#WOW  The War On Workers Seems to Be Escalating!   BE PREPARED!    A ‘Secret’ National WorkComp Tribunal is in the makings??!!     See an abbreviated version of the currently circulating CAAA Poll below…

May?!!  What a dangerous propaganda effort!! Read on!  THINK THINK THINK

why do we have wars

What’s a Psychopath?  Let’s watch this documentary again, Defense Against The Psychopath.  “Understanding them is the first to defending against them.”

There are just a handful of industry bloggers shaping public opinions, and a good 25 or so bloggers considered to be #ITK, in the know.

How many injured workers are blogging now?  How many have written books?   How many have a huge social media presence?   How many attorneys and providers are blogging?

Did you read Steve Gursten’s blog about IME issues? (LINKS BELOW)  Wow! That firestorm should incite 21st Century Doctor’s Trials! Watch the deposition video! You’ll shake and spit, for sure, if you’re human! Follow THAT money trail.

Dr. Rosalind was paid how much for doing what, saving which insurance carriers how many millions to deny medical care?? Yikes! Typical,huh?  Ask any injured worker, any where.

Most attorneys know, but they are not as courageous as Attorney Gursten…. who facilitated a WIN FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT and for We, The People!!    Go Steve!  TEACH TEACH TEACH!

Below is a response to an email from the group, Crimes Against Injured Workers, et al!

mon war is not healthy

How many know Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and Michael Stack and David DePaolo and Bob Wilson and Dr Robert Weinmann?  Here is the LexisNexis list “Top Blogs For Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Issues – 2014”… Is 2015 done?  Follow them all! Comment regularly!  Screen shot your comments and share the links on your network, in case they don’t find your comments “PC.”   ;D

The number of injured workers still not blogging is a serious detriment to any forward movement.  It is said that there are 54 million plus Injured and Disabled Workers in America?
To aim for a #CommitteeOfBloggers and #Vloggers of at least 50 Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers is an attainable 2016 goal.  We can, if we think we can.  JUST DO IT!
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Set up a blog today, too!  Follow the industry blogs, and comment succinctly and regularly. CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG(S) WITHOUT COST ON WORDPRESS.COM.   Screen shot your comments and post on your FB pages…in case they refuse to ‘approve’ your contrary thoughts. Invite WorkCompsters to join your discussion groups, and be polite.  There will be a day in Court, one day!

See for a special on email campaigns for >5000, and MailChimp for free services “Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.”  #DodgeRadsNow!  IMAGINE THE REACH!

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To: Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for
Crimes Against Injured Workers et al

From:  Linda Ayres and Friends

RE:  Your Email of 2/12/16: National Conference of Insurance “Legislators”. List of Legislators that were specifically on workers comp

Thanks for your email and thanks for asking.
Yes, You may copy me publicly on your email efforts to increase awareness of the need for immediate intervention and change in the National Workers Compensation.  If I can help, I will help.
Those of us working for transformation and saving lives must absolutely be aware of respective efforts, and help where we can.  We “Work Like Antz!”
Remember that industry trolls would divide us, to maintain the silence and oppression and violations of civil and human rights.  They are everywhere.
Feel free to share this blog with your group, and they can take it or leave it.  #Blog4TheWorkCompCure!  
ants and power
Further thoughts for your pondering are below.
The Link to the NCOIL – National Conference of Insurance Legislators … for the states is a interesting site!  It also has links to “related Web Sites” Thank you for sharing it!  Those who have any faith left in the legal systems may be served by writing to each of the named representatives, and to the October 2015 Congressional representatives!
The #WorkCompsters are apparently aiming for a national discussion on work comp matters — closed door and excluding injured workers?
Recent news indicates it will be a secret meeting of a handful of industry influencers, undisclosed location and participants, and may include two ‘injured workers’ and results only will be provided with the public at large.  It seems to be taking place someplace ‘in the Heartland’ (Let’s hope they check Your Radiation This Week for updates on the radiation levels in their city of choice, and that HEPA filters are provided in the meeting room, at the very least! It’s a litigious crowd, they might create a class action for the dangers they are being invited to participate in!)
More on that in coming blogs….those Secret Tribunals have always been questionable throughout history!
political language (2)
Do the 21st Century Sonderkommando ‘come in limousines, not tanks!?’  Will they do a preliminary national poll to include all parties involved and knowlegeable about the horrors of American WorkComp practices, or will they ‘shuck and jive’ amongst themselves, just like they do at those expensive high-end conferences at the best joints in America?  Total cost per attendee is factored in to somebody’s bottom line?   Rooms at what, $300/nite plus per diems?  All they can eat and drink?  With a few panels and chats that could reach more ONLINE?
INJURED WORKERS ARE PROHIBITED ALWAYS FROM ALL INDUSTRY EVENTS?   Can’t learn/Can’t teach.  Hmmmmmm.  Talk about segregation and discrimination?   One work comp industry organization actually openly and disdainfully prohibits injured workers of any kind at their events, and allows attendees to bring a guest ONLY if the guest is a SPOUSE?  WOW!  Ain’t that nothing!   Do they do marriage certificate and bed checks, too?
Why is that?   Years ago I worked for an attorney who always said, “PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THE WRONGS THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU!”

The doctor’s story is common.  The attorney story is HEROIC!   Steve Gursten, Esq.  is an American Hero, and facilitated a win for the First Amendment, and for his truck driving brain injured client. California attorneys could learn a great deal from Steve, and how to truly protect a client, instead of serving them to the insurance industries for a ‘few pieces of silver.’    Maybe Steve should be invited to the Secret Tribunal…. he’s a Michigan PI attorney, obviously not leased/owned by any insurance companies.  The ol’ WorkComp crowd will likely be heavily invested in CYA studies. See more details on IME issues here:

The First Amendment wins in dropped ethics probe over lawyer’s hatchet job tactics blog post! #Blog4TheCure

Will the National Discussion Secret Meeting simply be a polite get-together to suggest that Michael Grabell, Howard Berkes and the teams at NPR and ProPublica were — WRONG?   I’ve read every article in the Demolition of WorkComp series and I have yet to see them seriously straight up address the FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.   Insinuation, yes, but nothing to take to the District Attorneys, yet.  Maybe soon!

Sedgwick pays $1.13 million to settle California comp violations

Will they be discussing the “Lessons Learned By Sedgwick”?   Romano Trust was not enough?   It’s become Romano-Syndrome, hasn’t it?    #Blog4TheCure!  We’ll talk more soon on the Sedgwick Institute and the grants being handed out to long time WorkComp people to keep the merry go round turning?

Maybe a hotline for dying Injured Workers on the rest and wait and wait and opiate program, handled by a third party could be discussed at the Secret Tribunal?

No injured worker under the Sedgwick plan I have been in touch with has any faith whatsoever for any hope for any good faith actions after years and years and years of abuse.  Most have retained more than one attorney, none of whom were able to get reasonable medical care sufficient for return to work, or any other protections.  WHO WILL PROTECT INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA?!

What do you tell an injured worker who says, “My attorney said he makes so little money on my case, he told me that it doesn’t matter if he returns my calls or not.  When it’s over, he’ll still get the same little bit of money, so he has lots of files and can’t give my case any attention.”  HOW IS THAT ETHICAL OR EVEN HUMANE?  It certainly does not pass any ‘competency’ tests!

mlk hitler germany

When will the attorney groups begin to monitor the horrors they facilitate by such behaviors, and worse?   How about the attorney who says, “Fraud? I haven’t heard that word since law school.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to proceed in exposing that!”   Or the attorney who says, ‘Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick gave the industry the green light to withhold medical care from all injured workers, across America, and risk merely a fine of a maximum of $100,000.  It’s cheaper than medical care in most cases.’


How about the Super Lawyers who know about “the issues” that permeate the WorkComp system and shrug and call say “The System Is Broken” ……    Talk about Dodging The Facts!  Sounds complicit to most injured workers!  

How about the attorneys who bank only on ‘high profile cases’?  If that’s the case, it is incumbent on every Injured Worker to CREATE A HIGH PROFILE, BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS NECESSARY.    As Michael Grabell of ProPublica was recently quoted, he said words to the effect that most people don’t give a hoot about WorkComp till they are in the system, and fighting for their life to escape the horrors.  I’ll find the article and post it when I do.

Anybody in the business more than 10 years is surely considered part of the problem? Anybody in the business more than 5 years is surely considered part of the problem.  Heck, ANYBODY IN THE BUSINESS IS SURELY CONSIDERED PART OF THE PROBLEM OF MAIMING AND DISABLING AND YES, KILLING INJURED WORKERS ACROSS AMERICA, FOR PROFITS.   Those who have remained silent, or just left the industry are quite as culpable, wouldn’t you agree?

Will they discuss real issues like fraud, collusion, malpractice?  Will they look at how fake-doctor reports are factored in to the ‘rising medical costs’ in long drawn out WorkComp Cases?  Will they address how paying off an on-the-take doctor to use a bit of slight of hand and deceptions with a touch of plausible deniability to ensure denial of medical care for the $7,000 range, verses necessary immediate medical treatments in the tens of thousands, and life medical in the millions, per case?
FOLLOW THE MONEY. Will they look at the butchery by the “Angels of Death” — Josef Megele-like ‘surgeons’ leased/owned by the WorkComp industries and complications caused by left over foreign objects?


Will they discuss the torturous practices of leaving foreign objects behind in a surgery, then cutting off pain meds without corrective surgeries?  Will they look at failures to treat complications after botched surgeries? Will they look at cost-shifting to Welfare and Social Security Disability, and the the trickery of the Long Term Disability Providers and apparent collusion there, also?
trust no one


Committees Of Bloggers, Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers,  sharing the harsh realities of WorkComp is required.
Please let me know if any of your friends have blogs and vlogs (videos) to be included in a directory currently being compiled.  Send an email to and put INJURED WORKER BLOG in the subject line, please and thanks.   If you have an industry blog, please send an email to and put WORKCOMP INDUSTRY BLOG.   Several are already listed in the AAWCGT blog under Injured Worker Resources….add to it!  We Are The Media Now.
TARGET:  AT LEAST 50 Blogs/Vlogs by Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers this year; the sooner the better.
herd cliff .
There’s a new website called  It even (bravely) includes a video, being as authentic as possible. Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet.. – Take 1
It will share WorkComp Survival and Combat Skills.  It will also be a series of e-courses, for the use and benefit of Injured Workers and to empower the few in industry who to not consciously intend to maim and kill injured workers. SIGN UP TO GET NOTIFIED BY EMAIL.
Many WorkComp workers are at high risk of joining the ranks of Injured Workers over their lifetimes, and many don’t even have a Twitter account or Facebook page, let alone the all powerful BLOG!  The new site will incorporate lessons learned, in a general way, in the blog,   All are invited to follow both blogs, and provide open or private comments and suggestions as we go forward.
Due to my work injury, I’m slower cognitively than I used to be, but I keep moving forward, one step and one post and one blog at a time.  It is something we can all do.  Implement “Compensatory Strategies.”
Several Injured Workers have written books!  Good for them. Now comes the ‘marketing’ and putting your book in front of influencers and influenced, and other injured workers! Once published, YOUR WORK HAS JUST BEGUN!     Let’s create a group for you authors to support one another in marketing efforts!   You’re not alone; quit acting like you are!  If you don’t have a blog yet, do it today! Start a study group of what you’re already written! Build your email list.
IF YOU HAVEN’T WRITTEN A BOOK ABOUT YOUR STORY YET, LET GET RIGHT TO IT! Others who have gone before us can light the way.   Send me an email of your interest and we’ll organize some pow-wows.  BE PRO-ACTIVE!
Building on the list of the 10 Congressional representatives, apparently incited by the ProPublica/NPR piece, The Demolition of Workers Compensation,  who signed the October 2015 letter addressed to the Department of Labor —  is a very good move.  BRAVA!
The list of legislators you have shared might be enlisted to join with the others, and issue an updated later with all the signatures of those public representatives charged with overseeing Workers Compensation atrocities and ensuring that corrective adjustments are made immediately, imho.  Sharing this article, US Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Workers’ Comp COULD serve to incite support, letting them know it’s time to act.  Be sure to include the link to the actual October 20, 2015 letter from Congress to the Department of Labor.  Here’s that link.
#Blog4TheCure   Time to Restore CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW   #WeAreTheMediaNow  #DodgeRadsNow
Bear in mind that the parties in my case “reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement” and the only reason I continue to bother on a national and international level on WorkComp matters can be summed up in the words of Einstein, ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.”
Thanks again for sharing, Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for  Crimes Against Injured Workers  Spreading awareness to the public of the crimes, fraud and tactics used against injured workers as they navigate a corrupt workers compensation system.
Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  
Expand your reach!  Blog4TheCure and encourage all injured workers to set up a new email address with WorkComp[Name] and or InjuredWorker[Name] (or any email carrier…. make every email count!)
#Blog4TheWorkCompCure  #Vlog4TheWorkCompCure  #Post4TheWorkCompCure #Tweet4TheWorkCompCure  —- #OccupyVirtually!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
The words of Sophie Scholl of The White Rose Society, who did not survive Nazi Germany for speaking out,  are as appropriate today as they were back then.
white roses
Kind regards,
CARRY ON!  #DodgeTheRads and remember remember
Linda Ayres & Friends

PS  Be aware of the dangerous of radiation exposure to all of us…. and the impact on national health. Compromised immune systems impact your bottom lines, too!

See more here:   Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!

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Where O Where are the Brave and Smart WorkComp Injured Worker Attorneys?

“If you have an interest, I’m way open to your direction on how to move forward with RTW and accommodations requests.  They have cut my benefits off, so I’m back between a rock and hard place, and it snows a bit where I live, and I’m not willing to look for food banks or welfare offices again.  Once was more than enough….”  – September 2014

A FEHA/Employment Law and Civil Rights Law Firm, and a Class Action Law firm are also desired.  Wassup America?

“Intent” is important in WorkComp.  “Intent to Kill” is a matter for the Department of Justice, imho.

WC  WorkComp Kills

The info you provide is helpful, but here’s the bottom line data I’d like to see if I can help you, informally or by representation:

(1)     Who are your work comp doctors?

(a)     Who is your PTP?

(b)    Who are your secondary treating doctors (i.e, in other specialties)?

(c)     Do you have any AMEs or QMEs, and if so, who are they?

(2)     Have any of the above doctors found you to be MMI yet?  As of what date?

(3)     If you are MMI per any doctor, what’s your WPI and the apportionment analysis?

(4)     Any trials or findings by a work comp judge yet?  If so, who and at which WCAB office?

(5)     What treatment is authorized?  Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?

(6)     Are you getting SSDI, or have you applied for it?  If so, do you have an MSA?  What’s the amount?

If you email me answers to these questions….

Life with TBI is so

(1)     Who are your work comp doctors?

I have a list of approximately 35 doctors, by specialty, diagnosis, recommended treatments (not provided) and ICD -9  codes, referred by whom and whether on alleged MPN, authorized exception or self-procured..  I have to look for it and it will follow when I get home (Thursday nite)

(a)     Who is your PTP?

Current:  Dr. Darren Bergey, Orthopedic Surgeon, since 2/14/2013.  Knows nothing about brains, and all efforts to get me to experts failed, organized by  attorney #3.

Prior PTP, Dr. Marcel Ponton, QME, Clinical Psychologist (not sure if he is a neuro-psych); Organized by attorney #2, located in Pasadena, 3 hours from my home.  I met with him twice…once in April 2012, once in October 2012.  He did not perform the neuro-psych tests, his colleague, Dr. Gunn, did.  His other colleague, Dr. Chung provided approximately 4 clinical psychology sesssions, focussed primary on stress and pretending there are no cognitive impairments.  Dr. Ponton requested neuro-feedback, neurology, neuro-optometry…. to no avail.  In October 2012, after threating letter from Defense, he said I could return to work with accommodations as clerk.  No medical treatment with him, but somehow after defense threat, I magically got well.  Several of his reports have been repeatedly omitted by defense in order to continue to deny medical.  Some of his reports read like I got the requested evaluations and treatment, but I didn’t and he only requested; complete failure to obtain medical care.  (April 2012 – December 2012; authorized exception to alleged MPN, by Court Order, June 2012.)

After dismissing attorney #2 and requesting hearing for right to medical care and treatment by a specialist, I & A officer and then-defense counsel told me to come prepared with 3 doctors names, which I did, but they were not on the alleged MPN List (I was never properly noticed, that’s another can of worms).  So, the two women made me chose another Orthopedic Surgeon who would then “coordinate specialty doctors”.  I chose Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, Orthopedic Surgeon and had an eval and he wrote a report.  As there was an increasing demand for a QME/AME, I retained counsel #3, and they didn’t like Rabinovich, so they sent me to Dr. Bergey, who is stil the PTP, but wants out as they have been threatened by defense to stop requesting brain injury treatment or they would lose their MPN status.   On my right shoulder rotator cuff injury, clearly evidenced as a impacted body part by several reporting doctors, discovered by Dr. Bergey after physical therapy authorized Spring 2013, authorized MRI of shoulder, recommended shoulder surgery (no thanks, I’m familliar with Romano Trust vs Segdwick)….defense then told Dr. Bergey stop reporting it as “industrial injury” so mid-summer 2013 he changed it to “non-industrial”…. a Crowe-Paradis report obtained by defense in Nov 2012 with intent to coerce premature settlement also included the right shoulder….so it’s just silly that once the severity is discovered they want to say “oops, not related”… D’oh.

Attorney #1’s “office manager” was the case manager and was the first to send me to an Orthopedic Surgeon.  I told her I needed a brain doctor, she said Work Comp required I start with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  His name is Dr. Sunny Gurvindo (?) UPPAL.  The office manager also said, “there’s no psych component to a work comp injury”… I said, “It’s not a psych component, it’s my BRAIN.”….

The first doctor I saw, on the date of injury, was local chiropractor, Dr. Jamie Whitlock.  I thought I just needed an adjustment.  He said I had a concussion.  By Wednesday of that awful week, I was getting all sorts of confusing info and directions from employer, so I called EAP for help for confusion.  They sent me to a clinical psychologist, Dr. David DeGoede, who administered several tests, referred me to a local neurologist, and told me to get anMRI by any means necessary.  (I knew nothing of any MPN, was just following directions of EAP.)  Dr. DeGoede became my first PTP.


  1. Dr. Daniel DeGoede, Clinical Psychologist, referred by Wyndham EAP program, paid for by CIGNA (Jan-Apr 2012)
  2. Dr. Marcel Ponton, Psychologist, referred by attorney #2; also a QME dude. (Apr – Dec 2012)
  3. Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, Orthopedic Surgeon, one time evaluations; replaced by attorney #3’s doctor: (1 visit)
  4. Dr. Darren Bergey, Orthopedic Surgeon….. (Feb 2013 to present; wants out)

(b)    Who are your secondary treating doctors (i.e, in other specialties)?

  1.  PAST:  Bijan Zardouz, insurance company doctor- neurologist, no expertise in TBI, no brain knowledge, designated as 2nd TP by attorney #3,  Zardouz thought it was a one time consult and wrote a egregiously incorrect report for top dollar.  Defense had omitted more than 300 pages of medical records; took court order to get the missing records to the doctor and requesting a supplemental report.  He threatened to sue me for “harassment” for properly serving the omitted records; so I had to convince the Judge to get involved.  Rather than just send the omitted records, defense just sent a box of all records again and told them to figure out what they missed. 😕
  2.  CURRENT:  Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuro-Psychologist (authorized exception to MPN)….. Dr. Bergey’s office threw up their hands at the last denied medical care or eval or specialist for brain trauma, and told me, “As you can see, they will not authorize any medical treatment we request.  You will have to find your own brain doctor.”  Through a series of phone calls and emails, I found Dr. Hilda who was willing to help me/treat me. Defense jumped in and asked her to do a comprehensive evaluation (she did a 40 pages report, incuding review of prior doctor evaluations) and Defense agreed in Court to have Dr. Hilda as Secondary Treating Doctor.  She is not a work comp doctor and works primarily with head injuries.  I see her mostly weekly.  Her report was May 2014, progress report over due and expected next week.   Dr. Hilda and her report were extremely instrumental in finally getting me some help at an interdisciplinary treatment center like SCRIPPS.    She is also disappointed the amount of time was cut so short.  I don’t think she thinks I’m employable, but she knows I have to return to work to keep a roof over my head in light of the monsterous behavior I have been subjected to.  On Monday I will ask her again about RTW and accommodations and timing.

Dr. Michael Lobatz, Neurology-Psychiatry, nationally acclaimed,  Chief of Staff at SCRIPPS, organizes SCRIPPS BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION CONFERENCE ANNUALLY FOR PAST TEN YEARS for and with scientists, military, doctors and other rehab providers.  I attended, at his invitation, the May 2014 event, and learned a great deal more about TBI, and thanks to Dr. Lobatz, the way was made easier to get into SCRIPPS, and his recommendation was for interdisciplinary treatment for 3 months, 3 x a week.  It was reduced further from Dr. Hilda’s request, by the insurance company, to 4 x a week for 4 weeks, extended by 8 more days.  No current appointment scheduled with Dr. Lobatz, although he has been kept apprised of Day Injury Program results and progress.  He didn’t care if I went to SCRIPPS, Learning Center or that other one in Encino…. just care that I got some help.   [There is a program in Newport Beach, a one year program, for cognitive remediation that I am currently applying for…it’s a 3 step interview process, and it’s inexpensive but I would have to relocate, if accepted. and if either Social Security or LTD kicks in for income, or settlement happens.)

(c)     Do you have any AMEs or QMEs, and if so, who are they?

A big mess created by Attorney #3

AME/ Forensic Psychiatrist – James O’Brien  APRIL 2013 with supplemental reports of Aug 2013 and I think October and October 2013, covering his fraudulent tracks poorly — initial report created on incomplete medical evidence (omission of more than 300 pages of medical records; same as above, Court ordered supplemental report upon delivery of omitted documents by defense.  First report indicated that ‘if the finder of facts found evidence of a slip and fall concussion, of course medical treatment would be in order’ and went on to opine, by changing dates of injury to 2013, and used 2012 records to suggest “prior head injury and cognitive failures” etc….. to a full scale “pissing contest” where I suggested he and defense invoke 5th amendment and they moved to secrecy attempting to conceal the records from me and to continue to use them, asking evauating doctors to review but not summarize because of my ‘fragile emotional state’…. by the time his work of fiction (about $10k in fees) was done…. I never had a slip and fall (which was witnessed, and my manager helped me up from the ground)… he further opined that I just had epilepsy and never even fell….. Felony Fraud, imho.  I have evidence; DA found my complaints of interest, so did DOJ.

QME/ Neurology – Dr. Ronald Kent – December 2013 – again, issue of omitted records of more than 300 pages by defense, followed by supplemental report (without court order).  This doctor spent 35 miinutes with me, his staff regurgitated poorly prior medical evidence, and he said that essentially, women over 35 are not entitled to medical treatment for a brain injury and that since I didn’t get any in the first two years, tooo bad, deal with it.  This guy teaches new doctors at UCLA.  Those med students would be wise to be afraid, very afraid.

QME/Orthopedic – Dr. Jefrey Holmes – PENDING     …. Attorney #4 agreed at an expedited hearing for medical treatment that I had organized….for my right to medical care and to dispute the O’Brien fiction, simply agreed to an Orthopedic eval.  It was arranged, postponed, arranged, cancelled, order to compel invoked, was off calendar so didn’t happen, Defense and IW agreed then to postpone till further notice; today Defense asked if it’s time to reschedule; I asked him to wait till I get the accommodations request and interactive process and PROPOSAL FOR RESOLUTION done, or to just plan it for late September or October, late in the afternoon…. He said to let him know when I’m ready…. I told him we’lll tie it to the Proposal for Resolution.

(2)     Have any of the above doctors found you to be MMI yet?  As of what date?

Nobody has found me MMI yet, although in October 2012 Dr. Ponton suggested I could return to work as a clerk.

(3)     If you are MMI per any doctor, what’s your WPI and the apportionment analysis?   N/A

On further thought, the AME Forensic Psychiatrist and QME Neurologist did write something about WPI and MMI….some ridiculously tiny number.. I can look for it.  In my head, their reports are such works of Fraud, I discount everything in them.   
Their reports are debunked by Dr. Hilda Chalgujian (professionally and nicely)…. and the authorized SCRIPPS time and treatment and recommendations for more treatment clearly debunks their allegations that I have no head injuries or that they are minimal.  
Defense counsel (Kim Mall- Grancell, Corona) attempted to lead them to say that a car crash of 2008 and a prior car crash in 2003 were the cause of problems, even though there was never a previous complaint or treatment for any of the symptoms.   However, Dr. Kent, Neurologist, also moved the date of injury to 2013 in his reports and indicated I sought help for confusion, inability to speak, etc, PRIOR to Industrial Injury, citing 2012 initial evals organized by Dr. David DeGoede (EAP referral) as polite obfuscated evidence and the neuro-psych he sent me to, another authorized exception.  
If settlement is not reached in the foreseeable future, it seems to me the O’Brien, Kent, Zardouz fraud will have to be debunked in trial.  I don’t think any of them would care; they clearly have insurance company ‘protection’ ……..  At one point, O’Brien asked to be removed from the case and his report withdrawn……… since WC seems like the internet, once it is written, it never goes away………..they attempted alternative tactics…. via character assassination.  His findings contradict findings of all other doctors….. a jury might find it of interest, and defense knows it.
When current PTP, Dr. Bergey, was threatend re MPN status for trying to get me help, his office called me, advised me of same, and moved my scheduled appointment up a week so I could come in for my final appointment.  I think they insinuated that for business purposes they had no choice but to call me P & S, and release me.  You might imagine the content of my written response.  My next progress meeting was with Dr. Bergey directly, rather than PA, and his report was stronger  He seems to frown on being threatened by insurance carriers.   Smart guy who does not seem to be  easily intimidated.  He knew when I arrived at his office on 2/14/13 that I needed a brain doctor and it wasn’t him.  They have tried and failed valiantly trying to get me help.   The acupuncture and chiropractic I got this year was not their doings…it took a Court order.  :/   Yeah, unbelievable.  
If you decide to consider my case further, I have all the medical records and I am expecting SCRIPPS discharge report early next week…. I can email you anything I can find.
I don’t want to fool with this for years and years and  years like some of my FB buddies……….they count on that, don’t they?   Count me out….I’ll fight from the side, we do not…forget.

(4)     Any trials or findings by a work comp judge yet?  If so, who and at which WCAB office?

Judge Victor Jimenez has been the primary judge I have dealt with. I have had other Judges assigned to the case, but it always gets back to Jimenez.   Presiding Judge Sanford-Wachtel gave me his card and encouraged me to contact him if there are issues, after the first failure to provide requested ADA accommodations.   The Information & Assistance Officer, Valerie James, has been instrumental in ensuring failure to get medical care and has denied ADA accommodations and even confiscated my cell phone at one hearing; I filed an ADA complaint with DOJ.  EEOC called me and said the issues involved were more than two years ago, too bad


(5)     What treatment is authorized?  Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?  

Year one,2012:  they authorized, as mentioned on my blog, a little chiropractic and a couple clinical psychology sessions.

Year two, 2013 physical therapy and…. a couple MRI’s….

Year three….2014… by court order, a couple chiropractic and some acupuncture (helps a lot with brain and right shoulder…..the first set EXCLUDED BRAIN and authorized right limbs only ….knuckleheads….

[Scripps Brain Injury Day Treatment Center is generally a 154 day program; 16 days were authorized in August 2014 on appeals, and then 8 more days on more appeals….hardly a start to cognitive rehabilitation.  The cost was $50K + lodging.

My doctors had requested 3-6 months treatment…. 24 days is not reasonable and the interactive FEHA process for return to work was to begin during that course, but Wyndham refused to participate despite repeated requests that had already been paid for …. just wasted.]

More than $27,000 has been spent, properly submitted for reimbursements for medical miles and expenses for medically necessary treatments and evaluations such as MRI, Vision therapy, prism therapeutic lenses, chiropractic, acupuncture…. I have a summary sheet ……….have requested reimbursements many times, and have filed complaints with Audit Unit.

I have also filed complaints up and down the Coast.  They know my name in Sacramento and i have received some pretty nasty letters from the Assistant Medical Director suggesting I will never get medical treatment, so come to grips with that harsh reality.

Any IMR determinations yet or in the works?    I don’t know what that is, and I don’t know anything about how to close this up.  I think this has to do with PD ratings and things?   This is, I believe, where your expertise to set things up to make this finally right??

(6)     Are you getting SSDI, or have you applied for it?  If so, do you have an MSA?  What’s the amount?

I applied for Social Security Disability was denied a couple times, awaiting hearing now….I’m told it will be December January is…..  I’m told it will be retroactive and the SocSec office  broken the numbers down for me last year (I think it was last year) and said it would be retroactive from 6 months after injury and would put (last year) about $50K in my pocket, and about…. $1800/month.   A group called, “The Advocator”, somehow affiliated with my LTD carrier, is pushing the paper there.  On my task list is to get them medical records since last we talked.  Social security basically said they know I have a brain injury but it’s not bad enough to keep me from being a sales executive.  I think they mean no brains are required, or cognitive abilities.  Tsk.

Do you do Social Security??  Allegedly the Advocator will provide me with an attorney at the hearing, which causes me fear……I’m also told I can terminate contract with them and retain and attorney without liens.  My LTD income is a mess due to the financial chicanery of CNA/EDD and the ‘now we pay, now we don’t, now we do, change the amount’…. so I owe Matrix some paperwork to confirm when my benefits stopped so they can sort out if I owe them or they owe me.  That sort of paperwork boggles my brain….. I can type like there’s no tomorrow, but retrieval and recollection and visual scanning to edit are severe challenges.  I have a list somewhere of the various challenges and impairments, cuz I can never remember them all…… Muddling through life as best I can seems to be my “new normal”


I have long term disability insurance with Matrix/Reliance.   I have a neurology/psychiatry evaluation with one of their doctors on October 27…. a Dr. Jay Jurkowitz in…. I think Riverside or San Bernardino.

My next PTP Orthopedic Surgeon for my Brain Injury 45 day appointment is October 17 at 1 pm in Indio.

My next neuropsych appointment is next Monday.

David DePaolo is familiar with my….challenges, and I have explored possibilities of representation with multiple attorneys in CA… some bothered to consider and others abruptly put it in the “too hard” pile……  See WORK COMP AND BASEBALL OCT 2 2014…. IT MENTIONS MY SITUATION, AND THE SITUATIONS OF OTHER INJURED WORKERS:


It is my hope to eventually (maybe now?) retain someone who can wrap it up, and to also ensure that the 4 attorneys who harmed me get little to nothing out of the “15% pot”…. and who ideally will, with encouragement, withdraw their liens.

If any of this may be of interest, and if you agree that submission of a “PROPOSAL FOR RESOLUTION” may be in order before I attempt for force my way back into a job I doubt I can do anymore, I willl find and send the spreadsheet of doctors and their specialities….

I live in Yucca Valley, near Joshua Tree National Park.  The WC case is in Riverside.   While I understand there has to be cause to move a case, I would be they would be glad to be rid  of me and let you move it to LA to get me gone.  They know that I know whose side they are  on.

If you are interested, and if you could be like the “general contractor” and organize with Nick and any other team players, I am sure that adequate funds could be created to make it financially attractive enough to deal with the mess.  I just want out…………  I would like $1.3 million and I would like to see these crooks tried, locked up and executed, in accordance with the laws.  I’m realistic enough to realize….. those who have the cash kills as they can, without consequences.  Fighting back one case at a time is an honorable fight, till last gasps.

If we jointly decide to work together, you might want to know a bit more about me…. I can take my hands off my WorkComp blog for a while, or I can amp it up…… I am open to suggestions and I get it that if I retain counsel, my right to speak out is limited, temporarily.

I also blog about Fukushima, an in progress extinction level event.  ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW   LUCY OCCUPY SAYS

I think it could be an “easy enough” deal with the work I have accomplished this past year…..getting to SCRIPPS, letting them know my number was $700K before SCRIPPS and that it’s $1.3 million now, based on what I have learned of long term medical needs and consequences of untreated brain injury and untreated rotator cuff tears.

Do you know [xxxx] the structure settlement guy?  I have been in touch with him several times.  We connected after the CAAA Winter Conference.  He thinks I’m a little hot headed…..  he may not like me, but he has observed me getting a few things done in spite of the odds.

I hear tales that you work around the clock…..  I learned at SCRIPPS about brain fatigue and reserves….   breaks are good for rebooting.

I will head home tomorrow…. coffee with some fellow activists in the  morning, so…. onward.

If you have an interest, I’m way open to your direction on how to move forward with RTW and accommodations requests.  They have cut my benefits off, so I’m back between a rock and hard place, and it snows a bit where I live, and I’m not willing to look for food banks or welfare offices again.  Once was more than enough.

image (1)

I also lost my “professional credentials”… my Hawaii real estate license, my California real estate borkers license, and my California Notary license, due to cognitive inability to take the continuing ed after paying nearly $1000 for special theraputic glasses and vision therapy, I was able to knock out the CA continuing ed for the broker’s license….that did expire.  I have to send them $450 to renew during the grace period; it’s a return to work license required, but I don’t have the $450 to spare with no income from these clowns.

I did have to file for early retirement (DOB 4/8/52)…. so I have pocket money and a will to survive.


Thanks kindly for you consideration  Awaiting word from you.  I really want out  I intend to continue the good fight from the other side….. JAIL BREAK TIME……. HELP ME OUT OF HERE…………….These psychopaths are armed and extremely dangerous.  Yeah, I know.



Linda and Friends

flag distress signal

Injured Wyndham Worker Asks #POTUS for Help from WorkComp Dangers

Is WorkComp Simply Domestic Terrorism?  ASK THE POTUS!    Lawyer Up!

Yo!  Mr. Prez, it’s me again.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!  Fukushima, Ebola, WorkComp, Central Asia!

I can’t get no satisfaction, and can’t get no medically necessary treatment from that big company, CNA (their CEO, Tom Motamed makes $10.7 million a year in a business that maims (and CAUSES PREMATURE DEATHS!) of America’s injured workers! D’oh!)  Earlier this year I even had to call Adult Protective Services due to the financial terrorism, and I copied the State Controller, too.  There was a remedy, but no resolution and it started again in July 2014, and I don’t know what to do next.



I CANNOT FIGHT ORGANIZED CRIME BY MYSELF.  Can you pretty please ask Congress to Create a Task Force to investigate WorkComp Crimes against American Citizens?  It’s bad, real bad…. Super Lawyers have told me my story is sad, but NOT UNCOMMMMON!  Thomas Perez at DOL seems to be doing a great job.  Maybe his peeps can be in touch?  They seem like Crime Fighters, too!  Here’s a picture of him making the rounds on FB, dunno if he really said that, but it’s empowering.  WE KNOW HOW HE FEELS!



wc organized  HELP

Mr. President, could you pretty please ask your people to ask the Attorney General’s office in California (or heck, in DC) to help me fight the good fight?

Thanks much.  Phone 760 368 5243


ps…. No, no… no relation to Bill….he spells his last name incorrectly.

wc gazette

—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: tina.jordan <>; wvoleavesupportcenter <>
Cc: mary.falvey <>; melinda_rubel <>; melisa.paramo <>; fred.sachs <>; sreubens <>; kembria.hahn <>; katy.brant <>; kate.powers <>; alyson.johnson <>; christine.dasilva <>; margo.happer <>; merav.benedetti <>; steven.alessandrini <>; <>; jack.dolan <>; info <>; info <>; jackcanfield <>; mark <>; president <>
Sent: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 10:27 am
Subject: Linda Ayres, Wyndham Injured Worker, 14th Amendment Violations and California WorkComp Victim/SURVIVOR
.Dear Tina and All Stakeholders, Friends and Officials:
I have not heard back from you regarding the Quality Assurance position in Indio, the training dates for sales in November, or any of the other recently posed questions, in regards to the spread sheet I made, at your request, regarding potential accommodations.  This information is required so that the primary treating physician assigned to my case, Dr. Darren Bergey, Orthopedic Surgery, can make proper recommendations for accommodations and return to work status on Friday, and as you know, he has also deferred to the medical opinions of Dr. Hilda Chalgujian.
Dr. Hilda made it very clear in April that my needs for medical treatment were urgent and more than necessary.  CNA, Grancell, and Corvel seem to have acted in orchestrated collusion and in defiance of the Wyndham insurance policy and the laws of the land.   However they have done it, it has harmed me egregiously.
It’s time for Wyndham to step up to the plate.  “WorkComp and Baseball”  Batter Up!
Below is a map of proximity of Wyndham Avenue of the Arts and Coastline College and the Cognitive Rehabilitation Program that starts Monday, October 20, 2014. Orientation is Saturday morning, October 18th.   As part of the accommodations to be explored, will you kindly obtain authorization for complimentary stay at the Avenue of the Arts property for arrival Friday, October 17th, departure Thursday, October 23rd, in order for me to attend the orientation, and seek housing.
Wyndham Avenue of the Arts and Coastline
It is clear that the Wyndham insurance carrier and defense firm intend the continuous harm to me and it is time for Wyndham to come to the aid of this injured worker. While they continue to fail to authorize treatment for brain injury, they hope to help some of their independent doctors make book with extra evaluation dollars.  Stewart is working very hard to get an accurate medical list of records together and he insinuated that the WorkComp Judge authorized their fraudulent obfuscation of facts.  I didn’t read the order that way, but who am I to argue with a Grancell Partner/Shareholder.  If he says the Judge approves fraud, d’oh….I won’t touch that one.
That’s for higher authorities.  He didn’t use those words, but close enough to what I saw, but the refusal to correct the errors was based on skewed misinterpretations of a full day in Court when the other Grancell lawyer had to be ORDERED BY THE COURT to provide more than 300 pages of omitted medical records that had caused seriously incorrect medical reports by 2 doctors in Spring 2013, and then she did it again for the next evaluation in December 2013, alll with clear intent to deny medical treatment to a disabled injured worker due to disabilities, age, and profits.
Clearly matters for higher authorities.   Stewart intends to continue the charade with the next evaluation. Does anybody else wonder why so many doctors have been paid to ‘evaluate’ me and none of their recommendations are acted on; all ignored or denied.  False prescriptions bills go unnoticed, and Stewart thinks that it’s ok to include in medical records that I saw a brain injury doctor from Casa Colina in October 2012, which I did not, and this is the same doctor who helped CNA override the attempts to revoke my driver’s license in 2012, and same doctor was seen, self-procured in Spring 2013, and apparently lost my file and refused to write a report, when in our evaluation, he said I was an ideal candidate for the Casa Colina Day Brain Rehab Program, and that he was very familiar with Work Comp and knew how to work the system to get me in without much fuss.  Then he lost my file and kept my money for the report that he never delivered and never returned my calls?
District Attorney stuff, let the government handle these boyz.
I just want medical treatment and a place to stay while I’m getting it.  CAN YOU HELP ME NOW?   Fred’s suggestions about the ‘circle jerk’ of more rounds of appeals to Corvel, recently reported to have ‘quasi-black-market’ businesses practices, under investigation, are not acceptable.  1.5 years of that nonsense is enough to make anybody aggravated, with their out of state doctors and illiterate nurses skewing facts from the reports they do receive from CNA/Grancell.
The injury was witnessed, the manager helped me up from the ground after being there for what seemed to be about 5 minutes, and the initial failures that have exasperated my medical conditions started on 1/9/12 when I was not even offered a ride to the hospital.  [We had a sales meeting right afterwards, and everybody had a good laugh, and they said,  ‘Ewwwwwww, Linda has Fukushima rads from the snowflakes allll over her!!!’]
[I got ‘the talk’ the week before for a picture in the break room about the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. The manager said it was ‘grim’. D’oh! Ya think! Triple Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11….. yeah, sort of grim for all of us.]
I get it that I have to contend with brain injury because of Wyndham, and because I did not get medically necessary treatment for going on 3 years, when anybody with a functioning brain knows that the first 90 days are critical for care, and that ongoing speech therapy with cognitive remediation, occupational therapy, vision therapy and psychotherapy are key components to such recovery.
So, while CNA suggests I participate in their “circle j**k” by suggesting I submit yet another appeal to yet another bogus denial of treatment, I am asking you to elevate this beyond your comfort zone.  I am reaching out on LinkedIn to Wyndham employees globally.  There is a COUNT ON ME side to Wyndham, and you can continue to COUNT ON ME to ensure that these horrors are minimized and ultimately eliminated for other injured Wyndham Workers.
See the blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS for more details; your colleagues have. The link is:
I look forward to returning to work and once again being a valuable and valued employee, despite my cognitive impairements.  If, however, Grancell’s legal opinion that suggests my injuries are minor, there’s not much more to talk about.  Let me know where to report to work, in what position, and I will request release to work with minimal accommodations from both Dr. Bergey and Dr. Chalgujian.  Without promise of any medical care, I do not know if they will accept the professional liability of releasing me, under such dangerous conditions.  Their responses will likely weigh heavily on your response, and the return to work offered in order to properly recommend accommodations and restrictions.
Your response is required by Thursday, close of business, 5 pm, or will be considered collusion to continue the egregious harm to me, and continued refusal to participate in the FEHA interactive process in order to help me return to work, meeting timeframes intensified by your refusal to meet in August or September of this, or in earlier Accommodation requests of 2014, 2013, and 2012.   I will also appreciate confirmation of complimentary reservations at Wyndham Avenue of the Arts property as stated above, with an offer for a longer term discounted rate for the first semester at Coastline, in order to allow me to find proper and adequate housing.
Thank you.
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
WWID 415237
CNA E3269102
 WC  WorkComp Kills

 “When are you Moving?”

Sat_2014-10-11_09_54_32-NETC (1)

[map via, paid version]




Can Wyndham Worldwide Workers Count On YOU?! #WorkCompMatters!

We are the Media Now




—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: tina.jordan <>
Cc: fred.sachs <>; sreubens <>; cna_help <>; mary.favey <>; melisa.paramo <>; wvoleavesupportcenter <>; fraud <>; lindaayres <>; wynlinda <>; reolinda <>; Stephen.Buch <>; steven.acevedo <>
Sent: Tue, Oct 14, 2014 7:13 am
Subject: Tina, it’s a mess that happened on YOUR watch. Can Wyndham Workers COUNT ON YOU?
WWID 415287 AYRES VS WYNDHAM et al ADJ8181903 CNA E3269102
Hi Tina and All,

I hope to hear from Fred Sachs, CNA Adjuster on my situations, by today or tomorrow regarding reconsideration of the Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation program.  It’s unfortunate that the first adjuster, Daniel Elliott, did not pursue Coastline when I first asked him about it.  Maybe Fred can do something now.
I added a PS to the initial email:
PS  If you would kindly reimburse the more than $27,000 I had to pay for medical expenses on my own,  and if you would return the $20,000+ bonus the State of California gave you for refusing to pay temporary total disability payments in 2012/2013, I would haven’t to ask for help to get there, even though you have started the financial terrorism thing again.  Bummer. No income since July 2014, and LTD is skewed up because of your  chicanery and they cannot confirm they will resume and for how long.   BTW, AGGRAVATION IS NOT GOOD FOR A HEALING BRAIN.
Then we will know if looking at a position at the Wyndham Irvine Hotel or possibly Oceanside for sales is the next step.  The Interactive Process will help sort that out, but a preliminary decision must be made shortly.  Otherwise, I guess the next best option is the Quality Assurance position in Indio.  Worst case scenario will be an outreach for fund-raising to help me with accommodations and lodging for the Coastline treatment opportunity, since the bad faith efforts of all concerned seem to have escalated.
[PS! Listen, Tina!   It looks like a Specialist Presenter position is open in Long Beach….that’s VERY CLOSE TO NEWPORT BEACH….Steve and Sharon Wilcox might be willing to help me train for that position, huh?   As you can see, I’m not shy anymore since the brain injuries….some might even call me a little assertive and overly enthusiastic!]
 image (1)
All Stewart can seem to work on is trying to get the medical records index straight so they can send me to another Orthopedic Surgeon in November for another evaluation so they can cross their fingers that he may collude with the Grancell opinion (not medical opinion) that the right shoulder rotator cuff tear was “non-industrial” as they directed current PTP to change records to reflect, in stark contrast to early medical reports, and in contrast to the premature settlement offer they attempted to coerce me to take, which also required I forfeit my future medical care benefits
(which, in TBI case, CNA providers indicate range from $600,000 to $1.3 million, when TBI is treated! As you know, the only treatment I got authorized started in August 2014 at Scripps and 3-6 months were requested, 16 days were initially authorized, follow up with 8 more, and we did not get the Interactive Process started, even though it was paid for; date of injury, January 9, 2012)
[BTW, if Stewart’s allegations are right, in stark contrast with findings of real brain injury experts,  and my injuries are ‘minimal’ then by looking at my resume and my past experience with Wyndham since 2005, it’s easy to see that I could do the Quality Assurance Representative job practically with my ‘eyes closed’….]
Please don’t keep me guessing, I will have to make plans in any event, and unfamiliar circumstances causes cognitive challenges, so I must move methodically and do my best to keep notes and keep them organized.  
I added a PS to the initial email and it’s on the blog too….   So to summarize, it looks like the best options seem to be:
1.  Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation in Newport Beach with accommodations to include but not be limited to RTW discussions and re-entry in Orange County, to be fine tuned in Interactive Process asap.  (temporary relocation required)
2.  WorldMarkByWyndham – new position, start immediately – Indio – Quality Assurance Position, salaried, $50K + immediate benefits  (relocation not required)
3.  Wyndham Worldwide – any position available, start immediately since injured worker’s benefits —INCOME– were terminated in July, with CNA profitting by refusal to pay…. Long Beach Specialist Presenter position just posted…. That could be wyn/wyn/wyndham!  
4.  In the event there is no movement toward Coastline or RTW, final option is national fund raising effort amongst Wyndham’s WOMEN ON THE WAY, COUNT ON ME PROGRAM, with perhaps some hep from ARDA and other hospitality organizations.  Wyndham now has a huge opportunity to lead the way to right treatment of injured workers in the mega-billion dollar industry.  What has happened to me because of the system fail is unconscionable.   
Tina, it’s a mess that happened on your watch.  Can Wyndham Workers COUNT ON YOU?
Let’s plan on Monday, October 20, 2014 as the day Wyndham Worldwide took a hard look at their WorkComp system fails, and began to right the wrongs that egregiously harmed an injured worker and shareholder, and former owner/member.
Talk soon!
Thanks again.
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
David DePaolo blog spot  10 2 2014
See more on the above: WORK COMP AND BASEBALL  – David DePaolo  also find at
PS  Note to Fraud Unit at…. thank you again for your call.  I did follow your recommendations and I have reiterated my unhappiness complaints to the various agencies you suggested, and it was recommended that I continue to copy your department as I am a protected insured against fraud under the Wyndham Workers Comp insurance policy.  We’re all in this together.  Fingers pointing at Grancell at the moment, or so it seems.   Further investigations and audits seem in order.



—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: fred.sachs <>
Cc: hchalgujia <>; sreubens <>; cna_help <>; mary.favey <>; tina.jordan <>; melisa.paramo <>; wvoleavesupportcenter <>; fraud <>
Sent: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 2:30 pm
Subject: Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation Program $184/semester, Starts October 20, 2014, Orientation this Saturday at 8 am AYRES VS WYNDHAM ADJ8181903
Dear Fred Sachs, CNA Adjuster et al

I just spoke with the admissions office at Coastline Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Program and I have been accepted into their program.  The fees are due by Friday and the cost is $184.00 per semester. 
This requires a one year commitment, possibly two years, depending on my cognitive improvements.
The failures of Wyndham, CNA and Grancell can be righted, to some extent, if there is cooperation to help me get cognitive care now for the injuries that were not treated at the time of injury, not during the first nearly 3 years……
See entire post here:
Think locally * Act Globally # OccupyVirtually

Let’s provide support on twitter @LindaAyres311 and on LinkedIn:

Read and SHARE, FOR STARTERS. WATCH. Think “Abracadabra”
Lucy Occupy on WorkCompMatters
If you are a #WorkComp Survivor, know you are not alone.

BTW, Remember Remember… #Fukushima
KNOW ABOUT IT. #ShelterInPlace


My Fellow Americans and Fellow Injured Workers… I NEED YOUR HELP TO FIGHT #WORKCOMP CRIMES

I’m tired of fighting these organized criminals.  I have a brain injury and I have a war room of evidence against these monsters.

I have just been accepted into an Orange County—COASTLINE COMMUNITY Cognitive Rehabilitation Program, that starts next week.

These monsters can only continue the DDD…. Delay, Deny, Deceive Sonderkommando actions that any injured worker in America must contend with, as our country crumbles by the actions of such treacherous psychopaths.


This entire blog is the trauma-drama…………Please share it with your friends….  Somebody must stand up to these killers in suits.

I did my best.  Take care of one another.  They are killers, make no mistake about that.



cognitive dissonance turbulence

—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: fred.sachs <>
Cc:  sreubens <>; cna_help <>; mary.favey <>; tina.jordan <>; melisa.paramo <>; wvoleavesupportcenter <>; fraud <>
Sent: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 2:30 pm
Subject: Coastline Cognitive Rehabilitation Program $184/semester, Starts October 20, 2014, Orientation this Saturday at 8 am AYRES VS WYNDHAM ADJ8181903
Dear Fred Sachs, CNA Adjuster et al

I just spoke with the admissions office at Coastline Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Program and I have been accepted into their program.  The fees are due by Friday and the cost is $184.00 per semester. 
This requires a one year commitment, possibly two years, depending on my cognitive improvements.
The failures of Wyndham, CNA and Grancell can be righted, to some extent, if there is cooperation to help me get cognitive care now for the injuries that were not treated at the time of injury, not during the first nearly 3 years
You just spent more than $50,000 at SCRIPPS for their interdisciplinary program that you did not let me complete, and here you can save your companies thousands of dollars and help me get treatment that should allow me to return to work.  One of their graduates was a speaker at the SCRIPPS Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference I attended in May 2014.  His injury was over 16 years ago, he still has severe cognitive impairments, but via Coastline, he has learned how to compensate for the losses, and is now a successful city manager.  His work comp case is on-going, but his carrier finally saw the light and now provides medically necessary treatments.
This morning was wasted with emails between me and Stewart since he can bill hourly, probably,  for silly letters and alleging he doesn’t understand what I have stated about the errors in his attempts to make an accurate medical index.
Let’s decide immediately whether on Monday you will have made arrangements for lodging for the first quarter of my treatment at Coastline, and if Tina Jordan has made arrangements, in compliance with FEHA accommodations requested for a possibly return to work in the Newport Area, possibly the Wyndham Hotel in Irvine, or, if logistically possible with lodging, then a return to sales in Oceanside.  The interactive process was designed to sort these things out, but it was refused.
Now we have a short window to decide where I must be next Monday, October 20th…… at Coastline with plans to return to work in Orange County, or at Indio, for the Quality Assurance position or a similar position to the sales job, with a guaranteed income while return to work is attempted.
I await response from Wyndham, from CNA, and from Grancell.   You have collectively harmed me like war criminals….. can you please stop it now, and help me get to Coastline to get some help for the brain injuries exacerbated by the chicanery of Grancell, Stander, Thomas and Reubens, and their staff.
It is my hope that Wyndham employees, owners, and members will demand an immediate audit of the WorkComp matters of Wyndham Worldwide on a national scale. As a shareholder, I have a small say as well.  As an Injured Worker, and as an American, I say it’s time for some people in authority to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Thank you for your consideration.

By copy, we’ll also ask people in America what they think would be the next right action.

Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
PO Box 835
Yucca Vallley CA 92286
760 368 5243
PS  If you would kindly reimburse the more than $27,000 I had to pay for medical expenses on my own,  and if you would return the $20,000+ bonus the State of California gave you for refusing to pay temporary total disability payments in 2012/2013, I would haven’t to ask for help to get there, even though you have started the financial terrorism thing again.  Bummer. No income since July 2014, and LTD is skewed up because of your  chicanery and they cannot confirm they will resume and for how long.   BTW, AGGRAVATION IS NOT GOOD FOR A HEALING BRAIN.
 Outreach to Wyndham  10 7 14




Life with TBI is so

Hello America! CAN WE TALK??!!! TBI, WorkComp, Wyndham, CNA, Grancell, EDD, CA, DOL, USA ETC and Complete Systems Fail…..

Dear All:

As promised:

  1.  Here is the link to the Coastline Cognitive Retraining Program…. know about it and read what any attorney says about it.
  1.  If SCRIPPS BRAIN REHABILITION PROGRAM in Encinitas appeal is authorized by the end of the week, let’s commence FEHA Interactive Process immediately and throughout whatever time is authorized, so that I can commence the Coastline program starting October 20, 2014, if I am accepted into the program.  Remember, my doctors requested 3-6 months, 16 DAYS were authorized with an 8 day extension…..MORE THAN 2.5 YEARS AFTER THE HEAD INJURY.

Even a 7th grade kid know that’s a problem, and it isn’t right.  Date of injury: 1/9/12… a witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice at WorldMark By Wyndham – Big Bear.  Orthopedic Surgeon designated as primary treating doctor, with repeated requests for medical treatment, consistently and maliciously denied since date of injury.  Wyndham has provided no proper training in Human Resources, or at on site locations, putting thousands and thousands of employees at great risk also.

  1.  Attached is the excel spread sheet of what if/so then scenarios regarding medical limitations and ADA accommodations to be requested after sorted out at FEHA interactive process

For those of you unfamiliar with FEHA regulations in helping an injured worker in California return to work, here’s a powerful link….for your info and files

FEHA Red Flags: Common Employer Violations of California’s Disability Discrimination Laws

Written by: Neil Pedersen

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Please do forward immediately the job descriptions previously requested so that the medical professionals can make informed recommendations on medical restrictions and possible accommodation requests on the possible return to work.

NEED JOB DESCRIPTIONS AND TO START FEHA INTERACTIVE PROCESS IMMEDIATELY:  Sales Representative, Discovery Representative, QA/VLO, Resort Guide, Housekeeper, Office Worker, Front Desk, Recreation Coordinator or Injured Worker Advocate and FEHA Compliance Coordinator…. and any other positions that a an American With Disabilities due to failure by Wyndham to provide medically necessary treatment for more than 2 years…might qualify for.   Thanks.

Here’s another great source of info on Workers Comp… DePaolo’s WorkComp Blog….subscribe…learn something new tomorrow:

WorkCompCentral Comp Loud Awards

David’s company is on mission to find people to acknowledge who have done anything right in WorkComp, since doctors leaving in droves, and there is no ‘new blood’ coming to the industry…. THINK HARD….DO YOU KNOW ANYBODY WHO HAS MADE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN THE LIFE OF AN INJURED WORKER, OR WHOSE PRACTICES HAVE SENT THEIR COMPANY PROFITS THROUGH THE ROOF??

Nominations due shortly:    Make a difference in someone’s life today!

  1. Wyndham Women on The Way –   In the event the system failures regarding medically necessary treatment for an injured Wyndham Woman prevail, does this organization have a fund raising department to help an Injured Wyndham Worker, denied medical care since date of injuries, subjected to financial, emotional, medical and mental terrorism since date of Injury, January 9, 2012……..with no compassion, interest, nor intervention by anybody in Corporate Wyndham?


Could Women on the Way, with others, take up an immediate charitable collection to send me to the Coastline Brain Help Place in Newport Beach??  To:

‘….Help a po’ ol’ brain injured disabled baby-boomer single white woman, former timeshare sales executive and California Real Estate Broker and Hawaii Sales Agent and CA Notary Public stuck in the #WorkComp #WebOfDeath in California find her cognitive abilities again cuz the meanie heads at Wyndham and their ‘agents’ won’t help and have kicked her to the curb, and they just keep kickin.

Professional credentials lost and sanity on edge…but she can type like there’s NO TOMORROW……

Keyboards and Maxine


Last winter I had to rely on the charity of the Salvation Army to keep my utilities on due to failures of CNA/Grancell to authorize TTD payments, causing extreme financial hardship.  Adult Protective Services intervened, as well as local politicians.  My income has been terminated again since July of 2014, and now the defense counsel wants to start another round of “medical evaluations” rather than medical treatments.


They have refused to “mediate” since I’m not dead yet, and such an event may cost them merely $100,000 in fines, as happened in Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick…. the HR peeps and adjusters kept their jobs, Sedgwick became more profitable, and nobody in Work Comp cared that yet another injured worker died a gruesome death….. PROFITS PREVAILED OVER LIFE.   DO YOU CARE?


As promised, here is a little more information on the Coastline Cognitive Retraining Program in Newport Beach that I hope to be accepted into, a great find.

“ATTORNEYS – DID YOU KNOW?  …..did you know there is a premier cognitive retraining program right here in Orange County? Coastline Community College is the home of the Acquired Brain Injury Program for your clients suffering from an acquired traumatic brain injury following a car accident, slip and fall, or perhaps, caused by medical negligence.”


“Why is this important to you? After your client sustains a mild traumatic brain injury, he or she can lose their employment because they can no longer focus or complete tasks necessary to complete their job. The defense will say that your client is malingering and being lazy….”


“The cognitive rehabilitation program lasts from 1-2 years and classes are four hours a day, four days a week – Monday through Thursday. The cost of the program is the cost of taking classes at Coastline Community College. In comparison, private cognitive programs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The ABI program can help your clients to mitigate their damages and return to the work…”


Here’s the link to the lawyer’s comments, and other participants….

Keep it handy, BRAIN INJURY IS THE SILENT EPIDEMIC, and most work comp doctors are sadly not in the know about diagnosis and treatment, causing egregious harm to injured workers at Wyndham in California and workers everywhere in America.  BE ALARMED AND BE ALARMING.



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  • Previous coverage on Ebola impact


    The picture below was on FB, so it must be true, huh?! Ask a Risk Manager Today!

Ralphs Market and Romano

See any similarities?  One difference, they didn’t cut up my right shoulder rotator cuff tear…..didn’t even get PT for it till more than a year later, then they authorized an MRI and when it was determined that surgery was “necessary” the law firm chick says, “Oh, that’s not an accepted body part.”  Even though it was all over her premature attempt to coerce a settlement in November 2012 that required a) RESIGNATION FROM MY JOB, b) FORFEITING ANY FUTURE MEDICAL CARE, UNEMPLOYMENT, TEMPORARY DISABILITYand c) Releasing all parties from any liability for…. no kidding—-> $100,000, which also included unpaid medical miles and unpaid self-procured medical expenses that were, at the time, merely $1,700.  The number has escalated to more than $27,000 in unpaid expenses, and no kidding, the defense counsel thinks the injuries are minimal and the reserve amount on the claim is not much more than ….no kidding, “$100,000 neighborhood” but that it’s not “ripe” for mediation (translation?  ‘you’re not dead yet, you’ll cost us less then, particularly in California’  ‘Let’s organize a few more evaluations, our doctors need holiday funds, and evaluations are the best way to launder money in these operations…..and so what if our doctors only spend 25-55 minutes in their evaluations… for thousands of dollars….they have to pay their staffs to make up those reports…’)

Stephen Holmes 100000

If you are a Wydham employee, ask Steve Holmes, above, or  this guy, Thomas Motamed, CEO, below.  Dunno Steve’s income, but Thomas apparently makes more than $10.7 million a year and his company is the WorkComp Insurance Carrier for Wyndham.  They don’t provide necessary medical care either, and Wyndham says they can’t help, as they rely on CNA and Grancell to take care of their employees.  Yikes….. That “call from Chicago” sounds scarier and scarier and the facts be told, huh?


Neither Wyndham Human Resources, Wyndham Employee Assistance, Wyndham’s WorkersComp Insurance Provider, CNA, nor Wyndham’s “Defense Counsel” were able to find and or authorize any medically necessary treatment for the traumatic brain injury OR ORTHOPEDIC INJURIES sustained at work, and they have consistently interrupted self-procured treatment, and failed to reimburse more than $27,000 in medical miles and medical treatments since 2012, and received a $20,000 discount from the State of California for failure to pay TTD on a timely basis.  Yeah, you read that right.  They made a $20K profit for refusing to pay TTD, despite Court requirement as well, so the State of California gave them a $20,000 bonus and negotiated away the rights, provided by law, of this injured worker, and it is apparently a pattern and practice of all major carriers, sanctioned by States.


Date of injury:  January 9, 2012         First date of medically necessary treatment for TBI:  August 4, 2014

Ain’t that just awful, and something for all ‘stakeholders’ to be ashamed of?

constitution  too long didnt read

So, COUNT ON ME, I found the COASTLINE 1-2 year program after hearing a speaker and ‘graduate’ of the Coastline Program, speak at the SCRIPPS ANNUAL BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION CONFERENCE in May of this year, to an audience of primarily doctors, scientists and other health care providers.  I was invited to attend because I told one doctor, “You know, Wyndham may have to pay for vocational rehab to train me to be a neuro-scientists”…. He didn’t know if I was kidding or not, but encouraged me to attend the conference, that was a wealth of information.  As I tried to convey to Wyndham’s people and others all along, I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID.

#InjuredWorkersUniting…. Silent No More…


In seeking legal counsel, even Larry Parkers’ office won’t help this injured worker.  Is there a “do not help” list in the world of workers comp?  The call I got from Chicago was….awww, never mind….watch for a blog on that too….. Yeah, be quiet, be sweet, be nice, be patient……


If you have any questions or comments, leave them on the blog or contact any of us directly.



Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

Lucy and Friends on WorkComp Crimes

For any inquiring minds, a recent email thread is below…. in response to defense polite notice of more evaluations and continued failure to act in good faith to obtain medically necessary treatment…..

PS  A recent LA Times article apparently mentioned LA Cops and Firefighters accused of faking work comp injuries and staying off work too many days.  Articles didn’t seem to mentione if said individuals ever got medically necessary treatment, or if they, like me, have been fighting to get medical care and fighting to return to work forever….  My first request to return to work with accommodations was October 2012.  Defense counsel told Wyndham to have no contact with me, so they just followed orders.  Some doctors had advised that had medical treatment been provided anywhere in that first year for brain injury (not just a little psycho-therapy and a couple chiropratice sessions) I might have been returned to work by then.  Wanna bet those cops and fire fighters are being kicked to the curb too…..?  Some investigative reporter may tell the rest of the story, someday soon, huh?

Special Report

L.A. pays millions as police and firefighter injury claims rise

“City officials offer a number of theories for the rise in claims and costs: an aging workforce; delays in approval of medical treatment; and the cuts in police overtime, which eliminated a key financial incentive for injured officers to return to work quickly.”

Let’s hope their Unions address these inflamatory pieces, huh?  

What’s Wrong Becomes Right

Hey, America…… Heads Up.  Don’t give up your rights to think also.

—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>
To: MBX – WVO Center <>
Cc: Stewart Reubens <>; fred.sachs <>; melisa.paramo <>; mary.falvey <>; kembria.hahn <>; Tina R Jordan <>; Linda Ayres <>; Linda Ayres <>; Linda Ayres <>; katy.brant <>; kate.powers <>
Sent: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 8:28 pm
Subject: WWID 4415287. Accommodations, return to Work, FEHA, Job Descriptions, Medical Treatment. Ayres, Linda

Dear Wyndham Leave Support:

You were inadvertently left off this distribution list.

The out of office response from Tina Jordan indicates she is gone through October 12, 2014.

Copies of multiple job descriptions have been requested and not yet received. A further delay will have a chain effect of further inauspicious delays.

Time is of the essence in the ongoing fights to obtain medical treatment and to initiate the FEHA required interactive process for return to work and accommodations issues.

Please reach out to Fred Sachs, CNA adjuster of the insurance company handling Wyndham Employee work comp coverage, as we, as employees, are also insured under that policy.

Please also reach out to Stewart Reubens and know that his role is adversarial and not in the interests of any injured worker.

These two individuals are attempting to work with me as I represent myself in order to finally get medically necessary treatments for a witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice at Big Bear on 1/9/12.

I hope none of you ever have to endure the tortures and horrors I have because of this work injury and the HR department failures to properly tran staff and intervene when Wyndham agents fail in compliance with Labor Codes and fail to provide medically necessary treatments.

It is still happening to me. You could be next.

Work with Mr Sachs and Mr Reubens to get what they need to move this forward and Melisa, please send me immediately the requested job descriptions so y doctors can make informed decisions.
My life depends on it.

In the event more treatment time at Scripps Brain Rehabilitation Program in Encinitas is authorized this week, we will anticipate commencement of FEHA interactive process in San Diego or Oceanside.

Please confirm who my H R Contact is for FEHA compliance.

Time is of the essence.

Thank you.

Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

Silent No More

From: “Linda Ayres” <>

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 02:52:12 +0000

To: Stewart Reubens<>


Cc: <>; Tina R Jordan<>; <>; <>; Linda Ayres<>; Linda Ayres<>; Linda Ayres<>; Hilda A. Chalgujian, PhD<>

Subject: Response to Stewart: 70645 Ayres, Linda v Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.: Linda Ayres

Hi Stewart,

Thanks for your email. I will look at the attachment soon.

I had to drive to Palm Desert and Indio today, so I am horizontal and very brain fatigued. I also had a session with Dr Hilda regarding how I am doing and where we go from here, and what paperwork is pending on all sides, and further info needed before I can be released to work and with what sort of accommodations. I also dropped off the accommodation papers for Dr Bergey’s review and completion and signaturesm Tina authorized the continuance, and told me to also put it in writing, which I did. Everybody got copies.

Also, bills are due and you haven’t forwarded the summary of the $27k in unreimbursed medical expenses since January of 2012 to Fred, so his hands are apparently tied. I am still TTD and my benefits are still due, or an advance on settlement would be a good faith effort in spite of more than 2.5 years failure to provide properly requested and medicallly necessary treatment for brain and other body part injuries. Just saying.

I did indicate I will attach the summaries of the $27k+ one more time, to the Proposal for Settlement I am working on.

If I am accepted to Coastline and start Oct 20, that could be powerfully good for me and for my future.

Dates to keep in mind: Wyndham Indio sales training to commence in November. H R will not provide the tentative to me yet.

October 20, 2014 potential start of Cognitive Rehab 1-2 year program in Newport Beach at Coastline. (I sent you info already)

(My old blackberry is a workhorse, but not great with attachments. My apologies.)

Ideally, another month or so will be authorized at Scripps and they can assist us with the FEHA Interactive process. Compliance that covers many of your questions.

Fred hopes to have a Corvel UR response by Friday, expedited, since they apparently have up to 30 days.

You already have the Scripps recommendations for RTW accommodations. What else you looking for today?

Did you see the 3 page spread sheet I provided this weekend in response to Tina Jordan’s request for “what if/then” scenarios? I worked very hard on that and it may serve as a guide when we finally start the Interactive process, that will involve more professionals.

Consideration is being given to a much less expensive cognitive rehabilitation program in Newport Beach, which starts October 20th, if I am accepted as a candidate who can be helped via their 1-2 year program. It is included in the 3 page excel spreadsheet what if/then scenarios.

Did you read it or do you want me to send it again with “proof of service”??

I am not “MMI” and without knwoing what treatment will be authorized from here, neither Dr Hilda nor Dr Bergey can just “guess” and risk such liabilities.
Fred may also be involved in the Interactive Process meetings the precede
RTW determinations?

In separate email I will send a brief summary of the Coastline. program, as described to Orange County attorneys by a brained injured attorney, as a means to help an brain injury Survivor and mitigate costs and exposures.

They suggest I get as much time at Scrippps as possible. If that means I don’t start at Coastline till January, so be it. Oct 20, with lodging, is my first preference today, pending of course, what treatments get authorized to get me MMI..

It could make you and Fred heros in wrapping up this case. I suggest you keep an open mind. Fred represents Wyndham, and me, as also insured as an injured worker, and in fiduciary responsibility to me as well.

The Grancell role has just been that of trouble makers all along……

Fred can help you too, if you let him.

As I have told you before, you frighten me and I have no reason to trust anything you say or do. Remember, I am injured not stupid. I am from the world of timeshare; I know your kind. They train us well. In Hawaii they might call you a “whale”….sillly names, but they make the power points.

I need vision therapy stilll (to make it easier for me to edit and shorten emails)

You and Fred have already seen the requests for SCRIPPS recommendations and Dr Bergey’s requests for hearing aids required for this industrial injury.

Will you be requesting an Audiology PQME with an audiologist with TBI expertise. I don’t see the real point to “hearing more” that I am unable to process due to frontal lobe damage, but the doctor at Scripps is very smart and specializes in brain injuries and was relieved for me that she did not find ‘auditory processsing dysfunction’… it is much worse for some others with head injuries.

If you concur, let’s just get the aids at Scripps and we can see how they may expedite rehab, too. The cost s about $6k for starters, to be replaced every 4-5 years till death, if I remember it right.

Its included in the “Proposal for Settlement” I am working on and hope to send to you soon. I am using the one Kim Mall got in Nov 2012 when they tried to coerce me to quit my job and settle for $100k, wthout having seen any of the recommended specialists or received any of the recommended treatment for my brain till August 4, 2014. I am using it as a template. She left out so many rcords and a bunch of ICD9 codes, but did include the right shoulder and MRIs and EEGS and more.
I think the evaluating doctor was from out of State.

The Coastline Rehab program may also allow RTW, so as Tina suggested that all I might for now is a housekeeper position since my fingers are not broken, I am hereby asking that a job description for houskeeping be included with the other job descriptions I have requested for review and consideration by the treating doctors.

I do speak some Spanish, and getting fluent could be a project in cognitive and vacational rehab.

There is a Wyndham Hotel in Irvine that could fit the bill for RTW if I am accepted at the Coastline Rehab place for October start.

I will ask Dr Bergey is the untreated right shoulder rotor cuff tear could be compensated in some way that would let me work as a housekeeper, perhaps light duty. He would have to also see that job description. Me too.

A desk job with a second monitor might be a better option.

I want to have also a Functional Capacity Assessment that will help fine tune “work restrictions” and accommodations when we have a meeting. Time is of the essence.

Will you ask Fred to authorize it and provide a list of vendors, or we’ll just the company I found when I attended the CAAA conference exhibits.

Please confirm the medical records index that includes all the records I provided to Dr. Holmes at the aborted QME, and please ensure that all subsequent records are included. I will attend if you are in compliance. If medical records are omitted, we can duke it again in Court. Your pattern of practice has also been established.

I will agree to a Neruopsych panel as long as the doctor meets legal requrements and has current treating practice with traumatic brain injuries.

I am getting to an expert in these tests and my results seem to improve by sheer practice effect. Why do you want to spend more money on more evaluations instead of treatment. That is so nasty and evil, but so common.

The guy Kim Mall tried to send me to a couple months ago for a neuro-psych eval does not and has not treated TBI patients for over 7 years. HIs whole practice is WC evals. I will object and refuse to see him or anyone like him. Do check credentials and again, ensure I have a complete set of medical records provided to such doctor. Since I am not convinced you habe all the files, I want hard copies of the complete set of records you will send to such neuro-psych doctor.

Matrix/Relince is also sending me for another neuro-psych eval. Good Xmas coming for those doctors and their expensive 30-45 minute evals they charge thousands for.

(Did yu reallly pay OBrien, Kent and Zardouz for what they produced? 35+ real doctors disagreed with their findings, but, Ms Mall did set them up by omitting more than 300 pages of medical records, and when I got a Court Order requiring they be provided, she sent them totallly disorganized and asked them find the ones she had omitted. Big billable hours for doctors to organize Grancel records. Oh well. Fred may not know about he does)

The standard eeg taken at Eisenhower in spring 2014 strongly recommeded further review of medical records for valid interpretation of this EEG. That has not yet been authorized nor accomplished yet. It is my understaning the epilepsy is a risk of TBI and a baseline MRI specific to such readings is recommmended annually, so you may want to ask Fred to either authorize Dr Michael Lobatz to request such an eval, or see if Fred has any better luck than Daniel in find a neurologist wth TBI expertise.

I think Dr Kent and Dr Zardouz and O’Brien can be ruled out as non-experts regarding diagnosis or treatment of head injuries now, and the Leckart firm would likely tear their records to shreds and perhaps involve civil actions, wouldn’t you agree?

You have received copies of my accommodations request and Tina Jordan has also received a request for an extension beyond the 9/26/14 premature demand for the completed forms, in lieu of interactive process.

I hand delivered today the Wyndham forms to Dr Hilda Chalgujian and to the Office of Dr. Darren Bergey. I am not their only patient, and demanding such a response within a week is not reasonable. Tina Jordan verbally agreed to 10 days past TD date, sooner if possible, for responses from the doctors.
As you know, we are awaiting further information and decisions on continuation of and commencement of medically necessary treatments before the doctors can accurately advise of what restrictions and accommodations may be required.

I have also asked Tina Jordan and Melisa Pamano, with copies to Mary Falvey, to provide job descriptions for the referenced possible alternative positions in the Wyndham system, in order for Dr. Bergey, Dr. Chalgujian, Dr Lobatz and possibly the Scrippps Interdisciplinary Team to consider in evaluating restrictions and accommodations to be further discussed at the FEHA mandated Interactive Process meetings.

As you also know, Dr Bergey has indicated that I am still TTD and the minimal and interruption treatment at Scripps Brain Rehabilitation Treatment Center continuance was thwarted by asking Dr Nudleman, via Corvel UR, to make a potentially life threatening health decision based on incomplete medical evidence (as referenced in the appeal regarding the continued pattern of practice to omit medical records with intent to harm and deny medical care, as usual.)

Fred Sachs has autorized Corvel to have either Dr. Nudleman or another doctor review all the records and make a decison. We are anticipating an expedited response.

Sorry this is so long, but you brought up multiple points. I find that if I print my long emails and read with a highlighter, they make perfect sense.

I will read it again in the morning and try to summarize the action points and include it with that lawyer applause about the Coastline cognitive rehab place. I will also add anything I may have left out due to te brain injury and brain fatigue fom today’s session and travels.

If you and Fred can put these pieces together and suggest a “Proposal for Settlement” before I get mine done, maybe we can settle up soon, I can return to work and get to the Coastline 1-2 year program. I need to hurry to work to get insurance coverage because y’all have failed to provide it all along, and the brain regulates all body systems.

Till next time, good nite all

Sincerely. Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

#Silent NO More

PS. Got notice today that the CA State hearing re the failure to pay TTD and the discount the State of California of mmore than $20K pure profit to CNA, while negotiating away my civil rights is to be video recorded and conferenced. Sounds pretty high tech. Will advise more as it unfolds. No date yet.

PS Please ask Fred to ask his boss for a settlement advance. I have been denied income since July 2014 c’mon, its financial terrorism and you know it. Stop it, thanks.

By copy, I am again asking Mary Falvey to intervene on behalf of this injured worker and also insured under the CNA workers comp policy.

Silent No More

From: Stewart Reubens

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 00:19:35 +0000

To: Linda Ayres

Subject: FW: 70645 Ayres, Linda v Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.: Linda Ayres

Please find enclosed for your review the notification of medical appointment with Dr. Holmes for 11/21/14   [Yet another orthopedic surgeon, d’oh!]

I am also requesting a Neuropsychological Panel

Finally, I am requesting information as to what your work restrictions are from the treating doctors

Thank you

white roses

PS  Dunno how to attach an excel spread sheet to a blog, so it’s pasted here in case you didn’t get the email…

IF: Medically necessary treatment is provided THEN: RTW with accommodations is desired by IW, in order to to return to work as a once again valuable employee, using these terrible experiences to help ensure no other Wyndham employee is subjected to such horrors for the profits of the few, or because too many people didn’t do their jobs….causing egregious and irreparable harm to this worker. The type of accommodations that may be necessary are contingent on many variables, including how soon treatment is resumed, what kind, where other providers can be found, and what will be authorized.
IF:  Until MMI is determined, Cognitive Rehabilitative treatment to include and not be limited to: on-going neuro-psychology sessions with Dr. Hilda Chalgujian and Orthopedic with Dr. Darren Bergey… Acupuncture for Brain and Neck, Back, Shoulder Pain, Auditory treatments and equipment and other medically necessary treatments that may HAVE BEEN REPEATEDLY recommended and required by treating doctors, along with vocational rehab and restoration of all Professional Credentials lost due to Wyndham’s failure to provide immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care from date of injury to this date.  Participation of medical professionals to be included in identification and implementation of any/all necessary accommodations, in compliance with FEHA guidelines and Interactive Process THEN:  Interactive Process of FEHA required to sort this out, and Injured worker again requests that any/all such meetings include necessary recording and memory aid devices, in compliance with ADA accommodation requests.  Said accomodation was denied at informal meet and greet meeting with Wyndham HR Director and HR Manager in Palm Springs on 9/23/14, and Interactive Process has not begun yet.  Further, to compare my RTW ops with that of a returning housekeeper felt like bullying and verbal abuse and age discrimination.  Please also do not compare an untreated brain injury to a broken finger, arm, leg or toe.  That is highly insulting and perceived as continued harm and abuse, in sheer bad faith and breach of fiduciary responsiblities.   Defense and HR have been provided with info on CA law regarding rights to medical care and FEHA RTW and accommodations. All accommodations recommended by SCRIPPS, by Dr. Chalgujian, Dr. Bergey and injured worker, to be explored based on treatment authorized, location and positions to be fully explored in interactive process; more or less accommodations may be discovered in that process;  All previously requested accommodations to be considered as medically necessary treatment was not authorized and ‘rest and wait’ did not cure the conditions. Functional Capacity Assessement, as allowed by WC Law, in addition to the report by Dr. Chalgujian, to be expedited to be included in the assessments, alleviating the guessing with more hard facts.  Reimbursement by Wyndham/CNA of more than $27,000+ plus penalties, in medical miles and medical expenses since date of injury, 1/9/12, expected as part of the RTW accommodations, and retroactive TTD reimbursements, in compliance with laws of the land.
1 IF:  SCRIPPS Brain Injury Day Treatment Program – Encinitas… continued medically necessary interdisciplinary treatment is authorized on appeal for 2-3 more months, along with participation in the FEHA Interactive Process, THEN:   RTW, Part Time in North County Wy ndham Property, with accommodations Lodging in Encinitas or Oceanside PLUS:
2 IF:  SCRIPPS Brain Injury Day Treatment Program – Encinitas … continued medically necessary interdisciplinary treatment is denied but continued Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy at SCRIPPS is authorized for as long as necessary…. THEN:   RTW, Part Time in North County Wyndham Property, with accommodations Lodging in Encinitas or Oceanside PLUS:
3 IF:  SCRIPPS Brain Injury Day Treatment program is denied…. THEN:   Explore alternatives to legal liability to provide medically necessary treatment to relieve pain and remediate injuries
4 IF:  Coastline Community College Traumatic Brain Injury Cognitive Rehabililtation 1-2 Year Program – Post SCRIPPS, (if resumed immediately until acceptance to the CCC TBI program), commence first semester 10/20/14, upon acceptance THEN:   RTW, Part time in Wyndham property in Irvine, Newport Beach or Costa Mesa, position to be explored and determined in Interactive Process Lodging in Newport Beach or Irvine, full relocation PLUS:
5 IF:   Local providers for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Vision Therapy on a minimal basis  (CASA COLINA is similar to SCRIPPS and there are issues of Defense interference and missing records and failure to treat; LOMA LINDA is a bit closer, Eisenhower is closest to Indio; SCRIPPS would be closest for the 1-year Coastline TBI Group; Vision Therapy is in Fullerton, to be resumed asap. THEN:   RTW part time at Wyndham Indio Resort to participate in Sales or QA/VLO/Resort Guide training in December, then transfer to Palm Springs after Indio training (in-house line), or when Palm Springs Sales Office opens for Season. Lodging at Indio resort during 14 days of training PLUS: ,   rest break of 3-4 days after training processing training, then commence part-time a) Sales (in-house or hybrid) b) Resort Guide or c) QA/VLO; sufficient time off for medical appointments;        d) If the 1-2 year Coastline TBI program in Newport Beach accepts application and if it is authorized by CNA, then SCRIPPS would again be the reasonable choice for the non-interdisciplinary treatment requirements; If this/then that to be determined.
6 IF:    The Bad Faith and Breach of Fiduciary Responsiblities continues and medically necessary treatment is not provided, and FEHA Civil suit is mandated with anticipation of CLASS Action, so be it….  If the doctors will assume responsibility and professional liability for claiming that I may return to work with minimal accommodations in order to save my life and keep home, so be it THEN:  RTW part time at Wyndham Indio Resort, as QA/VLO position upon authorization to RTW, in the salaried position of $50,000 with benefits commencing immediately, and employee group health insurance to commence immediately, with assurance that the industrial injuries sustained at work on 1/9/12 but not treated until 8/4/14, then said treatment severely diminished then terminated, so that proper medical care can be obtained and due process of the fullest extent of the law, including ADA violations and age discrimination in failure to treat, and refusal to engage in interactive process. RTW part time in Indio after full time training in November, with a break before return to sales in-house line or RTW part time in Indio after QA/VLO training and re-establishment of California Notary and Broker’s license in the interim, loss being caused by Wyndham and it’s agents and failures to treat industrial witnessed slip and fall backwards, and Wyndham’s failure to have properly trained staff in handling incidents of work injuries in compliance with California Labor Laws and US Constitution.  Please also see accommodations requested since October 2012, and said requests are also to be explored in the FEHA required Interactive Process.  If Injured Worker didn’t have brain injuries, this process might be as simple as RTW for a ‘housekeeper with a broken finger’…. Sadly, a brain injury is a more complex than either HR, the Insurance Carrier, the Adjuster, or Wyndham senior staff may grasp.  The Corporate irresponsiblity and blatant disregard for an Injured Worker is unconcienable, and has been from day one.

What can we tell Injured Workers and their loved ones about YOUR #WorkComp organization?

Hi Friends in the Work Comp Industry!   Greetings from #InjuredWorkersUnited: SILENT NO MORE

I am so grateful to have met you, and many other wonderful people met through the CAAA Applicant’s Attorney Association Conference, Winter 2014, in Rancho Mirage!  With thanks to my FB Buddy and Honorable Judge who facilitated access to the Exhibit Hall at the event!  I look forward to connecting with more of you, virtually!

I did speak to the organizing attorney of that event (must find his name again, disorganization is just one of the many side-effects of TBI) and I suggested that they open up the Exhibit halls to Injured Workers, and offer an injured worker discounted fee for their educational forums.  If all WorkComp industry events would open doors to injured workers, virtual and non-virtual, great progress could be made in “cutting costs and saving lives.”  

INJURED WORKERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM; WE ARE THE CASUALTIES OF THE PROBLEMS; the collateral damage to insane profits of your mega-billion dollar industries.  

WorkComp is much like the Nuclear Industry: PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.

I met some amazing people!  I had begun to believe that WorkComp was just a rat infested sewer of Americans acting like Sonderkommando of WorldWar II. I am happy to be able to report, that opinion is changing….with each new positive encounter, further facilitated via social media. 





I start SCRIPPS BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION PROGRAM next week and I guess I could have had a driver and sedan for transportation, but I’ll rough it. 🙂

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Here’s a note I started for another friend, but I’m turning it into a blog this morning…. via Social Media, I am meeting more and more good providers of WorkComp information and services.
This  blog has a Resources page; we will amp it up!  This is a new beginning (with several other drafts still in the works).  The title of today’s blog is:


What can we tell Injured Workers and their loved ones about YOUR organization?


At the same time, my benefits (income) have been abruptly allegedly “EXHAUSTED” as of  7/26/14 (I was told the reinstatement would last through mid-September, minimally).  Date of Injury 1/9/12.  Exhaustion of benefits: 7/26/14.  
That appears to be a shortfall of 24 weeks, or $23,088.  
Combined with the unreimbursed since 2012 medical miles and expenses of $25,262.99 submitted to date; June-July are still to be submitted.  
That’s $48,350.99 they got away with not paying, on top of causing me egregious harm by failure to provide medically necessary treatment for 2 years, 6 months, 24 days.
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The  Wyndham long term disability carrier staff of Reliance/Matrix are COMPETENT, nice, kind, compassionate, friendly, even if they deliver less than anticipated news.  I don’t know exactly what the problem is with CNA and Grancell, but it ain’t me, no matter how many doctors they may pay to write expensive fake reports!


 Exhaustion of Benefits  104 plus 52 equals how much


The problem is simple:  In CA, an injured worker is entitled to 104 weeks of TTD, 52 weeks of State Disability.  (156 weeks).  I have been paid approximately 132 weeks.  The math DOES NOT COMPUTE, HUH?   “Where’s the money, Mr. Motamed? Looks like a shortfall of 24 weeks, AND, continued refusal to reimburse medical miles to even primary treating doctors, and self-procured medically necessary treatment in light of your company’s breach of fiduciary responsiblities to have provided immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care for clearly diagnosed, by multiple doctors over the course.


Many of your people do not know that the “brain” is a body part located in the “head” and they are further puzzled, baffled and bewildered to discover that “evaluations are not medical treatment.”  The same problem exist at WCAB, particularly in the Information and Assistance realms, that “very small community, where everybody knows everybody, and has worked together for years.”  Collusion?  Awww, fix it and the District Attorney may continue to look the other way, huh?


CNA secured a free loan from the State of California (in defiance of paying TTD in 2012, the State therefore paid $47,922 in 2012/2013), then, on demand for payment, CNA secured a huge discount and paid the State back $31,400, shorting ME approximately 24 weeks of benefits, while STILL WAITING FOR TREATMENT TO COMMENCE.  The State tells me it happens all the time, and their hands are tied.  (By whaaaat?!!!)


That tells me that CNA and their law firm, Grancell et al,  have declared an end to the cease fire in another act of ‘guerrila warefare’…..   They both indicated they will do nothing to sort it out, and actually wrote me some pretty mean and nasty emails. Wyndham remains silent.   :/ TSK! Blockheads! 


Lucy and Friends on WorkComp Crimes


You can tell your people I intended to play nice and quiet and wait and see what happens during/after treatment.  That’s not doing me any good, since the financial terrorism of February 2014 is starting alll over again.




Before I head to SCRIPPS, my political representatives will hear about this in further detail, as it appears to be a pattern and practice exercised by CNA, with all injured workers, in all states. Mr. Motamed, $10.7 million dollars a year CNA CEO will also be hearing from/of me, if he hasn’t already.




Tsk, mean crowd.


Stephen Holmes 100000
WyndhamWorldwide CEO, Stephen Holmes, 4th dude from the left. Dude, Dump CNA and Grancell, take it from an Injured Worker AND Shareholder. In one sytem-fail injury worker case, they have undone years of goodwill… How many other Wyndham employees have been so poorlytreated?  Is it worth it? WE THINK NOT.


Human Rights & Ethics

“Learn more about our commitment to protecting human rights.”

“Wyndham Worldwide is committed to protecting human rights and is proud to partner with leading organizations who share our same commitment. We strongly believe in collaboration throughout the international travel and tourism industry, in conjunction with law enforcement and other agencies at all levels, plays a critical role in increasing awareness and prevention around the world.”


Just wanted to bring you up to date….. I intend to take my blogs in a more solutions oriented direction…. while continuing to expose crimes against injured workers.



What can We tell InjuredWorkers and their loved ones about YOUR organization?

Some Injured Workers Resources:


Oh Oh……dunno if you know of Becki Shafer?  “Rebecca Shafer,  Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc.”

WC Mini Books

A blog was done that sort of plugged her book after ordering her book for myself, with hopes that if injured workers are armed with information, we will be less vulnerable to the hate crimes of the big insurance companies.
(They hate us because a little medical care cuts into their corporate profits??! D’oh! They may need new bean counters!!!)


Radical Injured Worker


Had Wyndham Worldwide done a fraction of what is recommended as a procedure, pattern and practice to adhere to in her book, it’s doubtful this mess would be as awful as it is, with ‘exposure’ to so many…



Here, if you get a chance, check it out… Some of your clients might need a copy.


What can We tell InjuredWorkers and their loved ones about YOUR organization?



Our mottos are:  


#InjuredWorkersUnited:  SILENT NO MORE







Linda and Friends

#InjuredWorkersUnited:  SILENT NO MORE





PS  Feel free to send this to your contacts at CNA….. I am doing likewise. 



WorkComp is much like the Nuclear Industry:



Remember Remember #Fukushima.  Triple #Nuclear Meltdowns, #ELE In Progress since 3.11.11.
Fukushima not a leak   Meltdowns
‘They may call you a Radical….’