatory strategies in Social Media. FB calls it ‘restricted from posting in groups’ now, rather than full-blown lock-down. It’s more polite, apparently.
Nukes or WorkComp, what difference does it make to the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES crowds?
If I had to guess, I would say that the ‘committees’ watching my nuclear and my workcomp activism and survival tips got some special instructions. Sometimes such attacks can be quite personal and really ugly… this crowd seems to be ‘just following orders’.
Anybody else remember the 2012 “Nuke Liars Awards??”  Lucy Occupy claimed victory in THAT battle, too!  Oh, the list of nominees for 2015 would be HUGE!
One of my email accounts was hacked (compromised? stolen? Is there a Cyber 911 #? and the hacker (troll?) is now sending me spam with my own former gmail address. :p That has the signature of an organized, rather than random, immature event, wouldn’t you agree?
Did you see my latest WorkComp blog? Let’s reach out more to the … C-level executives in America and around the world….the ones that like to crunch the numbers! [You’ll find more of them over at LinkedIn and on Twitter] ‘America’s health are systems operate in a cesspool…..’ What do NIH and DOJ have to say about THAT?’

Lucy Occupy and Friends




The thought I woke up with this morning was “America’s health care systems operate in a cess-pool —
What does NIH have to say?”
white roses
(Yeah, really in the Thanksgiving spirit! What would Paul Revere do? What would Master Sgt. Woods be ordered to handle, post proper trials?)
Master Sgt. Woods
US ARMY -Master Sgt. Woods

Do you read The Weinmann Report – A doctor’s opinion….nothing and no one seems to frighten or intimidate him either….. Go Doc!! xoxoxoxo Show him some luv…. read and share: Heck, be brave and comment on it! Lots of peeps probably gasp and read his works!

(You might want to repost Dr Weinmann’s reports on LinkedIn and elsewhere….it’s on ‘the politics of health care with emphasis on California’ FOLLOW THAT BLOG TOO!)   Nobody like him in South California, to my knowledge. Take care!
I have my calendar marked for 12/6/15 8 pm-ISH to be able to post in groups again…. much to do in the interim… #DodgeTheRads….we’re getting hit hard! xoxoxo
Have a blessed day, and yeah, sometimes we have to dig, but let’s count those blessings!


Your Radiation This Week No 31
Your Radiation This Week No 31


social media transformations

                     PS:  #DodgeTheRads  #OccupyVirtually  #StayOuttaTheStreets

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